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on January 10, 2013
OK, it's not Herman Miller or Steelcase. What this desk does offer is solid construction, a large amount of work surface, and a nice modern look at a reasonable price.

I put the desk together myself in about an hour - however I'm tall, moderately strong, and mechanically inclined. I can see where having a helper would come in handy for assembly for a lot of people.

The packaging was, in a word, awesome. The glass panels are well sandwiched in layers of cardboard and styrofoam, then tightly wrapped in a cardboard box with plastic bands. Then this box is put inside the main box, with all the other hardware components. The main box has corner bracing and a nice heavy layer of styrofoam on all sides. When UPS delivered the box today it had some signs of handling - some crunched corners - but nothing that even came close to damaging the contents.

A brief note about the shipping - with Amazon Prime, I ordered this on Tuesday night and had it on Thursday. It shipped UPS 2nd Day Air, likely with over-weight surcharges, all covered as part of the Amazon Prime membership. This was particularly convenient as today was my day off so a perfect time to rework my home office. Prime has paid for itself many times over, this is just one example.

As others have noted, it's simple enough to locate the monitor shelf on the right or the left. You can also position the keyboard drawer on either side; I didn't install it at all as at my height (6' 3") keyboard drawers are a hinderance.

Overall the construction is very solid. There are four main frames that appear to be moderate gauge steel, good welds, and nice gloss black powdercoating. The cross braces are of the same finish. Follow the instructions, don't tighten any screws all the way until everything is loosely assembled, and you can't go wrong.

Being a glass desk, one must take care in routing & tying up cables to prevent it from looking like a rat's nest. If you want your office to look neat, and you don't want to spend the extra time tidying up your cables, don't buy a glass desk. Simple enough.

I'm particularly impressed at the strength of the corner filler glass. Although there is no support at the back of the arc, the sticker on the glass says the shelf is good for 50 pounds. The support is strong square-tube metal, and has no tendency to bow or wobble. I'm not even close to the rated weight, but it's clearly a sturdy area and would handle heavy loads such as a laser printer easily.

As to whether this desk is a good choice for you, of course the size and layout will be the main factor. That part worked out perfectly for me. The next concern is overall construction quality, and given the price I think that it deserves a solid 5-star rating in that regard. I would not recommend it for industrial use, but for a home office it's plenty solid.
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on November 1, 2010
I was slightly hesitant before ordering the desk because as you can see from the pictures the keyboard tray is on one side and the monitor shelf on the other. Not exactly practical, but you CAN put the tray/shelf on which ever side you so please. It just takes some mental switching during assembly, they don't show this in the directions but it isn't difficult to figure out. Other than that the desk feels very sturdy, no complaints thus far. It looks great and the keyboard tray is solid, great desk.
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on December 31, 2010
Our desk arrived by ABF freight. The delivery guy even brought it in the house for us. The desk arrived earlier than scheduled.

Packing: The desk came packed very well. Each piece was wrapped in it's own piece of plastic wrapping. Parts were separated by Styrofoam peaces to keep them from rubbing. The glass pieces were in their own box (with in the shipping box). Each piece of glass was separated by a sheet of large paper or styrofoam. The excellent packing meant that none of the parts arrived damaged or scratched.

Assembly: One person can put this desk together, but having two defiantly helps. The directions are well written and each piece is numbered. The screws, bolts, and allen wrench even came in their own little labeled pouches. The construction of the material is light, but well done. The screws easily go into their assigned locations without any force and everything lines up perfectly. My wife and I were able to put this desk together without any problems in about an hour. However, we do recommend that you do not tighten everything until the very end. The instructions don't state in the beginning to not tighten, but it is mentioned half way through the instructions. We found that if we would have left things lose to begin with, some of the steps near the end of assembly would have been a bit easier (still not that hard) if things were a bit loser.

Overall: This is an awesome desk for the price. We weren't expecting anything of this quality for the price. The photos online look a little small, but we find this desk has adequate desk space for a single person. The quality of the desk is great and we would recommend this to anyone looking for a desk of this nature. This desk is nice enough I am considering buying a second one for our office.
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on September 14, 2011
I've had this desk for about a month now, and I really like it. Its a quality, l-shaped desk and it looks gorgeous. The attached shelf is a nice feature, and its great for a multi-monitor setup. It was relatively difficult to set up, especially for one person, and because it is glass, cable management and dust control is tedious. These aside, however, this is a solid desk, it looks great, and its sold at a competitive price. I like it.
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on February 15, 2009
I got this desk three months ago based just on the looks of it on Amazon. I think it looks better in the photos here than in my room, because almost all of the space is occupied by something. One thing I did not realize, and which the photo does not show, is the fact that the miles of wiring for two computers, printer, speakers, router, etc., will show right through the glass. I will have to work on that with tubing or something. The other thing to note is that the steel frames on the desktop - two outer and two inner - are not flush with the glass. This is a good thing for the outer edges, but the inner frames could be a problem if the monitor is lying on it, or if you want to place your mouse pad over it, which I really wish I could. The frame is about two millimeters above the glass. The glass top has moved a little whenever I have moved the monitors. But other than that, I am pleased with the desk, especially for the price.
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on July 7, 2013
If you don't want to read my long review, then I'll put my final conclusion right here at the very top: THIS DESK IS PURE AWESOMENESS!

Because the amount of pros outweigh the cons, I'll go ahead and list the latter here first because I'm sure a lot of potential buyers are curious as to what isn't good about this desk.

FYI: For users determining the actual space needed for this desk, simply grab a measuring stick and from the corner of the wall measure out 62 inches for both directions. It is not 60 inches as suggested by the manufacturer.

1. The glass smudges very easily. I haven't really owned glass desks before as I usually went with wood so this issue might be common to all glass type desks. You will definitely see your fingerprints and other smudges on the glass at certain angles.

2. For some odd reason, the manufacturer decided it was a good idea to place hard-to-remove caution stickers on each piece of the glasses. Currently I haven't removed them yet because it's those type where if you peel it too fast or at the wrong angle, you'll need to get out the nail polish remover.

3. I notice that this desk seems to collect more dust on the glasses than on my previous wooden desks. Although my room is pretty dusty due to our location, swiping my hand across my wooden desk didn't produce dust particles on my hand like this desk did. It's weird. Swiping my hand across this desk I immediately can tell that its dusty.

1. Shipping: As with all large items of this nature, especially where fragile glasses are involved, I'm sure everyone worries about how the product is protected during shipping. For my case, not one piece of equipment was damaged. There were no dents or scratches on any items. The manufacturer did an excellent job and packing the items. Every single piece was heavily protected with either cardboard pieces or those white foamy things. The bad news is that when you are unpacking this, be prepared to have a giant mess on your hand! My advice is to clear out as big an empty space as you can so that cleanup will be a lot easier afterwards. From my FedEx showed, the product weight is around 150lbs.

2. Ease of construction: This desk is extremely easy to put together except for maybe one part and that is when you have to attach the center piece to the two desks. As long as you can follow the instructions from the manual and not try to impress the ladies by "winging it", you'll be fine. There's really only a couple of pieces that needs to be screwed together. For the majority of the setup, you might be able to get away with building it yourself. I actually used my feet to hold pieces together while screwing the nails and everything came out alright. There is only one part where you might need help with and that is when you attach the center piece to the two actual tables. It will be much, much easier if you can find someone to hold that center piece for you. Other than that, my advice is to put the desk in the actual place where you will want it to be during the setup so that you won't have to move the entire unit afterwards.

FYI: The heaviest pieces are actually the glass pieces and so depending on your age and strength, you might need a second person to help you out when lifting and setting it down on the suction cups.

3. Quality: This desk is sturdy and definitely doesn't feel cheap at all. The two large desk pieces can hold around 120lbs each. The keyboard piece is around 25lbs. The upper shelf is about 60lbs and the center piece is around 50lbs. This should suffice for the majority of users. There's nothing really much else to add. This baby is stable.

4. Comfort: Some users might not like the fact that there is no covering behind the desk. This means that you'll need to get creative in how you manage your cables. I actually prefer this design choice because it gives me more leg room underneath. I actually can rest my leg on the support beam for extra comfort. Although this desk has a lot of surface area, the desk itself is pretty low in height. I'm only 5'6 and so I can't complain too much but I can definitely see how someone much bigger than me might have a harder time adjusting to this desk. As it stands, the distance from the ground to the keyboard tray is only 24 inches.

5. Pricing: Living in Hawaii, it's extremely hard to find a variety of products or if there is, they are marked up higher than usual. I went all over and while I found some that resembled this desk, they were nearly double of what I had to pay here on Amazon. I bought this desk for $159 and at the moment of writing this review, it jumped up to $199. While you could find similar types of desk for cheaper, I wanted to get this model because of the extra upper shelf area. Rather than a plain ol' flat desk, the upper shelf gives it a much more dynamic look and more importantly, allows you to get more creative in how you place your items!

All in all, I am extremely satisfied with this desk. It really gives the most bang for the buck. It looks very modern and you'll have a lot of space area to work with. The main problem I see someone having with this desk is due to their physical size as I mentioned earlier. If you guys and gals have any questions about this desk, feel free to post a comment and I'll try to get back to you ASAP.
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on January 13, 2011
Great desk! Even with all the parts and the technical-looking instructions, hubby and I were able to put 2 of these desks together in only an hour or two. We were a little surprised to see that the glass is supposed to be attached to the metal with only a few little suction cups, but so far, everything seems to be very sturdy and it looks great. BTW, the desk CAN be switched around, with the flat side on the left and the shelf side on the right.

However, the company manufacturers were very careless when packing up the desks. We realized - a little too late - that everything inside the box was covered with a heavy - but barely noticeable to the naked eye - layer of fiberglass strands. By the end, the desks, the floor, and both hubby and I were covered in the little splinters. I can only hope that we didn't inhale too many during the process. For now, we've had to ban our pets from this room until we're sure we have cleaned up as much of the fiberglass as possible. Shame on you Z-Line for bringing this danger into our home.

A lesser problem is that even after washing the desks, they seem to be covered in a resilient, odorless chemical that gets on your skin and tastes HORRIBLE. I don't remember the reason why I stuck my finger in my mouth, lol, but thank god I did or I wouldn't have known that my hands were covered in this toxic tasting crap! So be careful before interacting with babies and pets - I had to wash my hands 4 times before all the chemical came off.
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on February 8, 2013
Let me first say that I'm not normally so effusive in my praise (that's how you can tell I'm a real person and not a review hack. I have the vocabulary to use "effusive" and i throw it down in the first sentence!) I'm normally very tough on products and manufacturer's (see my hard-hitting review of Rubbermaid's black plastic trash can if you don't believe me.) However, this desk (and the company behind it) have made me a believer.

I bought this desk 2 years ago for about $200. There was a bunch of assembly, but it's a shipped desk, what do you expect? Once assembled, this desk has withstood the labors of Hercules, the trials of Odysseus (note the classical education here, I'm a serious reviewer).

I have often said that I can break anything (and often do.) As a young man in high school, I asked for an aluminum briefcase for my birthday (right, I was the kind of kid who asked for a briefcase. I was into debate in school, okay. A briefcase was important!). I got this high-quality metal-sided briefcase and promptly broke the handle off of it.

I'm saying that I'm a klutz and if this desk can stand up to me, then you don't have a chance of doing it harm! I sit at this desk all day long (and often into the night). I lean on it, put smear food on the glass, I cover it with loads of crap, and I prop my feet on the supports underneat in ways I never should. The desk has stood up to it all!

I was seriously afraid with all of that tempered glass that I'd shatter a panel. Hasn't happened in two years (next review I do, I'll tell you about the time I went to a client's house and shattered a massive tempered glass panel. Wasn't pretty. Just wait for the story!) The glass has stood up to everything I can throw at it (don't throw things at the glass! You are just asking for trouble.

Have I mentioned the surface area? What's a desk for except to be a big flat surface to put things on at convenient heights. First, this desk offers TWO convenient heights. That's right TWO! One side off the desk has that useful shelf. I use it two hold two large monitors (and I still have room for equipment underneath them. The wrap around desk allows me to also have a laptop and a 32 inch LCD display on the desk with tons of room left over for all of that crap your desk accumulates. In the surface area category, the desk wins!

But what about the bad you ask? There must be bad. Okay, here's what I can say as cons on this desk. The glass panels are held in place with suction cups. If you press horizontally on the panels (say if you have an extra keyboard sitting on the desk like I do) then eventually, the glass is going to slide backwards along the panel and end up moving an inch or two backwards. You have to pull the panel forward. It's not a huge deal, but some kind of back brace to hold the glass would have been nice (I'm sure it would have ruined the aesthetic somehow.)

The second issue is that most of the desk is glass and so there are smudges everywhere! I look like a slob (okay, some would argue that I do exhibit certain elements of slobbiness, but I'm not firmly in that category!) I find myself cleaning the glass every couple of days (and I don't clean things! Everything else waits for our cleaning lady.)
The glass also represents a problem, in that, you can't hide all of your cables and wires behind your desk. I actually had to put together a wire management system that worked (I used a bunch of plastic flexible conduit). All the nasty cable tangles that normally hide behind the desk are in plain sight.

Finally, I will mention the keyboard tray. It's been great. It's wide enough to hold a large Microsoft Natural keyboard and my mouse. The mouse doesn't have a lot of room, but it can fit (okay, nowadays I use a track ball, but a mouse fits.) The keyboard tray is con because I end up putting downward pressure on it. Over time, this has resulted in the keyboard tray slowly bending until the slides don't work any more. I will point out that this has taken two years of almost constant use (and I do MEAN constant. I spend WAY too much time on the computer.)
Any way, the point is that I am finally at the point where the tray is broken. I could literally buy another desk. They are currently down at $159. For a great desk that's an awesome price. However, it's wasteful. Where would I set up the other desk (or would I just keep it as spares?)

This is where Z-Line's incredible customer service comes in. I couldn't find a way to order a replacement keyboard tray (not surprising), so I left a message on their website (last night). Today, I get an e-mail asking me to provide my name, address, and part number and they would send it right out (no charge!) That's TWO years after i bought it. With no demand for a receipt or other nonsense (wait, this is a sentence fragment! Oh, no! Oh, well.)

I didn't have the part number, so I just told them the problem. Within a couple of hours, a customer service rep called and talked to me a bit. She IDed the part and initiated a replacement request. Once again I say, this is two YEARS later (yes, I'm capitalizing different parts of two years to change the emphasis. I write like I talk. Why yes, I do talk with lots of parenthetical statements.)

So I'm amazed. Low price, great product, long history, and incredible customer service. You really should buy this. No, I can't explain why a furniture company uses a racecar driver as a spokesperson. It doesn't make sense to me either, but it's great furniture! I heartily approve.
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on June 26, 2009
I have Purches this Desk, and Like it, The space for the Keyboard is enough space for Both Mouse and Keyboard. Very Solid, Easy to build. Yes the draw back is you can see the wirring, but I ran them along the legs and tied them so it wont be noticible. Overall I really like it, makes my room look more Proffetional, and neat.
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on December 12, 2013
Amazing Desk for a tech/ gaming enthusiast like myself. Very Roomy and sturdy desk. Love the design and the glass look. Only Con is this desk needs constant wiping down because of the finger prints. Overall very good desk and i dont know how this is so cheap. This desk can easily pass as a 300-400$ desk
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