Customer Reviews: Best Home Fashion Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtains - Back Tab/ Rod Pocket - Navy - 52"W x 63"L - (Set of 2 Panels)
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on June 14, 2010
*Please be sure to watch my video of both the pink and brown curtains and see my images I posted - note I put 54" but meant 84"* Okay - so I read the 3 bad reviews on this product. I bought these curtains for my daughter's room because she is extremely sensitive to the light and wakes up as soon as the sun starts to rise. After purchasing them, I was wandering through Target and suffered serious buyers remorse when I saw "blackout curtains" for half the price! Well, I bought those, intending to return these as soon as they arrived. Boy, was I disappointed when the Target "blackout" curtains barely blocked half the light! When these arrived, we promptly removed our Target curtains, placing them in the playroom instead (where she has sleepovers) and installed these. The room went black - just like in the hotels! The curtains hang nicely and although they are not quite the color pictured, they work well in her room. It's summer now, school has let out, and my baby has been sleeping until noon! Wow! What a difference. Oh, and I checked Wallyworld. Those curtains that are half the price - are only one panel! By the time you buy two panels, you've paid the same price anyway - or nearly so. Oh, and one other thing, my daughter's room, which was the hottest room in the house in the summer, and the coldest in the winter - is now quite chill in the summer, thanks to the insulating quality of these panels. I'll post a video review as soon as my daughter cleans her room! I plan to purchase 3 more sets soon for the guest rooms as I find these are an *excellent* value! Although probably not in beige ;)
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on September 2, 2010
I have these curtains in "Sky Blue" and in "Navy Blue" for my daughter's and my son's rooms, respectively. The navy curtains are complete black-out curtains - they let no light in through the curtains themselves (there is some slight light from the tops and the bottoms where the curtains do not meet the wall - I would think this is to be expected). I was so thrilled with them that I bought the lighter blue curtains for my daughter's room. The Sky Blue curtains are NOT complete black-out curtains. They are heavy-duty and they do block more light than other brands of non-black-out curtains that I have in other rooms, but they do allow some back-lighting shining through, which is disappointing.

However, they do seem to work very well to keep temperatures in the room down. I suspect that the darker colors work much better than the light colors at preventing light, but all both colors do a nice job as thermal curtains. I like the material, and the colors are well-represented on this page. Overall, I am pleased, but people should be aware that they will need to purchase dark colors in order to get black-out curtains.
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on August 20, 2011
Waited a month to write this to give curtains a fair test.

1) No problems with drapes of different sizes in same package as in other reviews. I ordered two sizes: 84" and 92"(?) and used the extra long ones to sew two small curtains and then used the remaining length for a cornice. The fabric was wonderful to work with, sewed up beautifully and made a very smooth and elegant cornice cover

2) There was no horrid chemical smell right out of the bag and I did not have to wash them before hanging. (for me with asthma, this was a HUGE benefit!)

3) The material is richly colored (dark chocolate) and very soft and draping. Steamed out the wrinkles no problem. (and honestly, what on earth are you others griping about when you have to iron a little bit?! What Princess Planet do you live on that you would expect them to be without fold lines? Maybe they should have hung themselves and open and close by just your thinking about it. jeesh!)

4) The darkening features are so far past my expectations! I have no idea what other people want or need but with these on a south facing wall in the middle of the day, the room is still so dark I have to turn on a light to find the bathroom door. I did build a cornice to take out the top light shine through so maybe that is their problem but light leakage is NOT due to the curtains' fabric construction.

5) Can't comment on how they wash but will post that info when they get their first scrub.

6) As to temperature control: These curtains are VERY insulating! That room used to heat up to HOT!(we live in the California Valley) despite closed shades AND double curtains. It would radiate heat through the entire upstairs. Now that room isn't even too warm on the hottest days (97 degrees here the other day and I would have guessed maybe 80 by how cool the room was.) The whole house feels cooler...and quieter!

7) The delivery was surprisingly prompt! I ordered on a Wednesday night and they arrived Saturday morning.

We are extremely happy with our purchase and I am now in the process of ordering more of these for a downstairs room for us and then more for my daughters and my ex-husband who is a shift worker and has been desperate in trying to find the right room darkening combination.

I have not found the quality, washability elsewhere (and I have looked!!!) and the price is more than reasonable!!!! These are great curtains!
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on August 18, 2012
I ordered the beige curtains, and they block a little less light than I had expected based on the customer images, but they are still perfect for what I need. I didn't want black out curtains, but rather, something that would decrease the sun's heat in my Florida room throughout the day. The light still seeps through the curtains, but the heat is kept a little more at bay with these. They are also nice and soft, made of good material. I would recommend and am purchasing a second set for the other window in the room.
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on December 20, 2013
I got these things because my kids always wake up when the sun rises, which is awful. These things fixed that.

They're also great for the summer when you have to put them to sleep while the sun is still out at night.
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on May 30, 2013
I purchased these curtains in three different colors and had very mixed results.

A few things to note about all the curtains:

1) They perform very well in terms of ease of use. The manufacturer suggests putting them in the dryer to remove the wrinkles (really, just the folds) from being in their packages, but I found that this wasn't necessary. The fold lines disappear all on their own after a day or two of hanging.

2) The fabric is very soft and pleasant to the touch. All the colors I got have a very "matte" finish.

3) I tried hanging with both the tabs on back and the rod pocket, just to see how each would look. In part, it's a matter of personal taste, but (while I prefer using the pocket) depending on the size of your curtain rod, the curtains may not slide so easily using the pocket. The tabs provide ample room, but the pocket does not.

BEIGE - Two stars

The so-called "beige" curtains are absolutely not beige, not even close. They don't look remotely as pictured. They are a true tan, one might even say, light brown. They do a half-way decent job of blocking the light, however, and a fine job keeping the heat (and, I'd have to assume cold) out. So, if you're looking for "cafe au lait" sort of color and you don't need the light to be truly blocked out, these would be great curtains for you. Otherwise, not so much.

SKY-BLUE - Three stars

While the sky-blue curtains are true to the color pictured, they did an even worse job than the beige curtains at blocking the light - and they had the benefit of being hung on a northerly exposure, so there was no excuse for their poor performance. Like the beige curtains, however, they do keep the heat out. They look nice when there's less light out, otherwise you can see exactly where the window is behind them and it looks odd.

CHOCOLATE - Five stars

The chocolate curtains rock! I have them hanging in a room with a south-western exposure, so they're dealing with a ton of light and heat. They completely block the light; not even little "pinholes" of light are visible. There is no way to tell where the window ends and the wall starts, the coverage is so substantial. They do an impressive job of blocking heat out, too, particularly given that they have really been put to the test.
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on September 11, 2014
these things really do filter 99% of light. You can tell its day outside, but you will not be disturbed by light. The curtains are held on the rod with loops, kinda like belt loops. so you can easily get the two sides to over lap each other so as to not worry about light getting through the middle. and the curtains aren't scruffed like the look in the picture, you can draw them out most of their length. So if you have about a 48" or less window, you'd only need one curtain to cover the entire thing.

They do mask sound somewhat, but not enough to really list as a feature. However the heat these things refract is amazing.
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on December 4, 2014
I desperately needed great blackout curtains for when I have to work nightshifts..and these are AMAZING! I ordered the black set and (compared to a previous "blackout curtain" purchase from a department store) these are beyond compare. The sun rises in my bedroom window and even with the bright sun shining.. it is almost COMPLETELY pitch black in my room. I can't speak for any of the other colors but if you truly need "black out" buy black! If you don't like it for your color/decor scheme, do a second set of curtains of your choice on an outer rod.. (Which is what I did!). Also, side note.. The fabric of these curtains is very nice, high quality. The width was a little long for my window so where it bunched up, there was some light peeking through the bottom.. so I cut the seam on the bottom part of the curtain on the side>>Just big enough to fit a skinny pvc pipe, put that in the bottom pocket trim and now it's just heavy enough to lie flat against the wall, even with having extra fabric scrunched up. And literally no light is coming through!!! The pictures I took are 30 seconds apart!!!
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on February 15, 2013
I bought the Black curtains and absolutely love them. They have my bedroom so dark, they're not as heavy as I thought they would be. So using a 5/8 curtain rod does an excellent job of holding these up. They have a nice silky smooth feel to them and the length is perfect. Before these my bedroom was freezing, I had to sleep in layers just to stay warm. These curtains insulate pretty good, they knock out most of the chill that was coming through my drafty windows.
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on September 12, 2012
My bedroom windows face the rising sun, and I'm in the middle of hot-as-hell Austin TX. I got these not expecting too much, but just came home after mounting them to my bedroom being a cool bat cave. It's absolutely pitch black dark in here. I work weird hours and the sun was seriously bugging me, these are an absolute lifesaver.

I got the navy blue as a few people mentioned that the lighter colors don't work as well in direct light. The sun doesn't pierce these things AT ALL. I've attached a picture of the window pulled a bit open (with my miniblinds closed) at 11AM on a sunny, 102 degree day. These rock.
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