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on June 11, 2003
One thing for sure about "Die Another Day": the writers well understood (and paid tribute to) the great Bond movies of the past. The end result is a movie that, while not perhaps as great as the films it honors, certainly takes its place as one of the best modern Bond films made.
Nearly every previous Bond classic is represented here: there is, of course, the acknowledged nod of the head to Dr. No and the famous bikini sequence. But you don't have to look very hard to see many other references. There are depressuring fights on a plane ("Goldfinger"), a great car chase on ice sequence ("The Living Daylights"), Bond leaving the service as a rogue ("License to Kill"), diamond weapon in the sky ("Diamonds are Forever"), the list goes on and on (I would even venture to say there is a tribute of sorts to the foolishness that went on during Roger Moore's Bond days; the unbelievable wind surfing stunt Bond pulls about halfway through is exactly the sort of silliness that Moore did all the time).
Cynics might say this is true of any Bond film nowadays; they are so derivative they resort to stealing from themselves. But I don't think that's the case here. It's pretty clear the writers knew what they were doing when John Cleese even quotes some of the great "Q" lines from the past in his excellent sequence where he provides Bond his new Aston Martin (and now we've come full circle there as well, returning to the car that made Bond famous).
I'm not a big Halle Berry fan, but she's very good here. More to the point are the villians. Toby Stephens and Rick Yune are terrific, as so is Pierce, who ironically is hitting his stride and seems totally comfortable in a role he's soon to give up.
If you've enjoyed the great Bond movies in the past, you're sure to appreciate this one. Even those new to Bond should have fun with the action and adventure.
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on November 22, 2002
People, from one "veteran" Bond fan to another, let me just say that if you felt any reservations concerning "Die Another Day" whatsoever, rest your minds at ease...Bond #20 is in a word...AWESOME!!
Brosnan is at his best as agent 007, John Cleese appears to be a worthy successor to the role of Q (made famous by the beloved Desmond Llewelyn...who will forever be missed), Judi Dench and Samantha Bond have by now firmly rooted themselves as the perfect choices to bring the characters of M and Money Penny into the new millennium, and lets not forget the ever important "icy" villains and ever alluring women that complete the tried and true formula that is the classic Bond film!
Throw in a wonderful title song performed by Madonna, another amazing score by composer David Arnold, delightful references to the Bond films of the past, and what you get is simply the best Bond movie to be released in nearly 20 years!
"Die Another Day" is everything that 007 fans have come to expect, and just goes to show that when it comes to pulse-pounding action and adventure, beautiful women and fiendishly diabolical villains...nobody does it better...than the one and only Bond...James Bond!!
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on May 12, 2011
I wish Amazon allowed 4.5 stars because I feel that is what this movie truly deserves. A lot of people bad mouth Die Another Day and highlight all these things they see as problems. The truth is, its a very well put together Bond film that utilizes today's technology. It stars Pierce Brosnan (one of my favorite bonds because of his Dalton-like qualities) and Halle Berry who makes a very interesting Bond girl.

This film has a fantastic story line to me. Bond is captured, traded back to MI6 but because the organization feels he may have been compromised, he is forced to escape and become a rouge agent of sorts. There are a lot of twists and turns and things that I did not expect happening and to me that is what good Bond is about. There is a fencing scene that is very well performed. To me this is one of the great Bond scenes out of all the films. I really enjoyed it.

Now for the overuse of CGI...really not a problem in my opinion. Nothing looks fake to me, this just looks like the Bond of the future. This whole series has been built on the outlandish and impossible so I feel it is right at home here. Nothing that takes away from the movie.

Product placement. A lot of people have complained about the product placement in this movie but I honestly think that is because 1 fanatic recognized it and then spread the word. As the normal viewer I watched this movie many times without noticing the placement advertising. Only after someone mentioned it on a forum did I go back and look for it and see it for myself.

There is beautiful scenery going on in this film, as there is in all Bond films. But this is exceptional. Very polished, a great variety of landscapes, visually pleasing all around. Plus, that new technology everyone disliked? Yeah, you can thank it for this being one of the best looking and sounding Bond films yet.

This also was the highest grossing Bond film until Casino Royale. All the bad reviews you read on sites are completely wrong in my opinion. I'm still trying to figure out what exactly hardcore Bond fans didn't like about this movie. To me there are way weaker Bond films. I highly suggest picking Die Another Day up!
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on November 29, 2005


This movie is really good.It has action and alot of excitement.This James Bond movie is good. Anybody a fan of it, should see it RIGHT NOW!


The 2.40:1 anamorphic image transfer is a wonder to behold. The overall aesthetic is pristine, appearing smooth and lifelike throughout. The opeining sequence boasts an intentoinally cold and subdued color palette, consising of cooll,bluish tones that are nicely contrasted by the warm, vibrant hue evident later in the film. The picture conveys a commendable level of detail with a soothing touch of film grain that adds significantly to the film-like appearance. The only distraction is a noticeable amount of edge enhancement. While easily detectable,its presence is never bothersome enough to detrack from the sheer splendor of this winning transfer.


Attention audio fanatics:prepare to be dazzled. The outstanding Dolby Digital and DTS soundtracks both feature 6.1 matrix processing,allowing those with rear surround capability the option to become completely immersed in audio nirvana. Being able to apply this technology, I was amazed by the robust energy generated from the rear soundfield. I did feel,however,that the format is underplayed a bit. While the rear speaker certainly helps tighten the sense of 360-degree imaging,I felt as if the sound designers were somewhat reserved in fully utilizing the back surround speaker. Nevertheless,this is an insignificant gripe for what is otherwise a supreme soundtrack. Whil the Dolby Digital EX track is excellent, the DTS-ES reigns superior with a more neutral high end,warmer mid-range and tighter,deeper bass. Both tracks feature aggressive split surrounds during the many action sequences,enceloping the viewer with the surrounds of speeding vehicles and crackling gunfire. Perhaps the most impressive element of the soundtrack is the natural tonal quality of the dialogue,particularly on the DTS track. Spoken words possess an incredibly warm characterustuc,sounding so clear and natural that I could close my eyes and believe that the actors and I were in the same room. Delivering a brilliant display of the 6.1 matrix format and featuring perhaps the finest fidelity I have heard thus far on DVD,the Die Another Day DTS-ES soundtrack is unquestionably my new demo matrial.


Full Motion menu with music

Scene Acess with 36 cues and remote acess

1 Original Trailer

4 Other Trailers


20 Multiple Angles with remote acess

1 Documentary

5 Featurettes


2 Feature/Episode commentaries by director Lee Tamahori and producer Micheal G. Wilson; Pierce Brosnan and Rosamund Pike

Weblink/DVD-ROM Material

2 discs

Picture Disc

Trivia Track with Video Streaming

Equipment Briefing

Image Gallery

Music Video



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on November 23, 2002
The 20th and most fantastic movie to enter the series in a long time! Packed with evil villians, sexy girls, gadgets galore and the classic one-liners from the most famous spy of all time- it doesn't get any better than that. First the villians- Gustav Graves is a snotty, arrogant and show-off to the public and is bent on world domination with his super weapon- the Icarus. He duels 007 with fencing swords and lives in style in his Ice palace in Iceland. Zao is the henchmen who is scarred with diamond shrapnel and has a personal goal to kill 007. And, finally is my favorite character in the movie- the stunning Miranda Frost! She is the athletic, cunning, mysterious, extremely sexy ice princess that gives Bond the ice treatment in her regard to her extreme hate of him. a world-class fencer, and collaborator with Gustav, she battles with Jinx aboard the Antonov plane, and ultimately meets her end. (Darn!, I really liked her, She really is hot!) The other main Bond girl is Jinx, who works as a team with Bond, and battles along with him. David Arnold gives his finest perfromance, with his best 007 soundtrack ever! Madonna gives the most different, but one of the best title songs ever also.
This film has many references to the past because of the 40th anniversary of the films. Here are a few---
-look for 007 holding the book Birds Of The West Indies by James Bond.
-007 steals a grape a la` Thunderball
-the WWII cigarettes poster that Domino loved from Thunderball
-Duke of Wellington statue in teaser a la` like the picture in Dr. No
-fencing club called Blades, like the gentlemen's club in many 007 books
-Jinx entry like Honey Ryder in Dr. No
-MANY past gadgets in Q's lab from past Bond films.
-Q's quip to 007, "Here's your new watch, this will be your 20th I believe." Ha Ha Ha.
Also be on the lookout for the classic cameo of Michael G. Wilson in the film as General Chandler. Madonna also does a cameo as fencing instructer Verity in the Blades Club.
A long awaited film, that I have had the pleasure of seeing, and GOD! it is one of the best in the series!!!
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on March 13, 2007
The second DVD of "Special Features" doesn't have near as much as the regular release on DVD. The packaging says this DVD has the "Ministry of Propaganda" with original trailers, TV Spots, and Radio Communications.


How annoying !
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on November 24, 2003
This movie has some incredible special effects, great fight scenes, interesting plot and great villains. However, the special gadgets this time around are just a little too far outside the realm of possibility. An invisible car...give me a break. A resort constructed of ice...yeah, when h*ll freezes over.
Of course with any Bond film, you're asked to suspend some degree of reality -- usually the fight scenes, but in this one you definitely have to ignore your sense of science. While I don't mind cooperating, this one asks a little much of its audience.
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on March 14, 2006
Enjoyable James Bond film--one of the best. The opening credits and special effects are brilliant, as well as the fitting song "Die Another Day" performed by Madonna. Halle Berry is, of course, a babe as evident from her first scene opener. The plotline is solid and the acting is humorous but never cheesy. Overall, a thoroughly entertaining film.
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on August 29, 2011
I really enjoyed this movie. The high tech was a big part of the story. I thought seeing James Bond being tortured broke new ground. Pierce Brosnan was very good in his last film as James Bond. Halle Berry was exquisite in her role. Bravo!
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on March 8, 2003
I am a HUGE Bond fan-own all the movies on dvd; own all the books (except "Colonel Sun" and the Gardner books). Connery's the best, but Brosnan seems to be getting better and better with each film, culminating in "Die Another Day", his best performance,and the best Bond since "For Your Eyes Only".
The first half of this flick is VERY Fleming-Bond being tortured (as he was in many of the books), then investigating with good old fashioned detective work.
The second half is very BIG and escapist-but it works. The movie has many nods towards previous Bond movies-from Halle coming out of the water in Ursula's bikini, to the plot-a diamond-encrusted laser, and many more. The thing I loved about DAD is it was totally over-the-top, but treated itself very seriously. The scenes were directed with punch. It was the opposite of say, "Spy Who Loved Me", which was fantastic, but didn't take itself seriously. Halle Berry was great (although hardly the first ever "Equal" Bond girl-from Pussy Galore to Michelle Yeou's character in "Tomorrow Never Dies", there have been more than a few women who were more than mere set-decoration).
Does the story bog down at the end? Yes. Do some of the CG effects look bad? Yes. Is DAD in the same league as "Goldfinger", "OHMSS" or "From Russia With Love"? No. BUT, it is the best in ages, and blows away ANY of the 70's films, in my opinion (not that that's hard to do).
I must admit that, as great as Judi Dench is, M will always be Bernard Lee for me-he was a surrogate father to Bond, and I don't think it's as effective, or true to the books, having a woman play M. BUT, it does, of course, wink at 007's sexism. There will never be another Q like Desmond, but let's face it-the last few movies saw him as way too old to be still working. Cleese does a good job of UNDER-playing Q, and therefore making him believable AND funny. And although Lois Maxwell will always be the definitive Moneypenny, Samantha Bond a) has a fab last name, and b) gets dirty in this movie. Gotta' love it. Bring back Felix and I'll be happy.
See it-it ROCKS!!!! Re-vitalizes Bond, and seems more current, hip, and edgy than the last few adventures. Lee Tamahori and the writers should be commended (and indeed, Brosnan has stated that he wants them back for the next film-his last). Good job, EON!!!
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