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Platform: Xbox 360|Edition: Collector's|Change
Price:$24.99+ $3.99 shipping
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on July 21, 2013
If I had paid the original price, I would have not been happy with the purchase.
The C.Viper figure is very small, although well-made. The box is just regular cardboard... I prefer a sturdier box for limited/spetial editions but oh well :(

Just because of the Ryu figure in PS3 version, I recommend that one over this one unless you like C. Viper more.
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on May 10, 2013
The original Street Fighter 4 remains probably my all-time favorite fighting game. It took everything I loved from Street Fighter 2, put it in 3D, and cut the crap, focusing on what made the series fun in the first place.

I never liked what they added to the so-called upgrades, like the "liney" art style, bonus stages and characters I never really needed anyway.

Back when you had to unlock almost half of the characters, at least you had to put effort into getting everything out of it. When Super SF4 gave you everything from the start, the replay value kind of flew out the window due to having nothing to gain from the time spent. The bonus DVD movie was a complete waste of space. It won't play in anything but the Xbox 360, and even my Xbox 360 won't recognize it. It went straight into the trash along with the cover art, and knocked this item down a star. Let a real game take its place in the case.

The extra music CD, hint guide and figurine were icing on an already delicious cake. The game itself is a masterpiece that even leaves that new Injustice (Mortal Kombat masquerading as a DC Comics fighter) can't touch. And yes, I've played the demo.

Final verdict, the original Street Fighter 4 sets the standard by which I judge all other fighting games. Pure awesome by definition.
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on October 2, 2012
For anyone who doesn't know of Street Fighters history, it's a series that was one of thee hugest games of the 90's. Both in the arcades & home systems (Sega Genesis, Super Nintendo "SNES", Sega Saturn, Playstation). After years of making several Street Fighter games. The series eventually faded out. And the gamers that loved the series & old school games would just have to replay the old games to get their SF fix....Well, years later on the Xbox 360 & PS3=. Street Fighter would be revamped. SF IV came out with more modern/current era graphics, that had somehow seemed to merge with the look of Street Fighter many of us remember. The outcome.....Awesome!!! The game had great controls. It felt like a old school fighteron a current platform. The graphics we're/are amazing! Bright vibrant & crisp images, with fluid smooth & fast movement. The background levels are still animated much like it's older series games. They added a few different power moves and defensive breaker moves to the game. It has many of the characters we enjoyed playing (and hated facing at times). Aswell as newer characters. This version is also a collectors edition, which is sick!!! It comes in a box & has a special game case. The case holds two discs (the game and a sountrack CD of the game's music). And then it has a secondary case with a 3rd disc. The 3rd disc is a anime movie of the series. Besides these great extras, it comes along with a mini character & a small like comic book. I reserved this collectors version well before it's release & was not let down. I paid like $80.00 or so for it. And it looks like you can get it on here for quite a bit less than that now. It's well worth it for any Street Fighter fan! I'd recommend this game to anyone that's a serious gamer!
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on February 18, 2009
That is the question.

What you get with this
Street Fighter IV game for Xbox 360
-What more can I say about this? The game is solid to me, they really put a lot of thought into the technical aspect of the game and it has a high replay value. The characters look amazing and the online battle system is mostly fluid when connected to someone with a decent connection.

A limited-edition Crimson Viper figurine (This figure is the quality and size of a gashapon figure)

"Street Fighter IV: The Ties That Bind," a 65 minute anime movie created by Studio 4C (output at 720p), that sets up the story of Street Fighter IV by explaining events post-SFII. (The animation quality is not the best I've seen, I don't see myself watching this more than once or twice again. It IS nice to see Yun & Yang make an appearance)

A mini-strategy guide from Prima, written by the same people doing the full-on guide and illustrated by Udon Comics
-Artwork is not up to par with most of the Udon Street Figher comics, which I like quite a bit. The guide shows you special commands for the four newcomers, as well as basic combos for them. The Challenge mode in game combo tutorial is much more useful than this guide.

The CD soundtrack
-The music in this game is a mixed bag. I am sure everyone will find equally enjoyable and not so enjoyable tracks. There are some remixes of classic SF2 tracks which old school fans will hear right away.
(3rd strike followed by HD Remix collection much better than SF4 music IMHO)

Additional downloadable content
-This is the brawler pack costume set.
It includes the following costumes:
Mike Haggar (of Final Fight fame) costume for Zageif
Wrestling Leotard for Abel
Chef Uniform for El Fuete
70's type track suit for Rufus
Traditional Sumo outfit for E.Honda

I do not regret the purchase, as I think this is one of the better collector's editions out there. I enjoyed the extra costumes the most.
The game is quite enjoyable and I will be playing it for some time.
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on March 24, 2009
As with any other kid in the 90's, Street Fighter 2 was all the rage in the arcades and when it was released on the SNES. It seemed like 2D fighters kind of lagged a bit in the 2000's as everything moved to 3D and the Alpha series, Vs. games, and SF3 all kind of fell out of the spotlight despite being solid entries. Those games all seemed to attract more hardcore fighters and didn't have the wide popularity that SF2 did.

With SF4, I think the 2D fighter is back with a vengeance and better then ever. I've spent about 35 hours playing this already both against the CPU and online and the gameplay is fantastic, being both familiar to old Street Fighter fans and with enough new additions like the Ultra combo and Focus attacks to keep it fresh. While there are some minor issues like the CPU controlled boss Seth, as well as difficulties with the Quick Match options online, the bottomline is the game is just plain fun to play.

The CE comes with an Anime movie which gives some decent backstory to the characters. Each character has their own little opening and ending in Anime form, and the movie does a good job filling in the gaps as some of the character stories in the game are a bit confusing. It's worth a watch once, but nothing particularly great or visually pleasing. The soundtrack is ok, and the toy is a LOT smaller then I thought it would be. It's only about 2 inches tall. The CE probably wasn't worth it, but SF4 is fantastic!
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on March 1, 2009
If you're old enough to remember the days when you were holding a handful of quaters waiting to get next bid in line you'd probably remember Street Fighter. Although, there have been other Street Fighters since its inception about 20 yrs ago, this version of Street Fighter certainly raised some hype and believe me it's definitely worth it. I got the collector's edition because of its content the package came with a C. Viper figurine (Xbox 360 version), a prequel movie for the game "The Ties that Bind", and a coupon code to get some extra costumes for some of the characters in the game.

The game is fun and brings back the good old days, this is especially true when you have the arcade sticks that came out in conjunction with the game... Four words ladies and gentlemen, "Street Fighter House Party"

I highly recommend this if you want to re-live your childhood once again and have fun beating your friends up around and about etc...
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on December 23, 2012
What a horrible game experience on XBOX360 with the normal controller. Don't even try it, get the PS3 version, or an arcade stick. Also, the figurine is like 2 inches high... tiny!
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on March 5, 2015
You cannot play this game without arcade sticks because the controls are horrible. The worst street fighter controls ever in my opinion.
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VINE VOICEon February 17, 2009
Remember Street Fighter II? The mere mention of it conjures up memories of days long past in arcades. It was both a phenomenon and a fad. A 2D fighting game with one eight-way joystick and 6 buttons, whose purposes were burned into the minds of everyone who played it. Jab, strong fierce, short forward, roundhouse. 8 colorful and varied characters representing the world's martial arts styles, and 4 boss characters doing the same. A game that became the ultimate test of two players against each other. Loser pays, winner stays. People spent hundreds if not thousands of quarters and tokens, and when the home versions were released, living rooms across the world were blessed with the cries of "Hadouken!" and "Sonic Boom!" It single handedly jump started the fighting game genre into high gear and was the catalyst for the revival of the arcade . Soon everyone had to have a fighting game too. Fighter's History, Martial Champions, Mortal Kombat, Primal Rage, Virtua Fighter, all of SNK's Neo Geo fighters were among the few that cashed in on Street Fighter's popularity. Then, the arcade scene slowed down, and fighting games pretty much went the way of a niche genre, just like shoot `em ups (shmups).

Fast forward to February 17, 2009. Capcom will release Street Fighter IV onto the PS3 and Xbox 360. Oh sure, there were other Street Fighter games along the way since the original II. But not even the Alpha series, nor Street Fighter III's pinnacle, Third Strike has had everyone talking about Street Fighter like it's 1991 again. Bringing back all the original World Warriors and bosses, 2 of the New Challengers, and four all new contenders plus some fan favorites including the infamous Gouken, Ryu and Ken's master, otherwise known as the infamous Sheng Long of the famous EGM April Fools trick, Capcom is giving the fans a very nice trip down memory lane wrapped up in more than just a shiny new 3D package.

The character roster is as follows:

Chun Li
E. Honda
M. Bison
El Fuerte
Crimson Viper
Fei Long

To start: SF IV is the same 2D gameplay you remember. What's new is the 3D graphics, which sweep and zoom during certain specials and super/ultra moves. It's SF as you remember only better. With features such as new gameplay systems such as the Ultra moves where a gauge is built up as you take damage and when full, allows your fighter a spectacular come back Super move which allows even the underdog in a match a chance at victory. The Focus attack in a sense replaces the Parry system of SFIII but this time around, it isn't as difficult to master for the casual player. All in all, the gameplay is classic Street Fighter II but with added polish and a few new additions.

Graphics: gorgeous looking, and must be seen in HD in person to fully appreciate. When the early artwork hit, and the first screen shots were released, many were not pleased with SF IV's bulked up muscular look. A new art style and a new direction, for a new era of fighters, rest assured it looks terrific. Backgrounds are 3D, and varied. I especially like the temples.

Sound: Sublime. In addition to the music tracks for each stage, there are remixed arranged versions for some of the original fighter's themes in the game as well. Once you hear Cammy's remix of her classic England stage music, you'll know what I mean. In addition to being able to change the voices from English to Japanese, you can do it...for every character. If you want Cammy in English and Ryu in Japanese, you can. Why, because Capcom loves you. My advice: The Japanese voices are better by a long shot. The opening intro features a song by Exile (A pop band in Japan), which may or may not be your taste, but it does grow on you. If not, the second song of the intro will get you so pumped to play, you'll forget the 1st half of the intro's song.

In closing because this review is too long, get it, play it, enjoy it. Street Fighter is back and it's been worth the wait.
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on March 12, 2009
Shame on capcom for doing such a lame job on the cut scenes.
Fellow dudes, dont buy the collectors edition, the toy is CHEAP, the book with hints is ok but a big deal, it only shows moves for the new fighters and nothing fancy, the movie is just like the cut scenes, bad.
story line : BAD too, they should hired me man, I got more imagination, for real,
The GAME IS AWESOME, but I still cant get over the fact the way they draw the caracters (cut scenes) they are horrible.
so save your money and just get the game, not the collectors edition, theres nothing to brag about once you have it. PERIOD.
If you are still curious and buy the collectors, all i got to say is : "I told you so"
(Hopefully they wont delete this review criticizing this product) 03/12/09
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