Customer Reviews: Blueair 450E HepaSilent Digital Air-Purification System
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on April 13, 2011
I am extremely pleased with the Blueair 450E. It is very quiet and very effective. It is so sensitive in auto mode that punching a dusty pillow on the other side of a 15-foot room will soon start it running. So, I just keep mine set to auto.

I used the smoke-type filter once. It left little black particles throughout my residence.

UPDATE 02/19/2012: I did some remodeling in my apartment during which my 450E ingested substantial amounts of spackling dust. The auto-mode stopped working. It sounded as though it were trying to reduce power to medium setting, yet remained on high constantly. I used a small soft brush to clean the sensor screen which is about 60mm x 15mm and located at the outlet end. This did not cure the malfunction. I dipped the brush in denatured alcohol then tried, gently, poking a little, to get the bristles of the brush through the mesh opening. (The mesh is not rigid.) Finally, I set the machine with outlet side up, then poured 2 fl. ounces of the denatured alcohol through the mesh, which then soaked the sensor element. I waited 30 minutes. Works like new!

UPDATE 10/26/2013: The dust sensor finally clogged; which means the unit has lost the ability to auto-adjust speed in accordance with dust in the air. Compressed air will not free the particles from the sensor. Sent an email to the company, requesting a source for the part.

FINAL UPDATE 10/30/2013: Blueair did not respond to my email.

Several repair hints from my experience:

Use 1/8" drill bit to remove rivets used to assemble case.
Remove gray plastic box fixed to the top rear of the unit.
There are two air sensors in the gray box:
>>> Figaro Odor Sensor, Part No. TGS 2600
>>> Sharp Microelectronics Dust Sensor, Part No. GP2Y1010AU0F
The odor sensor circuit board is attached to the box by two screws.
The dust sensor is a small rectangular box attached with glue.

It angers me that Blueair used pop rivets rather than screws to assemble the case.
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on September 27, 2011
I live in an old house converted into a duplex, I don't smoke, my downstairs neighbor is a chain-smoking cigarette hag. In the winter when the windows are closed up the awful smoke smell from the downstairs apartment is strong enough make my hair and all my clothes stink, and my eyes and throat burn. I tried several other (cheaper) air purifiers but none worked very well, so after much research I decided to try a much higher quality purifier and bought a Blueair 450 with a smokestop filter. It helps. It definitely takes some of the nastiness out of the air and makes the air quality better. There will still be a smell, cigarette stink is pervasive and awful and extremely difficult to get rid of completely, you'd really do better to find a different place to live if you can, but if you are stuck living with or adjacent to a smoker this helps make it a little more tolerable.
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on December 30, 2012
The unit does a nice job, is very quite when on the first two speeds. The sensor that worked for a few months is no longer working so I have to manually turn it on or off and set the speed now. It still filters well, but I miss having it go on and off automatically. The other drawback (which is true of most good air purification systems) is the high cost of the filters.
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on December 31, 2011
The strength of the Blueair 450E is its quiet operation (claimed to be only 27 dB on the lowest setting). On the two lowest speeds the noise levels are very modest. The highest setting, at which the air flow ratings are measured, is noisy, but that is true of all HEPA filters. The system includes gas and particle sensors (poorly labeled as "smell" and "dust" sensors) with a primitive readout of 1, 2, or 3 bars; the display also includes a frowning face at 3 bars and a smiling face at 1 bar--I find this type of labeling annoying but have not allowed it to affect my rating). The sensors permit an auto mode that adjusts the fan speed so that the room is kept clean. The sensors do seem to correspond moderately well with the air quality, but the auto mode has a tendency to kick into high gear for brief periods when a longer burst on the level 2 setting would suffice. Given that the level 3 setting is quite a bit louder than the other two this is a flaw that could easily have been avoided. (For example an auto mode that is optionally limited to the two lower speeds would be convenient for night time when one is trying to sleep.) This purifier is well constructed and should last for many years. The most significant flaw is that the filters must be exchanged every 6 months and the filters with activated carbon costs $120 each--this makes the Blueair maintenance costs among the highest for models in this class of air purifiers. I have not tried operating the purifier with the cheaper HEPA-only filter (which costs half as much as the "smoke-stop" filters) and I wonder how well the auto mode will function when using a filter that only removes particles (you need activated carbon to remove gas contaminants so the particle filters don't seem to have any way to remove the gas contaminants that the sensor detects).

HEPA filters can, in principle, remove 99.97% of particles that are 0.3 microns in size from the air. The actual performance however depends strongly on the quality of the air purifier because if air leaks around the filter you won't get anywhere near 99.97% purification. I have seen independent tests indicating Blueair purifiers achieve 98% efficiency whereas some premium brands only have scores of ~80-90%. Of course, with multiple air changes per hour, even 80% filtering efficiency will ultimately get the job done, but the higher ratings will do a better job for a given amount of air flow.

If you as concerned about noise levels and not especially concerned about replacement filter costs the Blueair 450E deserves strong consideration. If you want low operating costs and can tolerate high noise levels there are more cost effective options out there.

4/5/14 update:
My particle sensor failed after about a year causing it to constantly give a maximum reading and thus rendering the automated feature useless as it will never switch out of the top speed. Otherwise the unit has held up well, although if I had known how fragile the sensors were and how quirky the automated mode was (when the sensors were working) I might have opted for the 403 model, which has a slightly lower price and 4 speed settings vs. the 3 speeds settings for the 450E (both models use the same filters and are otherwise very similar). If quiet operation is your most important criteria the Blueair products are top contenders. I prefer other products (e.g., the Airpura R600) in locations where slightly higher noise levels would be tolerated because operating costs are very high for Blueair products.
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on March 5, 2010
I have this air purifier for a few weeks now and in general I am very satisfied. I like the rugged, all metal case construction, and the very powerful fan that can really move the air around when you want it to (as opposed to some other purifiers which produce rather feeble air flow). Operation is simple and straightforward.

Here are some caveats though: The first unit I purchased had some slight rattle coming from the fan in silent mode. I returned that and it was fixed with a replacement unit. Also, the circuit boards in both the first and second unit I got emitted some quite noticeable "new computer smell" for the first couple days of operation. After about a week of use this was gone though. If you are sensitive to this kind of electronics smell you might want to run the unit for a few days in a different room before moving it to your bedroom. The quiet mode is very quiet but still ever so slightly audible (my wife is still bothered by it at night when the unit is close to her side of the bed), I wish the unit had an even slower, quieter mode.

Customer service was very helpful and went to great lengths to resolve questions and issues I had.
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on October 11, 2012
After much research and reading of customer reviews I laid down the big bucks for a 450 series BlueAir worked faithfully for 1 year and 11+months before dying completely...not even a flicker of life when turned on. The company informs me that since it has been over 1 year...they cannot help me. I am just out of luck. What a rip-off! It seems like $500 should ensure more than 2 years service! I will not buy anything from BlueAir ever again and I will make sure that none of the people I meet daily ever do either.
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on April 8, 2010
I should start with the fact that everyone in our household has allergies, even the dog I think, but that had not been confirmed. Currently we have the Blueair units in all the bedrooms and family room. The best thing about Blueair units is they work! We really feel a difference. Before getting Blueair my wife was not able to sleep thru the night. She would get congested and her throat would get dry so she kept waking up to drink water. Whatever was giving her trouble is now gone from the air and she is finally able to get a good nights sleep.
Outside the fact that this unit cleans the air, I do also like that it is steel construction ( I did a lot of research and that is hard to find), its quiet!!!, and its energy efficient. This model also comes with interesting electronics. It has a handy little sensor on the side of the machine that actually measures particles and odors. I like that a lot because I can set it on Auto mode and it does all the speed changing by it self. Definitely takes the guess work out of what speed to run it on. As for warranty, the warranty card says mail in for free 5 year warranty.
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on September 28, 2014
No joke, you can be on the opposite side of the room of this thing and fart and it will jump from the lowest setting to the highest. I call it the fart detector. It doesn't even have to be a smelly fart, just the smallest little toot it will detect and turn up to a high level to clear the air. It's amazing! You know it's working! Has definitely improved the air quality and reduced the dust in my room. The only thing that sucks is that the filters are expensive, but I am very happy with this purchase and I've had it about a year and a half. Would buy another one for the living room if I could afford it.
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on February 19, 2011
After extensive reviewing of different air cleaners I settled on this one. It is a little expensive but well worth it. It just cleans the air of all smells. During the Superbowl one of my guests ate too much chili and (Ahem) passed gas. 2 seconds later this automaticly baby turned on and BAM all gone. Everybody cracked up. Amazing
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on June 10, 2013
I bought a blue air from amazon after reading the reviews posted here. The review displayed on the top said"made in Germany" with a five star review but after mine arrived, the package clearly says "made in China". is Amazon selling me a cheaper version of blue air? For a China made air purifier, this is definitely a rip off price.
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