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on May 26, 2011
Overall, I like it, but it's noisier than I expected based on the other reviews. It's got a slight rattle/turbulence that can be annoying, even on the lowest setting. Sounds sort of like there's a single-propeller plane buzzing through the sky, but off in the distance.

Still, set on low, it helps in the afternoons when the sun is coming in through the window and I need a little airflow to keep me awake. The low setting is a nice, gentle breeze that's enough to refresh without whipping papers off my desk.


Had to drop the rating to three stars because I can't take the rattle anymore. It seems to have gotten worse. I just e-mailed Lasko's support desk to see if they can recommend a way to fix it without having to return it as defective. I'll update again when I see how their support handles things.


Support was very cool, had me return it to Amazon, who sent me a new one. New one is quieter and hasn't developed the rattle. Raised the review back up to 4 stars.
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on May 16, 2011
Cool little fan!

I like how it is sectioned, so that you can have the two ends pointing in different directions. Useful when oscillating, believe it or not. Constant breeze, but never getting too cold.

It provides a decent ambient noise in the room. I am a veteran suffering from Tinnitus from an IED in Iraq, and this fan is loud enough to cancel out any ringing, but quiet enough to sleep next to.
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on August 1, 2010
Love this fan, its small enough for my cubical desk and quiet not to disturb my phone calls and cube neighbors. My office runs hot and cold, with a 10 or 20 degree diffrence just down the hall. The lasko desktop tower fan sits in the cornor of my desk, not taking up much space but always ready. I like the fact that I can position the top and bottom of the fan so I always have a breeze, moving the air in my cube without a constant buzz in my ear or on my back.
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on July 31, 2012
This is a desktop fan with a very small footprint relative to most other oscillating fans suitable for desktop/personal type use. Many unfavorable reviews posted here are from people using it in applications other than the application for which it was intended. As a desktop fan it is a pretty sweet package. If you try to use this as a room fan you are definitely going to find it anemic because it is a personal fan. Lasko also makes high velocity tower fans that are designed for whole room use. Keep in mind with this item that the whole point of a desktop fan is that it generates a gentle focused breeze you can feel in your personal workspace and does so without making much racket or blowing papers all over the office. This design while a few years old is still modern looking and fits well in a contemporary office environment. When used as intended I've found it to be a pretty good unit that does what it says.

FEATURES: There are two control buttons nestled together in an inverted pyramid shape. The larger button on the left is the main control button. Pushing once turns the fan on at the highest setting while another push takes it to medium and a third push puts it in low. The second smaller button to the right turns the oscillation on and off. In oscillation mode only the base remains stationary and the upper 2 sections of the unit with the two vents rotate in unison in an arc of roughly 70 degrees taking 10 seconds to complete one complete oscillation cycle of left to right and right to left. There are three soft plastic gripper "anti-skid" feet which are supposed to keep it from sliding when you push the control buttons, but if you press the buttons harder than actually needed to operate the buttons the unit will scoot across the desk a little. But once you learn to stop punching at it the scooting stops. The vents are in two different sections and the entire top vent section will TWIST to aim at about 35 degrees left or right of the orientation of the bottom vent. The power cord is 6 feet long with a 2-prong polarized plug.

OPERATIONAL OBSERVATIONS: The low setting is reasonably quiet making just a low level whir. The fans on my desktop computer make more racket than this does on low. When you try to use this as a room fan you are probably going to use the high setting which is noisier. Medium is at least twice as noisy as low and high is about four times as noisy as the low setting. Low is fine on a desktop most of the time. If you've just come in from lunch bump it to medium for a while until you cool down a bit and then take it back down to low.

The oscillation function is nice but not unique at all. However the twist to adjust function of the top section changing the orientation of the vent is unique and it allows you to point the two vents at different angles on the same axis. Once you have the vents set correctly for your work position you can feel four breezes on each full oscillation cycle instead of two. No matter the speed setting on mine the oscillation function adds no noise at all compared to non-oscillation mode and the oscillation cycle remains at 10 seconds.

CONS: The two vents on this Lasko have fixed louvers, meaning you can not direct the airflow up or down, so the air blows straight out. On your desk the breeze will hit your chest and face but not the top of my head. I am deducting half a star for the fixed vent louvers. If I could adjust the angle it would be nearly perfect!

Another half-star is deducted because this fan looks like it will be a bear to clean and oil. I live in the south and here you need fans to survive, so you take care of them. I clean and oil my fans at least annually. My last desktop fan was my dad's 1960's GE model that finally started getting noisy (bearings shot) so I decided to retire it to the attic. This Lasko looks like a real workbench project to disassemble, clean, oil and reassemble compared to a traditional blade fan. I'm not looking forward to it.

COMPARISON TO OTHER DESKTOP FANS: I bought mine at a local store. They had a lot of different fans from different makers out of the box and set up for you to try out using only two available outlets. So a pair of fans was the most I could simultaneously compare. There were fans of all sizes and types including bladeless, tower, mini-tower, box-fans and your traditional oscillating tabletop fans that are cheaply made imitations of the 1960's GE fan I was replacing. There was a Retro-style tabletop fan that looked very 30's art deco, but even on the lowest speed it made a heck of a metallic clanging racket that was noisier than the old GE with bad bearings. There is another retro art deco fan I wanted to look at made by Hunter, but this store didn't have any. My criteria for selection was compactness, quietness and moving enough air that I could feel it without blowing papers across the room. The only other fans that were as small, oscillated and moved adequate air were either noisier, moved way too much air or had a much larger footprint. The only other fan that I felt I could use was the one Dyson tabletop fan I tried. The Dyson would have worked perfectly but the Lasko was one-tenth the cost. While not the conversation piece the bladeless Dyson would be, nor as quiet, the Lasko is otherwise ideal for my need and is working out well. There was also a Bionaire bladeless model that is more compact than the Lasko, it oscillates moving an almost equal amount of air but it is at least three times noisier than the Lasko while also costing twice as much. The noise knocked the Bionaire out of the running regardless of the price. There were 20 or so different fans there to try, and of the dozen I actually tried out which would fit space-wise, this Lasko was the one I picked for desktop use. It is very affordable but I would have paid up to $100, it is also the second most quiet I tried and it has a compact design.

BRAND LOYALTY: I have a Lasko High Velocity Fan that will practically blow your clothes off on high setting and a Lasko Oscillating Tower Heater that I also like. They have both been good products that I would buy again. My positive experiences with these other Lasko products was reassurance that I was probably making a good choice. Time will tell about this fan though. I certainly don't expect it to last as long as that old GE fan did, mainly because nothing is made to last that long anymore.

MADE IN CHINA: These Lasko fans are made in China like most of the compact Lasko items. The larger Lasko items, like stand fans are made in the USA. I'd be willing to pay more for a quality compact USA made desk fan exactly like this one.

WARRANTY: The warranty is one year like all Lasko items. If you get one of these and it seems too noisy you should exchange it right away where you bought it because mine is almost as quiet as the Dyson. If you can't exchange it, use the Lasko warranty service. On low I can hear the air moving but that is about all I hear.
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on May 3, 2011
I've had this product for about a week and it seems sturdy and works great so far! I love the fact that I can adjust it to blow in different directions at the same time - whether oscillating or not. It is easy to use and at a decent price.
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on November 14, 2013
I chose this fan because of the reviews, and many of them said that this fan was quiet. I disagree. It's quite noisy even in a semi-quiet office. However as far as air flow, even on low, it puts out a lot of breeze.
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on June 15, 2013
I have this fan sitting on my bed side table; It keeps me cool and comfortable when I'm in bed. Countrols are easy to reach (it's at the base) and simple. It's a little noisy (according to my husband); but it's white noise to me (helps me fall asleep).
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on August 27, 2013
I have four of these and they work great. I like the push button power button, one finger operation. The light on the power button makes it easy to see and turn off in the dark (I use oneonthe nightstand while sleeping). Quiet, rotates, but I never use the rotation.
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on June 27, 2011
For many people, fans don't just move air, but are great for 'white noise'..... which for me, simply put, is just NOISE. Though this fan could be a tad quieter on the high settings, on the low setting I hardly hear it. It oscillates -- quietly! -- and the top and bottom sections can be turned independently so the air flow is truly adjustable. I bought this to use in my office, which is rather small, and it's perfect for the space. It doesn't take up much room, just a 6x6 inch area; my papers don't fly around in the breeze though it moves the air nicely, and my clients aren't drowned out by fan noise.

I like this one so much I'm thinking of buying another.... ;)
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on May 25, 2013
I ignored the other reviewers comments about the loose bearings like an idiot. It was whisper quiet for a few days and now when it runs for more than 20 minutes or so you start to get an annoying rattle (oscillating or not). This makes me timid to turn it on when at work.

Pros: Sits well on a desk in office or cubicle. Makes wind (heh) as a fan should do. Oscillates. Change angle (horizontal) or vents.

Cons: Rattles. something is loose in there. Poorly engineered or something, I do not have the competency in this area to truly understand what is wrong with it. Low setting is such an awkward level of airflow it's like someones breathing on you - that's how low it is.

EDIT 6.26.13:

This thing is so loud I can't keep it in my office anymore... it sounds like some sort of power turbine going "whom whom whom whom whom whom" each time the little blade goes around in there. I don't mean the normal sound a fan makes - it's definitely a bearing/gear situation.

Terrible - I would avoid this at all costs.
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