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on December 5, 2009
Our old Dirt Devil upright started giving off some burning smells (not the brush belt) a couple of weeks ago, so we decided to start looking around for a replacement. We have a two story house, so something to effectively vacuum the stairs without purchasing two units would be nice. Oh, and under $200 please. Dyson's are cute, but $500 is over the top for such a basic device. That led us eventually to Bissell's two lift-off canister units, the Revolution and this one, the MultiCyclonic design.

Initially, I couldn't tell the difference between the two models. Then, another reviewer pointed out the two "wings" on the side of the dirt container on the Revolution model that one customer accidentally threw its two inserts out with the dirt, only to render his vacuum useless the next time he tried to use it. That narrowed it down to the MultiCyclonic for us. The Revolution also has an additional foam filter to be cleaned in its top section, which the MultiCyclonic doesn't use, which was one less consumable to buy.

Both units have a special tool for grabbing pet/human hair off the furniture and the carpet, powered by the suction in the hose, and it works just fine. After "turbo" brushing our carpeted stairs, I had to take the tool apart with a phillips screwdriver, which entailed removing two screws and gently pulling the unit apart. I paid attention so I could put it back together correctly, but it was easy to clean out the hair clogging the unit, and to put it back together.

Some have commented that the unit seems noisy to them, but I actually found it quieter than my old Dirt Devil upright. I also found the suction from the 12 amp motor to be completely adequate. Although some have reported they were wowed with its power, because it was quieter it didn't seem any more powerful to me than my old Dirt Devil had been in its day.

Another reviewer felt the unit was too heavy. I'm 62, short, an avid reader, and certainly NOT athletic, and had NO problems hauling it around.

Another commenter noted that the central dirt/cyclonic unit on the Revolution was completely removable, allowing the whole messy part of the vacuum to be hauled to the trash can for emptying, whereas only the dirt receptacle is directly removable in the MultiCyclonic unit. This is basically true. Removing the dirt receptacle for emptying in the MultiCyclonic allows dust/dirt hanging around above it to fall on the unit, requiring a wipe-up if you're not careful. But, it's easy to reach up and remove the cyclonic unit with a twist and clean it. A regular clean-up after a major vacuuming will minimize the potential mess. A well placed paper towel will catch any dirt dropping down from the top of the cyclonic unit.

I didn't have any problems with the hose connections, cleaning the foam filter, or removing/replacing the HEPA filter on the back of the unit. The extension rod uses a friction twist to lock it into a variable length, and it worked fine. After two hours of vacuuming around the house, I had NO problems with dirt/dust blowing out of any of the hose or filter connections, so I can only assume the reviewer who had the problem had perhaps not been performing regular cleanup/maintenance of the unit, or had inadvertently allowed a hose connection to come loose. When putting the unit together, you have to twist a hose into a connection to lock it in place. If you don't perform the twist, I suppose it could pop out at an inopportune time, but this is a suction line. I don't see any way that anything could blow out of it. The exhaust is via the HEPA filter on the back of the unit, literally inches from the exit of the suction motor. If dirt is squirting out around the foam filter atop the suction motor, it must be mostly clogged. There's really no excuse for this. Take the foam filter to the sink and rinse it out and you're done. Be sure it's dry before reinserting it, or you'll be risking getting moisture into the motor, never a good thing for an electrical thingy.

Overall, my first impression of the unit is quite positive. Unless there's some underlying defect, I see no reason not to expect years of satisfaction with our new Bissell 89Q9 MultiCyclonic vacuum cleaner.
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on November 5, 2009
Must-have features:
- Suction power. Great suction power.
- Lift-off feature. For use on stairs.
- Bagless.
- Dedicated on-off switch for brush. To vacuum wood floor without brush.
- Brush automatically turns off when unit is at upright position. Save brush and carpet wear-and-tear when using attachments.
- Furniture protection rubber guard.

Nice-to-have features, but not absolutely needed:
- Pet brush. "Pet" model means unit come with a Turbo Pet Brush attachment. Pet brush has rubber claws, which grab hair as you rake the surface of carpet or sofa. It is somewhat useful, but not to die for. Buy the Lift-Off models only if you want the must-have features. You can buy the Turbo Pet Brush attachment separately for $29.

Useless features (just marketing):
- Head light.

I was interested in buying the Bissell Lift-Off, but there is lack of info on the web to compare the 2 Bissell Lift-off models: Multiclylonic (89Q9) and Revolution. Rather than just a generic review, I will try to describe the difference between Lift-Off Revolution and Multicyclonic. Their sucking power seems similar. The visible differences are (1) dirt container, (2) upper tank right above the dirt container, and color.

(1) Dirt Container. Multicylconic and Revolution has different design. Small advantage to Multicyclonic. Multicylonic has 2 compartments; 1 cylinder in center and 1 large outer compartment. Revolution has single main compartment, plus 2 additional small dust chambers that extend out from chamber. I don't see any special impact or effect to the various compartments. But one thing I don't like on the Revolution is the 2 additional dust chambers with removable inserts, which are a mess to handle and clean.

The dirt container is the same size on both units. These units suck up so much hair and dust that the dirt containers need to be emptied after cleaning couple rooms. I have 2 short hair cats. The hair will clump together and rotate in the dirt container. As the container fills up (maybe 1/2 to 3/4 full), some hair will remain in the upper tank and not drop down into the dirt container.

(2) Upper tank. This is where the 2 units vary the most. Overall, I give the advantage to Multicyclonic, due to ease of cleaning, particularly with less hair trapped in upper tank. Revolution does have 1 added feature: upper tank can be removed, which is less messy to clean up.

- Upper tank filter size. Multicylonic has more open space in upper tank right above the dirt container. That means less likely for hair to get trapped. Revolution has large filter component that leaves a small gap to the compartment wall. Hair is more likely to get trapped. You can read the review for Revolution. And this is a major complaint for some users. Big advantage for Multicyclonic over Revolution here.

- Filter material. The upper tank on Multicylonic uses only plastic components, whereas Revolution has foam filter in upper tank. Both can be washed and rinsed out, but plastic is just easier and faster to clean. Another advantage for Multicyclonic.

- Removable upper tank on Revolution. The upper tank on Revolution is removable, but fixed on Multicyclonic. The positive for Revolution is that I can remove both upper tank and dirt container and empty them in the garbage can. On the Multicylonic, after bottom dirt container is removed, some remaining dust can drop down from the upper tank right onto the vacuum body.
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on April 21, 2010
This is a great vacuum. Having read 350+ reviews for this item (don't limit yourself to Amazon), I felt that this vacuum was for me. I also felt that buying from anywhere that doesn't have a physical store would be a mistake. That is a decision that I am so glad I made. I purchased this vacuum from Bed, Bath & Beyond (BB&B) in my town. It was priced for $179.99. I used my 20% off coupon that I get in the mail. I set it up in 5 mins. I am one of those boring people that read that manual cover to cover...which took 20 mins. I started in my bedroom. Wow! My old vac had lost its power and though I vacuumed 5 days a week (I'm not kidding) the carpet never looked clean. Dog hair from my beagle was permanently embedded into the carpet fibers. I had sadly decided that having a dog meant never having truly clean carpet. Boy was I wrong! Once I flipped the switch for the Turbobrush my carpet fibers lifted and cleaned! 5 yrs. worth of beagle fur were removed from my carpet! I had to empty the cup twice! I felt joy & sick at what we had been living with.
I was about to move on to my daughter's bedroom when the unthinkable happened. The Turbobrush stopped. I used the manual and did everything it suggested. I cleaned the Turbobrush. I even prayed. It quit spinning after one room. Instead of being mad and calling it a piece of junk, I looked at my bedroom carpet. Old carpet that can never look new, but that was truly clean and actually stood up. It was always squashed flat but now the fibers were lifted upright with lovely vacuum patterns and I new that this was the vacuum for me. Hubby & I called customer service from Bissell. They were wonderful! We spoke to a human right away. They walked us through steps and spent 20 minutes with us. They offered to replace it and send parts. We declined. BB&B has a terrific store policy. If something breaks, even 2 yrs. +, return it (I promise I don't work for them!). My hubby called the store and spoke to a manager. They said they didn't have another one and the closest store that carried one was a few hours away. Instead, we packed up the vacuum and returned it to BB&B. They ordered a new one to be shipped to us, free of charge. It was delivered in 3 days. It was a shiny new one and I use it 3 times a week (my Beagle sheds). I have owned it for 3 months now and it has never given me a moments trouble. We think maybe the first one had been dropped or something. It doesn't matter, because we own a quality vacuum that works just as well as a Dyson. We are on Dave Ramsey's plan and couldn't justify spending $500+ on a vacuum.
I feel I must tell a little more, so bear with me if you will. We suffer from allergies in my home, which led to the removal of all the carpet except the bedrooms. Our beautiful Brazilian cherry wood floors are so very lovely and I try to protect them. We also had new textured tile installed in the bathroom and laundry room. The bumpy texture of the tile ended up scratching my old vacuum wheels. The damaged wheels started leaving little scratches on my beautiful wood floors. I love the lift-off canister because of this! I live in a one story home, so though this feature was probably made with stairs in mind, I use it to protect my wheels on the Bissell. No longer do I have to drag my vacuum into the laundry room and bathroom. I just use the extension hose and carry the canister. The wheels remain safe and unscarred. Also, this allows me to carry it into the garage and vacuum my car.
The upholstery attachment it great! I can clean my couches in no time! A major plus for me. Also, I love that I can turn off the Turbobrush and vacuum my wood floors. It cleans carpet and wood beautifully.
It's con time. There are a few design elements that I would change if I could. They are not enough to deter me from giving this vacuum a 5 star rating though. If I do not hold the cord at all times I run over it. Also, when you remove the dirt cup, dirt and dust fall from above and dirty the surface of your vacuum. I have tried being careful, but it still happens sometimes. I have a little cheap dust buster that I use when this happens. No big deal for me.
Don't be conned into thinking that you have to break the bank to buy a decent vac. If your vac messes up, don't flip out like so many other posters have done. Call the number or take it back to the store. Warranties are there for a reason, to protect your investment.
One more thing, this vacuum requires a new HEPA filter every 6 months. The filter is priced between $12 - 16. I was at Lowe's last week (April 2010) and the HEPA filter was on sale for 73 cents a piece. I bought all six. I am good on filters for 3 1/2 years.

Mom and beagle owner.
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on September 6, 2009
I bought this vacuum after my old Bissell died. So far I have been pretty impressed with it. The canister lift off feature is great for cleaning stairs or vacuuming your car. I was a little skeptical about the pet hair turbo attachment but it actually worked very well. I have two long haired cats (Maine Coons, so there's a lot of fur!) and the turbo brush attachment got up pet fur from places I had just vacuumed with my previous machine! It is a bagless canister, and if you've ever had a vacuum like that you know it can get messy. It doesn't seem any worse than any other bagless I've had though. As long as you empty them out before getting too full its not a big deal.

Another feature that I really like is that you can turn the brushes off with a separate switch; there is a power switch and a brush switch. It is nice to be able to turn off brushes if you are trying to pick up debris on a bare floor (cat litter) and if you are using the wand attachments.

I gave the vacuum 4 stars because of two things I'm a little disappointed about. First, the power cord seems a little short; it doesn't seem like I can cover the same amount of area as I could with my old vacuum. Second, the hose for using the attachments is a little short, but that is almost offset by being able to carry the canister around. Neither of these things would keep me from buying the vacuum again though.
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on June 28, 2009
Actually I just bought one of these yesterday and tried it last night. So far I'm very impressed. It has easy maneuvering and isn't too heavy. The power and suction were great. It picked up pet hair and bird seed with ease. With the main brush turned off, it does a great job on bare floors. I tried the extension wand with the rolling brush pet attachment. It quite impressed me, making it easy to clean pet hair from upholstery. The canister can detach from the main vacuum frame for mobility into tight places or to make it easier to vacuum car upholstery. When done, it pops easily back into place.

The extra attachments were a little difficult to lock into place both when being used and when being stored. That is only a small inconvenience though and I've owned other vacuums of different brands that had those types of issues. I do think this vacuum will be the best one I've ever owned, and with dogs, cats and birds in the house, we go through a vacuum about once a year. Bissell makes really good products. I also own a carpet steam cleaner made by them and it has been a good machine.

This vacuum has two filters that must be kept clean to maintain performance. One is on the front and one on the back of the machine. They are both easily accessible. The electrical cord is extra long which is another feature that I love. The collection bin is easy to remove for emptying and locks easily back into place. Overall, I'm very happy with this machine and I definitely think it is worth the money.
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on June 5, 2013
Before buying this, I had an older simpler bissell model without the yellow attachment in the upper tank and with a much bigger dirt cup which did a wonderful job picking up the dirt and dog hair in our house. When that one wore out, I was excited about this new bissell which I thought would be even better because of the liftoff feature. I wanted to love this machine, so for the first couple months I put up with the fact that I had to empty it every two minutes to maintain suction and the fact that I had to pull out the older one (which still runs but has a lot of issues) to clean the mess off this one every time I empty it. But I began to realize that this machine does not have the suction of the old one, and after 6 months of use and frequent cleaning of all filters and hose, the suction problem has gotten worse! When I used it a couple days ago, I cleaned all the filters, emptied it every minute and went over each section of carpet 3 times. When I was done I got out the old machine (which makes a horrible noise) and went over the carpet a fourth time, it sucked up another whole dirtcup full of fur. What all the other one star reviews say is true! This thing is horribly designed! The dirt cup is way too small, and most of the fur gets stuck up in the upper section and makes a huge mess pulling it out with your hands. Vacuuming has become a very long and messy process that I dread! Save yourself and don't buy this vacuum! I don't know why so many people have rated it high, but I can only guess that some don't have pets, some are still in the "brand new vacuum" denial stage like I was, and some are paid to write good reviews.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on August 16, 2010
We bought this vacuum a few months ago and the suction is great for cleaning up after our Lab, but recently when we try and empty the collection bin the "inner cyclone" (yellow part) falls out, or even falls before we take it out and makes it so that we have to use a butter knife to push it up in order to remove the collection bin.

It seems that the gap between the inner cyclone top and the taps that hold in place are too big to work correctly.

If it were not for this design flaw it would get 4 stars, so I would look at other vacuums in this price range.
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The manufacturer commented on this review (What's this?)
Thanks for the review Huckleberry. To get the inner cyclone into this unit you should lock the cyclone grille onto the inner cyclone, and then attach it into the upper tank of the vacuum. If you need to see or get either of these pieces (in case they broke etc.) you can get them at this link

I hope this helps.
on March 18, 2011
I purchased this product several months ago - It doe's nothing but create more work - little or no suction - blows dust everyware and has to be cleaned off after every use, I should have done my research before I bought it. I Did Not get it through Amazon.
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on November 27, 2010
I have owned this vacuum for about 2 1/2 years now and it is still going strong. I bought it to replace a $350.00 Hoover that barely made it 6 months and a Eureka that broke within weeks of owning. I decided to try this cheaper model because I was so sick of spending lots of money for inferior machines. This has been awesome. It has great suction power and I love that the canister comes off for use on the stairs! That is a great feature and so easy to use. After multiple (Lots and lots assumming you don't have an unusually dirty home) uses you may see a decrease in suction but this is so easy to fix! Simply remove the two sponge-like filters, wash them out in the sink and if you don't have time to let them air dry use your blow dryer and then replace. It is like a new vacuum again! If you let them go to far without cleaning your vacuum may shut down! This happened to me after owning it about a year and I was so upset but after I cleaned the filters it was better than ever! I highly recommend this vacuum and will buy another if I ever need to replace this one! It is great!
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on October 1, 2009
We were looking for a mid-priced pet hair vacuum and purchased this one and LOVE it! We were concerned that the vacuum would be heavy to manuever, but this vacuum is practically self propelled when it is on. The lift out canister is awesome. It makes it easier to get into the nooks and crannies and vacuum the stairs. We have a small dog and it is great to be able to vacuum up the small areas and corners easily so that he doesn't get to anything. His hair is also picked up very easily by the pet brush. Also, we have a mixture of carpet and hardwood floors and it does well on each. I wish that there was one setting lower for the hardwood floors, but it is not a big deal.

The thing that amazed me the most was how much it picked up out of the carpet. We vacuumed behind our own vacuum and the canister was a quarter of the way full with debris and dirt! Pretty amazing!! I even took the vacuum to my Mom's house and we were able to fill the whole canister even after going behind her vacuum!

The only con is that it is pretty noisy. We have had a few complaints from our downstairs neighbors, but it hasn't stopped us from using it!
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