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on April 26, 2012
I'm a notorious side sleeper and was looking for more support for my neck. I recently returned another "memory foam" pillow I ordered off Amazon, as it was junk. This is my second attempt at finding a decent pillow... And I think we may have a winner!

-The pillow arrived quickly (always a plus).
-It didn't have that awful chemical smell straight out of the package, like the other memory foam pillow I had.
-The "cool contour" blue layer really seems to help keep you cool while sleeping. I used to wake up over heated even with the fan on and this has really made a difference.
-The choice between the "high or low loft" as they put it is awesome! So it's still comfortable even while sleeping on your back (using the low loft, of course).
-Perfect amount of support - great memory foam; firm but still gives way just the right amount so you don't have any pressure points.
-Very reasonable price plus free shipping (w/ Prime, at least)

-Straight out of the box, the blue "Cool Contour" layer is separating from the other section of foam... not sure if this will ever be an issue but it did catch my eye.

And that's about it for cons at the moment (I've only slept on this pillow 3 nights, so I'll update if anything comes up!)

At this point, I'd definitely recommend this pillow.

UPDATE - 5/09/2012 - I am still totally stoked on this pillow! The quailty is there, the cooling effect of the blue layer has made all the difference, especially now that it's starting to warm up at night. Still highly recommend the pillow! :)

UPDATE #2 - 7/30/2012 - Just because I like keeping people in the loop, I figured I will update again to say I still LOVE this pillow! I use it on it's own every night. I never have nick stiffness anymore. My neck doesn't get sweaty, I sleep better on my side. All in all I really truly recommend this pillow! :)

UPDATE #3 - 06/07/2013 - As someone asked for an update since it's been a year, figured I'd update the post :) - The pillow is still my favorite of all time and I still use it every single night! I'm pregnant now so I put a second pillow under this one for added support [heartburn sucks without a second pillow] but all in all I still highly recommend it! The firmness hasn't given, it's still holding its shape perfectly, hasn't started to fall apart, espcially that spot that wasn't attached very well straight out of the box [the blue contor part] so no issues there.
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on February 15, 2011
Honestly I was concerned about this pillow after reading some of the reviews, but it was a great purchase nonetheless. I purchased these pillows to go with a new memory foam mattress I also ordered from Amazon. A reviewer had mentioned that standard pillows could be a little too tall with a memory foam mattress, so I didn't want to take any chances. I had also read that memory foam gets hot, and I cannot stand a hot pillow under my head, which is why I chose the sleep innovations cool contour memory foam pillow.

My pillows arrived well ahead of our mattress, so I figured I would try it out with our old bed, just to see if I would like it. First I'll comment on the pillow itself, then relate my experiences using it.

The pillow comes in a nice cloth cover that adequately covers the foam. There is an inner layer of what appears to be standard foam covered by a memory foam layer that is much softer and more pliable if that is the proper term. Overall there is sufficient give to the pillow, which is balanced by the proper amount of support. I've read people complain that this pillow is hard, and I while I can understand their comments, I believe they are looking a this the wrong way. Most pillows are filled with air, and some sort of padding material. This is solid padding, but because it is memory foam it gently absorbs your head, and cradles it ever so lightly. It's a hard sensation to describe, but I find it superior to filled pillows.

My first night with the pillow was nice but not perfect. On my first use, I had the thicker end of the pillow towards the head board. While I found this to be very comfortable upon falling asleep, I woke with a stiff neck. I was rather disappointed to wake in this condition, but wanted to give it an honest try. The next night I positioned the pillow so that the thicker portion was under my neck. It was amazing. At first my head felt strange as if it was leaning backwards, but within a few minutes, I realized just how natural this position is. I was able to switch from sleeping on my back to either side with no discomfort at all. Sleeping on my side was probably the best experience. My ears did not get warm at all, and the pillow help my head in a very comfortable position.

After the arrival of our memory foam mattress, I've continued to use this pillow as my only pillow. In the past I've required 2 or more pillows to find a sufficiently comfortable position.

This pillow may not be for everyone, but for me it is the best pillow I've slept on.
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on December 22, 2012
Seven years ago, I bought a Tempur Pedic brand neck pillow from Brookstone for $140. It so thoroughly solved my neck and back problems that I don't remember what I was trying to solve (seriously). But it must have been something serious, because $140 is a LOT of money for me to spend on a pillow. Recently, I started having excruciating neck/shoulder/upper back pain. I was carrying a heating pad around with me, paying for massages, cancelling events. Suddenly I realized that my Tempur Pedic pillow had flattened out in the middle where I put my head. Could this be the problem? I couldn't afford to buy another $140 pillow right now, so I went to for help. I ordered this pillow. It has solved all of my problems in two nights.

For those who have not used a pillow like this before, here is a word of warning: IT TAKES THREE NIGHTS TO GET USED TO SLEEPING ON THIS PILLOW. This was true of the Tempur Pedic (they told me at Brookstone when I bought it) and it is true of this pillow. So don't return it after the first night. Let your body get used to being properly supported. Also, the pillow does smell like chemicals at first. All memory foam does. Just air it out. I put two pillow cases on it.

There are two ends to the pillow: a smaller one and a bigger one. The first night I slept on the smaller one, the second on the bigger. The pillow is a bit higher than the tempur pedic was; however, I haven't had a new Tempur Pedic in seven years, so maybe it isn't higher. Maybe this is what the Tempur Pedic was like when I first got it.

The point of memory foam is to let your head rest on it, and then your head sinks into the memory foam and is cradled as if on a cloud. So when you first put your head on the pillow, it will feel stiff and weird. Just wait. And enjoy.

I am so glad to have found a less expensive version of the tempur medic.
UPDATE: November 11, 2014: I am still using this pillow, and I still love it. I carry it with me in suitcases when I travel. I can't sleep without it. Success!
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on February 25, 2013
A few things went terribly wrong with this pillow

1 - The pillow I received was not contour! Compared to the pictures on amazon, there is very little dip in the center of the pillow. (refer to my pictures)

2 - 1.5" of the blue memory foam is missing on one side of the pillow creating a knife edge that digs into your shoulders. Another 1" is missing on the bottom, which makes the pillow even, it doesn't lay flat on the bed. (refer to pictures)

3 - The pillow is uneven horizontally (from left to right). One side is about .5" higher than the other.

The foam was very soft and it felt decent, but there's just too many flaws for me to keep the pillow.
review image review image review image review image
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on February 3, 2014
I got this pillow after trying out a couple different memory foam pillows from my friends. As far as I understand, contoured memory foam pillows are supposed to support your neck and let your head fall back into the dip in the middle of the pillow so your spine is aligned in a more natural position. After using my friends' pillows, which did just this, my neck felt great and I got great nights' sleeps. I saw this pillow on Amazon and thought it was a great price and looked kind of like my friends', but it was too tall and firm. Even using the smaller side of the pillow, it just pushed my head forward into an uncomfortable, unnatural position. It didn't let my head sink back at all. So, I returned it.

I don't know if this applies to this pillow, but if you look at the ratings for the Sleep Innovations standard memory foam pillow (without the cool blue foam layer), you'll see that a lot of the really good reviews are from around 5+ years ago. There are more negative reviews from more recent years. After reading some of the reviews, it seems that Sleep Innovations used to make a really good pillow, but dropped their price and changed the materials they used, and now people aren't as happy with them. Just a word of caution that's coming from my research.
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on September 14, 2013
[Update 12/19/2015]: We no longer use this type/shape of pillow, after replacing them so many times. We have switched to a mix of a more firm crescent-shaped solid memory foam and (more recently) shredded memory foam pillows, which we like better.

[Original]: I have posted two images, comparing an older to a newer pillow. I think the pillow is as advertised, but should be more durable.
review image review image
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on February 24, 2014
Recently been waking up a lot in the middle of the night so I decided to get a new pillow to see if this would solve the problem. I'm a back sleeper and I tried 2 different down pillows before this and it felt like I was sleeping on pancakes. After that I wanted to try this memory foam pillow. The overall reviews seemed great but I really don't know how it would get this good of a review. My con for this pillow is a HUGE problem for me. Please avoid this pillow!


- Pillow does stay cool throughout the night
- Support/firmness is just right for me
- The initial odor isn't as bad as other memory foam pillows I tried.


- The contour part is upside down! Either you sleep on the soft cooling foam part or you sleep on the extra firm contour part...
- The non cooling foam part had a different color on each side. I attached a picture to show what I'm talking about. I'm not sure if this is how it's supposed to be or not.
review image
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on July 24, 2015
The firmness of the pillow is fine but I had a feeling that something was wrong with the way they were cut. When mine came in, it did not look like the picture at all. I bought one for my mom and she didn't like the way it curved at all. I showed my chiropractor and he said that it looked odd to him. I thought it was just mine that was faulty but I bought more than one and they all came like this.
review image review image
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on March 6, 2015
She give 4 out 5 barks.
review image
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on October 7, 2011
This pillow definitely keeps your head cool at night -- it doesn't trap heat like other memory foam pillows! Compared to the Z by Malouf pillow it is less dense (material). However, I find the level of softness to be just right. The Z by Malouf pillow is slightly hard and takes some getting used to. The height (thickness) of this pillow is also higher than that of the Malouf pillow, which is nicer (more supportive) and more similar to my regular pillow. It works great for both back and side sleepers. The cover is very soft. My pillow had no "bad smells" when it arrived. Highly recommended!
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