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on October 1, 2010
I own a fussy RWS 52 that just wouldn't group with any pellet. Finally I bumped into these gamo pellets and now the gun is amazingly accurate. The pellets as such do not show the quality of RWS, and there's no guarantee they'll work as well with all guns. Works for me and makes me happy - at a reasonable price.
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on March 26, 2011
I have been using these with my Beeman sportsman RS2. I highly recommend these pellets for this gun. My rifle has been achieving amazing groupings. This pellet is a cold killing - heavy hitting hunting round.
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on October 19, 2012
I am shooting a Benjamin TrailNP .22 cal with a 4x scope. It's a pretty accurate gun (more accurate than I can shoot it). I've tried a number of different pellets and here is what I recommend and don't recommend.

1. Gamo TS-22 tight fit, maintains velocity (supposed to be good for distance but my max target is 38 yards. I'm working through my first tin, but I like them. Only downside, is they can be tough to load, because the fit is that tight
2. Gamo Rocket tight fit, maintains velocity, I've shot 3 tins and been fairly impressed with accuracy, distance & power.
3. Stoeger X-Field High Impact good fit and accuracy. They weren't cheap and shot about as well as the next recommendation
4. Benjamin Discovery- good fit, accuracy and decent power (no real test, just gut feel). The least expensive of all four, but let's be honest, it's not like we're shooting 30-06 rounds

Don't Recommend:
1. Gamo Spire Point Double Ring- these are okay, but they don't have a tight fit and lose power (accuracy suffers as well). I haven't done a scientific test, but you can hear the gun "exhale" and the drop is more considerable compared to the TS-22 and Rocket. I'm still using them, but I'm having to flare the end when I load them (I'm using another pellet and have loaded 2 at a time. Makes for an interesting shot).
2. JSB Match Diablo Exact Jumbo RS- these were pricey and not very good. The fit was not tight, accuracy suffered and they dropped considerable power.
3. Predator Polymag- Let me start by saying, I ordered from Perfect Aim Sports and the United States Postal Service brutalized the package and Morgan had a new tin to me in a day!! Kudos to Perfect Aim. Now, the pellets are not probably the worst of the three. The fit is somewhat loose and the accuracy is awefull. I was able to watch them spiral way off target, in the sunlight. I'm not sure how they get away with saying "Match Grade Accuracy" on the tin. I would defintely not order these again and I'm not sure what I'm going to do with 2 tins of them (well, 1 1/2, since USPS destroyed 1/2 of the first one).

I hope this helps someone and keeps you from wasting money on products that aren't very good. I'm not an expert, just a guy who has shot about 1000 pellets out of my Benjamin.
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on March 12, 2010
This is another pellet that worked well with my Benjamin 392. Like the Gamo Match pellet, this pellet also was tricky to load. The sharp angles/edges seemed to get caught and I needed to wiggle it around before the bolt could push it in. Once loaded it flew straight and nearly penetrated a 3/4" board with 5 pumps at 25'.
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on June 14, 2011
Advertised as 15.9 grain and those I received were 15.4 grain. I know this sounds picky, but I'm trying hard to find an optimum pellet weight for accuracy in my air rifle and this really is a 1/2 grain difference. Have been through this mess with Gamo pellets before and am finally understanding what more than 1 dealer explained to me: that Gamo changes the specs on their pellets and do NOT change their item numbers. This is it for me! NO MORE GAMO ANYTHING!!! I don't blame Amazon for this because Gamo is doing it to all their vendors. The vendor orders what the Gamo list depicts and they receive something different but Gamo invoices it as what was ordered.

Not worth the cost of sending these back for a refund but now I am stuck with a can of pellets that I already had 2 of and don't need any of them.
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on November 21, 2012
The pellets in the picture are nice and shiny and even glint a bit. The actual pellets received look nothing like the picture. (Check the customer pictures for actual pellets shipped.) They are just zero gloss rough lead pellets with poor manufacturing. Some of the pellets were almost too large to be inserted in the rifle barrel and had to be shoved in HARD and some were so small that you could literally drop them into the barrel and would fall out if you turned it over. Many of them are out of round as well. There is no way to shoot a consistent grouping with this product. I can't say whether or not the double ring would make for a more effective "kill" or not -- you'd have to be darn lucky to ever hit your target.
review image
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on December 14, 2011
Very bad manufacturing, none of these pellets look good enough to shoot, could be a bad batch. but i never been happy with any of gamo's pellets ever. crosman or beeman pellets work flawless in all my spring and PCP rifles.
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on April 13, 2016
My .22 Pellet Testing Roundup in a Crosman 2240 CO2 pellet pistol. I shoot handheld at 10 meters (33 feet) indoors with a 3x-7x Winchester scope I bought on Amazon for thirty-nine bucks. In my Crosman 2240 every pellet tumbled and left a keyhole shape hole in paper targets. In my 1250fps break barrel rifles this happens when I try to use flat nose wadcutters. Wadcutters like lower fps or lighter weight wad cutter pellets according to some. After I cut the hammer spring about 3.5-4 coils this went away and I also get around 70 shots per CO2 cartridge as opposed to barely 40 before cutting the coil.

-Umarex RWS “Hobby” Sport Line flat nose wadcutters: these are so accurate I shot once and it hits the center of an X I drew in pencil on a piece of paper. The second shot went so perfectly through the first pellet’s hole I had to walk over and see if I missed the target entirely? Nope-the 2nd shot went right through the hole from the first shot. The 3rd, 4th and 5th shots did the same thing until there was a single, slightly larger than normal pellet hole in the center of the target. LASER-LIKE PERFECTION!!!!!
-Daisy Flat Nosed Pellets: 500 in a tin and ultra-cheap. I can put 4 through the same hole, but the 5th usually is a flyer about 0.5" away. Really great performance at a really cheap price! The Daisy pellets leave a shocking amount of graphite(?) and/or lead on the fingers. Load one Daisy pellets and your fingers will be black (not grey). The pellets are black, not grey as well. It’s not lead, because my fingers stay black after scrubbing them in the sink. I go back and forth between whether the Daisy or the Gamo are better.
-Gamo Match Diablo wadcutters: these are just as good as the Daisy Flat Nose pellets EXCEPT the 5th “flyer” is usually closer to 1”-2” off target. Not a big deal, but not as good as the Umarex RWS Hobby with ZERO flyers. The Gamos opened and spilled in transit, but these are very accurate in my Crosman 2240. My next order included Gamo pellets and someone took the time to scotch tape them shut (thank you!) so they wouldn’t spill everywhere. I go back and forth between whether the Daisy or the Gamo are better. These are also really cheap, and show up for less than four bucks as a free add-on for Prime users.

-Gamo Magnum Energy “Spire” Point: these looked HORRIBLE in the tin, many skirts were malformed and the casting flash was so bad it looks like they are designed with two full-body fins running from tail to point…however: they really weren’t that bad. Shots 1-3 were fairly close (not same hole) but there would be 1 or 2 flyers in the a group of 5 that would go in random directions about 3” off target. Still, I was very surprised these did so well.

-Excite “Plinkin”: these came with the same exact sealing sticker around it as the ‘fancier’ H&N targets (see below) so maybe they’re made in the same factory? When I saw that I had high hopes. Funny is that they were awful and the H&N were even worse! The 2nd shot was about 3” from the 1st, and the 3rd shot was the same distance in the opposite direction, the next two shots were also just all over the place. No point in using these in my particular pistol.

-Crosman Premier Hollow Point: this is a rounded head pellet with a big dimple in the front. They’re cheap and come in a 500 tin pellet. These pellets are made by the same people as my pistol. The result however is even worse than the Excite pellets: you aim at the center of the target and take 5 shots. They end up 4” away from each other. The Crosman are so bad I thought my scope was broken! Seriously! I was in danger of missing the paper target complete with these-once at the top, once to the left, once to the right and just wacky performance. Bizarre! I literally starting swearing out loud thinking my scope was destroyed. Then I loaded some other pellets and everything was fine. I went back to the Crosmans again and again over the weeks and they’re always just awful!

-H&N Sport Field Target: these have what looks like a bb stuck into the front of them. DANGEROUSLY INACCURATE. The only thing worse than the Crosmans in my pistol. Again, it’s difficult to keep these on the 8.5”x11” target, let along the tiny little pencil eraser sized bulls eye! So fancy. So expensive. So bad. I was really surprised!

So there you have it. If you have a Crosman 2240 you should give the Umarex/RWS “Hobby” flat nosed sport wadcutters a try. You fire 5 shots-see a single hole and worry you missed the paper completely-until you walk up to the target and see 5 pellets in the same hole. Nice!

I also highly recommend the Winchester 3x-7x air gun scope. Sooo much fun being zoomed into your target!

I’m a librarian by day, at night I kill racoons with .177 hollowpoints; but with .22s I'm going for paper targets. Kind of backwards I know, but I have fun.
By the way: In .177 Benjamin HP's are the best in my Gamo Silent Cat rifle, and my Crosman Fury likes Gamo Tomahawk pellets: I've tried about 13 different pellets so far in the rifles so far.
The point? Keep trying different pellets in all your guns. With my two break barrels (and a really old break barrel I found in a garbage can) I can put pellet after pellet through the same hole with the aforementioned pellets. The garbage can rifle is about 40 years old and only shoots around 500fps or less—and shoots perfectly with pretty much any pellet. Same with an old 10 pump I have: bull’s-eye after bull’s-eye.

Oh, the best thing you can do for a neat pellet trap is to: fill the bottom of an empty yellow kitty litter bucket with 12 pounds of Electricians putty (not plumber putty-electrician putty). Tip the bucket on it’s side and the putty will stop hunting rounds out of a 1250fps .177 Gamo Silent Cat break barrel rifle and .22 Crosman 2240 pistol.

Photos attached. My .177 reviews have pics of the actual targets. For these pellets I’m putting photos of my electricians putty pellet catcher (and the tins of pellets with the best at top and worst at bottom).
I think if you click my reviewer name “-“ it’ll take you to my other reviews. If not, oh well,

-Mike from Detroit
review image review image review image
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on March 20, 2015
These are my go to ammo for my Benjamin Trail NP .22. They group well, have decent speed and knockdown power. Living on 20 acres in the countryside means quite a few pests from time to time but it also means needing to be sure I don't accidently hit something down the hill, like one of the farm animals. With those concerns an air rifle with this ammo is usually the perfect combination for small varmints.
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on December 7, 2013
Wow -- talk about cheap quality control. There is noticeable variation in circumference and thickness between each pellet. Don't expect any kind of accuracy. You'll pull your hair out trying to figure out why 1/10 rounds is dead accurate and the others go all over the place.

Get goot pellets. You'll be happier.
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