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on September 4, 2009
It looks amazingly like a real wood fire in our fireplace. It's easy to install, as long as your fire box is big enough, and you have a nearby electrical outlet. This "deluxe" model DFI2310 differs from the standard model DFI2309 by having a larger, brighter, even more realistic flame, for a somewhat higher price. The heaters can be turned off completely, for when it's warm, but you want that cozy fireplace ambiance.

On the "needs improvement" end, the remote control only turns the insert on and off; it does not control the optional heating elements, which can only be turned on or off at the unit itself. Mine arrived with all switches "on" so I got heat as soon as it was plugged in. It would be better to ship with all switches set to "off."

Also, there's no crackle or pop sound, so if wood fire sounds are important to you, this is not the electrical insert for you. However, if crackles and pops aren't that important to you, and you're looking for a very realistic looking, reasonably-priced unit with heating options, this is one well worth considering.
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on October 24, 2010
I'm writing this review because of how helpful I found other reviews before buying this fireplace. I did my homework, reading some 150+ reviews and watching Youtube videos of people's Dimplex fireplaces, before deciding on this model and it paid off! This is probably the best electric fireplace out there for the money (if there's a better one I can't afford it anyway!) I very happy with it and everyone who comes to my house thinks it looks very real (they all knew I bought a fake one so I'm still waiting to "fool" someone who doesn't know!) CSN (the company that provides the fireplace) has the BEST customer service dept to call. Whenever I called, I got someone different and they were ALL very nice and helpful.

The fireplace flames look as real as you can get, so real sometimes you think you hear crackling! It does make a slight whirring kind of sound (motor?) but you can only hear it in a quiet room (no TV, etc) and only if you're really listening for it. But it is an electric product so I guess you can expect SOME kind of sound to come from it! Like I said, it's very faint.

Overall, I'm very pleased. I used to use about 10 candles in my fake fireplace and always worried I'd start the house on fire and had to deal with dripping, etc. so it's nice not to have that worry anymore! The logs look very realistic (this model has the ceramic logs, not the styrofoam ones) and I don't know how they do it but it's pretty cool the way they make the flames (there's nothing you can "stick your hand in to see if it's real", it's done with a mirror somehow). Plus, don't be put off by other reviews that say they don't like the "half moon" effect on the background. I was worried about that but when I got it, it looked perfectly realistic to me! I've tried the heater to make sure it works, but it's still hot in Florida so I won't be using it for a while! It seems to work great, I just can't tell you how well it heats up a room at this point because it's not cold outside! I had no problem with the cord but then my outlet is next to my fireplace.

I checked out the fireplaces at the home stores and their flames looked so fakey compared to this one's and they were the same price or more. So trust me, I did my homework and researched to get the best at the best price, so you can trust my review!

1/12/11 update: I've had this fireplace for a few months now and absolutely love it! Everyone who comes over thinks its real! As for the heat, well, it's been pretty cold here in Florida and I have to say, you really can only feel the heat if you're standing right in front of the fireplace! It may "warm" the room up a bit, but if you're sitting on the floor in the room you can't really feel it blowing on you. It sort of blows up and out instead of directly forward and I don't know if this makes a difference or not. It's still a heat source but I use my central heater (mostly because I just had to buy a new one last year and it works great) the majority of the time.

9/02/13 update! I STILL LOVE this fireplace!! It's incredibly realistic and fools a lot of people who come to visit! The bulbs finally burned out (after nearly three years of constant use) and we thought "Uh oh" what happened? Here comes the hard part!" But it turned out to be so easy to replace them - just remove the front cover (below the logs) and reach in (carefully - someone with small hands!) and replace the bulbs! Easy peasy! They take normal candlebra type bulbs. If you're thinking of getting one of these I can honestly tell you they are as close to the appearance of a real fire as you can get!
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on January 3, 2014
I owned two of these for several years, and a few weeks ago, one of them stopped working. When I checked the remote receiver, I saw that the plug from the fireplace had melted into the receiver box (the plug was literally fused with the receiver), and the wall outlet was black. A few days later, the same thing happened to another unit in a different room.

I looked online and discovered that there was a recall for the remote receivers for these units, and that one of them had caused a fire with damage. When I called and explained that I couldn't get the receivers detached from the plug because they were melted, she said she'd send me new remotes, as well as new plugs that she assured me I could replace myself with no problems.

The cords/remotes took nearly 2 weeks to arrive, and they're definitely not easy to replace. I had to find a service manual online to find out how to make the repair. Then I had to open the unit and grow Barbie hands that would allow me to disconnect the wires inside, pull the cord out, attach new new wires to terminals, and pull the cord through. In the process, a brittle wire cracked while I was wrestling with the first unit's plug, and became permanently disconnected, so even if I could replace the plug, it wouldn't work because a different wire was now swinging free. I was able to replace the second plug on the other unit with much difficulty, but am unable to get it to power on.

That's when I noticed that the remote receivers they sent me had the same model number as the ones that had melted. I called Dimplex to ask for replacement fireboxes and was told that they never replace these fire hazards. She suggested I pay an electrician to do the repairs, adding that it wasn't her fault that a wire cracked. I asked for her supervisor and left a message. The supervisor did not call back.

My email to Dimplex went unacknowledged until I filed a complaint with the BBB and posted on their Facebook and Twitter feeds. Then I received an email request for my phone number. This rep told me they'd repair the units "as a courtesy", and would send me the necessary parts. They sent me the same parts they'd already sent, as well as a part that wasn't needed, and someone left a message asking me to call a repair person. At the same time, I received an email from Dimplex, stating they were "sorry you feel that way", telling me that they never replace the fireboxes and don't have any replacement parts to send me.

I've thrown the units out in the snow because they're safer outside than they are in any home. The flames look great on these, and they give off decent heat, but I strongly caution anyone considering purchasing one because of the extremely poor customer service response and the potential for an electrical fire.
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on March 21, 2013
Overall a nice little unit. In a dark room, you will never know that this is not the real deal. Given time, the unit does provide some heat as well. Caution - make sure you have an adequate outlet since this fireplace uses quite a bit of juice. I was using a cheaper extension cord and it literally melted. Even when plugged directly into the wall, the plug gets very hot when using the heater. Never leave unsupervised and I'd recommend unplugging the fireplace when not being used.
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on January 8, 2015
We burned A LOT of wood in our regular fireplace over 25 years but just got tired of all the work involved with a real fireplace; splitting firewood, getting kindling, starting the fire, stoking the fire, adjusting logs, making adjustments for the draft, opening up a window, turning the ceiling fan on, cleaning the ashes afterwards and so on. So we stopped using it for years and wound up looking at a black hole in our fireplace. Thought about changing to gas but didn't want the expense because it would have been a complicated gas line installation. Was visiting in Seattle and saw a dimplex in a condominium. Had never seen one before and was really impressed. Looked real. So when back in Chicago, researched fireplace inserts. Checked youtube videos, reviews, and the different manufacturers. Reviews for dimplex were very positive but a fully enclosed dimplex insert with glass doors would have cost around a thousand bucks. This was really more than I wanted to spend. Next I thought about just getting the fake logs on a grate, almost did that. Then I found the df12310, around three hundred bucks. This was better for the budget. The thing I didn't realize was the importance of the mirrored back panel. This insert has a piece of glass, a mirror that sits in the back and it reflects the flames. This adds to the realism. Had I purchased just a log set, I wouldn't have that. It looks terrific. Easy enough to install. I had to remove my current fireplace screen with sliding doors. then I just put it in and ran the cord out of the right side and tucked it behind my old fireplace screen and reinstalled my old fireplace screen. Put the weird looking battery in the remote----has an on button and off button. Turned the button on and it looks like a real fire that I had been burning for two hours. Not a roaring fire, but definitely realistic flames and glowing logs. I do not use this for heat, so I can't comment on that. I keep my glass doors always closed on my fireplace to keep drafts out and always the possibility of a goofy squirrel or raccoon getting past my chimney cap (which two squirrels did a number of years ago, don't want that again.). The convenience of just pushing a button and having this turn on is wonderful, particularly in the morning. I don't have to go to all the trouble of starting a wood fire, I just press the button and turn it on. I was surprised it was shipped USPS, rather than UPS or Fed Ex considering that mirror glass in the back. The U.S. postal service delivered the box in fine shape to me, but I could see how the glass could get broken. The packaging is okay, but not particularly sturdy. Very pleased and hope my comments might help someone considering this. One other thing, since I already have a fireplace I didn't have to be concerned about buying an insert with "no sides." I didn't need the sides the $1,000 insert comes with because my fireplace already has side walls. I also think the difference between the df12309 and the df12310 is that the 12310 has pulsing led lights in the logs which add to the realism. Hope these comments help.
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on December 18, 2010
For many years in the winter months, especially at Christmas time, I have made a real fire in our fireplace to get that cozy "focal point of the room" feel. Which is great, except for the work involved buying the firewood, trying to get the kindling to light, adding more wood when necessary, and of course the long and dirty cleanup the next day. What if I could click a button on a remote to obtain the same result, and then click a button to turn it off, with no cleaning ever required? Well now I can.

This insert is a perfect fit for my fireplace and is bright enough and visible even behind the glass and metal gauze doors. While the "flames" are not 100% realistic, they are extremely effective in getting the effect I was looking for. And it is a sheer joy to be able to turn the unit on and off with the small, simple remote as needed.

This insert also has the ability to generate heat, but I have never used it for this purpose. Note that the "heat" option cannot be activated via the remote control; it needs to be turned on through a switch on the unit itself. That is obviously not a problem for me as we have central heating to keep the house warm, and I use the fireplace strictly for ambiance. I actually prefer that the heat is more difficult to turn on as I would not want my children to do this accidentally.

Note that to avoid a trailing power cord you will need to do what I did and have an electrician wire an outlet into your fireplace.

Perfect cozy winter ambiance that I can turn on and off at the flick of a switch, and nothing to clean up, ever. What's not to love?
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on September 23, 2011
Our fireplace insert arrived quickly w/o any damage. Thank you Amazon. We had no problem installing the insert & getting it running. We were surprised, however, to discover that the "remote" does nothing more than switch it on & off. The description needs to inform potential customers that switching on the heat, or changing the heat level, requires reaching inside the fireplace to work the manual switches located inconveniently at the upper right corner. We were also surprised that there is no thermostat to maintain a desired room temperature! It's my fault for not reading the description more closely, but I really expected a thermostat because that is a feature found on even cheap electric heaters. Dimplex dropped the ball here. In spite of those two disappointments, this unit is worth four stars for quality construction, easy installation, quiet operation, and realistic appearance of the log set & flames.
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on November 8, 2013
I am using this unit for more then a year. It is not efficient heater. As to burning effect it is very nice and realistic fireplace but I found one major defect. The power cord of the unit is getting "hot" after just 20 minutes of working. You can smell burning insulation. Would not recommend this fireplace.
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on October 2, 2014
Absolutely unbelievable, this is the most realistic looking fireplace other than a real one that you can buy. My wife and I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a excellent fireplace insert.
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on November 17, 2014
I wanted to write this review because the other reviews were very helpful to us.
I am so pleased! It was so easy to install! We could not get gas logs, because of the potential health risks the gas logs could cause my daughter. We have a 85 year old house with a pretty fireplace, but it the expense for it to be used with a real fire was not something we wanted to invest in, we would probably never have the time to build a real fire, plus its just not my thing.
So electric was our choice. This set puts out enough heat to heat the room and I love the remote. We were worried the set would look fake . We are very pleased , they look great and the reflection when its one makes it look like there are so many more logs on the fire. They look great! It is a great buy!
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