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on January 20, 2011
I'm an adult..lets just say..well over 40, and I've seen and experienced just about everything in the computer and video game world. Of all my years of electronic playing, only two games kept my attention for years (no not days, months..years!): The RollerCoaster Tycoon series on the PC and Little Big Planet on PS3. Perhaps because I love anything which lets you use your creative skills and doesn't end via three day completion or quarter of the way boredom.

Little Big Planet 2 goes so way beyond the original to the point that, I don't think I ever want to play anything else - ever (well at least until part 3 is released lol). There is so much to do that you get your money's worth in a way that no other game can provide. It's a bit overwhelming at first: Do I play the brilliant Tutorials and collect all the goods? Should I explore the millions of Community Levels, or do I begin playing the epic story devised by Media Molecule. Perhaps I should design my moon, or earth, or just queue up a bunch of recommended levels for later play. And after all is said and done, there's still the core part of the game: Create Mode!

There's no end to the types of games you can build with this insanely epic sequel. The original Little Big Planet, paved the way with games which later went beyond the general theme. The original tool set was obviously designed with side scrolling platforming in mind, but creative individuals thought out of the box, and created games that you'd never thought could be accomplished. It was quite obvious creators had to go way beyond the limits of the tool set to come with something, other than what the game was intended for. I'm sure every creator hit a wall at some point and thought.... "If only Media Molecule would have included..."

Well folks, they DID! Little Big Planet 2 has more tools than your hardware store. Plus tons of new objects, materials, stickers, special effects, and more. With the crazy new power ups, you conjure up unbelievable ideas. One major break through is definitely the "Controllernator" which actually lets you map commands to the entire PS3 control pad. This revelation lets you create games in just about ever genre. The rage has just begun, and already we're seeing sports games, RPGS, puzzle action, adventure, retro games, casual, casino, 3D shooters, even cinematic movies! Not to mention, games specifically designed for versus multi-player which are identified by a special icon. Let's put it this way - many of the new creations will have you thinking you're playing a completely different game. With over 3 million levels, there is no end to this spectacle. Every day you venture into Little Big Planet 2 is a new experience. So, go ahead, jump in and choose anything your heart desires, or build your own epic arcade adventure. Rest assured, you will not be leaving this planet any time soon.
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on January 18, 2011
LittleBigPlanet 2 is a continuation of the first LittleBigPlanet, in the sense that the fun still never stops. With many new features this game easily packs a punch twice as hard as the first one though. new features include cut scene creator , sound creator, you can create (with some imagination) many different variations of mini-games within your created level (for me I made a paintinator shooter to play with my roommate). What's my favorite feature? Probably that it's compatible with the Move, although to be truthful I haven't used the Move with it yet (it just sounds like a fun idea that they had).

The levels in LBP 2 are even more creative than the first one (if that's even possible), the graphics are more polished (if it matters), and load screens don't seem to take as long. The create mode is a thousand times easy than the first time (very user-friendly). Create mode is easier in the sense that all of the tutorials are right in front of you and you don't have to try everything on your popit in order to see them all. ALSO maybe my favorite improvement is that when you go to create and enemy (using the brain) they are just mindless going back and forth, they actually do what you would expect an enemy to do.

The online system is also amazing. The internet style level search bar looks like it will make finding levels you want to play a breeze (since nobody has really made any levels yet, I have not had the pleasure to use it yet).

When it comes to cons there really aren't any that I can speak of. Graphics are clean, gameplay is funner than ever, load screens are bearable, and sackboy is still cute as hell.

So overall I would give this game 10/5 stars, but since they won't let me I'll just have to give it 5. I know what I'm doing in my free time this week =]
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on January 18, 2011
If you ever played Little Big Planet, you probably fell in love with sackboy and enjoyed adventuring with him. The sequel of Little Big Plant is now here and it is packed with a huge amount of new tools and features! This game exceeded my expectations and improves greatly on the previous.
LBP2 (Little Big Planet 2) has many more features than its previous and the levels are just great. If you never played the first game, in the game you play through levels and try to reach the end through many different challenges such as enemies, enviroments, etc... In LBP2 there are amazing tools that are found in these levels. Such as:
Grappling Hook: Allows you to grapple to walls and pull yourself up. (Very fun acrobatic tool!)
Power Gloves: Now you can pick up enemies, or any object and hurl it across the level.
Creatinator: Fires a preset item such as frosting and lets you fight enemies and solve puzzles.
These are just three of the many new tools LBP2 has.
I'll admit that LBP1's story wasn't that compelling. However now in LBP2, they fixed it very well. The story is great and it will have you laughing the entire time.
Create Mode
In LBP1, we saw how great the level creator could be used. Millions of great maps were made, giving endless content. Well in LBP2, prepare for the most amazing tools you could ask for to make a map. ITS AMAZING! Practically every feature anyone could ask for is in there! You can create weapons, add intelligent characters, create awesome machines and give them custom buttons on the controller, and so much more. And to make it even better, its easier to use than the first one! Create mode is going to bring great things to this game.
All in all, this game is terrific fun! If you remotely enjoyed the first game, you will love this. LBP2 improves all aspects of LBP1. Sackboy is back, and better than ever.
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on January 22, 2011
Honestly I wasn't really a fan of the first Little Big Planet, I kind of dismissed it and wrote it off as being a game geared more towards a younger audience and women. Even though a lot of people I knew recommended it to me I just kept to my stubborn old self and kept thinking if I have the chance to play it I would but I'm not going to go out of my way to, especially when so many Helghast (Killzone 2) needed to be dealt with. This time around I wanted to see if the hype was warranted, or if it was just overrated and only liked for the cuteness factor, similar to say Beanie Babies.

Let me explain my title, which actually I have a twofold reason for. First, playing this game makes me feels as if I'm in the Neighborhood of Make-Believe from Mr. Roger's Neighborhood. I don't mean while Trolley is cruising the tracks either, this is during the time Mr. Rogers is hanging up his sweater and changing his shoes, the moment we don't normally see. Second reason is because of the creative side (make believe) to this game, not only in regard the campaign but also the user created content and side quests/mini-games. I love the new school/old school mash up style, it looks great and plays amazing.

This game is cute to say the least, you won't find any Call of Dutyesque moments in this game at all. If you're looking for or only play games with an "M" rating this may not be for you. However if you are young or in touch with your inner child try this game, you'll enjoy it. This game has a little bit of everything; by far this is probably one of the least repetitive games I've ever played. The controls are simple and very fluid, from six to sixty there is pretty much no learning curve at all. The graphics are beautiful; the Little Big Planet world truly looks like it was put together from items you would find in a child's toy box.

Bottom line is, this game is worth the money and your time! Pick it up, it's a very unique and enjoyable gaming experience that shouldn't be missed.

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on March 23, 2011
I didn't like the first LittleBigPlanet. Messed up physics, Sackboy's jump being floaty, and other seemingly small things kept me from enjoying it, though it definitely had tons of replay thanks to a great online community. So I wasn't too thrilled to try LBP2 here, but my god did they pull out all the stops with this game. Nearly every problem I had with the first is gone. Every single level was fun. Going online and playing levels created by others was even smoother than before. The little additions to gameplay like racing and shooting didn't feel tacked-on and actually made things better and more diverse. This could very well be the best platformer I've played in the last 5 years. Simply put, anyone who wants a fun game needs to run out and at the very least rent LBP2 right now. This is one of the few games out right now where I wouldn't feel ripped off if I paid full price for it...and I'm the kind of person who typically waits 3-4 months after a game comes out and drops in price before buying.

LBP2 has a bit of a plot that's worth mentioning. It's not that original, but it's a cute little plot. A huge inter-dimensional vacuum cleaner monster, the Negativitron, starts sucking up everything in its sights, including little Sackboy. He's rescued by Larry Da Vinci who's part of a group known simply as The Alliance. It's The Alliance's job to defeat the Negativitron before it destroys Craftworld.

Just like the first game, you play as Sackboy going through each level by running, jumping, putting stickers on things, pulling levers and riding strange creatures. But unlike the first game, where levels were usually designed the same with 'move this over here to open this door', there's a lot more action. There were very few moments where I'd stop moving because the design of the game is at a much faster pace this time around. Sackboy still has that floaty jump of his, but it doesn't matter since a lot of the times you'll be relying on tools to make big jumps or to reach an area. Now Sackboy can use a grappling hook, gloves that let him pick up and throw blocks (and Sackbots), and a water cannon that puts out fires and makes plants grow, which create bridges and pathways for him to walk on. Where a lot of games would have these scattered out in the levels, having them be a novelty more than anything, LBP2 has one of these tools in the majority of the levels, and they're all fun to use. I especially liked the water cannon since it could dispose of enemies that were made of fire, and could put out burning platforms...but I'd had to be quick since fire from a platform next to the one I'd be standing on would spread back to mine. Little things like that added to the fun for me, and I never once got frustrated with any of these gameplay elements. But one of the game defining moments for me was riding atop a camel with a machine gun in its mouth, blasting everything in sight as The Alliance was under attack.

The levels themselves are pretty creative, though I do like some of the worlds in the first game more (like the African and Mexican worlds). You can still earn tons of prizes like costumes and stickers in each level, and if you have a saved file from the first LBP, that data carries over here, so you could have TONS of costumes to make a very unique Sackboy by the time you finish this game. One of my favorite new costumes is a disco skin, which constantly changes Sackboy's color. Each world has a big boss at the end, but they're not that difficult. Truth be told, most younger kids (around 10 years or younger) shouldn't have any trouble with anything here except possibly the last boss' final phase where patience is a virtue. As for the story, you can skip every cutscene before and after the levels. Like I said above, it's cute, but for people like me who just want to get on with the game and play it, it's nice that we have the option to skip things. And regarding the online gameplay and making your own levels...if you thought the first game had a lot of features, you haven't seen anything. Now you can incorporate the racing and shooting elements from the story mode into your own custom levels, adding another layer of fun to things. Overhead shooter, side scrolling what you want. And just as before, the Playstation camera can be used with the level creator, allowing you to add even more personal touches. Finally, yes, there are now robots, called Sackbots, that can be used to open doors, earn more prizes depending on how many survive, and can defeat specific enemies with their lasers. You can put them in custom levels, and will probably want to after seeing these little guys save you a couple of times towards the end. Really, seeing these noble little guys blasting the heck out of giant creatures as a team was one of the cooler things I'd seen in a game this console generation.

The graphics have vastly improved, and everything looks beautiful. That was actually the first thing I noticed when I started playing- how much better the levels and effects look, especially particle effects. I actually never experienced any slowdown in the story mode, but some online levels had such an ungodly amount of stuff going on that I did notice a tiny bit of slowdown, but not much. The game also features a nice soundtrack, and you gotta love the instrumental version of Sleepy Head (stay away from the version with vocals). All the voice acting is great, and is one of the reasons I didn't skip most of the cut scenes the first time I played story levels. Solid production values all around.

At first, I was going to give LBP2 4 stars...but looking back, I enjoyed this game so much that it wouldn't be right. Whereas I loved Donkey Kong Country Returns, I think I like LittleBigPlanet 2 more. I breezed through the main game in about 5 hours, but went back for the prize bubbles, played with friends online, tried my hand at making a level, and replayed some of the shooter and racing levels a bunch of times because they were that fun. Look, unless a game's really fun or special, I rarely go back and replay it. Considering how much I didn't like the first LBP, I'm astonished that I loved this one so much...and that I've put in so much time already. LittleBigPlanet 2 is one of the ps3's best titles by far.
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on February 6, 2011
Finished story mode a little while ago and I have to say that I enjoyed this a lot.

-The grapple hooks were fun to use for the handful of levels that incorporated them even though figuring out the swing mechanics to gain momentum for a good swing was a little challenging. This could be frustrating for some people.

-Story mode does feature some top down levels and side scroller levels and I found those very fun to play.

-Soundtrack of the game is very good.

-Every world section of story mode features a boss at the end which I personally thought was a good addition.

To be perfectly honest I don't think this game is better than LBP1, but that does not mean LBP2 is a bad game. Aside from a few levels the gradual difficulty in LBP2 was definitely lacking. No level in LBP2 is harder or as hard as "The Bunker" in LBP1. I haven't gone started any acing runs yet, but just based on difficulty of levels from start to finish is what I'm judging on as well as the difficulty of finding prize bubbles on first glance. After finishing story mode I really didn't feel any sense of accomplishment like I did in LBP1, but I thought there was a lot of creativity put in this game. There is also a more mature tone in LBP2 than LBP1. There's an actual story in LBP2, but it wasn't spectacular. Another letdown in this game that I noticed was that there weren't that many co-op necessary places(x2,x3,x4) in story mode like LBP1.

I know the core value in this game and series is creating and playing other people's levels, but for someone like myself who doesn't put in as many hours into that section of the game as other people I just found this game a slight letdown because of the story mode difficulty. I'm sure many great levels will be made and people are still figuring out the new create features, but that may be the perfect reason to wait for a price drop and also to wait for more top user made content out there to play.
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Allow me to begin this review by pointing out that I rarely give a 5-star review for a video game. That is the score I reserve for a game that is just so incredibly fun or enjoyable that it goes above and beyond my expectations. While Little big Planet 2 has flaws, it is also insanely fun.

If your childhood was anything like mine, you made use of almost anything laying around when you were playing with your friends. A cardboard box that your family's refrigerator came in would become a space ship or a fort and soda cans & toilet paper rolls were used to outline a race track. You'll see a similar aesthetic in LBP2 as corrugated cardboard or bits of wood are used to create wondrous levels.

In terms of gameplay mechanics, LBP2 offers very little that is new. You can run, jump, move between the foreground and background, grab onto certain objects and with the use of power-ups you can pick up objects, fire projectiles or swing around in a manner similar to Bionic Commando on the NES. While you get a nice variety of levels and challenges you have probably played something like this game before. The story is pretty forgettable and playing through the game by yourself is good but not original.

So why am I giving this game 5 stars? The multi-player. A 4 player game is just insanely fun and some of the levels are designed where you need two, three or four players to access certain areas and score key items. Players can interact with each other in a variety of ways like grabbing each other, pulling each other around, latching on to each other in the middle of a jump or the always fun slap. My friends and I are very guilty of slapping each other for 20-30 minutes on end. More times than I can count my friends and I could not talk simply because we were so busy laughing while playing LBP2.

The other strength of LBP2 is also it's Achilles Heel. The Community. Players can create their own levels and publish them for others to try out. You can search for new levels or search by highest rated levels or even levels picked by the game developers. Some of the community levels are truly brilliant and this effectively means that LBP2 has infinite replay value as there will always be new levels for you to play. With that said, not every person out there is a good level designer. Some people just copy other levels and publish them for a cheap trophy and other levels are just plain broken. Fortunately players can rate and leave reviews on levels so you can easily avoid levels that are just a waste of time.

As it stands, Little Big Planet 2 is currently my favorite game for the PS3 and well worth picking up. In fact, it would be a shame to pass this game up without at least trying it.
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on May 8, 2011
The sequel to LittleBig Planet goes in some great new directions, but has left behind what made me fall in love with LBP in the first place. LittleBig Planet was an innovative side-scrolling platforming game that was whimsical, fun, great co-op and on top of it all, allowed you to be creative designing levels from numerous shapes, textures, stickers with motors and ropes and all sorts of things you could dream up.

LittleBig Planet 2 seeks to continue the legacy that LittleBig Planet started in a play, create, share policy. I hoped that LBP2 would be bigger, better, prettier, more robust and more fun than Little Big Planet. The makers at Media Molecule behind the LittleBig Planet universe did numerous things to improve the franchise.

This time around there's a storyline behind Sackboy's universe. This gives him a reason to traverse the various planets of the LittleBig Planet universe. There are cut-scenes and some very interesting characters along the way to meet in your journey. These add to the story mode but while the story is interesting it's not reason enough alone to play LittleBig Planet 2.

My biggest gripe here was that the levels themselves weren't as interesting or inventive story-wise as Little Big Planet, it's hard not to compare the sequel to its' predecessor and it really did have a lot to live up to. I was hoping the story levels would be bigger and better, but all-in-all I think they're not as good.

However, everything else is better and more. There are more things you can use in Little Big Planet 2. There's a grappling hook, there's the creatinator, the grabinator and several other one-at-a-time powerups similar to the paintinator released in dlc in the Metal Gear pack. These things increase the options of things Sackboy can do in the LittleBig universe. Then of course there's the controlinator allowing creators to design games that aren't even plat-formers or side scrolling.

There's a downside to all these changes as much of what LittleBig Planet was seems to be left behind in favor of newer and different fronts. I commend the people at Media Molecule for their efforts, but it seems they wanted to make the story-mode of LittleBig Planet 2 a showcase for what could be done with these new directions where the game can be taken. They're fun diversions but ultimately at the end of the day I felt the main storyline wasn't as robust and interesting as the levels found in the story in the first LittleBig Planet.

In every way the creation suite in LBP2 is much superior to that found in LBP though I found it more complicated and and also more confusing though the tutorials were more accessible, I still found myself at a loss of what I could use the various tools for to accomplish various goals of "real life" applications to show what could actually be done in the level maker.

The community level sorting is truly much better than the first. In many ways many parts of how this game works are much better than the first, menus, everything is much slicker and the creation area is more thought out as well, I just wish they had made the stroy modes as great as the first LBP.

All-in-all, I would recommend LittleBig Planet 2, but don't expect the story-mode to be as full or robust with interesting puzzles and levels as found in the first LittleBig Planet, and while LBP2 goes in some great new directions, what it has left behind is what made me fall in love with LBP in the first place. Which makes LBP2 not as good of a stand-alone game but more of an add on to the original.
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on March 21, 2016
Let me start by saying, my guy is a gamer. He always has the newest PS4 game on pre-order. I, however, have not played video games since I had a Super Nintendo in middle school. We bought this game as a starter for me so we could start playing games together. I like it a lot, but I am still confused by all the buttons and vibrations on these new controllers. Haha. I may have to get my Super NES back up and running so I can show him a thing or two!
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on July 15, 2013
We have the first game and now this one. I am not a big video game person but am more than willing to play this. There are parts where the perception is a bit off and that is a bit annoying but otherwise, it's a great game. We don't mind our young kids (ages 7, 5, and 2) watching or playing it, there is nothing scary and no violence. Picking out the little sock guy and what he's wearing is also part of the fun.
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