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TRIGGERMEN is in many ways a spoof of the ever-popular big mob crime dramas. It succeeds as entertainment because of a very smart script with heart, because of breakneck direction by John Bradshaw, and because of the unusually talented cast of actors. Two triggermen (Donnie Wahlberg and Michael Rappaport) have been hired by a wannabe crime boss in Chicago (Louis di Bianco) to 'off' the current big man (Pete Postlethwaite) at Chicago's O'Hare airport hotel. By chance, staying at the hotel are two 'limeys' (Neil Morrissey and Adrian Dunbar) who are small time con artists waiting to make it big. Also by chance these two bumbling lads get involved in the plot to murder Postlethwaite and it is only when the original triggermen discover the mix-up that the action speeds to a funny, quasi-lethal end. Simple tale, but in the telling of it we grow to really know the characters with all of their quirks and ideals that seem odd in men committed to crime. Their is love interest provided by the always fine Claire Forlani and yes, even by the quirky but talented Amanda Plummer. In all a brisk, taut, warm-hearted action flick well worth your time to enjoy.
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`Triggermen' appears to be an independent production that may loosely be described as a seriously comedic thriller. As my review title suggests, it starts out as a classic mob hit contract story where an up and coming South Chicago mob boss wants to rub out his former superior who is `retiring from the business', and is leaving behind successors of which the South Chicago boss is unhappy. These are certainly ingredients for a typical Martin Scorsese / Robert DeNiro wiseguys plot, but it encounters some serious twists by the time it gets to the second reel.

The fact, which enables the big twist, is that the pair of hitmen were contracted for an agreed price of $100,000 through an intermediary, who the South Side boss's bad tempered strong arm assistant kills off after arrangements are made for delivering payment, but before the hiring boss or his thug have a chance to see or meet the contract killers. The classic mistaken identity which drives the remainder of the story starts with the appearance of two English con artists who happen upon the first installment of the contract payment, without the contractee realizing the mistake. Eager for more of the same money, the con artists follow their noses and instincts until they latch on to the full $100,000.

The connection to `Pulp Fiction' is based on the pair (multiple) of hitmen, the jumping around between four different threads of the story, based on the actions of contactee, true contract killers, con artists, and victim. The connection is made just a little sweeter by the appearance of Amanda Plummer in a role totally different from her `Pulp Fiction' character.

Almost all the action is played out in an O'Hare airport hotel. While the movie is obviously done with economy in mind, the actors and director all seem to be on top of their form and produce an exceedingly pleasant entertainment, where the comedic tone is maintained by the fact that only three minor characters get killed with a minimum of violence. The action on the screen would not sustain a Tarantino action scene for more than about 30 seconds.

While I am not about to say that this movie is on the same level of quality as `Pulp Fiction' or `Mean Streets' or any other classic thriller, it is a really pleasant entertainment. The only thing which puzzles me about the movie is the fact that there are ten (10) producers and executive producers credited for the movie. I guess the large management and financial support staff were needed to pull together the money to do the production and keep down costs.

All in all, it's the kind of movie you are happy to run across, where no expectations are rewarded with an entertaining 90 minutes.
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TRIGGERMEN is an odd mix of comedy and crime drama, well acted but sometimes sluggish and derivative. Adrian Dunbar and Neil Morrissey play two limey petty thieves who steal money meant for two hitmen, and then are forced to assume the hitmen's identities and pull off the hit against a rival crime boss. The movie IS entertaining, it's just not overly original. Along with the fine performances from Dunbar and Morrissey, we get Donnie Wahlberg and Michael Rapaport as the real hitmen; gorgeous Claire Forlani as the daughter of the intended target, well played by Pete Postelthwaite, and Amanda Plummer as the somewhat witchy girlfriend of Dunbar. Overall, a pleasant diversion.
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on August 16, 2006
(Warning: possible spoilers!)
Two bumbling Limey cons, Pete and Andy (Neil Morrissey and Adrian Dunbar are perfectly cast in these roles) are mistaken for professional hitmen, Terry and Tommy (Donny Wahlberg and Michael Rapaport), and the fun begins. Pete and Andy just want enough money to get home to the UK, until one of them steals a suitcase left in a hotel lobby. Inside the suitcase, the cons discover a large amount of cash and a contract to kill Ben Cutler (Pete Postlethwaite), a Chicago crime lord. And there's the enticement of more money when the 'job' is done.

Meanwhile Terry and Tommy are waiting for their assignment and Terry becomes distracted by the lovely Emma (Claire Forlani). Terry wants out of the business; he wants a "normal" life with a wife and family. While he is busy chasing Claire, poor Pete and Andy are swept up into the high life. The client, Franco D'Amico (played convincingly by Louis Di Bianco), believes the Limeys are true professionals and waits patiently for the hit to be carried out.

To steal from the movie, it's like "Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys join the mob". There is a particular scene at the end that may remind some of a Three Stooges-like scenario. Just when Pete and Andy think they're doomed, in stumbles Andy's pregnant girlfriend Penny (Amanda Plummer), who suddenly has a purpose in the movie.

There is a huge role reversal in the end, and of course a happy ending for Terry and Emma, who it turns out is the daughter of crime boss Ben Cutler who is also looking at "retiring". As Tommy and Pete ride off into the sunset on two motorcycles, I'm thinking Triggermen 2 could be just around the corner.

This movie was surprisingly good, with enough dead bodies and a "Pulp Fiction" kind of humor to please almost anyone. Very enjoyable!!

~ Cheryl Kaye Tardif
Author of Divine Intervention
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on March 9, 2012
this movie is not bad. I liked it. It was funny and entertaining. I would say it is worth watching again.
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on February 11, 2009
This is a great movie. It is so funny, I mean really funny! There are so many great actors. Donnie does such a great job!!!! Him and his funny partner in crime. Then those two English guys. Forget it, I was rolling! I have watched it over and over. I am buying one for my friend. Take a chance and buy it! It is definitly a bargain at this price.
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on June 28, 2006
Triggermen is an attempt at a comedy drama or "dramady." The film begins thusly: stuck in Chicago practically penniless, small-time British crooks Pete (Neil Morrissey) and Andy (Adrian Dunbar) can't believe their luck when a stolen briefcase nets them a bundle of cash and the key to a luxurious hotel room.

However, there is a catch: local mafia boss Franco D'Amico (Louis DiBianco) has mistaken them for assassins and expects them to knock off his chief rival Ben Cutler (Pete Postlethwaite). Meanwhile, the real contract killers or "triggermen", super sharp Terry (Donnie Wahlberg) and moronic Tommy (Michael Rapaport), are left wondering why the man who hired them hasn't got in touch.

Yes folks, Triggermen is also yet another entry in the beaten half to death cliche plot of "small time hoods after a quick buck get in way over their heads with big time gangsters." Triggermen certainly adds another notch if anybody's counting. We have all been down this road too many times for black comedies like this to provoke more than an apathetic shrug. Especially when there is neither comedy or darkness to the movie.

Returning to the movie, matters get unnecessarily complicated when Terry starts to lust after Emma (Claire Forlani), the daughter of the man he's supposed to kill, and by the sudden arrival of Pete's obviously pregnant wife Penny (Amanda Plummer). Meanwhile, the small time hoods debate whether they should kill Cutler as their inadvertant employer expects them to or just simply cut and run. Instead of adding any humor or suspense to the story, these developments only add to the boredom of it all.

This film had a particularly good cast (especially Dunbar, Forlani, Morissey & Wahlberg) and then proceeded to waste the acting talent at its disposal. Triggermen could have been a pretty funny movie. It had all of the classic elements including incompetent villains, mistaken identity, money, pretty girl, etc., but was slow, boring and most importantly, not funny.

Perhaps the biggest waste of talent is that of Neil Morrissey, star of numerous British TV series who had a shot at international exposure in this movie. Its a shame that the acting talent that he exhibited in this flick was completely wasted on such a pathetic film. Another wasted talent is that of Claire Florani who has shown herself to be both beautiful and a quite talented actress in other productions. However, in Triggermen, her role required little more than sitting around looking pretty and trying to be polite to the thug who's trying to romance her.

The best part of Triggermen was the washed-out cinematography that gave it a fairly unique look. Another decent aspect of this flick was the fact that the end credits scroll backwards down the screen. That was a nice touch. Its a shame that the amount of thought that was applied to the photography and credits was not utilized on behalf of the script.

The end result is a flick that you are well advised to rent first before making any decision on whether or not to purchase it.
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on December 20, 2004
This is an odd comedy and if you can get through the slow (see boring) scenes, it's worth watching.

The plot is rather simple, but you'll see twists and turns that keep you somewhat amused. There are a few romantic moments between two of the leading characters.

Overall, it's a decent movie for a rainy day. You'll laugh more than a few times.
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on August 22, 2014
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on November 20, 2004
This film was a waste of talent.Aside that it wraped up neatly like the dead body in the rug at the end,this film was a regurgitation of others&lacked originality.It was slow&borring,and I could'nt wait until the end.I was figiting like a little kid...practically begging for the credits to roll.See it for yourself,but this movie is'nt worth purchasing.
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