Customer Reviews: Honeywell Germ Free Cool Mist Humidifier, HCM-350
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on December 3, 2012
I have had this humidifier for a few months now and use it in MY bedroom as well as my 15 month old twins' bedroom. I had an Ultrasonic humidifier (filter-less) but discovered the 'white powder' effect after using one (google it).


(1) It's quiet! Yay!
(2) It doesn't change the temperature of the room even though it's a cool mist humidifier
(3) I use one of those gadges to see if it's humid enough in the room and this machine definitely works
(4) The filter doesn't need replacing THAT often (maybe every 6-7 months or so)
(5) The tank can sit in the sink to be filled and doesn't topple over
(6) Super easy to set up and use


(1) It's pretty big and bulky
(2) I hope the UV light to kill germs is working because I don't see it anywhere

I would definitely recommend this cool mist humidifier though!
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on February 3, 2014
Please watch the video.

In the video I explain why this is a great humidifier for those who have hard water / well water. The filter does a great job at keeping those deposits of gunk from entering the air. I will say that some water works better than others. Some make breathing easier, or just plain taste better.

From best to worst

1) Distilled water
2) filtered water
3) tap water
4) well water

Obviously well water is the cheapest option, but distilled is the best option. Take a look at the video to see the filter.
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on December 10, 2012
I live on the East Coast so dry winter air is a MAJOR problem for me. I have my humidifier running 24/7. I have tried many different ones, but this one is by far the best I've found so far. It's extremely quiet even on the highest speed, I can run it for 16 hours on the highest setting without having refill the tank, and the best part for me is NO WHITE DUST!!! I have very hard water but even with that there is never any white dust. If I need another humidifier in the future I would buy another one of these.
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on March 25, 2015
Have it sitting right next to my bed. On the lowest of the three (3) speed settings, yes it makes a little bit of noise but not enough to keep me awake. I have a $15 Radio Shack humidity measuring device and without a doubt, this humidifier works A-OK. I have mild sleep apnea and bought the unit to help with middle of the night dry-mouth symptoms.
Original filter worked just fine for 3 months of every night use. The Honeywell brand replacement filter seems to get mixed reviews. Namely that the thickness of the filter has been reduced from 1 inch to now shipping units, such as mine, using 3/4 inch thickness filters. Reading filter review on this Amazon site, noted many customers like the filters sold by Lowes Home Improvement stores. One claim was that the thicker filter greatly increased the water usage and therefore more water vapor into the air per hour running. Locally found the recommended replacement filters available at my local LOWES. The brand of humidifier filters are the IDYLIS brand. The part number replacement for the Honeywell Cool Mist Humidifier is IDYLIS #0105460. AND this filter has a metal mesh to support the filter, AND the filter thickness is a full 1 inch thick.
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on February 11, 2013
I've been through about a dozen different humidifiers over the years. It gets extremely dry here in the winter so we run these all the time.

Sound: For those of you that appreciate white noise to help you sleep, this probably won't be enough for you. This is the quietest humidifier I've found.

Refills: On the highest setting this will last around 18 hours so I can easily run it for two nights without refills. On a lower setting, running only at night, I'd imagine you could get away with refills only every 4 nights or so. The handle design is the most comfortable and well balanced of any humidifier I've ever owned so trips to and from the sink aren't so awkward. The lid is extremely easy to get off/on and my husband never over tightens this one. The fill tank opening is not only easy to get into but very large so a gushing flow from the tub can fill it up very quickly.

Air Quality: I don't know how it does it, but it does the best job of any humidifier I've ever owned. You will never have water condensation around the base (or anywhere else for that matter). The air never gets too heavy with moisture that it feels muggy (although I've never tried it on high in a room smaller than 10x10). But it makes a very noticeable difference to my comfort and breath-ability during colds. Because the air output is straight up, you don't have to worry about having it too near dressers or bed linens or anything else getting too wet.

The only downfalls are the price (most expensive in a lot of stores) and the size. It is pretty large. But I think the size is worth it as it is used for a more powerful fan and a large water tank leaving refills less frequent.
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on February 3, 2013
This unit is comprised of four parts that are elegant in their simplicity and optimization. Part 1, the base "platter", is merely a simple piece of tough plastic (no motor, no switches, nothing electrical, no mounted parts at all) embossed to provide channels that conduct water from one end (where Part 2, the reservoir "jug", sits) to the other end where the water is absorbed up into the cylindrical wick "filter" cylinder (Part 3) where the powerful fan in the upper main unit (Part 4) pulls air through the moist filter perimeter and ejects it upward into the room. In my moderately large house (3600 sq ft) I have 4 of these units running, and the reservoirs (1+ gallons) have to be refilled every 12 hours (8+ gallons per day total) to maintain reasonable humidity in house. These work much better than my furnace-mounted humidifier.

Reservoir refill process is, take a 2 gallon plastic bucket of water to humidifier, lift out reservoir, lift off main unit, put wick filter in bucket to soak, make a trip to sink to refill reservoir jug, put wick filter back in place, put main unit back in place, drop reservoir jug into main unit, move on to next humidifier. In a 4-month heavy heating season, you'll need new throw-away wick filters ($9) at the outset, and half-way through. (The manufacturer-supplied wick filters are the only item that can be improved on. Don't buy Honeywell's replacement. Get Sunbeam SWF-227. They're 5-1/2" instead of 5" tall, but after they're soaked, you can easily squish them down.)

At end of season, clean platter and reservoir in the dishwasher if you like, and wipe down underside of main unit surfaces with a damp cloth. Not absolutely necessary, the surfaces don't accumulate deposits that much. The only other thing you'll need to replace periodically is the special UV lamp that shines down from the main unit into the water channel to kill any stray incoming bacteria/virus.

Get humidified, and stop the itching.
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on November 29, 2013
My wife and I spent a lot of time reading reviews of humidifiers looking for the clear best product to go in our room after the birth of our son. Unfortunately, lots of humidifiers have mixed reviews--even this one. Still, it had a lot of praise and relatively few complaints. We have been using it for about a month now and have no complaints.

The reservoir is easy to fill and we have had no leaks. A full tank will last all night and a lot of the morning on high. On medium, a half tank will get you through the night. On low, even less. The noise level ranges from a moderate white noise on high to a barely audible purr on low. The sound is that of a small fan--no high pitched whining or anything like that. I have not had to replace the filter, so I cannot comment on that part of the process. Likewise for the UV sanitizing bulb. The picture gave me the impression of a rather large and bulky unit, but actually its pleasantly small and discreet. I have been able to find an out-of-the-way spot for it in any room. Similarly, the unit is light enough, even filled, to be carried to a new room without much fuss. The last thing I wanted to comment on was that unlike the Vicks humidifier I can remember from my own childhood that constantly exuded a plume of cool mist, this one emits no visible mist. This is because the unit blows air over a saturated filter. Water evaporates into the air as transparent water vapor instead of being sprayed into the air as an aerosol of steam-like droplets. While I was a little disappointed to miss out on the nostalgia of seeing the familiar mist plume, I rather like this more efficient approach. We have easily noticed this winter that the air in the bedroom is much more comfortable to breathe than that in the rest of the house. Our new son is a month old and has yet to have any nose-related issues.

THE ONE CON: This is not really a con with this particular unit, but just a fact that you should know. As mentioned, the unit draws air through a saturated filter Honeywell Humidifier Wick Filter, Single, HAC-504AW to humidify the air. When the water evaporates it leaves behind all of the dissolved minerals. Over the course of a few weeks (in my case about a month with only nighttime use) the filter gathers enough mineral residue to stop drawing water out of the reservoir. The filters and paper and must be replaced they run about $10 each. I didn't really think about this or expect it until the unit's water level stopped going down and I found the filter hard and dry.

Overall, I am very pleased with the performance of this unit, and strongly recommend it.
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on January 24, 2015
Here in the northern most part of Alaska, it is DRY! I mean like 20% humidity! Sometimes even goes down to 18% in my room. I HAD to get this! I ordered an extra filter too! I have a hygrometer in my room and it brings the humidity up in the room to about 32% in about an hour. The room is an 11x12 dorm room. Keeps my bloody nose from coming back and makes me and my skin feel much better. I run it when Im home and not when Im not here... since it really only takes a few minutes to change the room humidity its all i need. One tank of the water lasts me almost 5 days.
I researched this type of product a lot before buying. I really prefer the cool mist over the hot mist. And one of the things I LOVE about this one is that it is 99.9% germ free!!!!! WOOO HOOO! This means to me, that I don't have to change or clean it as often. Lets face it Im lazy in that way! :)
Hope you enjoy it! I know I love mine! oh yeah it is pretty quiet too... in fact when the fan is on one you can hardly even hear it. on three it is slightly noticeable. Not a bother at all. you can see mine sitting on my dresser there right next to my phillips wake-up light! WHICH I SOOOOO LOVE and TOTALLY recommend too! :)
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on March 4, 2014
I love the humidifier. It does exactly what I want, though I was disappointed with the filter that came with it. It got cruddy quite quickly and when I washed it, as a reviewer suggested, it stretched out and was not usable anymore. I have hard water and came to realize that I was going to spend a fortune on filters at this rate. Looking around, I found on Amazon a "Permanent Humidifier Wick Filter - replaces HAC 504 for Holmes Honeywell, by Natural Breeze. I've read all the reviews and watched a consumer video. Keep in mind that these filters are an investment in themselves, but I think well worth it in the long run. Here is how to take care of the filter if you want it to last a really long time. First and foremost, never harshly rub or squeeze the filter and try to find something to soak it in that will allow it to keep its shape, not flatten out. This will slow down or eliminate any separation of the layers that may happen over time. Also, be careful on how you are putting the top unit down over the filter. If you are doing it sloppy or crooked, you will catch on the filter and damage it.

First day, put the filter in your humidifier and watch the magic. These filters are better than the original. They actually disperse more water than the other ones. You will see....more water will be used up in the same period of time. Michigan has been brutally cold this winter and I have run the humidifier day and night. The next morning, just flip the filter over. On the third day, take the filter to the sink and just run warm water on it. I'll put a little soap in one hand and let the water run through my hand to the filter to get it soapy, or I will put the filter standing upright in a pot sized to fit. Fill with warm warm water and add a bit of soap. Do not use hot water or you may ruin the filter. In the pot, you can let it soak for 10 minutes or so. Which ever way you prefer is fine. I do both at different times. Now gently rinse the filter. Just rinse. Don't rub, don't squeeze. If you do feel the need to rub, do it ever so gently. As the water runs through, everything just magically washes away and rinses off. All that crud comes off of the plastic nicely. Just be patient. The force of the water is enough. Once the soap is out, all the crud will be out too.

I have yet to use the vinegar with this method. As long as I clean the filter every third day, there is not so much buildup and seems easy enough to wash off. I will soak the filter in the vinegar for my last washing of the season.

Other notes. I have not had any problems with mold or bacteria. However, I do put a few drops of essential oil of peppermint in the water once a day and I do clean the tray at least once a week, which is very easy to do. Also, I have wooden floors and to be safe, I put a rubber shoe mat under the humidifier and a hand towel under that. The hand towel allows me to easily slide the humidifier from the family room to the bedroom and back again. I never slide the humidifier with the water container inserted, as the instructions suggest.

Overall, I am very happy with this product especially with the filters I found. I bought two of these filters so I had a spare of in case I wanted to alternate one while I am cleaning the other. I found this to not be necessary. Even if one of these filters lasts a whole season, it will save me a ton of money on filters had I stuck with the original ones. should sell your product with these permanent filters. I would have given you a 5 star rating if you had.

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on December 26, 2013
This humidifier works well as long as the filter is pretty new. Mine started to go downhill after about a month. The filter is this big honeycomb like paper filter that wicks the water up and then a fan blows the moisture into the air. I've owned the Vicks ultrasonic humidifier for several years. It's a pain to clean but doesn't use filters so the overall cost is much lower.
Pros and cons of the Honeywell:
Puts moisture into air
Doesn't wet the floor
Easy to clean
Very large
Expensive filters that don't last long
Sucks dust into unit so needs cleaning often
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