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on July 24, 2010
Where to start...

Nerd's notes:
First of all, for those that get the Sony BDV-E570 that was manufactured earlier in the year, it may have been before they fixed the issues with the software upgrade. I believe I received such a model. Being the overly concerned nerd that I am, I read the manual. It is not very specific, but does tell you to plug in the network cable to perform the upgrade. Read into this and you must assume to NOT PERFORM THE UPGRADE OVER WIFI. Well, you can take that a step further, (which of course I did), and you can download the update directly from Sony, place the files on a blank CD-R, then place the disk in the player and perform the update that way (it auto detects that the disk contains update files very nicely). This worked perfectly. No issues like the horror stories I have been hearing about this model (earlier this year), and the next model up the BDV-E770W. Due to the age of the model I received, there were two updates to perform, which I did, using two separate disks for each update. They take a while, so don't start one if you have somewhere to be. You do have to perform both, and the latter update is the more important one that enables the features that make this platform what most people are looking for, a 3D capable Blu-Ray HTIB with DLNA Features (both of these are why I got this model).

Now on to the good stuff.

Wiring: The room I placed it in is wired for 7.1, so connecting the rear speakers was not an issue. The speakers themselves have standard pinch connectors, so insert the wire and you are all set. At the reciever end, there is a custom connector, so you will have to splice it to your jack wires if you don't use the wire they provide (which looks a bit short for a larger room).

Network: Ok, I did manage to get this onto my dual band Wireless N network, although all of the settings had to be set manually, it did not seem to like the WPS (Wifi Protected Setup), which configures the wireless settings automatically. After the updates, all the network features work fine, Netflicks, YouTube, Pandora, Slacker, and so on.

Sound: Have a vaulted cieling in the room it is set up in, and it fills the room with plenty of sound. I am not cranking it and it is more than enough sound to provide a enjoyable home movie experience.

Video: Not much to say here other than....WOW. The upscaling is very good. BD is awsome.

Connections: If you are looking for a simple HTIB with a lot of features, this is the system for you. If you are looking for the HTIB to double as a receiver, look elsewhere, or make sure your TV has plenty of inputs/outputs. It does take audio inputs from digital coax from your settop box/satellite reciever, and optical audio from your TV (which is good if you have game systems, etc. plugged into your TV. NO HDMI IN. Bravia Sync works great. The TV and Player can be off, insert a disk, and it fires up the TV, kills the TV speakers, selects the correct input for the player, and you are off and running without having to monkey with the TV remote to select the correct input. The wife appreciates this feature more than anything else. USB works great, plays music on a usb thumb drive with no issues at all.

System Menu: Since we do have a Sony LCD, I became addicted to the XMB menu interface (Cross Media Bar), the same interface on the PS3. It looks great and is easy to navigate. This system has the same menu interface, and makes finding the extra internet content very easy.

Cons: There are not many, but aside from the lack of video inputs (does not affect me, but could be a serious issues for others), there are only a few things I would mention. First being a network feature that I selected this model/line for: DLNA. For some reason, it cannot see the DLNA server that I have setup on the network. I am looking into the reasons, and will repost if I find a solution. Speakers, while 1/2 the weight of my previous HTIB, they seem flimsy. The Sub is a passive sub, while that may disappoint others, it does not seem to punch any less than my last system that had a powered sub. The exterior of the system is a very plain shiny black (kid fingerprint magnet) on the front, although with a lack of knobs, and visible buttons, there is little in the way to attract their attention to twist/press etc.

Overall, this is an ideal system for those that are looking for an 'all-in-one' solution that also has all the internet content. It is powerful enough for a midsized room, and is simple to operate. It has a low profile receiver, and those that are space constrained will certainly appreciate that. The cost is very good (under 400), and for a system I don't see replacing for at least 3 years, it has all the features and functions I see myself wanting for some time.

Amazon: WOW. I ordered this system at 3:30AM on Wednesday with free supersaver shipping. The system was delivered THE NEXT DAY (Thursday).

UPDATE 7/25/10: Got DLNA working, my server just showed up one day, it was probably due to a reboot I did on the DLNA server. Streams music flawlessly across the network, Pictures as well. Still trying to figure out what digital HD file format it will play for movies, it will probably do DIVX files, but have to move those files to the server to see how they work. Very nice feature! Makes it very convenient when you want to play your digital library and dont want to plug in your iPod/iPhone or change CD's constantly.

Still very pleased with this system! I find myself watching more online movies and content from it than from my own collection or rentals.

I did some research, and this system looks identical to the BDV-770W, with the exception of the wireless S-Air rear speakers, which adds almost $200 to the price I paid.
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on May 31, 2010
Right out of the box, it was very easy to set up as long as you the patience to find a way to run the rear speakers with hiding the speaker wire. Also, the speaker wire to the the rear speakers is too short to place them far enough back to optimize the 5.1 sound.

I Wish that the subwoofer was powered. The passive subwoofer gives good sound, not great sound. The 1,000 watt system easily fills the large family room with quality sound.

The system has the minimum amount of inputs, but lacks an audio out-put to run a set of B speakers to another room in the house.

I haven't tried the WiFi conection to the internet yet. I'll update my review after I try the WiFi feature.

Overall, It's a good system for anyone looking for a complete Blu-Ray video & DTS 5.1 audio right out the box. I got the best price from Amazon (Amazon stands behind any product that you purchased fom them) and it was deilver in two days. Other than the rear speaker wires (it's easy to add additional wire) and the lack of an audio output, I'm happy with the system.

If anyone has found a way to get a stereo audio output from this system, I'd be very interested in knowing how you did it.
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on September 7, 2010
I bought this system to replace my Sony 5 speaker system with a 5 CD/DVD changer and a receiver, which was getting a little dated. It does some great things that I couldn't do with my other system, but there are also some drawbacks. I appreciated most of the reviews on this website, but here are my 2 cents:

pros: Can watch Netflix "watch instantly" movies and shows
can listen to Pandora
can watch photos, videos from a flash drive
sound is pretty good, comparable to my last system

cons: It cannot play my iPod (5th gen iPod classic). Watch out for this: the system can play some iPod's, but not others.
It cannot play European (other than region 1) DVD's. I now have to hook up my European DVD player to the television because the unit is not a real receiver.
Does FM, not AM radio

Overall, it was a good buy for me since I got it on Amazon for $350, so I can't complain too much.
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on November 10, 2010
I purchased this receiver in mid-September. It functioned as expected for the first 2 weeks, and then malfunctioned horribly. I think that a software update caused it perform as a Blu-Ray player only. The stereo inputs did not function at all. The menu had changed completely. I called the Sony Support number and, after a lot of waiting and troubleshooting, was advised to send the system to a Sony Service Center for repair.

Do not send your equipment to a Sony Service Center! You will never get it back! I sent the receiver for service more than 4 weeks ago, and have heard nothing substantive regarding when the product will be returned ("call again in 5-7 days"). I might as well have thrown $400 out of the window. I really wish I had just returned the receiver to Amazon rather than sending it to Sony for service.

Never again will I buy another Sony product.

=== UPDATE (2/23/2011) ===
On February 16, 2011, I received the replacement. It was a refurbished model (not the same) that has worked well so far. I hope to say that this story has come to a close. Still, 4 months for a replacement from Sony is ridiculous. I think that's a hint that there might be some deep flaws in this product.
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on September 19, 2010
I got this unit as a free bonus when purchased back in August with a new Sony TV (Bravia KDL-EX46701, membership store version of EX700 model). I followed the included disc setup instructions and had everything done within an hour from opening the boxes. The included microphone sits at your listening position and auto-calibrates all of the speakers. Nice.

I use the Audio Return Channel (ARC) from the TV's HDMI 1 connection to feed digital audio from my Verizon FIOS set top box (which itself connects to the TV using HDMI 3). The sound is great whether from a disc playing on the box, from a streaming source, or from the cable box. Blu-Ray discs look fantastic of course and even upscaled (from 480i to 720p) standard definition DVDs look quite good.

Some folks have complained that included speaker wires don't reach for a larger room and that the proprietary connector stymies them. Only the head unit uses a special connector. The speakers themselves accept standard bare wire into a pinch connector. So - just splice on an extension using your speaker wire of choice available at any electronic store. The included wire was fine for my 12'x20' living room.

The unit connected fine to my 802.11g wi-fi and streams Internet content fine. I watch a good bit of Netflix and some Amazon Video on Demand. Streaming video picture quality of course isn't Blu-Ray level HD but it's at least as good as digital cable. Older TV shows that don't stream in HD naturally don't come across as crisply. You have to set up your queues from a PC, but I believe that's the case with most (all?) home theater Netflix implementations. I haven't used many of the other streaming sources at length but there are a good number to choose from.

Definitely download all the available updates. I've updated twice now over Wi-Fi without a hitch. The latest update, M.04.R708 - released 9/16/2010, improved "iPod" support (among other things). I now can stream from my iPhone4 running Rhapsody (or iPod app) into the unit. Very slick.

The only issues I have had is that perhaps twice (in two months of almost daily use) the unit has "lost" its HDMI control connection to the TV. A power reset restored it right away both times. I'd also observe that upgrading via a disc can be done but will make an otherwise very easy process a good bit more laborious. This would be an issue for a household with Wi-Fi or available wired Internet. It would be nice if Sony allowed you to upgrade via a USB Flash drive plugged into the front port. Overall though I don't see these as significant enough to keep me from giving five stars. I'd give it 4-1/2 if I could.
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on January 26, 2011
Greetings all,

Let me first begin by saying that I normally do not submit reviews for many products that I buy on The mere fact that I provided feedback is proof of the quality that this blu-ray home theater system has to offer. Also I would like to add that I am a skeptic of just about everything. I meticulously do research before I purchase something, because as they say, "a sucker is born everyday."

Product review:

The product is amazing. I purchased this for my home office to unwind and provide a little entertainment while I am working from home, or working on my graduate research paper(s). My office is a medium size room and the sound that emits from the system is more than enough to enjoy. My wife often tells me its too loud, and the volume is normally under 20 max.

Also when you add the S-Air transmitted [because its not included with this unit] it really adds value to the home theater system. The additional software, connectivity, and ability to share with other devices makes this product a no brain-er compared to other products out there.

For the average user - this product is a steal and you will really enjoy it. Easy to set up and exciting to listen to.

For the advance audiophile - this product will surprise you. You may have a tendency to overlook this product because its a package deal and may seem too good to be true. However, because this system is interoperable, additional powered sub-woofers can be added, larger front speakers, and larger rear speakers. This product is stunning for the price and can provide the high end feel of systems such as Onkyo, Bose, & JBL at half the cost. I guarantee that the product as is, is more than enough to satisfy [no added products needed].

For the person just shopping for a bargain - look no more. This is a steal that cannot be beaten with a stick. It should be illegal (okay I'm exaggerating). But you will love it. No need to be technical with this system.

Hope this helps and continue to shop around. Don't take my word for it. I'm confident that when you do your research, your travels will bring you back here with this product (until a better home theater technology is created).
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on December 27, 2010
I bought this item and it died three weeks later... it would still power on and play any internet content or DVDs but any Blu-ray discs would not play. I talked to Sony who agreed that the unit was broken and needed to be repaired. Even though it was less than a month old my only recourse with Sony was to ship it to their service center in Laredo, TX (at my expense) and have it sent back to me repaired after two weeks or more. For a practically new item this is unacceptable. I will be returning the unit and buying a different brand.
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on December 20, 2010
We currently have our SECOND BDV-E570 {and yes I have that product number memorized because we have had to say it THAT often to customer service} and it this second one is functioning the same.

We do appreciate many features of this device, but when you start up the system {pretty easy install - nicely color coded} and get everything in place, sit down and are really excited to watch a football game {or whatever you are dying to watch} and hit the volume button on the remote and then the volume goes on the fritz. The sound flickers in and out as the systems switches quickly between mute and unmute. The only way to reverse that is to turn it off and start all over again.... which is very annoying especially if you are watching a show on Netflix and you have to re-load everything.

My advice - keep your receipts and be okay with needing to return this home theater MULTIPLE times until you HOPEFULLY get a good one.

Good luck!

-update - finally spoke to someone at sony who new something. The phone support lady new more and was more helpful than online support. My issue was related to an HDMI control feature. By disabling this feature everything works, I can use HDMI... but the receiver no longer shuts my TV off automatically. Definitely something I can live with out. I'm just surprised that they leave this setting as a default if it's known to have problems.

Other than that extremely annoying issue we've loved the system. VERY powerful for an out of the box system. Sounds good and lots of great easy to use features.
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on January 14, 2011
Cost: I bought this system for under $300. Do remember that you have to buy an additional digital optical audio cable. I recommend ordering it through Amazon for $6.

Setup: Easy but be ready to hide all those wires as there will be many wires emanating from the system. The instructions were flawless and very intuitive.

System: Super, this one played every single disc I put inside it. I had earlier had issues with samsung BD-C7500 (did not play a standard movie DVD). But this one is super, upconverts decently, not amazing but decent. Overall a perfect entry level home theater system. The system so far played all DVDs, personally written DVDs etc.

Sound level: I think the sound level could have been slightly better. The sound really picks up at 25 and maxes out at 30. I am being too critical here but for a very large basement room, the sound might not sound very impressive but should be very good for an apartment living room.

Wireless LAN: Connnected flawlessly to the 5GHz band on my simultaneous dual band router.

Netflix: Perfect so far, I wish Sony updates the software to search Netflix just like Samsung blu ray player allows. But this is not a system limitation, its a sony firmware update which may happen in near future.

Things to Do: I have not tried the DLNA setup yet and probably might never do that.

Update March 16, 2011: This is a great system, automatically shows my two computers on the network. I was effectively able to use the DLNA functionality to view movies on my computer hard-drive. Also the quality of Blu-ray viewing was amazing. So I have increased the rating from 4stars to 5stars having used it for a few more months.
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on August 18, 2010
Good system. Blu ray plays and looks good. Calibration mic helped when I was setting up for Modern Warfare 2 surround sound. Easy setup and nice feature-set.

WARNING: This system does not have HDMI input. If you want surround sound from your Xbox 360, PS3, Cable/Sat will need to have a digital coax or optical audio(TOSLINK) connection from the box to this receiver. Then you can have surround sound. Use the FUNCTION button on the remote to toggle audio inputs. Might be a bit confusing but [...] has good support via email.
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