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VINE VOICEon October 2, 2010
Platform: PlayStation 3|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )

+ Infinite lives
+ Reduced difficulty after 7 deaths in a row
+ Co-op play
+ The voice acting and music are SUPERB
+ Free roam Toy Box mode offers lots of fun and creativity
+ Only the PS3 version offers the ability to play as Zurg
+ Compatible with the Playstation Move


- Some platform jumps are very difficult for younger gamers
- The game and the instruction manual do not explain the reduced difficulty option
- No instructions on how to switch 1P and 2P camera angles
- Zurg is NOT immediately available; he has to be unlocked.
- There is only one shooting stage that works with the Playstation Move, NOT Story Mode or Toy Box Mode.

I played this game with my child and we decided the only way to do a proper review was to offer both our viewpoints. So without any further ado, here's what we thought!

CHAPTER ONE: Train Rescue

My thoughts: Woody played the action hero to a T, as he raced off to save a train full of orphans from the evil Dr. Porkchop. It fit the overall mood of Toy Story and I was very impressed. The jumping puzzles weren't too difficult to figure out here.

Quotes from my child: "When I first played Woody, I thought the game would be easy and hard too. I died a lot, but when I figured out how to jump and move around, I liked trying to help the orphans. Those orphans needed to be saved. I felt happy not leaving any of them behind and getting a trophy."

CHAPTER TWO: Andy's House

My thoughts: Unlike the first level's imaginary setting, our characters are set up in "Toy Reality" - we have to move around the room/basement with the limitations that a toy would go through. This level is designed to get us used to each character's strengths and weaknesses like Jesse being able to land on small areas, Woody using his pull string as a lasso, and Buzz throwing each character across long distances.

Quotes from my child: "When I was trying to get the cell phone, I knew this would be hard. My dad helped me when I got frustrated. When we got to the basement, my dad had to explain how the paratroopers flew. It was tricky getting to the cordless phone, but we figured it out."

CHAPTER THREE: Buzz Videogame

My thoughts: This level was a lot harder than the previous two levels. It involved platform jumping, but unlike games like Super Mario Bros., this added the dimension of depth. The jumping goes from being challenging to extremely frustrating, especially for younger gamers.

Quotes from my child: "There were 3 parts to this level. The first was the shooting part - the game told me how to shoot the boulders, but I had to dodge rocks while flying and that was hard. The next part was jumping around on moon rocks and I thought that was hard too. There were so many broken pieces and I fell a lot. I didn't understand the part with shooting the crystals at first. The 3rd part was Zurg's fortress, and when those big spikes came at me I knew I would die, I had to run towards "me" which was confusing."

CHAPTER FOUR: Sunnyside Daycare.

My thoughts: This level was fun, but it's another one based in "Toy Reality" - you have to do a lot of platform jumping to get to the lights, and if you have brought the wrong character, it wastes time. Getting the special cards is not easy because you have to complete carnival games, which are tough for an old gamer like me, and extremely frustrating for younger gamers.

Quotes from my child: "I needed my dad's help to play this level because there were hard games like hitting all the aliens without missing any. I got angry when I would miss a jump and fall off the lights. There were lots of jumps."

CHAPTER FIVE: Bonnie's House

My Thoughts: This level introduced some hard elements - up until now, we had platform jumps that were difficult, but on this level, the jumps have time limits. Instead of playing the game at a relaxed pace, now we have to run and complete jumps before we drown in coffee or fall to our deaths. This stage includes rail sliding on the spaceship, which reminded me of Ratchet & Clank: Tools of Destruction. We also had to pick up false move and we had to go back and get the battery again.

Quotes from my child: "I drowned. A LOT. This level wasn't easy, I couldn't figure out where to jump. The rail sliding on the spaceship was super fast and tricky. The part with the peppermints made me angry because I fell a lot. I told my dad I'd have to be at least 15 years old to get past this part. I wanted to take breaks from playing because it kept getting harder with every level."

CHAPTER SIX: Prison Break

My Thoughts: As if the game wasn't hard enough, now a stealth element is added. We return to Sunnyside Daycare at nighttime, and the main goal of this level is to rescue your trapped toy friends. Buzz is not selectable, and you have to avoid searchlights while you wander around. Michael Scofield would be proud that I got through this level without being spotted.

Quotes from my child: "I kept getting caught! This wasn't as hard as Bonnie's house but I still needed help. I got mad when the lights found me but at least I wasn't drowning in coffee!"


My Thoughts: The first part of this level is saving 3 aliens from a chop-o-matic trash machine. Two player assistance is recommended but not required. If you haven't gotten used to switching between characters yet, this next part forces it on you. We have to save our friends before they are melted, crushed, and sliced into fish bait. Each character has a specific task that must be completed for the other two characters to move forward.

Quotes from my child: "I kept getting sad on this level because I didn't want Slinky or Hamm or anyone else to get hurt and when we didn't know what to do quick enough, I knew they wouldn't make it. My dad had to play most of this level."

CHAPTER EIGHT: Haunted Bakery

My Thoughts: After all the previous stages, this level was a well-deserved change of pace. The level consists of running around and shooting an army of muffins and evil witches (yes, you read that correctly). There's no platform jumping to worry about: just shoot, shoot, shoot, and shoot some more.

Quotes from my child: "Finally, an easy level! My dad kept getting the toy balls and I played as Buzz, shooting the witches with the cannon. We got all the cards and hidden things and I smiled a lot."


My Thoughts: This is a free-roam level that has no time limits. Players can unlock new townspeople, go on quests, compete in races, take pictures, buy cars and houses and shops from the Toy Store, it's very fun. Some areas can't be unlocked without performing certain tasks, which is a little confusing for younger gamers.

Quotes from my child: "I like Toy Box. This is a fun part of the game. I can wander around, get lots of gold, buy things from the toy store, and I want to get the little tuba guy who goes under water, he looks cute. I like watching the guy on the construction site when buildings are building. If I get lost, I talk to Mission Pig. If I want a new mission, I talk to Mayor Pig. I don't have to worry about coffee here!"


The music, storyline, voiceovers and character models are extremely faithful to the Toy Story universe.

While it is rated "E" for everyone, that doesn't mean that everyone will have an easy time playing it. For example, In two-player mode, player one is on the left and player 2 is on the right. If you want to switch those camera views, both players have to press the L1 button at the same time. This is not explained in the instruction book or anywhere in the game itself.

If your child gets frustrated by platform games like Super Mario Bros., they'll need your help with Story mode, and that's where the 2-player option really shines. In Toy Box mode, younger gamers will enjoy roaming around and creating their own little town.

Recommended, but not for children who have difficulty with platform games.

P.S. I quit drinking coffee.
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on June 17, 2010
I have been playing video games since I first obtained the original NES (which I still have and play) back in the early 90's, and never have I had such a wonderful time playing a video game! There were many times I literally squealed out loud in delight at elements taking place within the game. I will not rehash the details of the game (which you can find above in the item description), but I will tell you on my first foray in Toy Box mode I played for four hours straight and would have played even longer had it not been for the late hour and work in the early morning.

The options and elements to customize are can alter the appearance of buildings (and townspeople by giving them the heave-ho into any building you have customized), as well as purchase and place new buildings (some allow for placement options and others do not) so you are altering the landscape of the entire town. Customizations are easy and hilarious (giant Nemo fins are on the sides of my jail right now).

Everything is an event, from completing a mission (it's a party!) to the arrival of new toys (it's actually really excitement-inducing to see the stagecoach coming with your huge "present" even though you know what it is), to mining for gold, to riding Bullseye around and hearing the wonderful sound effects. As expected, the graphics are amazing with only a hint of jerkiness here and there. Sound effects are spot on and the game features most of the original voice cast from the films (another major bonus).

The reward system seems very balanced; they make it easy enough to earn gold coins to purchase new items (buildings, toys, etc.), but you are never sitting on all that many coins because so many new items are being unlocked for purchase all the time. Each new toy you purchase comes with new missions you can complete and the open world format is just a joy to tromp around in to complete them. The mission log is also very helpful, as is the compass feature which can be a real boon if you are stuck trying to complete any one task.

I can honestly say I can not wait to play this game again. Some games when purchased have a shelf life, but Toy Story 3 will live on my shelf forever. I can not recommend this game highly enough...and I haven't even touched Story Mode yet!

Viva Toy Story 3!

*** In addendum ***

A few things I have noticed after several days of gameplay that I felt were worth noting are the time consuming loading screens and the difficulty maneuvering motorized vehicles (although this could just be a lack of coordination on my part). For a game such as this, it seems the loads are far too frequent and of too long a duration. I'm not sure if this is only on the PS3 version, but it is a bit of a frustration at times.

As for the I said, I don't know if it is just my lack of coordination, but I seem to have a real issue getting the cars to go in the direction I am trying to go. Any of the creatures I am just fine with (Bullseye, the Dragon, etc.) but those dang cars...

Also, the robbers at the bank and the attacks on the town can be a little random. Even if you are standing right next to the bank you can miss some of the bandits and lose some of your gold coins which is nonsensical to me. Fortunately my bank is right across from my jail so I just turn around and toss them in. :)

Despite these additional issues, I am still loving the heck out of this game. Truly a grand time!
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on June 16, 2010
This is a great game for children and adults alike. If you like the Toy Story movie series, you will enjoy this game. My 4 yr old son and I enjoy playing this game for hours, and we have not even gotten into all the areas. I would recommend this for both children and adults with children. I also see they are coming out with DLC on the PSN for it..minigames moderatley priced at $0.99 a piece. Plus when the Move controller is released later this will be patched for even more fun.

I will add more after we play the game more, since was just released yesterday.

I have played many movie based games, and this is by far the best one so far. Especially with all the original Pixar animations and voices from the movie!

Highly Recommended!
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VINE VOICEon February 4, 2011
The first thing that fans of the "Toy Story 3" videogame will say to me is, "It wasn't made for you. It's for a different audience." Oddly enough, though, those people would be wrong. I love the movie trilogy. I like action/adventure platformers. I like open-world sandbox games.

So, why not a better score?

Well, it basically comes down to this: The Story Mode is decent but way too short, and the Toy Box Mode (while pretty good) isn't enough to keep me playing.

The 8-level Story Mode has some brilliant stages that step off the beaten path. But a couple of the levels are just lazy, particularly the Sunnyside Day Care levels. Honestly, parts of this Story Mode are so amazing that the weaker parts felt like insults to me. Considering how dramatic these movies are, I was surprised they didn't try to take advantage of those thematic opportunities. At least there are a few surprises in store.

The Toy Box Mode is sure to be the favorite aspect of the "Toy Story 3" videogame, and rightfully so. It takes a while to get going, because there isn't much to do while you're learning to play the game. But then there are all sorts of toys to buy, places to explore, neat missions to accomplish, and it eventually feels like a living breathing world of toys. I think what I missed from this Toy Box Mode, though, was a sense of urgency to continue. Other open-world titles like "InFamous", "Grand Theft Auto IV", and "Fallout: New Vegas" had a narrative that compelled me to keep playing, even if I wasn't sure I really wanted to. But with this game's Toy Box Mode, it starts to feel more like a checklist. An amusing, colorful checklist to be sure, but because there's nothing extraordinary about the gameplay mechanics, it's just not enough.

The best compliment and harshest criticism to give to the "Toy Story 3" videogame is that it makes you feel like you're playing with a whole bunch of toys. When you're in the right mood, the game can be a lot of fun. But after a while, playing with the toys isn't enough. There has to be something more to draw you in. Because the Story Mode doesn't use the film's drama, it's simply 8 action stages that aren't worth playing more than twice. And the Toy Box Mode, for all of the unlockables and customization available, didn't make me feel like I'd accomplished anything.

Don't get me wrong, "Toy Story 3" is one of the better licensed games out there, and it's surprisingly solid. But I still don't think it's worth owning. Just because it's better than most movie-based or TV-based garbage doesn't mean you should fork the cash.
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on April 23, 2013
We purchased this game for our young daughters to play. This is their 1st experience with console gaming. They have had a blast with this game and have spent many hours over the months just playing it over and over. They have gotten the most fun from the story box mode. This is a free roaming mode with multiple areas and missions.

This mode alone would have easily been worth the small price for the game. Any Disney World fans would really enjoy playing this part of the game. The haunted house is awesome and the music will take your mind right to the real Haunted Mansion in Disney World. The Zurg missions and area's are awesome too.

I found myself being amazed at how many areas and missions they packed into just the toy box mode of the game. Then you go and waste $60 on The Walking Dead game and it's total lack of variety and gameplay and it makes you wonder how they even dared to put such a lacking game like that out.

One point of advice in the toy box/free roaming mode is to give it a chance. It can be slow and annoying in the beginning but after a while the missions get better and you explore all kinds of areas that have incredible detail.

It will be hard to get more out of a game that cost's so little.
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on December 8, 2015
I purchased this for my grandsons. Woody's Roundup part of the game is WONDERFUL! I would give it 5 stars. There's no violence. Just Woody and Buzz fun. However, the Zurg level of the game is very violent and so are Buzz Lightyear Video Game, Sid's Haunted House, and Train Rescue. I would give these sections maybe one star. So, if you're wanting a non-violent video game for your kiddos to play, this one is great, as long as you monitor things closely.
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on December 30, 2015
My wife and I played a lot of Wii games when we were younger, especially Mario Galaxy. It's been awhile since we found a game we both like. BUT, we can't put this one down. Easy to play, great controls, fun graphics, you're playing Toy Story which is cool. AND, the Buzz Lightyear video game you have to beat is awesome. The Toy Story world is full of characters from the movies and they are great.
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on May 18, 2013
unlike other games that target young kids, this one is made to assist the young kids ( My children are 5 and 4). Its constantly giving hints and reminders and my children are actually enjoying the game and going through the game board! My son is actually playing this game, unlike others where he never really makes any progress in the game.
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on September 27, 2010
Toy Sory 3, I have to admit I played it first!, Is a great game for your kids! Not only is it hours of entertainment, it will challenge your child's problem solving skills. Best of all as a big kid at heart myself, the feature I loved most is that it's designed for two players as well! Allowing you to play along with your kids!
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on December 14, 2014
From all the PS3 games I have purchased for my nephew and niece (6 yrs old both of them), I have only written a review on this one. It's great. They spend hours playing. This type of game allows the kids to be one of the character and play around making their own story and following certain leads from the game. (It has a two player mode).
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