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So my take on any licensed game is that it is a piece of you-know-what. Let's be honest - if not attached to "the name" most of these games couldn't be given away let alone sold. The last Toy Story game Toy Story Mania! did not really live up to our expectations and was just a bunch of mini games. My kids liked WarioWare: Smooth Moves and Mario Party 8 much better.

I have been following this game for months - uncharacteristic of me for a licensed game. Bluntly I was not going to plunk down my cold hard cash for this if it was not worthwhile - Toy Story name or not. I've read reviews with the developers and studio and it sounded like they got their stuff straight. So I decided to forge ahead with a Day 1 purchase. Yep 1. I'm in a bit of a daze myself honestly.

My kids have played it for many hours today (was my son's birthday last weekend and this was a delayed gift so today was a special day..I don't normally let them play this much!)and so far I am impressed. I-M-P-R-E-S-S-E-D. The Wii graphics, to me, are nothing special but they get the job done. Music is exactly as expected (various themes and all that). The gameplay is tight - controls are spot on for us and we've had no difficulties. I can tell if my son has difficulties and he has not once gotten frustrated that the remote isn't doing what it is supposed to - controls were easy to learn.

There have been a few confusing parts but my older daughter figured them out (parents just be aware that your little guy/girl might need some help to figure out what to do in a few places). The kids have played in the regular mode (story) and the new box mode that is like a sandbox of fun things to do. That Box mode is SUPER FUN y'all! In terms of the regular story mode it's pure action adventure like other games of its type such as Scooby Doo! First Frights and Spongebob Squarepants The Movie both of which my kids enjoyed a lot and were worth a purchase.

So far there is little to no frustration (except those few parts that are a bit confusing on what to do for a littler guy/gal). Characters are good and the story is actually o.k. I haven't seen the movie so can't say if it follows it or not at this point. At nearly 4 hours in he hasn't completed it. This is in contrast to Coraline which clocked in a little under 2 hours to completion. I would compare the Toy Story 3 favorably with two other of my son's favorite games that are licensed Spiderman: Friend or Foe and Ben 10 which come highly recommended from my family to you!

My kids wanted to keep playing - already at almost 4 hours I can tell that it's a keeper. Normally they don't even get 30 minutes if it's going to be a dud. I will update this review next weekend to reflect an update as well as I suspect we'll have another 8 hours or so into the game by that point.I'll let you know if anything changes my rating but as of now this one's a winner!

EDITED 6/23/2010: We do not seem to be encountering the issues with targeting that others are reporting in Buzz's world. I actually watched my daughter start another file (we have 3 save files with our game) to give me her input on this and last night watched her play all the way through Buzz's level. She didn't have any problems with targeting (now she did find some of the platforming elements challenging but then they usually are). Platformers are her favorite type of game and she's played through many of the toughest (Super Mario Advance on GBA and others) and is quite experienced with them. We could see where some elements could be very challenging (like how a Mario game can be). My son's been playing the more sandbox type environment - and he is still having a lot of fun. For him it is sufficient - I'm sure he would rather have had the way more freedom 360 or PS3 version but we don't have one of those consoles. If you are looking for the ultra freedom toy box you should look at the 360 or PS3 version over the Wii if you have them. If he got stuck in the story mode his sister would help him. They do not play 2 player together (they rarely ever do). They play beside each other taking turns and she will help him out occasionally when needed.

We are now over 12 hours in and they still enjoy it. Maybe they just don't notice the flaws or compensate for them..but as of right now for my family 12 hours for $50 is not a bad deal. The movie for 2 hours set me back the same amount (tickets, popcorn and soda only). If you'd like to get a sense for the game you can always check it out first (via rental and such).
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on June 29, 2010
The WII version is indeed extremely disappointing!

I Finished the story mode in a short amount of time and was so excited to get to the Toy Box.

After a few missions from each character (Ham, Slinky, and Stinky Pete) Ham is the only one left! the other characters have disappeared and I have no quests left from Ham. Thought I was missing something, so I spent hours online looking into it, only to find that the WII version is completely ripped off. I've done everything in the game, something like only 46 quests, most of which were the townspeople asking for a different outfit. The only things available for purchase are Bullseye, Stunt Park, Skate Park, UFO gun, Goo, Zurg's spaceport, Sid's haunted house, Lotso's enchanted glen, Paratrooper...... And that's it :(

So now I can either keep this version and kick out an additional $50 for another version. Trade it in at a used store and maybe get 1/2 credit towards a new version, or hope that I can trick someone on craigslist into trading versions...

I don't understand what they were thinking. It's one thing to offer items such as special suits, or buildings for each version. But to cut the game content by what appears to 3/4 of the PS3 or 360 version... W T F ?

Anyway, I'm obviously not a happy camper, lol.
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on June 23, 2010
I have the exact same issues as "Jake", so I am glad to know I am not crazy. My kids (7 and 5) don't want to play this game anymore, so I gave it a try. The targeting function with Buzz's laser, a necessity, is ridiculous. The camera has to be adjusted almost non-stop with the directional buttons in order to see where you are going, forcing you to stop and move it every few seconds. I don't own many games but I thought that Disney in 2010 would release a fun, high quality game for their biggest franchise ever. This game, with its graphics, the horrible control responsiveness, and the ridiculous amount of loading screens, feels like a PC game from 10 years ago. And holy moly they play that "You've Got a Friend in Me" song on an endless loop (If you like this song, you won't after 30 minutes of this game). The first good review and the expensive looking "commercial" on the page led me to give this game a try. I am writing this to ask you to play it somewhere first before you buy it. It burns my biscuits that they released this poor game and are marketing it as if it is worth fifty dollars. Lesson learned.
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TOP 100 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon September 18, 2010
Platform: Nintendo Wii|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
If your kids are asking for both the Nintendo Wii and the Nintendo DS version of Toy Story 3, rest assured that though the themes are the same, the games are different enough to feel that they are completely different games.

I feel the Wii version is more difficult than the DS version, as does my nine year-old son. My six year-old daughter was able to complete the DS Story Mode twice in a day, whereas my nine year-old decided after two full days of play that the Story Mode in the Wii game was too difficult. He got bored and gave up. I'm sure if he gave it another two days, he'd have finished the game, but he hasn't revisited it since. He was on level 5 of 8. He did prefer the Toy Box Mode and spent much of his time there.

Two player mode is only available in Story Mode.


In this mode, the players are sometimes able to play with two players. I say sometimes, because in the first scene, it was not possible. When two players play together, the screen is split. This was, at first, a turn off for me, but then I saw the advantage of it when I played with my daughter, who did not want to be where I was.

The players are usually able to get hints and even learn exactly what to do, but that help is not always available or clear. It took me quite awhile to figure out I needed to shoot the crystals to explode the floating masses of land to use as leap pads to the opposite cliff. (My son was not there to help me.)

Story Mode consists mostly of completing scenes from the movie or somewhat related to the movie, like trying to get out of Andy's room or navigating through a video game with Buzz Lightyear.


In Toy Box Mode, a single player only game, players go around town completing missions -- little tasks like finding cloth or digging for gold. From there, the players earn gold and customize their experience. This would be so fun as a two player game. It's too bad that option is not available.


This game would be more exciting if two players can play together then entire game. It's more difficult than the DS version. However, it looks like it can be completed quickly by anyone determined enough to try. Unfortunately, it was not thrilling enough to hold the attention of my nine year-old for more than two days, and he can stay with a good game indefinitely.

I personally like the Wii version better than the DS version because it is more challenging, but there are some scenes that are frustrating enough for me that I'd prefer my son complete them for me before I continue playing. (For instance, I'm no good at blasting the evil characters in the level 3 part of the Story Mode.)

My son's rating for the Wii version? He says the Toy Box Mode is awesome but the Story Mode is okay. That averages out to four stars. He says if he had to choose between the DS version and the Wii version, he'd choose the Wii version.

My daughter says she prefers the DS version because it's easier.

As an aside, be aware that both the Wiimote and nunchucks are necessary to play.
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on January 23, 2012
I bought this for my four year old and it is really hard for me to play and I have played video games all my life, or mostly. It is confusing on how to get other places to play other things and is not really good at explaining or outlining anything. I would recommend this game for 6 and up, and probably more like 10 years old or so. My son enjoys the heck out of it and that is why it got a three, but then what four year old doesn't laugh when your horse falls in the canyon 100 times? It just doesn't feel like there is much to it.
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on January 1, 2012
This game is pretty fun. I bought a copy for my Wii after playing it on the Playstation 3 back home. The PS3 version has more customizing options in the Toy Box than the Wii does and flexibility.For example, in the PS3, I could change different aspects of each house, the doors, windows, walls- in the Wii version, I can select themes for ALL the houses but not individualize them. The same goes for dressing up townsfolk. I found this very disappointing. Overall, though the game is still fun.
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on January 7, 2014
I got this for my 4 year old son and we really like it. I even enjoy playing it! The only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 was b/c when I bought it I didn't realize you had to have the nunchuck to be able to play this, which we did not have and had to purchase. I think it's kind of silly that the only way you can play this game is if you have an additional accessory. We were worried about our son not being able to do the nunchuck and the remote at the same time but he actually rocks at it! He is really surprising me with his video game capabilities.
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on April 23, 2014
My 8 year got really bored with this one fast....but we also got him "lego Indiana Jones 2" and he absolutely loves it....He may have played this toy story game 15 times and I bet he's played the other over 100 and still reaches for it every time. The rest of the family however is getting tired of hearing it :)
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on January 17, 2014
My kids love this game. We got it shipped and in time for the holidays. The game has great graphics and was a wonderful game to play since my kids and I love the movie. This game follows the story that the movie does, so my kids love the characters from the movie that are also in this game.
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At the start of the decade, Woody and Buzz finally came back to the cinematic big screen, and their much-awaited return was met with so much widespread critical acclaim that it became THE highest-grossing animated film of all time. But enough about box office facts; let's discuss its video game counterpart. I played both of the handheld versions of the title already, and my reactions to those were negative (Nintendo DS version) and positive (Sony PSP/Playstation 2 version), but now that I've played this Wii game, I think it's safe to say which version I prefer overall.

Toy Story 3 on the Nintendo Wii was for sure given the cinema-esc treatment. The soundtrack is full of orchestrated tunes from not only the movie, but also borrows some notable bits from the first two movies, and I wouldn't be surprised if the cutscenes were made by Pixar themselves; they are just as well animated as the movie it represents!

The Story Mode does an interesting take on the plot of the film; some of Andy's toys narrate the story during the level selection, using a game board Hamm built to depict key scenes. While the levels themselves do follow the plot in a straightforward fashion, there are actually a few that trail off and/or present the scene in an entirely different and unique way. For example, as Woody, Buzz, and Jessie are on the mission to get Andy's cell phone, Rex turns out to be playing the Buzz Lightyear video game from Toy Story 2! Yes, THAT'S one of the levels! Another level also takes Bonnie's playtime with the toys to the utterly extreme by making her imagination come alive; the room floods with coffee, everyday objects are floating, and then the walls break off revealing outer space and colorful grinding rails!

The gameplay consists of almost LEGO-game-style puzzle-platforming in which you switch between Woody, Buzz, and Jessie to solve various little puzzles or platforming challenges. Every once in a while, specific levels change up some mechanics such as having a minigame or tossing aliens into a safe zone. For the most part, though, it's pure, lighthearted platforming, and I'm perfectly fine with that. What's arguably just as interesting is the alternate selling point to this game: The Toy Box feature. It turns Toy Story 3 into a sandbox game filled with missions and room for goofing around, and that alone increases the replayability by a ton.
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