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I was very happy to be see this chair offered. My daughter is almost 7 months and I have tried other conventional high chairs and do not like them. The other standard high chairs take up so much room. Even if they fold up and are portable they weigh a lot and always slide apart when moving from room to room. Most high chairs sit so far out from the wall you have to walk around them. I live in a smaller place and have a small two seater dinning table with two drop leafs so I was happy to try this.

It came with a few more pieces than I thought it would but assembly was not hard at all. The instructions were not that clear, however, it was self explanatory on how to assemble. Once I had it built I was so impressed with it. I tried it out with my daughter, 6 months, with the sticker still on the tray. I was able to pull her up to the table with me. The great thing is you are able to remove the tray and push the chair up to the table and it is the perfect height. My daughter was sitting at the table with us instead of by herself. You could tell she likes feeling more included.

One thing my daughter never has liked is being strapped in. A lot of straps are also really harsh material and dig into their neck or skin even if not tightened. I love the straps/harness for this chair. Very easy to adjust and does not bother her one bit. The thing I love, you can tell by my photos I am adding, that once the harness is on her with a bib, you cannot see the straps. I have not had to worry about her getting her favorite food, sweet potatoes, all over them.

I own another conventional high chair that claimed to have a swing out tray. I hated that high chair and the tray did not swing out. The company stated you can hold you baby while opening the chair. It never worked for me. The other you had to hold the button it, push it, line it up, you name it. This one, I can hold my daughter who is 20 lbs. and pull the tray out. It is right under the front of the tray and is so easy to maneuver. I then put the tray on the table and place the baby in the chair and strap her in. Once strapped in I slide the tray back on and she knows it is time for food.

Another great feature that I am sure they did not add but I have used, is the extra footsteps come in so handy. If I am feeding her with a kitchen chair facing her I cannot place her food onto the highchair without her knocking it over and also need easy access to a washcloth in case her face gets messy. In come the footsteps. Since her feet just dangle over the edge I place her bowl of food and washcloth (dry) on the steps. It is so nice to have them right under me and out of her reach.

If I could have designed a highchair, this would be it. It has more features and use than I though it would have. I am so happy my daughter has many years to grow with it. If the foam backing and sides do not hold up or I want to change the color I may do so by ordering the OXO Tot Sprout Chair Replacement Cushion Set, Orange . My chair comes with the green but they also have orange or taupe.

Last, the chair is incredibly sturdy. It does not tilt back or forth or left to right, very stable. I am trying to think of any cons but everyday I think of more features I like about the chair. I consider myself a very picky person but this chair is remarkable! Please see the photo gallery for comparison to the conventional high chair and also photos of my daughter in it.

Added August 17th, 2011. This high char is still in the best one out there. I use it three times a day for my daughter who will now be 10 months in a few days. I wanted to add a few things. My daughter has a bad gag reflux and has thrown up her whole meal in the high chair. It got in the straps, the plastic, you name it. However, I was able to wash the straps in the washing machine. I have done so with the straps several times and they come out looking like new! Also, if vomit or wet food gets in the plastic, it is easy to disassemble and clean the parts and place them back together. The part between her legs that the tray slides onto has been covered in vomit. I removed the screws at the bottom and clean the plastic pieces, waited for them to dry and put the screws back in. The chair is good as new! A lot of high chairs you would be stuck with food in the chair, not with this one. They truly thought of everything with this one. Again, being a perfectionist and clean freak I love this chair.

Update on September 8, 2012: My daughter will be 2 next month and the chair is still going strong! I have removed the shoulder straps since she was getting them dirty with all of her meals and I had to clean them in the washer every night. Without the shoulder straps she wears a toddler bib with a food pocket to catch any food. I still use the tray and pull her up to the table and have her sit next to me that way. With the tray attached and always under supervision, she is safe.

Her feet used to dangle and now sit on the step. She is about 3 feet tall now and 33 lbs. I still just gently wipe any food particles from the steps with a light damp cloth so it does not damage the wood.

The biggest issue I have had and it seems other owner has had as well is food getting under the pad. With my daughter being almost 2 and eating more types of food, a lot of it ends up on the side or the bottom pad. I am really good about wiping the top of the pad off and removing the pad if she gets any underneath it. I use warm water and soap on a sponge and gently clean it off the underside which is felt like. It looks like new. However, my problem has been the three adhesive circles the pad has to attach to. Wet food gets under the pad and trying to clean it out of the adhesive parts, well, it smeared and made it worse. After awhile I could smell it. I tried cleaning it with a soapy sponge but it seemed to only touch the top surface. After a commenter wrote that they were going to use a toothbrush for their cleaning I saw I vegetable scrubber under my sink and decided to give that a go on the adhesive circles. I took warm water and some soap and turned it in a circular motion. It did loosen the food very well! I was surprised I did not think of cleaning it that way sooner. I might replace the three adhesive parts if they continue to get dirty. If I do that, the chair will look like it did the day I got it.

Over all I cannot say enough great things about this highchair. My mother has a highchair for my daughter at her house and it just seems so bulky and big. I love the OXO chair because it grows with your child. My daughter started using it at only a few months and will be 2 years next month. The chairs looks great as well, I get many compliments on it. I also have matched it up to the OXO dinnerware such as OXO Tot Plate, Green,OXO Tot Divided Plate, Green,OXO Tot Fork and Spoon Set, Green,OXO Tot Feeding Spoon Set, Aqua, just to name a few. I get them all in green to match her chair. I still love this highchair.

Added January 30, 2013: My daughter is now 2 years and 3 months; this is the only chair we still use! It shows little to no signs of wear on the wood at all. There are a few small nicks from moving it around or from me vacuuming up near it, so small though you cannot see it. All white parts are still white! I still use the tray but have removed ALL of the straps. The bottom strap I had to remove the middle plastic part but ended up being a blessing because I cleaned it when I removed it. There was some food stuck in the center part. I cleaned it with some soapy water and let it air dry before putting the screws back in it on the chair. The only thing that has changed is the chair is not as stable. My daughter is almost 40 pounds but does get excited and shakes the chair back and forth. I am assuming that is the reason. I thought perhaps the chair needed to be tightened so tightened all the screws and it still wobbles a bit. There are screws under the chair area as well that I tightened and it still wobbles. I literally tightened ever screw on the chair. I did not want to tighten it too much because you will hear the wood start to creak/crack which is too much pressure. Over the last few months I have had to remove the bottom chair pad to clean food under it and also wipe the underside of the pad with a warm soapy sponge and let it air dry. It is like new putting it back! I don't see myself having to replace the pads at all due to use. They look new and clean well. The adhesive parts they stick to I wish I could remove but they are covered so I am OK with that. Another think if you have a climbing toddler they might try to climb into the chair. Twice my daughter was just in the highchair and I did not understand how. I asked her to show me and she climbed the stairs like a ladder and over the tray and then slid it. I put an end to that right away since it was very unsafe. Wanted to warn other parents in case you see your child in the chair wondering how they got into it. It is not OXO's problem, toddlers will climb. Now knowing how she did it I keep the chair in a corner she can't get to. Still have years with this chair and will continue to update it as I see fit.

May 2, 2014: Time for another update! Thanks to a lovely person who left a comment, I called OXO months ago and they replaced the Velcro stickers underneath the pads. Mine were really dirty. I tried to clean them but could not get the clean. However, they were a different shape than the original Velcro stickers and they did not hold up well at all. They looked aged and were piling off at the corners. I then bought these: Velcro Stick On Square Shapes: Black - 12 Sets. They have both sides but I only used the Velcro ones. I removed the older ones carefully with a butter knife and wiped the chair off. I then placed only the Velcro pads I bought above and they do not have any debris in them.

I also wanted to discuss the water in the trays others have mentioned. I never had that issue but noticed several months ago the tray was no longer sealed at the seams. I decided, and highly do not recommend, to take it apart and see if there was any water inside. I took it apart and there was not any water but I now understand how buyers can get water in the tray without submerging it at all. It will seep into the sides on its own. Again, do not recommend taking it apart, it has a spring load mechanism and was a bit difficult to put back together but I managed.

Last, I no longer use the tray, my daughter is now 3 ½ and I use it as a booster chair now. I had to lower the seat, which is easy to do with the pullouts on the side. It has three levels. I lowered it to the lowest one and it now fits under my dinning table perfectly! She loves eating at the table and it slides in perfectly for her. I kept the center part. She cannot fall out of the chair; I remember reading somewhere that someone was concerned about that. I get her in and out. She can climb into it but it is not that safe so I do not recommend.

I have had this chair for over 3 years now and it still looks brand new! OXO really knew what they were doing when they designed this chair.
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on August 12, 2014
After using this chair for sixth months my opinion has gone from 5 stars to 1. Overall it is a very functional chair but there are a couple minor flaws and then one MAJOR design flaw.

First, the cushions can only be wiped down with a wet cloth and the bottom side can't even get wet because it is an absorbent type material.

Second, the velcro which is supposed to hold the seat cushion in place stops working properly after a few months and it is because of that fabric I mentioned on the bottom of the cushion.

Lastly, the biggest and MAJOR problem with this chair is the tray design. It is constructed of two halves that screw together with a dozen screws and even if you run a little water on this tray to assist in washing it off, the water gets inside the tray and is near impossible to get out. I took it apart once because I could see pink mildew forming around the parting line. Luckily the first time that is all it was. The second time though was tonight before I wrote this review. I took the trays apart and I was in disbelief. There was pink mildew all over the inside of the tray and even food particles that had gotten in. It was absolutely disgusting and makes me furious. I had to completely take apart the tray (there are four other pieces inside the tray that have white grease all over them) and scrub in ever crevice. And let me tell you there are TONS of places for water to sit after looking at this thing. And only two very tiny drain holes for the entire tray.

OXO should recall this in my opinion. The tray is a breeding ground for germs and mildew or mold. I will be contacting the company immediately.
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on March 12, 2012
This is a great high chair! When I was shopping for high chairs, I wanted something that would look nice, without the gaudy rainforest patterns, so I narrowed down my choices to the Tripp Trapp, the Keekaroo, and the Oxo Tot Sprout. I ruled out the Tripp Trapp because it did not come with a tray, and if I wanted to use it with an infant of 4+ months, I'd have to buy another expensive infant insert that did not look at all comfortable. I had also read some negative reviews about the chair tipping backwards. The Keekaroo looked very similar to the Tripp Trapp and came with a tray, but the tray was made of wood with lots of cracks to hide food and required two hands to put on and take off. I decided on the Sprout chair and I'm really glad I did! I used this chair when my baby was 4 months old and he is now almost 11 months and we are going strong. So my review applies to babies who are very little and need a lot of support, but I have no experience yet with toddlers.

Really nice design, is not an eye sore in my kitchen
Plastic seat and cushions are easy to wipe clean and comfortable to sit in
Crotch post keeps baby from submarining under the chair
Shoulder harness (the Tripp Trapp etc only has a waist belt) keeps a squirmy baby from crawling out of the chair, and a younger baby from flopping over.
Good sized plastic tray, ONE HANDED RELEASE (so important when you have a baby in one arm, and the tray in the other!!!)
The seat is height adjustable
I like to rest my foot on the foot rest--great for mama, good for baby when he is old enough to climb into the chair himself.

This chair is advertised to slide up to the dinner table to allow toddlers to eat with the grown ups, just like the Tripp Trapp and the Keekaroo. You just lower the seat and remove the post. However, unlike the TT and the KK, this chair has arms which might hit the table and prevent the chair from sliding all the way under the table. The height of the arms of the Sprout chair, at the lowest setting, is 26". Please measure the bottom of your table to make sure this chair can fit under your table. You need at least 26" of clearance. My table has a "pocket" under the table to hold extra leaves, and the arms of the Sprout hits against the "pocket" and does not slide all the way under the table. When it comes time for my baby to use this chair as a real chair, we may be forced to raise the table 0.5" or cut the legs of this high chair, but hopefully by then we will have another baby who can use this chair as is!
The tray traps water inside the cracks so after you wash it, you can hear water swishing around. I shake the tray violently to get the water out.
The straps and the clips seem really cheap for a high chair that is otherwise such high quality. The straps have a tendency to twist.

Overall, in spite of these cons, this is still a great chair and I have no regrets in my purchase of it.
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on October 16, 2011
The chair itself is really great. The main advantage of the chair, is its ability to "transition" for each stage of your little one's life (well at least till they are about 5). The chair makes a great high chair, but falls short on the toddler section. For the price, this may make you think twice. Where it falls short: the removable center seat post is required for the harness. There is no 5 to 3 point, or even a 2 point (regular seat belt) option. For this money, OXO should have thought of this. I would love to see an additional option to purchase (or include it... really that would be best) different seat restraints. My toddlers didn't really need a 5 point harness, but a simple seat belt would be great.

As a youth chair it works fine (my 4 year old does just great in it). But my 2 1/2 year old is not so good. He has to sit back to eat with the harness and the middle seat post in place. We don't feel comfortable just letting him sit without any restraint yet, and the only option is either 5 point, or nothing. So that is where this chair really disappoints.

Finally, it is also really expensive. We were using the Fisher-Price Healthy Care Deluxe Booster Seat, Red/White in blue / green on a simple dining room chair. It worked great and we simply never removed it. As long as you really secure it, it seems to work fantastic. As always - you need to keep an eye on your kids at the table in any chair, and this one along with the OXO requires adult supervision. But what really is great about the fisher price set , is the height adjustability, the dishwasher safe tray, the 3 point harness for little ones that no longer need a 5 point (about every 9 month old or so) harness, and of course the price. You could buy almost 10 of the fisher price seats for the cost of 1 OXO tot.

So if the 250 is steep or your parents didn't get you one during the baby shower, you might consider a solid dining room chair with the fisher price (secured properly) booster as a solid alternative.
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on April 27, 2013
I have to admit, the 1-Star reviews really made me hesitant on getting this chair for the longest time. How can there be glowing, wonderful 5 Star reviews and at the same time 1-Star ones, with legitimate reasons?

I compared it to my other top two choices, Inglesina 2013 Zuma Highchair, White/Light Blue and Stokke Tripp Trapp Highchair - Natural

I decided to take the plunge for OXO anyways:
Note: like another reviewer, my son has been using Fisher-Price Healthy Care Deluxe Booster Seat, Red/White

+ Stylish - i didn't want to get one with bright, cartoon print that stuck out like a sore thumb in the house.
+ like Stokke, this chair allows for kids to climb into their high chair by themselves (with supervision). my 14 month old son can easily climb in and out of this chair with ease, and seems quite pleased every time he does so.
+ roomy seat compared to Inglesina Zuma and my booster seat. My son isn't big, about 22 pounds, 31 inches and finds the seat roomy.
+ Tray can be removed and attached with one hand!!! which is a big big plus for me
+ the crotch post is a MUST. My son is very feisty, he will try to slip out of high chairs from the bottom of the tray if there wasn't any crotch post to stop him! so if you have a squirmy toddler, this is a must!
+ easy to move chair around. I have weak arms but I am still able to carry my son and move this chair easily to another area in the room when he gets antsy in one area. But it's definitely not light enough to tip over by my son!
+ hard for my son to climb out when straps and tray in place. He was able to climb out of his booster seat (3-point harness)
+ straps are easy to clean (the straps are smooth surface, so food doesn't hide or cling onto the textile ridges of the straps)

***Addressing 1-Star Reviews*** Top Reasons for 1 Star Reviews:
1) Tray traps Water, gets moldy and hard to clean:
This one drove me crazy. I went as far as emailing a 5 star reviewer to ask about this problem. When my chair finally arrived, i immediately checked the tray to see what others were talking about. But I couldn't figure out as to where in the tray would it trap water and mold. I posted a pic of the crevices of the tray that could be potential places where water will hide, but they seem easy to wipe down dry with a paper towel. So maybe oxo updated the design of the tray?

2) Impossible to clean: ( common complaints - food stains tray, food falling and hiding into the cushions too easily, insides of cushions absorbs liquids like crazy, cushions not machine washable, straps impossible to clean)

Food stains on tray: so far my tray is stain free from notorious staining foods like blueberries, strawberries, carrots and pumpkin. I am a germaphobe so I wipe down with a wet cloth as soon as my son is done eating. If i leave it out for an hour or two to do something else, I def understand staining. For stubborn stains I mix baking soda with water, spray onto tray and leave it on for an hour and wipe down.

Food falling & hiding into the cushions: my son has hid biscuit bits underneath his cushions, but I have a handheld vacuum at home, so at the end of the day I do a quick vacuum and the crumbs are all gone. Water has been spilled onto and inside the cushions, and what I do is hand wash the cushions, spray it with 75% alcohol spray afterwards (to leave no smell). But like other reviewers, you can buy extra velcro to seal in the space between the cushion and the chair, or just simply put a folded paper towel in between cushion and chair. my son doesn't spill liquids on the insides of the cushion too often (mostly on the tray only), and he doesn't have reflux. So this has only happened once since purchasing the chair. This issue may make or break the decision to purchase this chair - given the price.

cushions not machine washable or able to be tumble dried: this was a big turn off for me that stopped me from buying it initially. I needed everything to be machine washable. But to be honest, rarely does my son make explosive messes on this chair that I couldn't handle with a wet cloth wipe down.

Straps impossible to clean: i think one reviewer addressed this issue, but you can take off the straps easily by feeding it through the strap hole without taking the whole seat apart.
it's machine washable thank god. it's also easy to clean since the straps have a smooth surface, so it doesn't stain as easly as the Fisher-Price Healthy Care Deluxe Booster Seat, Red/White straps.

3) Chair wears down fast: So far the wood hasn't chipped and the colors haven't faded. Like most furniture, it does take some effort to preserve it "like new" state. I always have to stop my son from banging stuff on the legs of the chair, or dumping water onto the wooden parts when he is playing around.


Overall, I haven't had much struggles or frustrations with this chair. I didn't stick with the booster seat as I intended before, simply because my son figured out how to climb out of it and I am guessing it feels kind of small and narrow to him (but of course, every child has different preferences). Other high chairs have a crotch post that removes with the tray, which I did not want because I needed to place my son into it without him trying to escape by slipping down.

Good for energetic toddlers who do not like to sit still or won't sit still for a meal!!
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on February 17, 2014
We originally had a Svan Signet for our daughter, but she's so active we worried she would break the single post design. So we looked for a 4-leg chair and this one was highly rated. Basically, we ended up buying it without doing enough research. The chair is sturdy and pretty, but it is difficult to clean. It's really annoying that not a single piece of this product can be washed in the dishwasher. Because I gotta tell you, after a full day of cleaning up toys, vomit, poop, etc. there is nothing I want to do more than hand wash a tray that easily stains, especially when every time I'm washing it, all I can think is, how easy would it be for the company to make a dishwasher safe cover for this dang thing. Oh yeah, and because it easily stains, you need to wash it ASAP once your kid is done eating. So, feel free to just let your kid run their messy food covered clothes and hands all over the rest of your furniture while you tend to this high-maintenance high chair.

The harness straps gets soiled easily, so you really need to wash them every day (soaking in soapy water works well). The worst part is the strap in the seat area cannot be removed (or at least I haven't figured out how), so basically get used to that being cruddy and gross all the time.

You also have to remove the pads to clean them basically every day b/c they don't easily wipe down while attached (food gets stuck in places). Oh, but don't think your gonna remove those suckers and throw them in the washing machine with your kid's dirty clothes. Nope. those have to be washed by hand as well. The best part is that the velcro that's used to hold those pads in place is great at keeping little pieces of food and old paper towels where you foolishly tried to clean out the food.

I would only recommend getting this chair as a gift for an expectant parent that you don't like.
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on August 23, 2015
This high chair should not be on the market. The inside of the tray gets DISGUSTING. I picked this high chair and added it to my registry based on the appearance of the chair alone - big mistake. Worse, my mother-in-law bought it for me, and the box is long gone so I can't return it. Yes, this high chair looks nice, but the pads are a pain in the butt to clean, and you can't even get the back pad off without taking the straps out. And the absolute worst issue is the tray. Yes, it is nice that you can get it on and off with one hand. But it is hollow inside and when you wash the tray in the sink (as you are bound to do, at least three times a day) water gets inside. The first time we opened it up because it was dripping water my husband thought "ok, gross, but I will drill more holes in the bottom for drainage so it will dry out inside and not be so gross." So he did that (you can see the dozens of holes in the attached picture). That did not solve the problem. Water still gets in, and it does not dry out, causing mold to grow inside. So ridiculously gross. Whoever designed this chair clearly did not think of the realities of how messy babies are, and how you don't want your baby to eat off a moldy tray three times a day. Please do not buy this high chair for your baby!
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on May 15, 2015
Do NOT buy this chair! The horrible design of tray causes water to leak in = MOLD growth. We have had this chair for over two years and have loved it until this afternoon I noticed black around the edge of tray. After major scrubbing I couldn't get it clean so I took tray apart (screws located on bottom of tray) only to find MAJOR BLACK MOLD growth! I am horrified that my children have been eating off of this tray. I called OXO and they said it was because I rinsed tray with water. Apparently their instructions call for it to be cleaned by just wiping the surface. What?! That is ridiculous. How would you thoroughly clean it? Anyone with a baby/toddler knows how messy meals can be. The tray would never get clean enough if you just wiped tray off. I would never wipe it with disinfectant and not rinse it off the toxic cleaner before letting my son eat off tray. Even if I didn't rinse it and just wiped tray after use, liquid/food from my baby would've leaked in crack during any meal. If you have this chair, take apart tray asap and check for mold.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on February 5, 2013
First off, let me say that this high-chair is very visually appealing. It looks great in our house, and the taupe seat matches very well with our color scheme of gray, beige and blues. I definitely do not feel that the quality of construction justifies the price (about $260 when we bought it). The legs, while a nice walnut brown color, are constructed with particle board, and held together with these big visible bolt/screws. For this price, I would expect real wood, and more subtle placement of screws. Also, I do not know what I was thinking in purchasing a wood high-chair that was mostly made of plastic. I wanted a wood chair for the look, and also for ease of clean-up and to keep our baby being exposed to too much plastic. So although this chair looks nice, I failed on all three intentions.

The plastic in this chair is not obnoxious looking, but it does not have the classic look of all-wood. I fear that the plastic could possibly leach into my baby's food, since I put foods directly on the tray. And, this chair is most definitely not easy to clean up. When I was considering this purchase, I remember reading that water can get stuck in the tray during clean-up. I do not submerge the tray, rather I sponge it off when a scrubby sponge. Water does sometimes get stuck in there, but I have not noticed any mold growing, and I try to either shake it out or let it dry in an upright position. Other reviews mentioned staining. After food has been sitting on it for a while ~ squash, or tomato sauce, it does tend to temporarily stain. However, I have had good results with scrubbing it off, even after the occasional times when I leave it with food overnight. The tray does scratch, so be careful with cutting food directly on it.

The main thing I do not like about this chair is the seat cushion. It velcros on so that you can take it off and clean it. That's a nice idea, but what tends to happen is that food gets stuck under the cushion. Then when you remove it and try to clean the plastic underneath part, the food gets stuck in the velcro pads on the plastic. Gross! Also, for a busy mom, I wish there were not all these little nooks and crevices for food to get stuck in. I'd like to just wipe it off with a sponge and only rarely take it apart. But there's this big plastic piece that goes in between your baby's legs, and that makes it difficult to clean all of the food out. Also, when you take the seat cushion off to clean, you need to be very careful to only get the top part wet because the bottom part is not waterproof and could trap water.

There's also a 5-point harness which would be nice for a very squiggly baby, but I never use it. The straps are not easy to fully clean, and so I'd rather just have them behind my baby. The bottom part of the harness comes out from the same area as the white plastic piece between the baby's legs. So if you don't buckle them in, they end on sitting on the buckle, which doesn't seem comfortable. Obviously the company would want you to buckle your baby every time, but I feel that the leg piece and tray are enough to hold in my baby. She is not crazy about sitting in the high-chair to begin with, so I will wait to strap her in until she is really moving.

Now, I should mention that we do Baby-Led-Weaning. This means that I put the food on my daughter's tray and let her go to town. For a mom feeding her child purees, these issues with cleaning may not apply. But since 3/4 of the food I give my daughter ends up on the seat and floor, they are issues for me. Other people mentioned this, but I foolishly disregarded it.

So in conclusion: Oxo tot, thanks for creating a nice looking high chair that looks good in my house. I wish in the future that you would improve the quality of construction, and perhaps create a chair that is entirely made of wood, with cushions that do not come off. I understand wanting to be able to take them off to clean them, but if they were permanently fixed, I could clean them without worrying about food getting lodged underneath. Also, please move the bottom harness buckle to under the seat of the chair, so that when not in use, it does not end up underneath my baby's crotch. Thanks!
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The manufacturer commented on this review (What's this?)
Hi Capemom,

I'm Kimberly with OXO. Thank you for your review on the OXO Tot Sprout Chair. We take customer feedback very seriously so thank you for your comments and I will be sure to pass them along to the Product Development Team.

I noticed that your review mentions concern about the legs of the chair not being made of wood and I wanted to let you know that the legs are made of an engineered birch plywood that was chosen because it provides strength advantages over solid wood. The grain direction is glued together in an alternating pattern, giving strength to the wood in both directions. Every layer of our wood is made from birch, a premium hardwood known for its strength.

Also, I noticed you mentioned the straps are difficult to clean. You can actually remove these from the chair and toss into the washing machine for a thorough clean!

If you ever have questions about an OXO product please call our Customer Service Department at 1-800-545-4411. We do have a Satisfaction Guarantee so if you are not happy with your OXO product for any reason please give our Customer Service Department a call for a repair, replacement or refund.

on February 4, 2014
I really tried to like this chair! We bought it based on the good reviews and for the sleek design. My son will be one this month and has been using the chair for the past six months.

In this time, we have had nothing but issues!

-Our tray is not sealed properly so food becomes lodged in the cracks along the sides (I use a knife to try and get the food particles dislodged so that mold does not grow inside of the tray)
-If we try to wash the tray, it becomes filled with water
-The surface of the tray is peeling (we have never cut anything on the tray)
-The cushions are almost impossible to clean! I scrub them after every meal and they still look disgusting
-Food becomes trapped in the cracks and crevices between the buckle and tray latch
-No matter how much we tighten the screws, the chair still becomes wobbly
-The "wood" of the legs are also starting to peel

Overall, for $250, I would have hoped to have received a better quality product.

Update: After reading other customer reviews, I unscrewed the tray and found mold growing inside...disgusting. OXO is usually a brand that I trust, I do not know how they can sell a product that is so faulty!
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