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on December 16, 2010
Bought this monitor solely because it was a size upgrade from a 19" LCD widescreen, mainly to watch live TV a few feet away from the computer desk on a futon in the back room (read: not for primary DVD or TV viewing). This computer is our main desktop machine, but we don't do any video editing or photo-retouching on it, just general home office work, so as long as it was a bigger screen from a known-name company for cheap, it fit the bill. The fact of it being HD spec was outside the main objective of this purchase. I'm hooked up DVI and have not used the built-in speakers - probably never will, so I can't comment on analog VGA or audio performance.

If you're looking for a monitor to replace what you have, this is a great deal. The only real reservation about it is that there is quite a bit of blue-light bleed all around my monitor, but mainly along the bottom where the blue power LED is. Dunno if the blue halo around the screen is from this LED or not, as there's no way in the screen menus to turn off the LED itself without turning off the screen (which is logicial).

Basically: image is sharp (people who report fuzzy fonts don't understand flatscreen monitors have a native resolution, and running the screen at anything other than it's native resolution will degrade image quality), the screen is full-width (other reviews here of Yahoo and other websites not using the whole width of the screen is down to the people who program that specific webpage - it has nothing to do with the function or resolution of the monitor), and the colors/contrast are pretty good (save the extra blue bleeding). For general purpose use, this is monitor is a bargain. If you want to watch TV or DVDs more primarily on your computer, or if you're going to be doing video or picture editing, spend the extra $40-60 and get the Viewsonic LED (not LCD) 24" version of this monitor, also sold here on Amazon or other online retailers, to avoid the blue halo Viewsonic VX2450WM-LED 24-Inch (23.6-Inch Vis) Widescreen LED Monitor with Full HD 1080p and Speakers - Black.
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on September 12, 2010
The monitor is clear, vibrant with colors, has good contrast. It is pretty good for watching HD content and movies.

Cons: While watching movies, the blacks are not as black as you would want for perfect viewing pleasure. Also, with darker pictures, light bleeds at the edges.

Pros: Price for the size is unbeatable, sufficient for most day to day purposes.

Recommended: Yes!
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on September 21, 2010
I was looking for a new monitor to compliment my Mac Pro since I am dropping $4k+ on the Mac itself I can't afford their ONLY option of a $1k 27 inch monitor. I did some research and took a look at the reviews and decided to take a shot on this Viewsonic 24 inch with speakers. For $189 you can't beat it. It has DVI and VGA inputs w/ built in speakers and the quality is really solid. I use the DVI inputs with a DirecTV HD receiver and use the VGA with my Mac/PC. I am a little disappointed with the black levels for use as an HDTV but it's not really meant for that per se but I can't complain for the price. The speakers are pretty weak but the primary use for this monitor is for my studio DAW. It's a bonus though to be able to watch TV to take a break. ;-)

Bottom line is if you are looking for a inexpensive 24 inch HD widescreen, this is for you.
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on October 18, 2010
I have had mainly Viewsonic monitors for over 10 years. Each one has impressed and this 24 inch monitor is one of the best that I have seen. Very clear with excellent color quality and movies are fantastic. I am not using the built in speakers, but I imagine they would be adequete for some basic sound needs. Overall, I would highly recommend this monitor.
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on December 30, 2010
I've had mixed results when dealing with viewsonic monitors. But this monitor does what I need it to do.
The refresh rate isn't as great as a gaming monitor and the built in speakers suck. (but who buys a monitor for the speakers?)
yes it does lack a DVI cable, so remember they're only about $10 on amazon anyway.
the optimal settings are 1920x1080 at 60hz which is pretty decent.
the menu takes a little getting used to, but it does have a couple of features that you may find nice.
1. auto contrast adjust-I actually hate this feature, so I turn it off. basically, when the screen contents are bright, the brightness is turned up, when it's dark, the brightness is lowered (kind of backwards in my opinion)
2. auto off - I like this feature, it's kind of a piece of mind thing. When a power saving event occurs that has the PC turn off the monitor, it usually turns back on by means of waking the computer or moving a mouse. when the auto off feature is enabled, the screen remains powered off until you actually press the monitor's power button to turn it back on.
3. auto input selection - this feature is more for laymen as I personally find it a pain. if you connect this monitor to two separate computers, you'll find that if one is restarted, the monitor auto switches to the computer still connected. This is nice for every scenario except when you're actually trying to pay attention to BIOS messages during boot up.

By the way, there is one VGA input and one DVI input, the audio is a single RCA jack

So far I've purchased 4 of these monitors and they've all been working perfectly, in my experience this is kind of rare for Viewsonic, but a pleasant surprise.
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on November 30, 2011
I had been using an old 22" Proview monitor that I bought 6 years ago, the color and text quality (and eye comfort) on that monitor was always somehow lacking. I work in IT for a large outfit and have to remote in an work from home at times so a good monitor is not a whim it' s a requirement. I order this and hook it up to DVI - WOW. EGADS! Night and day. I run this Viewsonic at full max resolution 1920 X 1080 32 bit, 60hz on a nVidia 430GTX video card. VERY VERY pleased. It's a whole new world from what I was using. I briefly tried the conventional, "old skool" VGA (d-sub) connector. Meh. It was "OK" but nothing to write home about. Changing to the DVI connector brought it up a couple notches in quality. Now I can have Microsoft Word 2010 display two pages at 100% side by side with excellent text clarity (Arial 10 point, 100% magnification) AND still have the 2" wide MS Word 2010 navigation sidebar showing! Maybe this is mundane for your folks but for me, it's turned working on my computer into a pleasure instead of a chore. I have no complaints about viewing angle. I came very close to buying an HP 25" monitor with HDMI input but chose this after the very good reviews. I'm glad I did: the value of this monitor can't be beat. I am seriously considering buying a 2nd one for my downstairs PC.

RANT: I never understand the fools who - on most any LCD desktop monitor review - whine about the internal speakers sounding tinny and docking rating stars because of that. Well DUH!! If you knew anything about audio, physics or engineering: You have to have sufficient enclosure space to move air to generate decent sound. You have to bring a product in at a price point. What were you thinking or expecting? Audio-wise, the speakers built into most desktop computer LCD panels are a best-effort joke. They are just enough to listen to the news. Get over it with the sound quality complaints - OR - obtain quality REAL separate speakers.

UPDATE: I liked it so much I just ordered a 2nd one.
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on December 29, 2010
This monitor has VGA and DVI connectors not HDMI. However, it displays as all ViewSonic monitors. Outstanding. Hooked it up with the VGA cable that comes with it and played a movie. Great quality. Will get the DVI cable and see if there's a difference. Didn't hook up the speakers that are built into the monitor due to using a 2.1 sound set of speakers with sub. If you are looking for an affordable high quality monitor then look no further. This is an outstanding monitor.
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on April 30, 2011
When I bought my first computer in 1991 a 21 inch color monitor was $2,000.00. This monitor, substantive and solid on the desk, is an unbelievable value at its price set at under $200.00. It is solid, crisp and brilliant, with hastle free install on windows 7. The sound is not strong but I do not want a sound system on my desk top which is mostly for work. The stereo speakers are adequate for most desktop aps and I am very pleased with the purchase and continue to be impressed with Viewsonic whom I have always regarded as an outfit producing high quality products. This is a great item.
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on April 10, 2011
Purchased one of these VA2431WM 24-inch monitors for a PC build (see my review on the AMD Phenom II X6 Six-Core Processor 1090T "Best Build for the Money (under $990)"). I liked it so much that I ordered another, to up my PC build to a dual monitor system. I paid $169.99 for it both times and now it's up to $179, but even at that price it is well worth the money as long as you are not buying it for the sound. The dull surface eliminates any glare from lights in or around your system. The colors are crisp, clean and vibrant. The default settings are too hot but a few simple menu adjustments are all that's required. For some reason my monitors factory setting for brightness was 100%. I'm not sure if that's always true but it was for my first one, I just ordered my second one today. I admit the sound on this monitor is just so-so but if you don't care about that, it's a 5-star purchase.
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on January 3, 2011
This monitor is perfect. End of review.

Oh, I guess you may want to know why. Here goes:

- the setup is simple and it starts working almost right out of the box
- the display is perfect, no issues with it at all
- it even has sound, which means that I can actually enjoy video now (it's not as easy with my little netbook)
- the size and resolution are perfect too. it's wide enough that you don't have to scroll to the right to view most websites

All in all, in my opinion, it was a perfect purchase. I almost bought the 20" ViewSonic but then decided to spend the extra $40 or so for a larger monitor and I am glad I did.

This was a great purchase. Highly recommended!
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