Customer Reviews: Body-for-LIFE for Women: A Woman's Plan for Physical and Mental Transformation
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on April 11, 2005
If you are looking for a great effective easy to follow program like in Body For Life, this isn't it. She doesn't outline a whole plan like Bill Phillips does. Pamela gives plenty of information, and many recommendations, but does not write up a complete easy to follow plan like Bill. To be honest, that is what I expect from a book named Body for Life for Women, so I had to take a star away from what is otherwise an outstanding book.

Overall, I find Bill's original plan too limited for a lifetime, so in this way, Pamela's book is better. But, his is so detailed that all you have to do is decide to commit and follow through. BFL for Women requires more input than that. You will need to research, figure out what exercise you prefer and plan accordingly. Determine what cardio you like and the level, etc. Weight work is also not all spelled out like his plan. She discusses yoga and Pilates, but again, doesn't make it easy to fit all this in.

It's a great book, but not what I had want in a BFL for Women. I want a plan of the same quality as the original BFL plan, that is guaranteed to work if followed. Not just a book full of great advice. Something I know will be worth the time because it has been proven by 100's of people who have followed the same plan and have great results to show for it. This is closer to all the common sense advice we've all ignored time and time again. Wonderful book, but not at all like the BFL concept.

I'd recommend this to anyone wanting to learn more about fitness for women. But, not for anyone who loved the original BFL plan and wants one for women. Nor for anyone who wants a quick, easy to follow plan to blast their body into shape. This is a great book for the long haul.
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on July 8, 2006
I lost 48 lbs with the first Body for Life book that was written by Bill Phillips. The only thing I didn't love about that book was all of the 'manly' exercise routines and instructions in the exercise and weight-lifting chapters. Although I loved the diet while I was on it, eventually I fell off the wagon and was inspired when I saw this book, thinking ah, this must be a woman's approach to the same effective program.

It wasn't.

There are several things that bother me about this book, the first being that it seems like this book was just an afterthought, a way to put a woman on the cover of a book to reach all of the dieters who didn't pick up the Bill Phillips version because there was a big hunky man on the front.

This book had a lot of general information and advice we've all heard before. I thought the assembly of information was just kind of general - not pin-pointing - and it was confusing. I also felt like I was reading way too much 'filler' information when really all I wanted was the health plan. We all watch the news and hear the statistics, I was bored seeing them again.

Also, there are a few contradictions between this book and the original Body for Life book. If this is a different plan, why call it Body for Life? One small example is that in Bill Phillip's book, low-fat yogurt is clearly explained as a carbohydrate. (And I lost almost 50 lbs eating it as one.) But in BFL for Women, it's listed as a protein! This is confusing. Also, in this book it suggests you can follow the plan for a few days, then have a free day. In the original BFL, you had to go 6 days on the plan, with only one free day each week. I would have liked these changes (or differences perhaps for women) to be explained. Why was it one way in the first book, but a different way in the second? Dieter's rules are like gospel when you're following a particular plan, and I was left wondering what was what!

Body for Life publishing people, if you read this, there are other BFL'ers like myself who are looking for a part II to Bill's first book (not just a recipe book like Eating for Life) but a continuation of the same inspiration, encouragement and enthusiasm, and a further in-depth explanation of the original program with new tips and tricks to help follow it. I'd also like to see an 'extended Body for Life' plan - one that tells you what to do after you've reached your goal weight and that goes into detail with a specific plan for how to maintain your weight loss.

I was really inspired by the first book, and would recommend anyone to get that one instead of this one. I just didn't get the connection with the author that I got with the first. In Bill's book, I felt like he actually wanted me to get healthy, like it was his vision to see people be well. I felt like this book was like all the other diet books I've read before.
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on June 26, 2005
I found Pamela Peek's book to be extremely smart and a comprehensive life time plan for everyday women. If you are looking for an advanced body building book, this book might not be for you. If you are struggling with mid-life weight loss issues, baby weight or are confused about low carb/no carb/high carb or zoning... buy this book, it works! Inside the book is a foods table that takes the guesswork out of "what to eat," while allowing freedom of choice. The exercise schedule is realistic (minimum time in the gym is 30 minutes/6 days a week. And unique to lifestyle fitness books is a chapter that addresses four hormonal milestones and how these milestones affect your body's ability to lose weight (and what you can do about it). Milestone 1: Menstruation to First Pregnancy. 2: The Reproductive Years. 3: Perimonopause and Menopause. 4: Beyond Menopause. On a personal note, I've seen the negative comments posted regarding this book ~ all I can say is that has not been my experience: I'm losing weight, feeling firm, not struggling with hunger pains and recommending the book to family, friends and colleagues.
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on April 14, 2005
As a life long athlete and body builder I am well aware of the Body for Life program. I stepped down from competitive body building, and have since been a strength and fitness trainer. Over the years I have had the pleasure of training men and women who really want to get in shape and achieve some optimal level of wellness. The guys have always gotten the "go hard or go home" message and welcome the sweat and intensity and therefore resonate with the original program. My frustration has been finding a way to reach most of my women clients and get them to push the envelope, get intense and transform. Most are so motivated and then run into problems with how to balance their workouts with caring for so many others in their life, and then there's the ups and downs with self image and moods, tough times with eating right and finally what's up with their hormone status. I got Dr. Peeke's book Body for Life for Women and after scoping it out, there's no question I personally have a better understanding of how differently women are hard wired when it comes to approaching their transformation. As a trainer, I want to be there to guide each woman in a way that respects their unique needs. This book nails it. I now recommend all of my clients read it. I really think it gives women a blueprint that's reasonable and realistic. None of my women clients want to look ripped and pose in bathing suits. Instead they so want to achieve the best body composition they can and know that they have to have a healthy and focused attitude to make it all happen. I really like Dr. Peeke's phased in approach to the workouts. Many of the women I train are obese and very out of shape, and frequently with medical conditions, and there's no way they are attacking a high intensity workout to start. I like the 12 week Weight Removal segments. They make realistic sense. I see these women get hung up on feeling bad about themselves if they aren't perfect. Dr. Peeke's principles teach women it doesn't have to be that way. So, I say if you're a trainer out there this is the book to give your women clients who aren't natural athletes but wonderful people who just want a chance to achieve their dream of a mental and physical transformation in a patient and realistic matter, that doesn't end after 12 weeks, but is a program for a life time.

Eric Eckenrode

1991 IFBB Mr. North America-m/w
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on April 12, 2005
I'm a 45 year old woman who, like so many women out there, is constantly struggling to find some kind of balance in my life while I'm care giving the world. Since I turned 40, I've gained 30 pounds on top of the 20 I already had on board. I've tried everything. What else is new? I've just picked up Dr. Peeke's new book Body for Life for Women last week and it was like she was speaking to me. She totally gets it. Her Power Mind Principles nailed it with me. I found myself smiling as I read about how women are hard wired so differently than men when it comes to taking care of themselves. I see that I am a stress overeater and a ruminator. My husband doesn't do either. I have always been frustrated with how much easier it is for him to get in shape. It's always seemed like such a mission impossible for me. I love the power in her cover picture and the fact that she walks the talk. I can trust her since she is a doctor who is recognized as a leading authority on women's health. I'm tired of people witih no credentials telling me which way is up with my fitness and nutrition. I'm not a gym rat and with 50 pounds to drop, I'm sure not going into a gym and hitting it hard. I need a program that patiently phases me into the cardio and weights. I don't feel comfortable in a gym yet and so I use her exercises to get in shape at home. And it's working! I love her whole concept of Woman Food. I've been eating like a guy for too long. I really like the way she allows me to customize what I need as a woman who is well into my perimenopause. I have tried her shakes for my mid afternoon snack and they work like a charm to cut carb cravings and I am less prone to overeating in the evening. Finally, I was never built like an athlete and I have no goal of looking hugely muscular and parading around in a bathing suit. I just want to be as mentally and physically fit as I can be. That would be my gift to myself and my family. In my first week I have "removed" four pounds, feel energized, and happier with my life and have hope that I too can experience the transformation.

Victoria Segal
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on March 17, 2006
I ordered both the original Body for Life (which I love) and this other "for Women" version when I was deciding to make a change in my life. While the original is short, succinct and very well organized, the "for women" version is too long, too involved and seems to list tons of reasons why women won't be able to succeed at this plan! This is one time when simple is best - man or woman, go with the original Body for Life instead of this knockoff that tells us we'll never really look that good and probably won't get through the program because we're too emotional, but all that's ok because WE ARE WOMEN. It's poopy!
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on April 7, 2005
I went to Dr. Peeke because of her incredible reputation, her academic credentials and because she is one of the most respected experts in women's health. As a wife, mother and full time professional I was always struggling with the classic problem shared by seemingly all women -trying to maintain a healthy weight and some level of fitness while managing my professional life, taking care of a family and maintaining a personal life.

Meeting Dr. Peeke was in and of itself a transformation - she spoke to me in a way that made the usual stresses and challenges of being a woman seem less insurmountable and she made me believe I could achieve my goal of a fit mind and body. She gave me the tools to make this program work and she explained why I have not been successful in the past.

I have followed Dr. Peeke's program for 5 years and it has worked for me. I am now a size 6, I have lost over 30 pounds and I have the strength, endurance and flexibility that I never dreamed was possible not because I wanted to be a body builder or fitness fanatic but because I wanted to just be healthy and fit. I transformed myself through finding the right formula and changing who I "was" into who I "am" now - a woman who has lost pounds, inches and the mental attitude that had kept me fat, unhealthy and unfit.

I love the Mind Mouth and Muscle Template and the 10 Power Mind Principles - they make sense and I use them every day. As a woman over 40 facing hormonal issues, stress, overeating and a woman's metabolism, I found that the programs that work for men just don't work for women.

If you are serious about changing your life and learning how to deal with all the obstacles that get in the way of a successful weight loss and exercise program - stress, hormones, family responsibilites, exhaustion, fear of failure, and lack of belief in yourself - please buy this book- read it- try it and I promise it will work for you.

I am a veteran of the Cabbage Soup diet, the Rice Diet, the Grapefruit Diet, Atkins, Sugar Busters, Weight Watchers - you name it - I tried it. I lost the weight and gained it back over and over again. I was miserable, deprived and angry with myself and resigned to a life of yo yo dieting and sporadic bursts of exercise. I needed a life plan. I needed a women's plan. I needed the right information and the right attitude and the tools to make the plan work for me. I found it and you can too.

Dr. Peeke helped me change my life. She can help you too.
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on April 10, 2005
This book was written for all my women friends who did not get the original Bill Phillips Body For Life, gung-ho approach to working out till your muscles quiver to failure before you can transform. Many women thought BFL was just for body builders! Don't get me wrong, I loved the original BFL and became a Champion in the year 2000. But my frustration was trying to help all my girlfriends who did not "GET IT"...but wanted to.

Dr. Peeke's book explains why my approach was more like an engineer, analytical, using a spreadsheet to follow the BFL program exactly. But some women need more. Peek's BFL for Women does not replace the 1st one but translates the program into a language ALL women will truly relate to. Dr. Peeke is all about body comp not weight. This book promises to succeed where all others have failed. I would buy them both!
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on April 7, 2005
I love the way Dr. Peeke's book speaks to women! I am 25 years old and reading "Body For Life For Women" was like sitting down with Dr. Peeke one on one. Who else could have written this book but a TRIPLE THREAT like Pamela Peeke? She's got the experience and the credentials -- she's a physician, scientist and accomplished athlete!

Dr. Peeke is the REAL DEAL.

When I met Pam Peeke I was thirteen years old and weighed nearly 300 pounds; other doctors, nutritionists and specialists had written me off as a lost cause, but not Dr. Peeke! She motivated and inspired me to follow her simple program. I listened to her wisdom and used her strategies and I have since removed (and maintained) a weight loss of 100 POUNDS for over 12 years!

Dr. Peeke completely transformed my life. She gave me the confidence to "get with the program." Peeke's KNOWLEDGE, WISDOM and SENSE OF HUMOR set her apart from the pack -- she wasn't just another questionable fitness professional. She understood my unique problems and she offered me SOLUTIONS THAT FIT!

Men have it made -- they don't have to deal with the issues that women are faced with. As a woman, I am grateful for the unique expertise Dr. Peeke brings to this book. As a woman, I grapple with body image insecurities and hormonal challenges. I especially love Peeke's MIND MOUTH MUSCLE template (it's my MANTRA!) It helps me get centered and focus on myself and my needs, and when I incorporate these principles into my life I see a DRASTIC difference in my attitude and outlook. I am more able to care for MYSELF and attend to my needs, rather than the needs of everyone else around me.

To this day I use Dr. Peeke's 10 Power Mind Principles to help guide me through times of increased stress and anxiety. I have learned how to focus on the process of self-care, manage my life and live my dreams! Her first book, "Fight Fat Over Forty" is also awesome -- it outlines how to break the cycle of emotional/stress overeating and under eating. It doesn't matter what age you are - it's an amazing read (I was 21 when I first read it!)

I would be lost without Dr. Peeke's program, and I know that when I feel lost, all I have to do is repeat the program for as long as it takes and the weight will be removed! This program means so much to me. This simple lifestyle program has dramatically transformed my life emotionally and physically - my mind and my body finally feel connected and I have been able to get through challenges like school, jobs,

love, loss, friendships, LIFE!

Dr. Peeke gave me a simple roadmap for how to live the life I always wanted - all I had to do put one foot in front of the other and follow her program -- and you can too!!
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on June 24, 2005
It's not that it's a bad book. It's just not what I was expecting from a book that claims the title Body-for-LIFE.

What I expected from this book was the same simplicity of the original Body-for-LIFE book plus the extra added bonus some kind of magical secret about how to tackle those after-40 hormones that are magically putting a mini-tire - or a "menopot" as she would call it - around my waist. What IS the secret, anyhow? I digress...

Instead, what I got out of this book is more of the same of what everyone is saying. If you are new to this game, then you will most likely find it helpful. If you are experienced or have done Body-for-LIFE then I don't know that it will be very helpful to you.

My recommendation: Stick to the basics. Body-for-LIFE is a simple plan that addresses everything in most of the "groundbreaking" books that are riding on the coat tails of its success. And it applies to anyone at any age.

Basically, it all comes down to the same principles:

Eat clean in moderate proportions. Weight train. Add cardio. Be consistent.
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