Customer Reviews: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II Collector's Edition -Xbox 360
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Platform: Xbox 360|Edition: Collector's|Change
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on October 26, 2010
My review is for the Collector's Edition and in specific the added content for the additional $15-$20 you are going to pay for it.

I just picked mine up today and let me say the Collector's Edition is quite disappointing. First, there is only 1 disc in the steel case, not two as pictured. The steel case itself is pretty cheap and lightweight, as opposed to previous steel case releases. It feels like a aluminum pop can, and probably can be dented quite as easily. The outer case holding everything together is pretty cheap, and the plastic scratches easily, causing the outer artwork to come off. Over time, the outer case's artwork will deteriorate with wear and tear. So basically, you get a cheap steel case, a flash drive and piece of paper with codes for the added content for an extra $15-$20 depending on where you buy it. Collector's edition it is not.
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on November 5, 2010
This is my personal opinion of the game. Take it at that.

Having been a gamer for a long time, and a huge fan of Star Wars, I was really looking forward to this game. Add in that the first game re-ignited my passion for Star Wars, I thought this game was going to be a MUST!

I was severely wrong.

The Good:

They made improvements on the targetting system, the graphics, and incorporated some interesting ideas into the saber crystal system.
The new XP system is a little easier to deal with, than the previous level system.
The secondary lightsaber makes for some interesting ideas.

The Bad:

Very little actual story, amounting to about 20 minutes.
Game play is about 5-8 hours, IF you are trying to find everything, and not skipping the few story scenes. There is no online multi-player component to justify such a lack, unless you count the challenge levels.
The Force Fury system allows you to increase your powers, but really does little, besides being able to beat certain enemies with your force powers, that you would have to use your lightsabers, instead.
Beyond a couple of enemies that you HAVE to use your lightsabers to fight (if you fight them without using Force Fury), you can pretty much walk through almost all levels, using only your force powers.
The promises made by Julio Torres (LucasArts Executive Producer on the game), about this being Starkiller's version of 'The Empire Strikes Back' are very much unfulfilled, as this game is little more than a glorified 'Hack-and-slash', with Force Powers.
The challenge levels are not very challenging.
The interesting ideas I refered to about the second lightsaber, were not taken advantage of, except when using the grab that uses the lightsabers.

The Ugly:

This seems to be just a VERY poor rip off of the Batman:Arkham Asylum set up.
The story that is there, is very weak.
The challenges are mainly repeats of each other.
The main point seems to be to cause wide scale destruction as you go through a level.
The Digital Molecular Matter system seems to have been downgraded to an earlier, less functional version, from the version in the original game.

My thoughts:

This is very disappointing, just based upon what was given in the previous game. While they did make improvements, the improvements actually add to the disappointment. Kind of like most sequals, in movie franchises, the second installment was no where near as good as the first, even taking into account the problems that the original game had. Overall, the game gave a very poor showing of itself. The ending is probably the most disappointing aspect. And while I will not give you spoilers (I don't like games spoiled for me, so I dont do it to others), I will say that the only thing worth seeing in the light side ending, is Starkiller realizing that he controls his own destiny. Personally, I say read the book, instead. Far less disappointing.

If you have to buy the game, wait until you can get it for less than $15-$20. As bad as I feel for Amazon, and anywhere else that sells games, for saying this, I do not feel that the game is worth paying full price.
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on November 2, 2010
I had an immense amount of fun playing through the campaign. Unfortunatly, it was a very short game, only taking about 5-6 hours of play to beat. The graphics were better than in the first, which is always a plus. I also thought the combat system was more streamlined and it was easier to control Starkiller.

I recommend NOT buying the collectors edition. The challenge levels aren't nearly as much fun as the campaign, so you are essentially paying the extra money for a 2GB USB drive. Of course, it is a pretty sweet USB drive...
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on March 27, 2012
Gameplay and story line are excellent, as is the new powers that Starkiller wields. I love the double sabers.
Unfortunately, the game was a bit short, and that's why it gets only 4 stars overall. Granted each stage was quite long, there were only three of them. Escape from Kamino>Cato Nemoidia>Return to Kamino.
I also like the little Starkiller flash drive. It makes me want to purchase one of the other characters available in the Mimobot flash drive collection.
You can also download extra content via xBox live. I haven't gotten a chance to obtain the content yet, but the fact that it is available is also pretty neat.
If you are an avid Star Wars fan and collector, I highly recommend this Collector's Edition. Short game or not, it's well worth it.
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on April 28, 2015
I purchased this because I loved the Force Unleashed 1 and thought the second one would prove to be just as good. However I did not like the story for the second one as much but the graphics are beautiful and the game plays as well as the first one. This edition comes with some DLC and the fancy case, this is all I wanted. The USB drive is kind of stupid and I just leave it in the case. If you love Star Wars, the Force Unleashed II's playability, and want to show off the case or use the DLC, than this is for you. If any of these examples doesn't fit, then you may want to buy the standard model.
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on March 27, 2012
This game is fun to play, got to love the star wars stuff. However, I will say the replay vaule just isn't there like in the first installment, and the story made me wanting more. Overall I am glad I bought it when I did at the price point it was. Believe it or not when I bought it the special edition was cheaper then the standard version. Now that I played through it though it just sits in it's collector tin.
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on November 9, 2013
the story was not written as well the Unleashed 1. you pretty much wander the game slashing but you don't feel that drive because the enemies are not worthy of your attacks.

You are overpowered in this game. You rarely find a tough area.
I think I died more because glitches than in battle.

the graphics did get a nice upgrade.
very nice grabs throws & more detailed character.

the USB is nice.
the steelbook very very good collectible.
the DLC skin for Starkiller... weird.

I must say when I beat the game, I thought, this was ok.
but a worthy DLC, just $1 is that Luke w Yoda on his back. LOL
i beat the game again with them, it was just too funny.
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on December 3, 2013
This game is awesome! But first on the physical condition of this product. The outer sleeve for this game was a little scratched up but I guess this was due to packaging. The game disc has a few slight scratches on it which sometimes my Xbox 360 can't read because of it. I don't remember which vendor I bought it from but I guess it was the luck of the draw. The physical conditions didn't detract from the game itself too much. I just like my stuff to be in very good condition and scratches like that just irks me.

The storyline for The Force Unleashed II feels a little too short for a game of this epicness, but overall the user interface is an improvement over the first. I should note that I've played the first game and this second one on the Wii first before buying the Collector's Edition for the Xbox 360. The Xbox version is steps beyond the Wii version overall. There are both pros and cons for each platform. The Wii versions were of course is more interactive but the Xbox 360 version looks much more gorgeous and fluid on the big screen. I am primarily a computer gamer and I have played SWTFU: Ultimate Sith Edition on Windows. The console versions of course doesn't allow the fine tuning of the settings like in the computer versions, but this game still feels pretty nice playing on my 42" TV via either HDMI or RCA cables. There are also some differences in the gameplay for the core game excluding the extras between the Wii and Xbox 360 versions. Overall the Xbox version adds to the Wii version so if you have already played the regular version on the Wii, getting the Xbox version will feel like a "director's cut" of the Wii version.
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on March 20, 2011
I am a huge Star wars fan. The first Force Unleashed game was awesome. I even bought the Sith Unleashed version with extra content. The story had its good revelations and bad points, but it was really fun!

So I picked up FU2 special edition. It has a few extra challenges and a Ralph Mcquarie Starckiller costume. And a thumb drive with graphics and stuff for your computer. Not as packed with actual game content as the FU1 SE...

OK. On to the game review. I played it on hard and it was fun and challenging with dual light sabers. The graphics are outstanding. The in-game models, backgrounds and special effects are incredible. A true next gen game. And the highlight of the game IMO.

Sound effects are fantastic. A constant treat to any SW fan. Music was good, too. Good to hear the original FU1 theme again...

Combat was fun and engaging. There are a few nice variations of enemies, too. Very nice and very challenging on hard difficulty.

Now, on to the bad.

The story is very weak. Almost like a half of a story. Or maybee a setup for FU3. I wont spoil the few solid plot points. But it started and ended very quickly. And the reward was not as meaningful (or revealing about the SW universe) as FU1...

Starkiller is a fun character to play. He's fast and very powerful. But the voice acting was either constant yelling or simple minded cliche. Sure he's mad, but I didnt hear much of anything I didnt already know...

Cota is back. And a fun supporting chacter to hear again. How a blind man can walk around and battle stormtroopers is beyond me, but he's cool with me...

If your a Star Wars fan, you will need this. But buy the cheaper version. If you like Sci Fi adventure, be prepared to fight for the course of a weekend... You can beat this in just over a day...


Just downloaded the bonus Endor mission. Nice mission. Realy fun amount of homage to ROTJ. Graphics are outstanding. Sounds were great, with a special voice actor playing a surprise character from the SW universe. A treat to any SW fan...

I beat the level on hard but I'll need to go back in on easy to collect all the holicrons... I had no time to explore while getting blasted from snipers and jumptroopers...

And I'll need to dropkick a few more ewoks to get an achievement...

In order to have some small shred of continuity with the story, I recommend you play the FU1 Hoth level before this mission. I know these are like alternate realities, but Hoth is lightly mentioned by a major character in the Endor mission. And I think they should be tied together in some small way...
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on June 21, 2012
This is one of the few non FPS games I've bought and I have to say this before starting,
this game was actually better than some shooting games I've played (Ex. Bodycount) but it gets boring
as I'm about to explain. First off, it is a action/platform game where you get different force powers
and fight enemies. The game at first seems very exciting and is fun to play as you discover all this new
stuff BUT it gets EXTREMELY boring after the 2nd mission as everything is very repetitive and it
is very bland and the story is sort of bad. Also, he graphics needs some work as well.

Now I'm sure some of you are wondering why isn't he talking about all the extra stuff the collectors edition
comes with and I'm getting to that.first of all, it says it comes with a special flash drive that is styled to
the theme of the game that comes preloaded with all this cool artwork and bonus stuff and story stuff but
when I got my flash drive, It had an application that I guessed would install the content but when I pushed open,
it didn't do anything so I just used the drive as a normal flash drive to store files. I have to admit though, that
the steelbook the game comes in is very artistic and has some beautiful artwork on it but it's still just
a case for a game so that's not that amazing.

This game is just for the collectors that are looking for a good collectible or a die hard Star Wars fan.
Overall, I wouldn't buy this game and would chose to just buy a different game altogether or save the money
to buy something else. If you are just an ordinary person looking for a fun, exciting game for an above decent
price, this game is NOT for you. I would buy a different game o save the money.
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