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TOP 500 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon January 2, 2012
I have reviewed several small portable speakers in order to find the perfect combination of sound performance, portability (including it being rechargeable) , and Bluetooth capability. It the video portion of the review I compare the iCarity HD to several of its competitors including the Wowee One WOWee One Power Bass Portable Speaker for iPad, iPhone, MP3 Players, Laptops, Mobile Phones, and Personal Game Systems (Black), Kinivo BT speaker Kinivo BTX110 Wireless Bluetooth Mini Portable Speaker for iPhone, iPad, Smartphones, Tablets & other Bluetooth Devices, the Exo Exciter eXo Xciter Bluetooth Wireless Speaker. I did not compare it to the more expensive Jawbone or Beat Box by Dr. Dre.

As for the iClarity

- Sound - Nice and loud - Both the loudest of the 4 speakers, and the best sounding. It offers two drivers, so the iClarity HD is in stereo (unlike the others). The high and mid frequencies sound pretty decent. The lower end frequencies is lacking (certainly less than the Wowee One) - but it is good enough to give some depth. Someone compared it to a transistor radio, which is inaccurate. The iClarity does not have great depth of sound, but for me... it is the best-in-class (8 out of 10 - graded on a curve due to its size).

- Portability - The iClarity is the largest of the speakers that I reviewed, but it can easily fit into a backpack. I wouldn't want anything much larger, but it is small enough to be considered highly portable. The speaker charges easily using a USB.

- Bluetooth - Pares easily and has a range of about 25 feet -

Other Notes-

- Some people complain about the Bluetooth light - add me to that group. It is pretty bright, and if you are planning to use the IClarityHD as a noisemaker for travel - it may cause an issue.

- The best I can tell, it works as a speakerphone

- I like that the iClarity has an on-off switch.

- Has an aux input incase you want to use with a non-bluetooth device.

Final Verdict - The Monster iClarity offers a nice option for a highly portable bluetooth speaker. While it does not offer much in terms of bass response - it does have best-in-class performance. If you keep expectations in-line (remember it is not the Beat Box by Dr. Dre, Jawbone, Bose or other more pricey speaker) I think you will be happy with the Monster iClarity.

4 1/2 Stars
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on June 7, 2011
First of all, I love music. I love expensive toys that play music. And, I have a critical ear. Additionally, I'm pairing with an HTC Thunderbolt. And, I was looking for something portable that I could easily pair with my phone to enjoy surfing the web, streaming music and watching videos anywhere from my bedroom to the beach. And, I wanted to do all of that wirelessly.

I was fearful of a bad experience with my Thunderbolt. I had read that many people had poor experiences with HTC's Bluetooth stack and pairing with various devices. So, when I made the order, I was taking a certain leap of faith.

It took about 60 seconds to pair the Monster ClarityHD speaker to my phone. Music was up and running another 5 seconds later. And, WOW, was I surprised!

Don't get me wrong, this is still an "inexpensive" and small speaker. I'm not expecting, nor receiveing, a Bang & Olufsen experience here. But, given what I was expecting from something this small, wireless and portable, the sound quality and volume from this speaker is remarkable. Not only does it have bass, it also sounds very clear.

The weakness is the high end of the sound spectrum. In order to really enjoy the "highs," you need to have the speaker pointed right at your ears. But, even with that small weakness, the sound truly is remarkable.

Not only does it sound good, it's wireless. The fear about Bluetooth I had was unnecessary. The sound is clean and clear. And, I was able to walk at least 30 feat away, staying in line-of-sight, before I experienced any lag or popping.

A quick comment about watching videos with bluetooth. Bluetooth will have a barely noticeable delay. So, when you are watching videos, you will likely notice the sound is barely behind the video. No way around it. But, after watching several videos and movies, I stopped noticing it as much.

Additionally, the internal battery is very convenient. The speaker can be completely untethered while producing great sound. And, after around 5 hours of use, you can simply plug the included mini USB cable into a laptop or an Apple adapter and charge it back to full strength.

The next feature really blew me away. While I was listening to music, my dad called. I simply answered the phone and talked with him for about 5 minutes. When we were finishing, I asked him about the call quality and revealed I had been talking with him through this speaker the whole time. He commented to me that it sounded to him as though I had my phone right up to my mouth. I was sitting on my bed about 3 feet away from the speaker. He couldn't believe the call quality.

Additionally, the speaker comes with a nice soft carrying case. I suppose it would keep the chrome-looking reflective top from getting scratched during its "portable" adventures.

If I had one final gripe, and this is mostly with the Thunderbolt, it's that it's a little bit of a pain to switch from being paired with the Monster ClarityHD and being paired with my Plantronics bluetooth headset. So, I'm keeping an eye out in the Android market for a cool bluetooth toogle app of some kind. (Edit - added Bluetooth Setting icon that takes me directly to Bluetooth settings. It allows me to easily toggle between my Monster ClarityHD and my Plantronics bluetooth headset.)

Ok, I lied, I have one more...observation. The blue/red lights that indicate power/connectivity/pairing mode/etc. are very bright. If you plan on keeping the speaker in your room at night, it will illuminate your room like a night light. If that works for you, great. If not, you'll need to consider that when keeping the speaker turned on and/or charging.

Overall, I couldn't be more pleased with this tiny powerhouse. It was everything I'd hoped for...and more!

UPDATE - I've owned the speaker for a few weeks now, and continue to be impressed. Everyone I've shown this little speaker to wants one. I took the speaker with me to a friend's house in another state. While there, we paired the speaker to her iPad and watched movies and other media. She enjoyed the flexibility, portability and sound quality so much...I ended up having to buy one for her, too!...and one for my dad on father's day...and one for my mom because she was jealous of my dad's gift...you can see where I'm going with this...

If you're using this speaker in conjunction with a cell phone, I HIGHLY recommend installing an app with an EQ. When listening to music with an adjustable EQ through this speaker, the Monster ClarityHD is even more amazing than before. Bass is more solid, treble is crisper and more pronounced. As amazed as I was when I first unboxed this speaker, having it play music through an EQ knocked me out.
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After much reviewing and comparing I settled for these little Monster speakers over the Jawbone Jambox. I've heard the Jambox in person and was impressed by the sound but the $200 (+/- $50 in some places) was just a tad bit too steep for me.

So without even hearing the Monsters in person I took a gamble and ordered it anyways, worst case scenario I'd just returned them if I didn't like 'em... and like 'em I did. It does everything the Jambox does but at less cost (think about $120 less). with that all said here goes the skinny:

The unit is compact enough to fit in your bag (purse?) without much sacrifice to space, it's small enough to fit in the palm of my hand and is fairly light; about the weight of a good sized smartphone. I really like this cause I've carried it or tucked it in my sweatshirt pocket when I go running with my buddy, since it's so light I really don't notice it bouncing around much when I run. Best part is the bluetooth, I have it synced to my phone playing music AND my Google tracks which ever so nicely provides updates in my routine with data and resumes playing the tunes over the speakers.

Which brings me to my next point... the bluetooth, it works great. The conference mode sounds clear on both ends ( I assume the receiving end is fine since I've yet to hear any gripes, but then again we all know what happens when we assume?). Bluetooth range is ok, about 20ft line of sight in my experience and the signal is clear with very few clips in the transmission, but I have noticed more clips while streaming Pandora. I'm inclined to believe its more a problem with my phone's signal than the bluetooth performance as the connection is near flawless while listening to my phone's mp3 player.

Fit and finish? The case is pretty good I think. The plastic housing is light with two small speakers upfront, it feels solid so it doesn't flex, and it has a nice dark chrome hood on top to cover the small passive sub-woofer below. There are four small grippy pads beneath the unit to keep it stable on smooth surfaces, but they're not so effective on my car's dash board. The buttons on the side I'd say are the weakest point of the unit, they wiggle slightly with some play and require some, but not much, effort to press. I do like the fact that you can control your phone from the unit to receive calls and advance music tracks, and yes folks you can advance music tracks via the speakers while streaming Pandora. :D Oh, and the batteries last about 5 hours, can't say the same for my phone's though. :P

Sound Quality: I'll stop short of saying that they'll blow your home theater system out of the water, BUT they do sound great. They cover a fairly good range in the noise spectrum save for the lowest of bass notes. On that note (sorry, bad pun), the speakers carry a richer bass tones with minimal distortion than ANY of the cheaper smaller crap speakers I've heard. In short, they're not earth thumpers but the bass is there and with little or no distortion. The mids and highs are represented very faithfully never missing a beat. I really feel these speakers are more suited for Rock and Blues as opposed to Drum&Bass, Break Beats, and/or other forms of Dance (No word on Rap or Hip Hop, sorry not my genre). In comparison and the sound quality isn't MUCH different than the Jambox any ways.

So who should get the HDclarity speaker system? If you want a simple but clear hands free bluetooth speaker for driving in your car I'd say go for it, because anything that will help a person keep BOTH hands on the steering wheel is a GOOD thing, and as a bonus it doubles for a great mobile speaker system too. They're great for the workshop, the beach, cubicle (more like crucible), social gatherings , anti-social gatherings, libraries (...don't, just don't), impressing your friends, and any situation in which you may find yourself with the sudden need for some tunes to grind to. They're awesome, buy two.
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on April 10, 2012
I've been a home stereo aficionado since my teenage years, so I have very high & critical standards when it comes to my home audio systems that I purchase & covet. Also, as an electrical engineer in the Aerospace/Defense Industry, I know a good & efficient electronic design from an inferior one, especially when it comes to state-of-the-art solid state analog/digital & AC/DC signal switching amplifiers & power supplies.

Anyways, my next audio speaker purchase was for a small compact highly portable Bluetooth or Wireless Speaker for my new HP Pavillion DV7 Laptop Computer. The requirement was three-fold, first, it had to produce great clear sonic quality for its size, secondly, that it's small enough to be easily packed into my Laptop Carrying Case, & lastly, that if falls within my budgetary window (< $150). After about a month of personal in depth research, hands-on audio testing & inspecting features & specifications of the many & various Wireless/Bluetooth Speakers & Speaker Docks at the local dept., home entertainment, discount, & electronics stores, as well as online, it all had finally lead me to, the decision to purchase the Monster ClairityHD!!! Note, I could have purchased speakers above the $150 price point, but they would have either been a little too large for my requirement, &/or that the differential in the sound quality was not great enough to warrant purchasing it, especially when Monster ClarityHD was 1/3 to 1/2 the cost of the others.

With the unique & good fortune of being able obtain schematics for the Monster ClarityHD, prior to my purchasing it, upon close inspection, my professional evaluation of the electronic circuit design of this particular model, based on a 10 Point Commercial Scale, I would have to give it a Total Overall Score of 9. In comparison to others where I have had the opportunity to check their schematics as well, most of them had overall scores of 7 & 8s. The amplifier section, feedback & filter networks, is definitely superior to others in its class, & for its signal processing efficiency & higher wattage gain. Where I see its only weakness, is that DC Circuits does not do enough to protect the Bluetooth Chip Module from being exposed to a possible higher current gain. In other words, the Bluetooth Circuit could fry if one were to use a USB AC/DC Fast Charger that is rated greater than 3Watts. The Standard Output for most USB Chargers is spec'd at 5Vdc & 500ma (1/2Amp), in wattage terms, this is a 2.5Watt Charger. If you accidently happen to use a Fast USB Charger that is rated at 5Watts [5vdc & 1000ma (1Amp)], this will fry the Bluetooth Circuit & making it inoperable in short order, with the exception of the continued functionality of the Audio In Port. Obviously, this means you should only use your Standard Typical 120Vac/5Vdc, 2.5Watt Chargers, NOT any of the Fast Chargers rated above 3Watts.

Please Note, upon my investigation of other similar & comparable Bluetooth & Wireless Speaker units, via their schematics, it appears that a great many of them, existing & new, also have the same deficiency in design for accommodating FAST CHARGING CAPABILITY. This particular feature is usually found on more higher priced & expensive units.

The other unknown factor, that will definitely have an impact on the operational reliability & durability of the Bluetooth Speaker, is the consistent quality & purity of the electronic components & materials that are used within the system or device. The high reputation & standards of any particular manufacturer, domestic or overseas, will be the predictor of the product's reliability & durability (i.e. Sony Japan Manuf. vs. Sony China Manuf.), & of course, in the short/long run, have a direct impact on Customer Satisfaction & Repeat Customers!

OK, enough with the prologue, let's get back to my own personal situation. When I first received the product by UPS, I had eagerly unpackaged the Monster ClarityHD from its box. My initial reaction to it was, how small & compact it truly was! It could fit right in the palm of my hand.

As I closely inspected the physical features of the compact Bluetooth Speaker, this is what I had discovered in my investigation:

* 3-Rectangular LEDs (2-Blue indicates Power, 1-RED/2-BLUE Flashes when in Bluetooth Handshake Mode)
* 2-35mm (1-3/8") Full Range Long Throw Speakers
* Mini-Omnidirectional Condenser Microphone (To Take Calls via Speaker Phone)
* Smoked-Mirrored Metal Top with Passive Radiator Bass Port Underneath (~1/4" Circumference Edge Gap)
* Secondary ON/OFF Power Button & Phone Call Pick Up Button
* Volume Up/Down Buttons
* Next Track Forward/Reverse Buttons
* Featureless
* Master ON/OFF Power Slide Switch
* Mini-B USB DC Charger Port
* 3.5mm (1/8") Audio In Stereo Port (For iPod, MP3 Player, & other Audio Devices)
* 4-3/8" Non-Skid Black Rubber Foot Pads
* Faux Black Velvet Draw String Pouch (to carry Monster ClarityHD)
* Mini-B/USB, 5Vdc, 6' Charging Cable
* User's Manual/Warranty Info

I expeditiously perused the User's Manual to discover how to get the device into Bluetooth Handshake Mode (Pairing). As a first time newbie owner of an Apple Product, in this case an Apple iPod Touch 4G, I was able to quickly & easily make the connection to the Monster ClarityHD. I cranked up the Volume on the Speaker to its maximum setting, & set Slide Volume to 3/4 Max on the iPod Touch.

All of my music on the Apple iPod Touch are in the MP3 format, 320Kbps bit rate. So, when I played my first tune that was little heavy on bass, via Bluetooth, I was simply taken aback & was wowed on how loud & how clear the music sounded from this little compact unit.


As I played various types & styles of music, from classical, folk, country, pop, hard rock, & everything in between, I just became more intrigued & enamored with how well this ultra-compact unit with 1-3/8" long throw speakers drivers perform (if short throw speakers were utilized - it would entail less audio range). Overall, the sonic quality was superbly clear & very well defined, it had great vocals, above average mid/treble-range for instrumentals, somewhat noticeable bass (with a little thump), & absolutely no distortion & mushiness at maximum volume! The latter feature is a great testament of a superior amplifier design, when it is set to its maximum volume level, there still some more volume headroom before it distorts. This is very much UNLIKE how so many OTHER Amplified Speakers Perform & are Designed...ALWAYS WITH AUDIO DISTORTION AT or NEAR MAXIMUM VOLUME!

THIS IS THE BEST I'VE HEARD FOR THIS CLASS & SIZE OF AMPLIFIED SPEAKERS, PERIOD!! Of course, this is all viewed under the common sense & fair notion of Relative Equalibrium Perspective. In other words, comparing apples to apples (similar in size/class of speakers, i.e. 1-3/8" compared to 1-1/2"), as opposed to apples to oranges (larger differential in size/class of speakers, i.e. 1-3/8" compared to 3"). Because of its Exceptional Volume & Clarity Capability, the Monster ClarityHD could also be optimally utilized in a INDOOR PARTY Setting at home or office. If the unit is properly placed & positioned, such as in the corner of a room & placed at or above head level, you can readily take advantage of the Acoustic Enhancements (especially bass, & bigger/fuller sound) & Range (less obstacles, like human bodies & furniture, so that sound waves can freely & dopplerly propagate).

The Speaker Phone feature works very well too. When using it in conjunction with my Cell Phone, via Bluetooth, I was able to take several calls via Speaker Phone on the Monster ClarityHD, & the music was automatically muted when I took the call, & then automatically resumed after I had hung-up. Again, I was somewhat surprised on the sound quality & clarity that came from the speaker, as well as how the callers remarked that they didn't realize that they were speaking to me via speaker phone.

Well, Folks & Audio Files, PLEASE PARDON ME for this somewhat long-winded monologue, I simply had a lot to share, but whatever case, I do hope that this was informative & clarifying to you, especially if you are seriously considering in purchasing the Monster ClarityHD?

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on November 19, 2011
While it was working, it delivered outstanding sound and linked up with my Bluetooth very easily. But when it inexplicably died, as in no light, no sound, no nothing regardless of battery charge, I was disappointed but figured that it was just a bad unit. I was 1 or 2 days late so I could not use Amazon Customer service so I reached out for the manufacturer via its web site. Well since it IS 2011 I figured there would be a streamlined warranty process that could be initiated online. NO, its web page regarding warranty dealt almost completely with counterfeit products and warnings and return charges and so on but virtually nothing about what to do about a defective product. But I did find a link in its warranty statement that directed me to a phone number. Am I missing something or could this not be done via email?. I called during the Pacific time zone hours of operation and they said they would email me an RMA# with directions on how to return the product. I was advised it should take about 3 weeks! I offered to give them a credit card so they could ship a new one pending their receipt of my old one but the initial service rep said he was not allowed to do it but that once he got my unit it back it would be "escalated" to another service rep who could do it. My call was around November 4th, its Saturday November 19th, other than their acknowledgment of receipt of my unit a few days ago no one has contacted me to send a replacement product. Sorry to bore readers with my tale of woe but seriously, bad enough it died in one month but how about some top shelf warranty service for a non-inexpensive micro-bluetooth speaker.
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on December 26, 2011
Im going to be comparing this to the Jawbone JAMBOX (Grey Hex) , otherwise I have no other product of this kind to be able to compare to.
-Gets VERY loud, I think it would be somewhat heard even at a decently sized room filled with people at a party
-Small and portable (Comes with its own case)
-Cheap for the market (Jambox is 150-200)

-Sound Quality is dissapointing. It gets the job done and gets loud, but at the cost of having good High/Lows and good Bass. Comparing to the Jambox, it gets destroyed by the depth of sound the Jambox has. The Clarity HD is indeed very clear but the sound is very simple. Jambox does this a lot better with very strong bass and much better high/lows, it doesnt however get as loud.
-Design is aesthetically pretty good (Still really prefer Jambox with is looks, and minimalistic design). I really dislike the layout of buttons however. Theres an On/Off switch in the back, then another power button on the side, and pairing mode requires you to hold it down. Its really messy and took me a while to figure out (Jambox superior here).
-Dislike that there are 2 version of this item for "Apple vs Blackberry/Droid" it seems. I use my Itouch but the Apple Clarity HD version looks much worse in my opinion. The extra buttons on this version of the Clarity HD (I think and have read this on other reviews) work with the Iphone 4, but that didn't affect me.
(-The top of the speaker is a nice metallic-like reflective coating which is cool but is a fingerprint magnet, I dislike it, you might not.)

Overall: This item is pretty good for its price, but you get what you pay for, espically in terms of sound and design. The Jambox is a superior option though it is quite pricier (I bought it for $150). This item has a good price point, gets very loud, and is pretty protable. It however has disapointing sound. So overall this still be a good choice for a lot of people because you ARE buying this product because its portable. I assume most people realize the sound quality of these devices wont be incredible no matter what, so if you are satisfied with mediocre sound but at a cheaper price, then this is still a good purchase. I would say the Jambox outclasses this device in virtually every catagory i've observed, except for Loudness, and that might be important for a lot of people buying a bluetooth speaker. This speaker does get VERY loud. The jambox can get pretty loud but it also depends on how loud the song is, I think the jambox could get a little bit louder without being distorted. The jambox also offers features such as "Live Audio" which improve the sound but make it slightly quieter (I think it seperates Left and Right more). So once again its this choice between Loudness and Sound Quality. I have a Jambox review (for the Grey Hex one) if you want to compare.
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on February 24, 2012
I received this portable speaker and at first I thought it was great. You really do get a lot of sound out of a little device. However, once the charge from the factory was done that was it. I tried and tried to get it to accept a charge and it would not. The lights on the front would never come on for it. After examining it thoroughly I noticed the charging receptacle on the back was missing a contact point. At that point I was past the return period so I am stuck with it. 80 bucks for a paper weight. Had it not had this sort of failure I would have rated it at 4.5 stars. The manual is not written very well and it was hard to find any information on Monster's web site. Heck, it was hard to find their web site period.
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on July 24, 2011
I just received this item and compared it to the popular and new "Jambone Jambox." I was so disappointed with the Jambox because it was so expensive and I felt it completely lacking in loudness...the one thing it supposedly had. It was a total ripoff at $200. I returned it 2 days later. This item is about the same size, a great design, half the price at $100, and has wonderful sound. It's not a Bose, but it's loud for its size and such a great addition to my iPad. I HIGHLY recommend this over other Bluetooth speakers...especially the Jambox.
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on July 22, 2011
This small and compact speaker has much bigger sound than I was expecting. It's not going to fill your whole house with sound however it does a great job with one or two rooms. The levels of treble and bass were also much better than I expected after reading other people's reviews. The item was much smaller than I was expecting which was a nice surprise since it doesn't take up much counter space. It is about as big as 4 iPhone's stacked on top of each other. It would be very easy to take with you as a portable speaker! It is super easy to connect and use also. The only downside is that they don't give you a charger to plug into the wall with the unit only the USB cord. Although that wasn't a problem for me since I have a few extra USB charge adapters.
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on May 11, 2012
Even though i've owned this item since July of last year. I only used this item about 3-4 times. This item no longer works, no blue light showing charging. I have read all the negative reviews here and it seems like the same issue. This must be some kind of design flaw.

When this item did work I have to say it sounded great and I was really happy knowing the reputation of Monster cables. I am extremely unhappy to have an electronic device fail on me after a few uses. Usually electronic devices function fine after the first initial uses and rarely fails (that has been my experience).

I would of still given this a better rating but I have to say that trying to contact Customer Service for an RMA through Monster is a pain.

They put you on hold for a while. I was able to speak to someone after about 5 minutes, he takes all my information including my e-mail and says he is sending an e-mail to request the invoice and I would have to scan and send him the document before he can authorize an RMA. I actually stay on the phone with the person for a little bit as he told me he had just sent the e-mail. The e-mail never shows up, the rep informed me it is probably my providers servers are slow and I told the rep that usually anyone who sends me e-mail I would get instantly, he informed me it might be their servers so I decide to hang up. After a half an hour I still receive nothing I call them back with my case number waiting once again on the phone. The rep that answered looked up my case number and provided me the e-mail address of the rep who handled my case and informed me to send the invoice to that address along with the case number. I do this right away and I have not received any confirmation of any kind and I was well within business hours with a few hours to spare. Since it is Friday, I will now have to wait until Monday to hopefully get an RMA and get this product shipped out. When speaking to the rep on the initial first call he informed me it would take about 3-4 weeks for a replacement, I wonder if they include my shipping time in that.

I do expect a higher level of service from a company like this when you look at the prices they charge for their items.

This has now soured my view of Monster as a whole.

PROS: Sound is very sharp, bass is decent.
CONS: Pricier then some other brands
Poor customer service
Possible design flaw
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