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on April 11, 2011
I want to first point out that THIS PISTOL IS NOT A TOY by any means. It's an adult air pistol and shoots 450 fps with GAMO PBA alloy pellets (though I wouldn't recommend shooting these if you want consistent accuracy#. I stress this because recently in my area a guy pulled an air pistol on an officer, needless to say the guy who pulled the pistol is no longer with us. NEVER carry something like this in public or in your car and never at a police officer. Some states or areas or states even prohibit air guns so check your local laws before you order. With that out the way.....

This gun feels and looks like the real deal. If I was compare it to a "real gun" I would say it's very similar to the Sig or Springfield .45 in aesthetics only. From barrel to butt end it's 7.75". The barrel is rifled #which helps with it's accuracy# and is 4.49". It does have a metal slide and can be fired in single or double action, which I particularly like. The safety can be a little bit of a hassle to disengage but after a while you get used to it. I primarily use this pistol for target shooting in my basement. I have the GAMO pellet trap and targets and from 20ft it's right on target. Once you get to around 30 feet your hits get a little low because of drop. I would not shoot this pistol beyond 30 ft. It doesn't have the FPS or velocity for greater distances.

The magazine itself is great. It's a 8 shot dual mag, which means you shoot 8 pellets, release the mag, flip it around and you have 8 more shots. The magazine can only slide in one way so that is a great safety feature and prevents misuse. When loading the pellets, be sure to properly seat them in the chamber, they must be flush in the chamber or you could damage the pistol or potential misfire/jam it. The CO2 cartridges are extremely easy to install compared to some other pellet pistols I've tried. I would purchase the pellgunoil as well. You put a couple drops on the top of each CO2 cartridge before you install it. This helps with the guns longevity and prevents seal leakage or seal failure.

The blowback feature on this gun is great. It simulates firing an actual gun but without the sharp recoil from let's say a .40 S&W or .45 ACP. But there is some recoil. It's great for someone who is just learning how to shoot a handgun before actually shooting a "real" handgun. In fact I'm teaching my brother how to shoot this gun because he's applying for his pistol permit soon. He was pretty surprised the first time he shot it. More startled I would say. I also know a few police officers who use this pistol regularly to keep their accuracy consistent and it also helps save expensive ammo in the process.

I also purchased the Walther FLR 650 laser/light combo which mounts under the pistol in the picatinny rail. The combination of the two puts this pistol far ahead of a lot of my other air pistols. I can put dime groups at 25ft consistently.

I've used a few different types of ammo for this pistol. Crosman pointed premium lead pellets #.177 field tips#, Predator polymag premium field hunting pellets and Crosman Destroyer hollow points #.177#. I must say this pistol really likes the destroyer pellets. I got my most consistent groups with this pellet. Each pellet was fired at 10, 20, 25 and 30 feet. I used approximately 10 CO2 - 12 gram cartridges for this. Each CO2 cartridge will give you approximately 32-40 shots #4-5 clips# before you start to see a decline in velocity. You can both hear the difference and see your penetration hits diminish when you are running low on CO2.

In closing here are the pro's and cons of the air pistol:

- SA/DA flexibility
- Extremely accurate out of the box with iron or laser sites.
- Realistic blowback feature
- Dual magazine allows for easy reloads and give you more shots #magazines not available yet, contacted GAMO is they said "We are only selling extra magazines for the PT-85 through our website, please check back in 4-6 weeks".
- Extremely close in weight, size and appearance to an actual firearm #this can be a pro and a con#.
- Excellent FPS for a blowback pistol.
- Under mount Picatinny rail allows countless accessories #lights, lasers, light/laser combos, etc.#
- Metal slide
- Easily sits into many .45 or .40 caliber tactical or paddle type holsters.

- Pistol has a two stage trigger #for safety reasons#. The first time you shoot it you'll hear a "click", that is the first stage and the gun does not fire. DO NOT at this stage looks into the barrel and wonder why it didn't fire. I say this because I've seen people do this with a live air pistol. The second stage is when the pistol actually fires. I am so used to the pistol now I press through the first stage and am ready to pull slow and smooth and the second stage.
- CO2 is used quite a bit due to the blowback feature of this pistol thus you do not get adequate longevity from each cartridge.
- I cannot get it back from my brother?

Some safety tips:

- Always point the gun in a safe direction #loaded or unloaded#
- Engage the safety after each shot unless you are in using continuous fire mode.
- Never point at a person or animal
- Always unload CO2 from gun after use #or you can damage the seal#
- Store the gun in a locked gun safe or equivalent with a trigger guard on it.
- Wear eye protection #highly recommended# and ear protection though it's not needed for this pistol, but doesn't hurt.
- Think first, shoot second.
- Know your target and what's behind it. #Use a pellet trap that accepts bb's, lead, and polymer pellets#
- Do not allow anyone under the age of 18 shoot this pistol without adult supervision!
- Have FUN and BE SAFE!
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on May 2, 2012
Great Air Gun it has the real feel!! Blow back is nice But it is not the best With the co2. The Looks and the real feel makes it 5 stars .Just make sure you have plenty off 12g co2 on hand!!
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on July 12, 2011
I own this as well as the H&K USP pistol. I recently purchased both. I also have several pellet Rifles and have been an enthusiest for about 30 years. This is THE funnest Air Gun I've ever owned. The H&K is garbage compared to this beauty. The first time I shot it (abuot an hour ago), I was shocked at how realistic it is. I can see how this could be used as a training weapon as some reviews have stated. The blowback is awesome. I've been through about 8 clips (16 rounds per clip) so far and the C02 is still strong. I'm getting good 1" groups at 30 ft. I haven't tried anything further yet. The gun is mostly metal. It feels very weighty in your hand close to a real one. Make no mistake, this is areal gun. It just uses air instead of gun powder to propel the projectiles. If I had to find one negative, it would be the safety. It's hard to turn it off. It took me two hands to disable it. Maybe that's not really a negative though. There's a reason they call it a safety. Anyway, I can't say enough about how fun this model is. If you're even considering buying it, stop thinking about it and do it. You won't regret it, I can assure you. BUT BEWARE, you need to Buy LOTS of ammo and C02 though. You'll burn through a few hundred rounds very quickly and before you know it because you wont want to stop shoooting it.
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on January 28, 2014
Let me startoff this review by saying, Ive never fired a real gun before. I purchased this pistol to prep myself for the real thing and hopefully protect my house if needed. The wife doesn't want a real gun and didn't want this one either but I convinved her it was better than a baseball bat... anyways... when I opened the gun I was surprised at the weight and feel of the gun. In the hands it feels like a real gun (which I have held) I loaded it up with some pellets and co2 and fired away. The blowback feature is a nice touch to apparently simulate a real pistol. I ordered the extra magazines and in less than a10 minutes unloaded them all. This gun Is a blast to shoot and im assuming great practice for the real thing. I was shoooting into the crosman trap target and am currently working on my accuracy. As other have mentioned you can get about 3 solid 16 round magazines before noticing some falloff. After that the co2 cartridge needs replacing. They say that the blowback feature uses some co2 which might explain how little actual shooting is allowed per cartridge. I say who cares this thing is such a blast to shoot its worth it ( with the right ammo) the combination of weight feel and features made me happy I bought this. Firing this thing made me feel llike a bada$$ and totally glad I bought it.
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on January 7, 2012
Brought this to work and everybody thought it was the bomb. We shot it out back and people we're blown away at its power and accuracy. It shoots fast too and accepts a variety of ammo with no misfires. The co2 was very easy to insert. As a newb, I had no problem even with my first try. I would also say that it would probably be good for self defense unless the other person had a real pistol. I can't imagine some jerk wanting to stick around after being punched with one of these.
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on January 5, 2014
Just stepping in these reviews, I had a PT-85 a couple months ago, bought it at Wally 's world (cheap!), used it for about 500 rounds, thought it was a super piece of equipment! After my brother bought the same one, I saw the difference between the two.
His was blasting the heck out of it!!!! So I returned my gun to uncle Wally and picked up another one yesterday. I 'm telling you, this is not a toy, hell no, what a difference!
I 'm pretty convinced that you can kill some animals with it or even hurt a human being seriously, not to mention blowing an eye out of his head like 'that', so please please please be careful with these PT 85 's, it 's a great gun but you need to handle it like a real gun, so needles to say that you don 't hand it over to a kid. I 'm proof that I bought a second one, what ever happens to this one, I 'll buy another one again if needed. I also bought that Gamo laser light yesterday, mounted it on it and now I have to adjust it somewhere next week, but it looks great on the pistol and has some needed use for me, pretty sure that this is an extra helpful tool to aim better and hit your targets more accurate. Believe me, after 500 rounds, I know you need a laser light to get some accuracy.
Planning on using it as some sort of defense tool during our Geocaching hikes here in the desert in Southern Nevada, protection against snakes if needed, or even any other desert animal that we will walk in to, again I 'm defiantly not in the market to hurt an animal, no way, but if needed for protection, I 'm sure I can scare the crap out of what ever faces me and my family.
Specially with 16 rounds in the mag. I plan on using it with the mag separated from the pistol and the safety 'on' during my hikes, stacked away in a nice hip bag where no one else can see it, that being said you don 't want to show off with these things, specially not in front of a police officer, it looks so real and feels real that they will shoot you.
Voila, I 'm a happy camper with this thing and you, if you want to buy one; just do it if you can spend the money, and again please be careful with this "look like a real one" amazing air pistol, you will like it a lot, it makes some noise when you shoot it, and is overall cheap to have a lot of fun with it!
UPDATE: 01-22-14: After calibrating the pistol with my (optional) red-dot-laser-light that I mounted underneath the barrel, I was able to get 32 (!!!) shots within a 2-3inch circle that I made on a large cardboard box, that 's amazing, specially if you know the distance: a little over 30FT!!!
review image
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on January 8, 2015
PT85 has plastic magazine retainer wont hold last 400 shots. If your magazine isnt destroyed in the 1st 100 shots.
P25 Same pile of plastic garbage as PT85. I have 2 PT85 1 is SOCOM the barrel is so loose i have replaced it with a longer Crosman barrel. The original Gamo Barrel was too sloppy Crosman 2" Barrel mod perfect no slop 600fps
What you get with Gamo is a piss poor product 30 day You Pay warranty and a moron named Bob for Service Manager.
Buy all metal Umarex HPP
review image review image review image
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on December 31, 2013
To start off, this pistol looks great, is a good size, made of good materials, and has a nice weight. The blow back is a cool feature as well.

But unfortunately the cons outweigh the pros. I bought this months ago and put maybe a half dozen co2 cylinders through it, which would be about 200 pellets. The first 20 shots are full power and the blowback is awesome. After that though, the blowback doesn't slide back as much, and the power drops, but is still a decent velocity. Expect a good 40 shots per cylinder.

The accuracy is pretty spot on within an inch or two within 20 feet, which may be what you're looking for but for me I was expecting a little better. Shooting past 20 feet don't expect to hit what you're aiming at. To be fair I used lighter alloy pellets and not lead, which may have made a difference.

The dealbreaker for me though that made me give this one star is that not after very little use, the magazine won't stay in, or stays in then falls out immediately after the first shot, essentially making this once nice gun, useless, and I feel like I lost out on a lot of money. I will try to contact the company for a refund. Take your money elsewhere!
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on October 20, 2015
This the single best air pistol I've ever purchased. I live alone in an 55+ manufactured home park, but isolated enough it gives me a bit if anxiety. I understand that an air pistol (probably) wouldn't kill a person, however, if you your shots at the face, number one, you might hit an eye or ear causing extreme pain, number 2, the sound alone might scare some crook off (plus it looks real). If you manage to hit the bad Guy's gun hand, it will likely cause him to drop and weapon he might have in his has. I don't really want to kill anyone, so this is the best short distance defense. Laugh if you will, but at 12' I'm very accurate. And, as I've noted before, the look and sound will most likely scare the guy and cause him to lose control of his sphincters (numbers 1 and 2) in grade school parlance. It's penetrating power can go through both sides plastic containers use for kitty litter. Human skin is tough, but not that tough.
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on November 23, 2015
Great air gun - air pistol- and with PELLETS (!!), accurate, not a BB gun.
Looks great.
It sounds like a .22 when fired, and your neighbors will hear it but hey, realistic baby, and the blow back action is VERY realistic as well.
A bit top heavy -CO2 cartridge in or not- and I wish where the pellet attachment goes in, after it goes in, it would not have an "empty" space, but I guess, they made it in order to be reversible, 8 pellets per "end", and to do that, there is no way to cover the "hole", I was thinking maybe a "flip" type lid?
Anyway, by pushing the "eject" the pellet attachment pops right out and you have to watch and catch it, you can really get good at it.
By pulling the slide back, it brings one pellet "up", and it cocks the hammer. very nice!
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