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on April 23, 2012
I am so happy I found my ERGO on Amazon. It was the best baby purchase I ever made. My son is now 18 months old and he STILL fits in it weighing in at 28 lbs. I have 2 herniated discs in my back and even after wearing my son for an hour or two my back doesn't hurt. This is seriously the best carrier ever!
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on April 12, 2011
I switched to the ergo carrier after my doctor recommended them to me. She uses these for her own children. The way that the baby sits in these carriers is better for their development because their legs aren't spread so wide until they're older, and all their weight isn't on their "bottom". Much better for the babies hip development to! The carrier can carry up to 45 pounds and can carry small newborns with the heart2heart insert (which is wonderful). I originally had the baby bjorn carrier which I used for a few weeks, but it would make the middle of my back sore. After switching to this carrier it was so nice because the babies weight is on my hips more than my back. I have used this for cross country travel, being on airplanes and in airports all day, and it was a lifesaver! Baby and mommy where comfortable! I recommend these to everyone I know trying to decided what carrier to choose. I am very happy with this, and love how long I can get use out of it!!
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on July 5, 2012
I have tried the Moby and though it distributes weight nicely it is way to hot for life in florida.
Then I tried the Infantino which was a great price and it was great for my newborn but when he weighed more than 12 lbs it started to hurt my lower back and shoulders in less than 30 min.
Then we tried the Baby Bjorn with the lumbar support and even using that my back and shoulders after an hour.
Finally I was convinced to try the Ergo and I love it. It puts more weight on your hips and has really padded shoulder straps. Plus the front pouch allows me to put my keys and wallet in it for quick trips into store. leaving my hands completely free. It has also proved a excellent sleep aid. I can just strap him in when he is tired and walk around for a bit and he will fall right to sleep.
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on February 28, 2013
I ordered this thinking it was a good deal and then I researched how good the fakes can look. There are many websites you can visit to compare and this ergo carrier did not match up to the originals. The buckles are not the same and the padding is inferior to name a few things. I will not trust my newborn in this carrier and you shouldn't either!!
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on July 3, 2013
I was so excited to be given an Ergo while pregnant with my second child. I had a Baby Bjorn with my first daughter & I hated it. I tried to use it again & again & my back was always sore within 20 minutes. I came to dread travel on airplanes with my Bjorn because I just could not get that carrier to be comfortable.

I couldn't wait to try out my Ergo! My 3 year-old needed my attention & my newborn needed to cuddle. Wearing my Ergo was my only option!

I love several things about this Ergo:
-My daughter immediately falls asleep when I put her in this & sleeps contentedly. If she wakes up & begins to fuss I simply bounce her bottom & she falls back to sleep. She cozies into my chest & sleeps away!
-I LOVE the sun cover that comes with this carrier! When I take my older daughter to the park, I put my newborn into the carrier, cover her redheaded hair & let her sleep! No sunburn, no sun shining in her eyes.
-The front pockets are wonderful! I can throw a pacifier, keys, small wallet, cell phone, etc right into them! This allows me to stay hands free & also frees me from having to carry something else. It's enough to be carrying a small person on my chest!
-This carrier can be worn on my chest, my back, or even my hip. Because my daughter is only 7 weeks, we have only worn her on the front. I look forward to using these other options as she grows.
-Quality material! The canvas of these carriers is far superior to the fabrics used on other (& cheaper) carriers. Quality is so much more important than price when it comes to baby items like this! If you are going to use a baby carrier several times a week (like I do) you want the quality to be high. I do not see this carrier wearing out, fraying, or fading. I look forward to wearing this for a long time as my daughter grows.
-Good quad exercises! This is just a funny comment, but you learn to squat when wearing your baby on your chest because you can't bend over. We went strawberry picking & I used squats the whole time!

There are some frustrations that I have with my Ergo:
-We had to buy a Newborn Insert (which cost us an additional $25. grr!) in order to use this immediately. However, I didn't realize this until I unpacked the Ergo & began to put my 1 week old daughter in it. I wish they included the Newborn Insert with the Ergo so that we could have used it as soon as our daughter was born.
-I have yet to figure out how to get this carrier comfortable right away. I put it on, adjust away, & think that I have it correctly strapped to me...but then my back will hurt. I often have to ask my husband to readjust the straps on the back. I will pull the hip strap up higher, then down lower on my hips. I will pull at the straps under my arms or in the center of my back. I will eventually get this carrier comfortable, but it always takes a while. I am hoping this process becomes easier as I get more accustomed to wearing it.
-The waist strap is TOO small! I was a size 12 before pregnancy & the strap BARELY fits around my waist! I cannot believe how small the waist strap is! With women being postpartum & having husbands who are bigger, I cannot believe that they don't make the waist strap longer. I have looked into getting a waist strap extender (yet MORE money to spend on this carrier), but they have mixed reviews. Some people write that they don't fit onto all Ergos. Because the waist strap is so small, my husband cannot wear it.

It is July & I am wearing my baby several times a week. Yes, we both get a bit sweaty, but the benefits of this carrier far outweigh the bit of heat stroke we experience!

If you are frustrated with your current carrier, get an Ergo! There's a reason why they are so popular!
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on March 27, 2011
My son is 15 months old and 27 lbs and this carrier works out great for us, he loves it and so do I. Love how supportive it is and doesn't hurt my back. Definitely recommend to anyone.
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on May 18, 2012
I love my ergo options carrier! We were using a baby bjorn before we got it and I couldn't carry my son very far after he reached about 15lbs or so because there was so much weight focused on my shoulders. With the ergo there is better weight distribution, so a lot of baby's weight is on your hips which feels much more natural. My son really liked to be facing forward in the bjorn so he could see everything so I was worried that he wouldn't like the ergo since there's no option to face out, but he's gotten used to it and seems to be fine just looking to the side now that he has better neck control. I am excited about the option to use it as a backpack later on too!
The options is a good choice because you can mix up the look of it; I've already gotten several compliments on mine from friends who have plain colored ergos :)
Also, I LOVE that it has zipper pockets! It's such a simple addition but it makes a huge difference to be able to have my keys and phone right there where I need them since it's hard to get to your pants pockets with that big waist strap while you're wearing it.
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on October 11, 2011
We tried many different slings & carriers and the ergo seems to be the best for both mom and baby. for me, its not only comfortable to wear, its pretty easy to get on even without your partner. It also gives me peace of mind baby isn't going anywhere! He's safely strapped on. And he seems to really enjoy it. It didn't work very well for us when he was a newborn (even with the insert) at first though - but got much better once he hit about 15 pounds. A must for when he has the nighttime fussies, I strap him on and walk around the block and it frequently helps him fall asleep.
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on December 29, 2012
What a back saver! This carrier is a dream compared to the Baby Bjorn. I love that it can also be used to carry your baby on the side, it's my favorite configuration. I feel like it's more comfortable for the baby too, it doesn't splay his legs as much as when you carry him on your back. My husband and I both use one with each of our twins. I've already recommended it to friends, and some of them say they already have one and love it too! A good buy, worth the price if you use a carrier often.
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on March 11, 2013
My 9 month old is off the growth charts at almost 23 pounds! She loves being carried next to me and my prior carrier she has already outgrown. This is one of the few carriers that is safe to carry kids up to 40 pounds. I have a 3 year old also that loves riding in the carrier too. It is the most comfortable carrier-sits well on shoulders and hips and doesn't leave me with a backache like most other carriers tend to. I highly reccomend this carrier to anyone-worth every penny!
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