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on December 28, 2012
We loved this swing. Most of all because in addition to running off batteries-it PLUGS into the wall-i.e. it has an adapter. Maybe I just have bad parent luck-but every time I'd be desperate to use our old swing (baby colicky in the middle of the night-swing only thing that works) and of course the batteries were dead. I'm not sure why all swings don't plug in-but most of them don't and I would NEVER even take a battery-operated swing for free.
In addition- I love the neutral colors and it is quite snuggly. All three of my children ALWAYS feel asleep in the swing. Our second wasn't s found of it-but it did make her sleep.

Neutral peaceful colors
Extra soft fabrics
Swing can swing two ways-front to back or side to side.
Nice selection of music/sounds

The only thing is that we had to quit using it because our baby got too big and the swing just couldn't swing well-but I didn't take away a star-because our baby was and is off the carts as far as weight and height. I doubt any swing could have worked when he got close to 30 lbs.

Please say if this review is helpful to you-I've started reviewing things I've bought to return the favor of many reviews that I have benefited from reading on Amazon. But, I don't know if others rely on reviews as much as I do-and I don't need to be spending time on things that don't help people. Also, feel free to ask any questions in the comments and I will answer them.
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on January 2, 2011
I don't write many reviews on Amazon, but my wife and I felt that this one really needed one, especially since there are no reviews yet. We originally purchased a Graco Silhouette based on the Baby 411 book. After the first use, we were skeptical - it didn't soothe at all, actually it made him more upset. We tried multiple times again, even when he was quiet, but to no avail. Every time we put him in, it was the same result - he cried. We ended up returning the swing and assumed that our baby didn't like swings. Fast forward a month and we thought we'd give it another shot, so we purchased the Snuggabunny. We're so glad we tried again, because he loves the Snuggabunny! He can literally go from crying to sleeping within a couple of minutes. It could be that he is now a month older and that he likes swings more, or but what I'd like to believe is that this swing is much better than the Graco Silhouette line!

Here are some of the objective things I've noticed that make this a better swing.
1. Easier to put together vs. the Graco Silhouette. It took about 30 mins to put this together, much better than the almost 1.5hrs with the Graco.
2. Plug in option. All parents go through batteries with kids toys, but if you don't have to, why bother? This one plugs right into a regular wall outlet.
3. Much better mobile. This mobile is much more visually stimulating, especially with the mirror.
4. Material. This plush fabric is much more comfortable than the plastic-like material of some of the other swings.
5. Multiple swinging options. The Graco Silhouette model only goes back and forth, whereas this one can go side to side as well as back and forth. It's always good to have multiple options.

As for the negatives, I cannot really think of any. The only downfall I see to this swing when compared to Graco's line is the weight limit. This only can hold 25 lbs when the Graco can handle 30 lbs. Not sure what we're going to do when he hits that 26th lb!

So there you have it, not all swings are created equally! I'd highly recommend this to any new parent or those looking to upgrade swings. We're actually contemplating purchasing another one to have upstairs when he has difficulty sleeping!
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on November 13, 2011
I've tried out a number of swings. My two favorites are this swing and the Fisher Price Rainforest Open-Top Cradle Swing. I personally prefer the Rainforest swing because the open-top makes it so much easier to get the baby in/out of the swing. The pros and cons of the Snugabunny Swing are as follows:


-Very Comfy Seat: The seat has very plush thick padding that's very comfy for baby. The contoured shaped of the seat helps to hold baby securely and comfortably. The swing holds the baby in such a way that the baby is closer to a laying down position then a sitting position. The padding on the Rainforest swing is not nearly as plush or comfortable. The Rainforest swing also has a safety bar at the foot of the swing that some babies may find uncomfortable. The Rainforest swing holds the baby in such a way that the baby is closer to sitting than laying down.

-Plugs-In: You have the option of either using batteries or plugging the swing in. If your baby is a fan of swings then you'll run through batteries really quickly so it's nice to have the option of plugging it in. The Rainforest swing has the same options.

-Swing in three Directions: You can choose to swing either front-to-back or side-to-side and can also chose which side you want the baby to face. It's very easy to turn the seat to switch directions. The Rainforest swing goes either front-to-back or side-to-side but you can only face one side. This has never been an issue for me but may matter to some people.

-Fun Mobile: The birds go around in a circle while the leaves go up and down. Your baby can also see themselves in the mirror. The addition of the up and down motion makes this mobile particularly interesting to most babies. The mobile on the Rainforest swing also has leaves that go up and down and animals that circle but does not have a mirror. The animals on the Rainforest mobile have brighter colors and are a lot cuter then the birds on this mobile.

-Decent Music/Sounds: There's a nice variety of music and nature sounds to choose from. It's very similar to the Rainforest Swing.

-Customization: The mobile, sounds, and swing are all controlled separately so it's possible to turn just one (or two) on at a time (same thing with the Rainforest Swing).


-No Open-Top: I wish that this swing had an open-top like the Rainforest swing. The mobile on the Rainforest swing lifts up and out of the way of the swing making it much easier to put my baby in/out of the swing. With the Snugabunny swing I find it difficult to get my baby in/out of the swing without bumping his head on the mobile.

-Loud Motor: The motor on this swing makes quite a bit of noise. My son doesn't mind at all but some babies might and it can be kind of annoying for me to listen to. The motor on the Rainforest swing is also somewhat noisy but not as loud as on the Snugabunny.

-Swing Power: The Snugabunny swings much faster than most swings. Even the slowest setting may be too fast for some babies, especially younger babies. The Rainforest swings much slower then other swings and may not be fast enough for some babies even on the fastest setting. My son is perfectly happy in either swing we just use a lower setting in the Snugabunny and a higher setting in the Rainforest.
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on February 28, 2012
There are a number of reviews describing the swing as too fast - the manual has a solution. Drape a blanket over the swing, make sure it drags along the ground - this will slow it down.
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on April 28, 2014
If you are debating as to if this will fit in your apartment, then I have an answer for you. Probably not. But don't worry about that. Sell your bed; you're not using it anyway, since your little tyke is keeping you up all night. Now you have plenty of space, and probably enough money to buy the swing. Order it. Bare it our for 2 more days (good thing you subscribed to prime). Grab a screw driver and put it all together (between 5 mins and 3 days depending on skill level / sleep deprivation). Put baby in it. Strap baby in, ignoring their cries for freedom. Turn it on and give it a little push. Still crying? Wait. Still crying? Patience my dear... Wait a little longer. Tada! Baby is asleep. Have spouse, older sibling, next door neighbor, or complete stranger watch the baby. Collapse on floor where your bed used to be. Sleep. Success!
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on March 11, 2013
Before purchasing this swing, I read the reviews about the motor quitting, and thought that the reviewers were being overly dramatic, and that this surely couldn't happen to me. Purchased the swing at the end of August. Fast forward to last night -- I went to get my daughter and discovered the swing was completely still. I checked the lights on top, and yes, I did have the swing set to the highest level -- music still works, mobile still works. Just the motor that actually moves the swing. I guess I should feel lucky that we got about 6 months out of it. If you read the reviews on Fisher Price's website, the average time before the motor fails is about 3 months. I tried to get a replacement motor, and *shocker* -- the motor housing is on backorder through mid-April -- looks like quite a few people have this issue right now - they can't even keep it stocked. When the swing worked, it was great. The fact that it no longer works, irks me, as this isn't a cheap item. Most of us purchase big ticket items knowing that we'll be able to use these with future kids, or be able to re-sell the item. The fact that they keep selling this unit, knowing that there is a motor issue, is upsetting. I have no idea how long the swing had been stopped when I went to get my daughter. Is this a fire hazard? I wouldn't want to be the one to find out that it is, with my daughter in the swing. Shame on you, Fisher Price, for continuing to sell this potentially hazardous item.
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on November 17, 2013
Prior to the birth of my son, we researched the different options of swings available at one of the Big Box baby stores. In our household, the swing is one of the most crucial baby items to have on hand. Thus far my two other children had loved their swings, so this was very important to us. We wanted to find a quality swing that also allowed us to have the option of using either an A/C adapter or batteries as well as a swing that would allow us to change the way the swing moved.

After our testing period, we decided on the My Little Snugabunny swing due to it having the features available that we were looking for and the quality of materials. Unfortunately, we only glanced at the reviews here on Amazon and not those available on the Big Box baby store's website, and I wish that we would have prior to purchase because I strongly feel that we would not have decided on this swing.

Since there are several reviews on this swing, all which are pretty favorable, I will break this review down to a simple list of pros & cons.

1. A/C Adapter - Important, because as you know, batteries are expensive. I would recommend that if you are planning to use this swing with batteries, then you should purchase higher quality batteries as the difference between dollar store batteries and the name brand batteries are quite noticeable, especially when it comes to using the faster swing speeds.
2. Soft material - This was really the selling point of this swing, as we did not expect to find a swing that would have such soft material. This truly lives up to the "Snugabunny" name. It is quite soft and cuddly and even after washing, it still remains so.
3. Swing options - This swing allows you to use the swing in two different ways, front to back and side to side. Switching to the different swing options is quite easily as well, which is really handy when you have a squirmy baby in one arm and only one free hand.
4. Adjustable swing seat - This was a nifty little feature that I didn't think would get much use. However, my 6 month old would sleep in his swing for naps occasionally, which allowed us to lay him in the flattest position, but other times (especially during laundry day when I would be washing his play mat or bouncy chair cover), he needed to be in the swing, but wanted to watch what we were doing and still be apart of things. We were able to place the swing seat more upright, which ended up calming him some and allowing him to feel like he was apart of the action.
5. Music choices - There are four different sound options to "entertain" your baby, along with volume options. We were able to find our rather quickly which he preferred and which is was not very fond of. I like the different options though, as sometimes I will change it up just to hear something different. The length of time that the music plays is also perfect. I disagree with other reviewers who state that the swing should come with a remote to restart the music or increase swing speed. I find the design of the swing in this regard to be perfect.
6. Color - This swing is gender neutral. The colors are calming and not over stimulating to a baby, which is a problem with some of the other swings that I have seen (and used in the past)
7. Mobile - Perfect. Again, visually appealing and I love the addition of the mirrored-like surface above the baby. My son, now 6 months, takes a lot more notice to this now as opposed to when he was littler (obviously).

1. The motor - After using this swing for 4 months, the motor stopped working. I know that there have been several reviews on Amazon for this swing that have all reported favorable things, but the fact is, your motor will stop working eventually. Be prepared for this! If you take the time and read the reviews for this same swing at the Big Box baby store's website, you will see that this is a huge issue for this swing. Most of the reviews there reflect this, so I would highly urge you to check over there as well before deciding to purchase the swing.

But, I must add that Fisher Price's customer service is phenomenal! After chatting with a wonderful rep, she had me go through a few things to ensure that there was a issue, and promptly sent out a replacement motor housing that should arrive to my house tomorrow. I will make sure to update on the ease of installing the new motor housing, as I have not really found a review that addressed this issue.

[UPDATE 11/18/13] I received the replacement motor housing today, which was expected to be received within 7-10 business days, via UPS. The process of replacing the new motor housing with the old motor housing was absolutely a breeze! It was similar to assembling the swing. Secondly, the swing motor is a lot quieter than the old one, even when we assembled it and used it for the first time!

I am listing the noise of the motor as a con, although for us it was not much of an issue, but to others it may be. It makes noise. There isn't much else to be said. However, if you notice that it is much louder than usual, a motor issues may occur in the near future. The noise of the motor did not interfere with nap times though or wake my son up.

Also, make sure that you consult your owners manual as well and read it thoroughly. To help preserve the motor and not add any undue stress to it and avoid overworking it, always give it a gentle push when starting the swing option.

Finally, I cannot say that I have experienced any issues with the different speeds of the swing, as others have reported either. I am not sure if this is due to the usage of batteries vs the A/C adapter, but also be aware that as your baby gets heavier, you will need to increase the speed, whereas when your baby is smaller, you will use the slower speeds.

This swing gets 4 stars from me because it has a plethora of features that I find appealing (and that I assume my son does as well) and the plush materials, which makes this swing seem quite comfortable for our little ones. The only reason for the one star deduction was the issue with the motor going out after 4 months of moderate use. Fisher Price's customer service was great in addressing the issue and offering a free replacement motor housing to get my swing to its fully functioning state. Again, I encourage you strongly to consult other reviews on this swing to see that the motor issue is a lot more common that you may think.
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on February 5, 2011
This was the best $150 we ever spent. We would have paid $1000 to have our baby sleep the way he does in this swing!
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on December 20, 2012
I am an American living in Europe, and this swing sells for quite a bit more in Europe, especially with the exchange rate. I called Fisher Price to ask if it was dual voltage, as a few reviews seem to indicate. They were less than no help, telling me that a co-worker once tried to use her flat iron in Europe and it burned her hair so they didn't recommend I try it (!!!). I decided that since it was Prime (I have an American PO Box here as my husband is active duty military) I would just buy it and return it if it wasn't dual voltage. Well, it IS! Just an adapter and it works perfectly. It is so quiet and I LOVE that it plugs in. Super cute, too. Really thrilled. My baby is still too little for me to tell you that it worked a miracle on her sleep, but we had great luck with a previous, very similar FP swing with my first daughter, so I have high hopes for this one as well. Hope this review helps someone like me who was Googling in vain, calling customer service in vain, and needs to know if this is, in fact, dual voltage!
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on May 26, 2011
This swing isn't travel friendly. It's great to move from room to room around the house, but unless you're driving a van of some sort- don't plan to travel with it. It is nearly as big in it's "travel" state as it is set up. The swing itself is nice and smooth, but it comes with a harness for a reason :) This sucker flies! It can get scary fast; I guess that's why it comes with a built-in 5 point harness.

At 3 months old the swing had been in constant use since his arrival. It looks and acts nearly brand new. It doesn't have any batteries in it because we just use the A/C adaptor. He takes all his naps in it because since he was a newborn, he never would sleep more than about 20 min in his crib during the day. It's a wonderful place for him to nap during the day and he likes to be in it also to just chill out. He gets tired of being held and doesn't like to just lie on the floor. I've seen the Graco model in use and would definitely recommend Fischer Price over it! A couple of things to keep in mind though- if you have narrow doorways, it will be a pain to take in and out of rooms (standard doorways barely fit it without disassembling). The music and mobile have a 20 minute auto shut-off so if you want it to keep playing, you have to go push 2 buttons (not bad, just a bit of a nuisance if you're using the white noise feature to drown out household or outside noise). It is not a travel model and barely fits in our Saturn trunk. It is quite easy to move the straps up a size, so no issue there. I recently made the mistake of putting him in it without strapping him in (I had to pee!) and I came back to find him hanging off the seat, but the motor will not fight back too much if you stop it midswing. It is not loud at all. Yes there is a rhythmic click, but it is barely noticeable. BE SURE THE FEET ARE POSITIONED AS FAR OUT AS THEY CAN BE WITH THE STABILIZER BAR ATTACHED! If not, it squeeks and looks generally unstable.

At 21 weeks, the motor suddenly and without warning quit working. It just went out.
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