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on December 29, 2010
Verified Purchase
Ok... so I must be getting old, have allot of free time or these headphones are awesome enough to make me sit here and actually write a review. I am only 30, rarely have free time so its neither of those. BOTTOM LINE, these headphones are awesome. I was so nervous when purchasing the audio quality gonna meet my expectations??? Will callers be able to clearly hear me? How rugged are they as I am hard on stuff??? Should I go with Sennheiser as they seem to be the leader in headphone technology????

The final verdict: I made the right choice and I will tell you that if you buy these you will be happy and honestly, the $300 price tag is appropriate in my estimation. The sound quality is awesome! I listen to allot of different music. Hip hop ( I want my bass ) R&B ( I really need my bass and mids) rock ( I need need my bass and highs). These headphones do it all. The call quality is very impressive also. I couldnt wait to call 2-3 people and see what they said and if they knew I was calling on a bluetooth headset. If anyone of them complained I was mailing these things back quicker than you could snap your fingers. For $300, these had to be perfect and I would have moved on to the Sennheisers. I would have hated to do this as the sound, distance to bluetooth device and build were solid. First call to my wife...success, "Wow, you sound really good." Second call to my brother who would have loved to burst my bubble cause I am so picky said "Wow, did you get a new phone, you sound really clear." My response, "Nope, not a new phone, but a $300 pair of headphones which I am using to talk to you right now." He couldnt believe I was on a headset, nevertheless one without a boom mic in front of face. I am truly amazed by that fact as well.

Dont be afraid to invest in these for yourself or someone else. I researched headphones for weeks. Everything from wired Bose QC15, sennheiser, sony, beats by dre, etc. I will NEVER use a wired headphone with the quality I get from this bluetooth headset. I was actually kinda mad at BOSE for charging $300 for something that is very comparable in sound, has the same noise canceling feature, was wired and required an additional $40 purchase of a new wire to be able to control the phone. What a rip off and I am a big Bose fan so it kinda hurts to say that. Their sound is slightly better...NO DOUBT. But let me tell you, DO NOT spend $300 for a wired headset. I use a droid motorola, sony viaio laptop and Ps3 with these. AWESOME. I can use these to play Call of Duty, or connect to my laptop and watch a movie or use them on the train and plane with my droid to make calls and listen to music. Geesh, I really cant say enough and honestly..I think this is only the 2nd review I ever wrote in my life. I just remember my concerns with these after I placed the order and wanted to put others at ease. Worst case, amazon has a good return policy and you get your money back. Oh yeah, i work in a big corporate office and I was walking around yesterday with these on and 2 co-workers made comments. "Sweet headphones jay, those look sharp." A plus for those that will use these in public. I listen to my music everywhere now. Grocery store, shoveling snow (yes they are durable), etc. I wont wear them to the gym...NO WAY. I will use the old wired $15 sonys to sweat in. Also, just an fyi. I didnt move from $15 headhpones to these. I had $150 sonys that crapped out after 2 years. They were a goo0d wired product and the sound and NCF was awesome, but these things are ridiculously cool. I have to list one or 2 nuetral facts about this item but none are negative.

1.) These things are very nice looking and comfortable. People are going to want to steal them.

2.) Active noise canceling means if there is a consistent noise, ie. fan, jet engine, lots of people talking in a crowded place, it will block it out and do a very good job at it. If Joe Smoe wants to come up to you and chat, this will not be blocked. If you are watching Dr. Phil, you will hear all of his garbage advice unless you turn the volume up on the headphones. THis is good for me so I dont have to really do anything if I am with a friend and they wanna chat. Maybe turn down the volume, but thats about it. The ANC will not mute them. Ok, I am done and I hope folks find this helpful.
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on April 2, 2011
Verified Purchase
I want to preface this review by addressing an issue that I, and apparently many others, have encountered upon receiving a pair of 905i's. I had read that quite a few other folks had received a pair that basically worked for 2-3 days then mysteriously died. I thought to myself that there are always lemons in any product line and I didn't let that stray me from purchasing the product. Well low and behold, I happened to get what 'appeared' to be a lemon. After 2-3 days of moderate use all of the bluetooth connectivity, status lights, sound...basically everything stopped working except strangely enough the ANC still worked. Great, I got a lemon. I immediately filled out an RMA through Amazon and they promptly sent me a new pair. This set maybe lasted an hour longer before they suffered the same mysterious fate as their predecessor. At this point I was getting frustrated so I started digging online and I found nothing on Nokia's website addressing this issue. Now I was beyond bewilderment and staring at two 905i's, neither working, so I decided to contact Nokia's tech support directly. They responded within 24 hours by email and asked me to ship one of the defective units to their warranty dept. and they would ship me a new one. Huh? So I can get another dud? It was at this stage that I was seriously considering one of the ludicrously priced Seinnheiser products with similar features.

With one last ditch effort I decided to blow through the online world of BLOG-ness and hi-fi posts, reviews, comment threads, etc to see if ANYONE had experienced this issue. After hours of blundering about I found a comment way down on a BH-905 comment thread where someone had this issue and basically held the Multi-Function button, Rewind, and Vol Down button simultaneously for 15 seconds and voila...reboot!!!! Believe it or not, I tried it on both pairs I have here and it did the trick. Ironically enough, I've been using both pairs rigorously for a week now to see which one I should return if one set seems to be more problematic than the other and the issue has not resurfaced once!! Thank you BLOGEES and BLOGETTES!!!! Problem solved!!!

Now on to the review....
When these dogs are working...they are un-matched in most regards. I have had almost every set of bluetooth cans on the market on my head at some point or another and I own quite a few to boot. These are hands down the best sounding set by a landslide. They feel and sound very natural in their sound space and the bass is more than satisfactory for any set of headphones. They get plenty loud, and I've heard many people complain about this shortcoming and faulting headsets when often times volume limit is a function of the phone/mp3 player putting out the source feed over bluetooth. For example, my iPhone 4 caps out most of my other headsets to the point where I might as well hook up the wire but if I bluetooth from my computer or stereo receiver via the Jabra A120S (universal bluetooth dongle)they blast!! The Jabra is a superb little unit for $20 btw, highly recommend. With that said, these are the loudest pair I own when connected to the iPhone over bluetooth. They are actually acceptable as I like my music LOUD. Other sets I currently have include the Motorola S-305, Motorola S-805, and the Motorola S10-HD.

ANC works well, the headphones are extremely light and comfortable if not too loose fitting as they do slide around on the head a bit. Don't bend over, they WILL end up on the ground. Battery life is phenomenal. For the most part I am extremely satisfied. I probably have the same complaints as others regarding the proprietary charger and no swappable battery but these are minor gripes for the product you get. Also the leather carrying case is nice and the slew of adapters and cables would cost you $50-$60 alone if you went on a Radio Shack shopping spree.

Bottom Line...BUY EM, YOU WON'T BE DISSAPPOINTED!!! Just remember the REBOOT trick mentioned above if they lock up during break-in period and you'll be fine!

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on April 21, 2011
I've been shopping online for at least a decade. I have rarely bothered to write a review for a product but instead rely on reviews for nearly every single purchase I make. This is my first pair of headphones that cost more than $20, and I got them for a major steal on eBay, brand new. However, I used amazon reviews to make my decision and would like to help out the community with an unbiased review. This will be a long review, and I'm going to try and sum up actual daily usage so people can get a good idea of what to expect since these are expensive.

I've used these on a daily basis, on either an NYC Train, Bus, and walking around Manhattan and other boroughs for the noisiest parts of this review. All I can say is that the Noise canceling gets the job done. No matter where I am, I feel cut off from the outside world. If you put on the Noise canceling while standing next to a loud air conditioner or fan, I would say the sound heard by that object drops by roughly 70%. Once music is on, the music is all I hear. I don't know if it just drowns out the sound or somehow the microphones can distinguish from the music and outside noise, but to me not hearing anything on the subway is great. New Yorkers - I'm talking about when the subway starts grinding and shrieking when it makes a turn or hits that same part of the track on the daily commute where the volume of noise doubles or triples because the track is so old. I don't hear any of it. Also, I watch TV shows on my phone while commuting and that is probably the only time where the noise cancellation may feel slightly disappointing. It is still easy to listen and you won't miss anything, but you start to hear some of the deeper loud sounds such as truck engines when watching TV and there is no chat/background music in a scene. All of my friends who have tried the headphones love them and want a pair.

The bluetooth is reliable and effective. I have an HTC Evo, desktop running vista (too lazy to upgrade to 7), and PS3 for bluetooth activity. I bought the amazon recommended Io bluetooth usb for like $10 give or take, and I think it was worth it. If I turn on the bluetooth, my computer automatically detects it, as does my phone, every time since I paired it the first time. On my phone there is a slight out-of-sync audio (half a second to one second) when watching Tv shows and the audio is slightly behind. This is more likely a limitation of my phone (which does not occur with wired listening), because I do not have this problem while watching video from the pc. I VERY rarely, maybe once every few uses, hear a skip or stutter with tbe BT for a second. If you are a perfectionist that might be disappointing, but I can't imagine it actually bothering anybody because it is so short and infrequent, but I just want to set proper expectations.

As a student, noise bothers me while studying. I've kept the headphones on with the noise cancellation just to quiet down the surroundings in the school library or sometimes around the house. It is true that there is a slight hiss, kind of like when your ears are ringing but nowhere near as loud. Even though you can hear some sounds from something right in front of you, it feels far away. It may be a personal thing, but it really helps me focus on my work without being distracted.

For hands free talking.. it works well. Call quality? Voice quality? My friends didn't know I was on a headset when using it, and I heard everything clearly. With NC on you can hear more in noisy situations than with probably any other hands free solution because they are typically cheap with a mic and don't block any outside noise.

I love the rechargeable battery, and it is yet to die on me while always having NC and BT on. I charge every two days when actively using them during the week. Micro USB would be good for charging as someone else mentioned instead of Nokia proprietary, but it hasn't come to the point where I've actually needed it because I couldn't get to my regular charger in time. The design feels sturdy and of premium build like they have been made to last. You can visibly (on the interior) see small screws to unscrew the earpieces, so if the headband breaks it may be possible to get a replacement piece from Nokia, although that is not something I have researched. The ear cushions are comfortable and again feel like they are of high quality. I've worn these for 3 hours at a time and felt uncomfortable once or twice, but after taking them off for a minute and putting them back on there was no problem. There is a huge range in which you can place these on your ear, including horizontal and vertical axis for the ear cushions alone, with height for the headband. The functional keys on the right side are convenient when you have a playlist and know what song is coming, just don't care, or for a quick pause and I can leave my phone in my pocket. The bass boost has a good presence and it isn't weak like I expected it to be as opposed to earphones. I'm nowhere near an audiophile but I do feel like I can hear a large difference in sound quality versus a $1-$20 pair of headphones or the well known apple whites. The carrying case is very durable and comes with a smaller case which fits inside for a plethora of cables Nokia provides you with. Since I'm a student, I keep the case in my backpack and when I'm not using them throughout the day I just put them in the case. If you are frequently on the go and in on/off scenarios for listening to music they fit comfortably around your neck. It may be inconvenient to put them away/take them out on a regular basis, but by doing so and factoring in build quality, it appears like they will last years.

The downside - I have yet to wear these at the gym or running. The ear cushions are very comfortable, and to be quite honest, I'm afraid to get any excessive sweat on them while working out because they seem somewhat absorbent and I don't want to mess up the internals or the cushions. Also, while fine for regular walking, I'm pretty sure they would fall off while running.

Side note - A friend of mine just got Shure SE 535's... for $400 (retail 499 but on sale) and when researching what to get all I could hear was sound quality this and that. I listened to the same songs with both pairs, and I couldn't hear $200-$300 dollars worth of difference, and then theres $50 replacement cables. Everybody knows its always the wires that cause the problem.. one ear stops working, that is how it always starts. $50 to replace them after paying 400-500 for em? Pretty steep in my opinion, but it is for a different class of listener. Granted they were louder, had better bass, and had a much cleaner sound, but it isn't earth shattering or a "whole new world" as some people describe it as, unless you are really into that sort of thing. But then when does it stop? You could get even better sound quality at $1000, or $2000 etc. but it really is diminishing returns. For $180 you get extremely efficient BT, good noise cancellation, a hands free headset, and a pretty high end build/package.

While there are negative aspects I mentioned, the benefits greatly outweigh any negative factors in my opinion. What it really boils down to is personal preference. Right now, there aren't BT headsets with 100% NC and insanely good audio quality (as far as I could find recently). My friend loves his Shure SE 535's and I agree that they sound great, but the convenience of BT was a large factor for me as well as price. All I can do is help someone decide if this set fits in with their price expectations for the features they are looking for. I really hope this review has helped with that!
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on May 30, 2011
Verified Purchase
I have now had the BH-905i for just over a week. I use them in conjunction with my iPad2, Iphone 3G (iOS 4.2.1, Jailbroken), my PC and TV (with a BT transmitter). These are my first Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) headphones and I've primarily been a user of the mid-range in-ear Sony EX headphones and Apple's own buds (ewww).

Audio quality

I'm not an audiophile nor am I striving for the `bassiest' sound I can get. I really don't have the inclination to do any empirical testing. Subjectively they sound as good as my Sony EX-51s and more importantly I cannot discern any difference between the wired and BT audio quality. Bass levels are solid without being overdriven and the treble is clear. I'm reliably informed by my partner that call quality is excellent and undiscernible from a handset call. I certainly didn't feel the need to raise my voice or cup my hand over my mouth to conduct a conversation even in busy cityscapes or department stores.

The width of the sound isn't up to the standard of your higher end Koss or Sennheiser over-ear ANC phones but that's reflected in the "you get what you pay for" equation.

As for ANC I do not have any previous experience with them so if you've owned some in the past then this review may/may not help you. Impressed with the dampening of low-freq noise such as aircon, crowd & street noise etc. The phones did a good job, much better than the passive blocking of in-ear plugs. There is a very small amount of hiss when ANC is on with no audio but it disappears after that. I didn't find the noise too disconcerting, it wasn't as loud as my base-level of tinnitus!

There were some artefacts introduced into the audio during my bus commute when I was sitting directly above a VERY loud diesel engine. The vibration of the engine noise on revving also caused the audio to "vibrate". Sudden low frequency road noise (potholes, speed bumps) would occasionally re-transmit as amplified "bangs" through the headphones. The above artefacts were annoying but were handled by momentary disabling of the ANC. A later bus ride on the same but at the far end from the engine compartment bus failed to repeat the artefacts beyond some reduced "banging".


The headset is easy to set up and use if you've ever set up a BT accessory in the past. It paired without error in A2DP mode with all my gadgets in turn. On my Apple stuff all buttons were functional although the volume control did not adjust the device volume but rather added a second layer of levelling over the incoming audio. I have only briefly toyed with the bass boost and widening modes, both of which appear to work.

I have gotten the phones to simultaneously connect to my iPad2 (A2DP) and my iPhone 3G (hands free) and it works as advertised with audio from the iPad being paused for the duration of calls using the phone. BUT it turned out my phone would not relinquish A2DP. Used Bluetooth Profile Selector from Cydia (free) to disable A2DP in my phone's BH905i BT profile. After cycling Bluetooth on all devices it now works. I suspect this is more Apple's fault than Nokia's...

On a few occasions I've had the audio (but not the underlying BT connection) cut out after a minute or two, especially when receiving audio from an application rather than iPod audio, corrected by cycling the BT power on the headphones. Once I'd gotten past this initial period I've not had any dropouts.

Range is solid, I can walk around my brick-walled house and stay connected up to about 8m before the sound starts to pause but it never dropped the BT link altogether. If you like to use these headphones in bed to spare your partner the noise they are great, with little sound leakage. One caveat however is that the blinking indicator LED is lighthouse-bright in the dark.


The BH905i fitted very comfortably and the soft on-ear cups are well designed for extended use. I've already fallen asleep twice whilst wearing them! It definitely won't stay put during vigorous exercise beyond more than a gentle trot, keep those old earbuds handy for workouts.

Cautionary word: I'm a male with a pretty large head and I have not had reason to expand the headband more than a tiny little bit. I can foresee that people with inferior cranial diameter may have cause to try for size before they buy, just sayin'.

The controls, all on the right cup save for the ANC switch, are easy to locate and use and have a nice positive feedback click for the most part.

As to the `look' they are very compact considering the features list. The complaints of BH905 users about the "Shrek" headband have been remedied by removing the kink in the headband for the 905i.

The carrying case is quality but is massive and eats up a lot of my commute cargo space. I'll be leaving it for longer trips and for storage. The supplied cables and adaptors are comprehensive and good quality. Appreciated also is the small zip pouch for all the cables which fits inside the case.

Value/Final Thoughts

Clearly the BH-905i are cheaper than the competitor products from Sennheiser, Koss etc. But they feel and sound like a quality set of phones and are a great set of all-in-ones.

If you're contemplating cutting the cord and dabbling with active noise cancelling, I can personally recommend the Nokia BH-905i.
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on March 31, 2011
Verified Purchase
Regardless how many reviews one reads, the only way to accurately test headphones is to listen to them and wear them; little else matters. With this disclaimer being said, as a long time high end audiophile ($100-200,000 home systems---in other words--REALLY serious) I feel I can lend a little help here.

These headphones were specifically designed to work with your cell phone or iPod (or similar media player). If one is looking for studio or audiophile grade headphones for serious listening, you would probably get more for you money buying dedicated single purpose headphones. Your studio headphones will not answer the phone or enable you to speak though. They also will not give you the freedom of movement that the bluetooth connectivity affords. This is where the Nokia's excel, they are a complete mobile lifestyle headset offering you every convenience one would require (with the exception of being a 'sports' headset)

I have a pair of $150 Sony Studio Pros lying about and I compared the sound quality between the 2. The Nokia blew the Sony's away in every imaginable way. There was more dynamics, the soundstage was wider, there was more 'presence' (everything sounds much closer to you, more intimate), the bass was tighter, the midrange richer, and the entire frequency band was seamless. They sound great. I enjoy a variety of music, from Classical to high energy Techno-Rock (Scissor Sisters). They performed excellent regardless what type of music I use them with.

IN the house, I use the bluetooth connection. I can move throughout the entire house and not drop the signal---so your phone can be charging in one room, while you are making dinner in the kitchen. Having the freedom of movement without a phone or cord stuck to your body is great. Outside the bluetooth performed very well, but was subject to interference, as is any bluetooth device. With the solid in-home connection there is no difference in sound quality.

Another added bonus to this set is the ability to defeat the ANC. Noise cancellation also can tend to cancel the quality of your sound since this is achieved by frequency matching, thus nullifying the offending noise (and nullifying whatever music happens to be on the same frequency). For example, the Bose headpones ANC are always active and cannot be turned off.

Anyone buying these headphones will also feel a pride of ownership that makes the expenditure all the more worthwhile (personally, I hate buying anything when the end result is that the product itself looks like it should have cost half as much!). This product not only looks its worth, but is made extremely well with excellent materials and fit and finish. They are extremely comfortable to wear as many reviewers have noted. What they failed to note however is something I found to be a bit curious--you just can't plunk these headphones upon your head and achieve the maximum level of comfort. Unlike any other headphones I have ever seen, the ear-cups are canted at a slight angle rather than just perpendicular to the floor. I fiddled around for a good half-hour finding the "sweet spot" of comfort.

Cons: I have one, and this is a biggie. Although these are sealed-back headphones they do not contain the sound. If you are on a plane or out and about, you will be a nuisance to all those around you. I have a cheap set of on-the-ear headphones that contain the sound much better! This is going to prove to be a big disappointment on international flights. This being said, I have only had the headset a week and I have not worried about this negative aspect as MAY be possible I am overlooking something that can ameliorate this problem.
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on March 9, 2011
Verified Purchase
Ok, I absolutely HATE long-winded reviews on Amazon... so here is my brief but substantial (I hope) review of the Nokia BH-905i

First the good:

Great sound- Not quite to Bose standards, but pretty darn good for a mainly mobile phone manufacture.

Decent noise canceling tech- Not as good as my QC-15's but that is expected, they are on-the-ear, not over. But I live in NYC, so complete isolation on the streets is never a good idea. In other words, for urban environments, they provide the right amount of cancellation. I have not tried them on a plane yet.

Good range- I have them paired with my iPad and can go pretty much anywhere in my apartment without the music cutting out, even in other rooms with the door closed.

Very flexible- I like the fact that you can use the bluetooth, noise canceling and speakers simultaneously, separate, or any combination of all three. So, if you are completely out of juice you can still listen to music, assuming you have the headphone cord. That is a nice feature that I have not seen on any other noise canceling headphones.

Good looking- Greatly improved ascetics over the previous model (BH-905). You do not look like an astronaut walking around the streets. They are prob the best looking headphones that I have ever owned.

Controls- Its really nice to be able to control you music from the headphones themselves. As I said, I have them paired to my iPad, and I can pause, skip ahead and launch the ipod from just the headphones, its a nice convenience.

Ok and now the bad:

Uncomfortable for long use- Perhaps this is a symptom of all on-the-ear headphones, but after a few hours they make the outside of my ears sore.

Volume level- It could be just a little bit louder on maximum...

Noise cancellation could use some tweaking- It took me a few days to get used to them, I was getting a sea-sick kind of feeling when first turning them on, that went away after a few days though. However, the canceling seems to be more effective on the right side, not sure why. It could just be me.

OK so that's it. Overall I defiantly recommend these, not have the wires and noise canceling all in one headphone is great. I am completely happy with this purchase.
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on December 16, 2010
Verified Purchase
The main point to remember that it is good as a combination / comprehensive product, which does bluetooth, noise cancelling, music, phone all in one product. Individually, it is not the BEST at doing any of the tasks. For example, its noise cancellation is not better than any $100.00 product (Rather, in one of the comaprisons on CNET that I saw, it does not appear among the top 5), and my $5 wired phone headset provides better and reliable phone conversation than these. The music comes out well but most $100.00 headphones will beat it hands down.

So it is not perfect but it is a top one out there in its class of headsets. Of course it is way overpriced at $300.00 but because there are only few decent noise canceling headphones and only couple that also do bluetooth.

One major area of my interest is the noise canceling component. I am a commuter to New York, and struggle my way through trains, subway, long walks through jostling tourists on noisy streets and mostly I listen to audio books so a decent noise canceling capability is a must for me.

In the past I have tried to many times to replace Bose QCs but never found a decent wireless alternative. I have tried bluetooth noise canceling products from Sony, Luvs, and Samsung but found them worthless in subways.

I compared BH-905i with Bose QC15, Sennheiser MM-450 and Nokia BH-905. I found its Noise cancelling about half of QC15 but bettter than more expensive Sennheiser MM-450. Surprisingly, I found BH-905 noise cancelling a notch better. I ran tests standing next to my heating unit, refregierator, walking through boradway during rush hours and a ride through the subway.

Bose QC15 are the best and the greatest as far as ANC but not easy to manage, to wear or stow away. In a cold climate, managing a wired headphone without any controls out of several layers of clothing is at best awkward. But their quality, comfort is great and noise canceling is few notches above their competition. Nokia BH-905i competes with them in every respect but loses in the noise canceling department. So if noise canceling is your main concern, QC15 is a no brainer.

The bluetooth range of Nokia BH-905i is surprisingly good, as well as pairing, connectivity, and most importantly, it reconnects predictably everytime. I have been able to connect to iPad, an Android phone and a Macbook and it does a good job. They don't fit my head very well and fall off when I bend it forward but I can live with that. The audio quality is comparable, if not as good, to Bose's or Sennheiser. Its noise canceling works in most environments like airplance, but fails in more demanding ones like Subway.

However, if noise canceling is not high on your priority list then there are other bluetooth headsets available for one third the price. To justify $300 on these you must be looking for both - a high quality noise canceling as well as bluetooth connectivity.

I think at $199.00 they are more reasonably priced so I have improved my rating. However, BH-905 at $139.00 is better.
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on January 17, 2011
Verified Purchase
After doing much research on this headset, the Bose QC-15's, and the Sennsheimer, I finally broke down and bought this headset.

ANC rocks. Very quiet. I used it in a noisy hotel, on a plane, and in my office. It blocks out virtually all noise, including the annoying flight attendants. Sound quality from bluetooth is excellent. Some other reviews have noted that it is like listening to your old music and having it sound new again. This is definitely true. I heard parts of songs I never knew were there before.
The fit is very comfortable, even after continuously wearing for 4 hours on a plane. Battery life is great. I didn't try it for 22 hours, but it worked for my flights. Will put it to a stronger test when I fly overseas next month. Having the wired option is a nice plus, but I haven't had to use it yet.
The case is strong and compact.

There is a slight hissing noise when ANC is on, but it does disappear when music is played, and it is very subtle. This may make a difference when wearing the headset with ANC on to sleep in a plane (with no music playing). Would have liked a micro-USB instead of the Nokia proprietary charger, but I can live with it.

Overall, I am very happy with this product.
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on March 30, 2011
Verified Purchase
I'm a bit of a headphone addict. I have Sony MDR-900's, Bose QC2's, Bose Triports, Sennheiser HD-238's, Monster Dre Beats, Bose Earbuds, and Denon AH-D2000's. I have rather discriminating hearing, and perhaps my preferences are non-mainstream, because since I've owned the Denons, the Monster Beats and Bose QC's are an overpriced joke. Live and learn.

Having grown sick of dealing with cords and wires, I investigated bluetooth headphones for a month or so. The Nokia BH-905i's kept popping up in my searches, and the reviews were impressive. I've had mine for a month or so, and I am not disappointed with the $200 I invested, particularly since I finally paired the Nokias with my BlackBerry Curve. This is an excellent product.

The sound quality of the Nokia BH-905i's is outstanding. While it lacks the crisp highs and ultra-realistic mid-range of my Denons, it's apples to oranges - you can't really compare a small set of bluetooth headphones to full size audiophile cans. For their size, light weight and portability, however, I continue to be impressed and delighted with the Nokias, particularly the bass boost and stereo-widening features. They are very comfortable. The additional features: skip to next/last song, fast forward, pause, make these fun to use every time. The noise canceling is top quality and creates a comfortable isolation. The carrying case, adapters and pouch are also sweet.

I highly recommend the Nokia BH-905i headphones to anyone who wants excellent sound quality, isolating noise cancelation, quick bluetooth paring and best of all, no cords.
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on January 2, 2012
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I posted this review for the Sennheiser MM550, but since I compared it with the Nokia BH905I I thought I would post it here too. Most of it applies to the Sennheiser, but the Nokia wins by a mile. I will keep the Nokia and be glad I purchased it. It is worth every penny!

RE: Sennheiser MM550

First the good: (re: Sennheiser MM550)

I wanted a bluetooth headset that I could use with my phone for music and making calls. This unit does that very well. The music reproduction is strong in the midranges, but tinny in the treble and muffled in the bass. Turning on the SRS function improved the sound significantly. No complaints from callers about hearing my voice, and I could hear them very clearly. With my droid phone I was able to control volume easily. For music playback you have track skip capability right from the headset. Using the android vlingo voice app I had full voice control of my phone. I REALLY wanted to like this headset. But....

Now the not so good (re: Sennheiser MM550)

The Sennheiser headset is on the small side of compact. The ear cups are not suited well for adult sized ears and were too tight. The headband fully extended was still very tight on my slightly larger than normal sized head. The unit has a lot of cheap feeling plastic in its makeup, and the ear cups are just not comfortable for me to wear.

The noise cancelling function is very important to me since I spend too much time on airlines on a weekly basis. I found the noise cancelling characteristics of the Sennheiser headset to be very very weak. Firstly because the headset fits so tight, some outside noise is actually AMPLIFIED as it resonates through the body of the headset itself. Secondly the level of active noise cancellation is very low compared to other sets I have used. Active noise cancellation is supposed to blank out external noises that are constant and steady. It works best on low frequency noises. This headset only eliminated a small amount of the very low frequency noises. With the amplification of the non-constant outside noises (conversations, television audio, etc.) wearing the Sennheiser headset is actually noisier than having it off.

(RE: Nokia BH905i) I have just spent a week airlining around the country using a Nokia BH-905i headset. The Nokia headset is everything that the Sennheiser MM550 was supposed to be but is not. The Nokia sits on the ear instead of around the ear. The Nokia is not too tight and very comfortable. Phone calls are easily heard and callers have no complaints. The music reproduction is very good. But the active noise cancellation function is far and away better than the Sennheiser. Flip the switch and most external noise (of a constant nature) is practically erased. The price point for Nokia is around $189 and ( in contrast to the Sennheiser) it is worth every penny.

For $499 the Sennheiser MM550 headset is a complete disappointment. If it retailed for $200 - well that would still be too much to pay for what you get. There aren't many headsets out there with both Active Noise Cancellation and Bluetooth functions. I have only tried this one and the Nokia. The Nokia wins by a mile and this one is going back to Amazon.
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