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on February 26, 2011
I thought I would post a few comments, since there are no reviews for this multi-tool yet. I just received mine in the mail today, and here are my first impressions:

- Nice spring action on the pliers.
- The grips have a non-slip design.
- Serrated knife looks like it could do some serious damage to rope, etc.
- Feels pretty solid, for the price.

- The jaws of the pliers I got have some small gouges in the teeth. Hopefully, this is just a fluke. I like Gerber products, so this surprised me. I deducted one star for this.

Mixed Feelings:
- I didn't realize it had a tweezers. (It looks like a small, flat blade screwdriver in one of the pictures.) I was happy to find out it had one, but it is very short. It's a little under 7/8 of an inch long, but may be useful for removing slivers.
- At first, I thought the Phillips head screwdriver looked pretty useless, due to the flat design, but it actually does work (on light-duty jobs of course). It's approximately size #2.

I'm a little disappointed in the quality of the jaw teeth on the pliers I got, but overall I like this little multi-tool, and I think it's worth the price I paid for it on Amazon.
review image review image review image
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on June 4, 2013
Put some pressure trying to turn out a screw and the pliers broke. Going to try and return it if the shipping is cheap enough. If it cost me close to the price of it then It will be a total loss. It only cost 10 bucks but I thought is should hold up better than it did.

Update: Cost of shipping it back for a possible fix is not worth it. I contacted gerber and there response back was defensive and not apologetic. I explained I used the pliers to try and turn a screw head. They broke just with hand pressure. They wanted to make the determination after receiving them before they would tell me they would replace them or not. I bought a leatherman. Gerber lost my business.
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on June 1, 2011
Smaller than I thought it would be.

The spring on the pliers is real good. It's pretty heavy and seems sturdy enough for light task. Only useful for small and light task.

The pliers them self are not that great. The material is real weak. Had a thin piece of metal laying around and tried twisting and bending it with the pliers. The pliers teeth grip did not hold so well. When twisting the metal, the pliers started bending. The pliers looked like they were going to snap in half. The metal was thin enough to bend with my hands. Other than bending small wire and paper clips, the pliers crap out.

The hardest tool to flip out is the flat heads. The grooves on them is not very deep, making it hard to grip and pull it out.

The blade is very thin and came with a couple of nicks on its edge. The serrated blade is also thin and looks like it had been holed punched out of metal. I wouldn't trust using these blades on anything more than an orange.

The two halves when closed, do not line up flush with each other.

Bottom line, even Bear Grylls would not be able to survive in the wild with this thing.
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on April 20, 2012
This multi-tool is compact and has all the essentials. That being said, the pliers broke when I tried to pull out a small metal rod that was stuck in a plastic holder. The metal was wedged in pretty tight, but I figured the pliers could handle it. I was wrong and the mechanism that holds the pliers in place broke. So, long story short, this multi-tool is only for light duty work.
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on April 11, 2013
It was $10, and I think I got the short end of the deal.

Pliers: Not gritty, but poorly-fitted. Quite a bit of play, and they are so far out of alignment they scrape one of the handles as they're folded away. Usable, I suppose, but not really satisfying.

PE blade: VERY thin construction, poorly (un)sharpened, useless point, awful nail nick. A knife of last resort.

Serrated blade: I thought the plain edge blade was among the worst I'd ever tried. Nope. Serrated one is worse. They're not so much serrations as crooked, wavy little meanders of metal that aspire to be useful.

Tweezers: Not really. They're two flappy little fins of metal that squeeze towards each other in a general sort of way, without really meeting.

Small flat screwdriver: It's actually ground slightly at an angle, so slides right out of whatever slot you might direct it towards, when the slightest pressure is applied. Less than useless, it's painful to use and destructive towards whatever it's being used on.

Large flat screwdriver: Not bad, per se, but the worst nail nick known to man makes the one reasonable tool on the entire package nearly impossible to deploy.

Bottle opener: And whatever practicality the flathead driver achieved, is immediately taken back by a bottle opener that doesn't open bottles. The hook that, in theory, should grip the edge of the cap, is so rounded off that there is no conceivable way to actually grip the cap.

Philips driver: Not so much a philips driver as a bas-relief that was sculpted by someone who once heard a description of a philips driver. From someone who saw one in their childhood. From the side. It will turn a philips head screw, I suppose, right up to the point where the screw encounters a tiny bit of resistance. At that point, the handles flex, the driver twists on its pivot, and the head slips out of the screw. Every single time.

All in all, this was one of the worst multitools I've ever attempted to use. The $5 ones hanging from the checkstands at Home Depot are better.

Pros: Not a bad color.
Standard torx for all the fasteners.
When you stand it up on end and look from the right angle, it looks like Zoidberg.

Cons: Almost completely unusable as a tool.
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on June 7, 2013
Shortly after purchasing this tool, it became apparent it was not reliable.
Bear states, "The Compact Multi-tool is small enough for a keychain or pocket yet packs a big punch when you need it most".
My pliers failed when I needed them most. Other reviews indicate similar problems with the weak pliers.
Granted, Gerber did replace the tool but I now consider it more of a Dollar Store quality item that can't be depended upon.
I gave it two stars because Gerber replaced it.
See picture.
review image
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on August 7, 2013
pliers are small but strong (they do not go to a point like needlenose but they are thin, which is great)
all the tools work well
rounded edges so they don't get caught in the pocket
lanyard hole is solidly part of the tool stack
spring loaded pliers are convenient one handed
very inexpensive

spring loaded function can pinch when closing

i'll be getting a few more of these.. one for each car and camping. at the price and what they can do, the multi tool is very impressive.

this is now 1 star. the primary function of the tool: pliers are not actually useful. they should really be tweezers as actually trying to use the pliers breaks them. i was trying to hold a .375" nut to loosen it and the pliers broke. maybe i got a bad product, as i tried applying a significant amount of force to the 1/2 of the pliers that did not break and they are holding. either way this tool is not worth carrying around and returning it to gerber will cost me shipping at least 1 way and the time to pack and ship it.
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on December 21, 2013
I wanted to like this more. It pops open with authority, it feels solid - not cheap, and it's a handy size. Unfortunately, the metal is very soft. Since this is Gerber, I have no idea what metal they used because they don't like to say. I had the flat screw driver out and realized I needed to pry a lid off something. I stuck the tip in the seam just to get it started and the blade just bent. Now, while this is not the typical use for a multiplier screw driver of this size, but there wasn't that much force involved. I felt it really should not have bent given the amount of force involved. I was able to bend the screw-driver blade back with my bare hands. That's pretty soft steel.

I also own a Gerber Dime multi-tool and for the money it is a much better product - everything about it is nice. Heck, the steel even looks better than whatever they used in this thing. My sense is that this is meant to be lower quality but the price difference isn't enough to justify the big difference in quality. I bought this for $10-12 and you can get a dime on Amazon for around $16.

Bottom line: does it work? Yes. Is the quality decent? Yes. Is it the best key chain multi-tool Gerber makes in the $10-20 range? No. Spend the $4-6 more and get a Gerber Dime instead.
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on April 24, 2012
This tool is very lightly built. While I didn't expect it to be like a full-size leatherman, it is both bigger and weaker than my leatherman micra. The pliers are pretty much worthless. It is just a nice gadget to have around to do minor office tasks. I would not trust my life to this thing. If you want a mini multitool that is well built, get a leatherman. Even the smallest ones are still better built than this.
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on September 8, 2011
I think this is a great little tool very useful for those small jobs that pop up throughout the day. Easy to carry and deploy tools. The nail nicks actually work well for a change. It even looks cool. The knife comes nicely sharpened and I like that tension can be adjusted by the torque fasteners on the handles.

Common sense dictates that this tool is not for large jobs... it is designed to be small and lightweight and should be used accordingly. The pliers work just fine within their limits. Remember, this is marketed as part of Bear's survival series and not designed for hard, continuous use but good to have in an emergency situation. The small size makes it easy to carry and available for use. For this reason I give it 4 stars. Good job on this one Gerber!
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