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319 of 342 people found the following review helpful
on February 14, 2011
I haven't had this too long, but so far I LOVE it! Here's why:

1. I have an iPhone 4 in a nice thick protective case, and the arms on this mount are angled perfectly, and have a nice cushy foam on them, so they close gently but firmly on the sides. Holds the phone perfectly, which my last mount did not.

2. The mount also has a "foot" that my iPhone sits on, and one feature I didn't see mentioned before is that this foot has a wide hole in it, big enough for the charge cord to fit through! On one of my other mounts, I had to leave the phone pushed up high in the holder, and snake the cord up and around the foot. With this one, as long as I've put my phone in straight, I can just push the cord up through the hole and plug it in, without moving my phone at all.

3. I had a suction cup mount before, which seemed fine - when the weather was warm. I live in NY, and this winter has been cold enough that every time I tried to use the mount, as soon as I touched it, the suction cup fell of my windshield. I couldn't rely on it. It also left suction cup rings on my windshield. This mount is sturdy and firm - it's not going anywhere unless I take it off!

4. I love that it mounts to the radio the way it does. I don't need to play CDs since I have an iPhone, so I don't feel bad blocking the CD slot. The mount blocks the CD controls... but who cares? It is positioned perfectly (at least in my Chrysler Town & Country) right above the radio, where I can easily control my iPod functions, and also use my GPS functions. It turns sideways, tilts back and forth and up and down. Incredibly adaptable. My only concern is how long it will continue to stay tight if I turn it horizontally often (which I don't), so I will update this review if it ever gets loose. It doesn't feel like it will, though.

5. Great price! I've seen fancier, more "advanced" mounts for much more. Don't bother. This mount is perfect, and the price is more than reasonable.

I did lots of research, and almost bought several mounts - dashboard-mounted, cup holder-mounted... thank goodness I found this one before I spent any money. If you have a radio with a CD slot, and your other controls won't be blocked by putting this in, get it. You'll love it!
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183 of 207 people found the following review helpful
on May 5, 2011
This is a quality product from a company with superior customer support. For the price you cannot beat the build and materials of this mount. I was very impressed with it's quality compared to the one my girlfriend has from Verizon (we are never buying the Verizon one again, its useless).

You notice I mentioned superior customer support. Right out of the box I did have an issue. My 08 VW Rabbit has a very very thin CD slot. The blades would not fit into my deck. I emailed Mountek and got a reponse from a person in <5min. 4 emails and 20 minutes later they had agreed to send me thinner replacement blades to swap out. It is now 4 days later and the new blades have arrived and the mount works perfectly. This is why they got 5 stars even with the compatibility issue.

Why should you buy this mount instead of the standard windshield mount?
1. You can reach the phone. Windshield mounts require you to scooch up in your seat or remove phone to reach.
2. It doesnt obstruct your view through windshield
3. Who uses their CD players anymore anyways. Chances are if you have a smartphone to put in this mount, then you no longer need your CD player. Might as well fill the slot in your dash with something usefull.
4. Good quality. Its made of durable, flexible, heavy plasic. Not that cheap brittle shiny stuff.
5. Amazing customer service
... I could keep going
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41 of 44 people found the following review helpful
on November 14, 2011
I drive a 2006 Legacy and tried 3 other types to mount my iPhone 4s in the car. The cup holder version works but it's in a horrible position and not even visible while I drive. The other was one that plugged into my cigarette lighter outlet but it was too low and out of the way to again be viewable. I then tried a vent clip type, which worked, but wasn't very stable and pretty much blocked the vent. I also didn't like blowing hot air onto the phone. Now, all of these devices did work and do what they said they would, but none simply worked properly in my car.

This brings us to this cradle, which is genius in its design. If you think about it, most cd player slots are right smack dab in an easy to see and reach spot. My only concern was "how on earth would it get held into place?" The pictures aren't very clear and there isn't much explanation as to the mechanics of it. (I will post some pictures so you can see what I'm about to explain.)

The design is very simple and works like a charm. There is a one inch-ish tab that runs close to the length of the cd slot. It's broken up into 4 tabs and there is a knob you twist after inserting it into the slot. When you turn this knob 2 of the 4 tabs separate from the other two (up and down) making the entire tab "thicker" so it applies some pressure and keeps it held into place. This part that slides into the cd slot (or any other slot you may see on your dash) is made of a soft plastic, but bendable material. It won't hurt your cd player.

There is also access to the bottom of the iPhone so I can charge it while it's sitting in the cradle. The cradle is also adjustable so you can get it pointing at you or your passenger. It simply pivots, no need to screw or tighten anything for this. The area where the back of the phone rests on the cradle is a very soft, foamy pad and the parts that grab onto the sides of the phone are also soft and foamy.

Anyway, I couldn't be happier to have found something that works so well. It was shipped quickly, priced right, and is well made. I will throw up some pictures later...
review image
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122 of 144 people found the following review helpful
on January 15, 2011
[Updated information follows]

Now that I have owned this for 2 months and used it a lot, I would like to update my review. They say that if you invent a better mouse trap, the world will beat a path to your door. I hope that Mountek has as good a door as they have a mount! Even with a couple of small quibbles, this is still the best engineered solution I have come across. I use the word "engineered" instead of "designed" or something else, because it is apparent that this is the work of a talented engineering-type who has a good grasp of how items are used in the real world and the importance of build quality as well as fit and finish.

What are the quibbles? Well, as someone else mentioned, the screw which tightens the mount in the slot is a little noticeable. It is also the only piece of this device which was not perfect in fit and finish. Mine has a tiny little burr sticking out that digs into my finger when I tighten it. Not a big deal, but this device is so close to perfect any tiny thing like this which detracts from that sticks out.

Second, I have a HTC/T-Mobile myTouch 4G. The micro USB for the charger is just in the wrong place for this design and is blocked by the arms. I have to either reverse it in the holder (which then causes the headphone/aux jack to be blocked) or remove the bottom stop. I, personally, do not like to remove that because it is not as solid that way. Plus, if I do remove it, I still have to slide the phone down far enough that the clamps hit the volume buttons and can cause some problems occasionally.

Third, my preference would be to have a wider spread of the holder brackets so the phone could be grabbed at the top and bottom and I'd have the use of the side controls. Something would then have to be done about the headphone jack on the top of my phone. Maybe a different kind of bottom bracket with part of the sides cut out?

Even with these nitpicks, this is still so far and away a better product than anything else I have seen or tested that it still gets all 5 stars from me. Not much product out there that I'll say that about.

Bottom line: You should skip the rest and buy this one. You're going to end up throwing the others away anyway and getting this, eventually. So, why not just start at the top and be done with it? Plus, at $19.95, it is a real bargain that will last a long time. -- 03/13/11

[Original review follows]
I will try to be as concise as possible, as I plan to do a longer, more in-depth review on my website soon.

I have been looking for something to mount my smartphone in the car for a couple of months now. I tried models by Bracketron and Scosche, as well as some less-known brands.

Simply put, for most people's needs, this product not only does the job better, but is so well thought out and engineered that I sincerely hope the developer gets his patent, 'cause everyone else will try to copy this.

It's so simple. You just find a place to slide it in (like the slot on your CD player or one on your console); tighten a thumbscrew to secure it; and slip your device into the holder. It can lock on there nice and solid too.

Oh, and the build quality is excellent too. The others (which seemed OK at the time) look like cheap toys compared with this one. It is solid and gives you confidence that it is not going to break or be damaged while using it.

What more could you want in any kind of product?

The others are all going back now.
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14 of 14 people found the following review helpful
on January 27, 2012
I use this to mount my (relatively small) Optimus V Android phone in my 2006 Honda Civic. I've tried other mounting solutions, but this is by far the best.


* It's stable. No vibration at low speeds, and only a small amount of vibration at highway speeds (i.e. 60MPH+). This may vary based on the quality of the road, your suspension, etc. But the bottom line is that once you position your phone/device, its position will not change with driving. Even if you take that corner at high speed.

* Mount point tends to be pretty accessible in most cars. Since the CD slot is always within a short arm's reach, the mount will be located there as well.

* Solid construction and rational design. Someone obviously spent a lot of time on this, and I think I speak for almost all reviewers here when I say thank you to the designer(s) at Mountek for making something that works well and will last. The screw widens the CD clamp evenly, the device vise grip is sturdy, and overall the mount is a pleasure to use.

* Doesn't require the use of a suction cup. My car's dashboard is mostly dimpled plastic, which makes a suction cup mount impossible unless you use a big plastic ring with double sided tape. I like to keep my car clean, so this is excellent as it causes no damage to the interior.


* May block controls and displays for your existing radio. In my 2006 Civic, I can mount this one of two ways: phone above the CD slot, or phone below the CD slot. If I position it so that the phone is below the CD slot, it blocks almost all of my radio buttons (AM/FM/AUX, presets). No go. If I position it so that the phone is above the CD slot, it blocks part of my mutli-use display (volume, time, bass/treble, clock); only the current input source and radio station is visible. This is fine, though, as that's all the information I really need. So I mount it above the CD slot.

PRO TIP: To get a feel of what this will do to your unit, take your phone/device and put it flat against your head unit above/below the CD player. If it blocks too many controls/displays in either location, you may want to consider another solution.

* The little support sticking out from the bottom of the vise has a small hole in it, which leaves room for most chargers. However, it can get in the way of your charging port if your phone/device is really thick. There's a little note etched on there saying it can be removed, but I've had a heck of a time pulling it off. Anyway, it's only a problem when I use the extended battery on my phone.

* If you still listen to CDs, you'll need to unmount this thing to get access to the slot (obviously). But I think we all know that this is meant to replace your CD player with a digital music player (iPod, iPhone/Android/Windows smartphone, etc). So the remedy to blocking your CD slot is to just rip all your music to your digital music player at high quality -- and send those CDs off to the salt mines (aka "your basement") for cold storage.

The pros of this little gadget definitely outweigh the cons. Highly recommended, as long as you keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road when the car is moving! Never use a function more advanced than play/pause or next/previous track unless you are in a parking lot or at a long stoplight. I would highly recommend complementing this with a bluetooth adapter for phone calls and music playback.
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14 of 14 people found the following review helpful
on November 27, 2011
I'd been looking for a way to mount my Samsung Galaxy S2 in my car. Suction Ripping my dash apart and Then I happened upon the Mountek CD mount. It's just perfect. I have never used my CD player in my car, so I was happy to be able to use it for something. It does cover my radio when I install it with the insert up, but I have volume and channel controls on my steering wheel, so it's not a problem. I can install it with the insert down, but it raises the phone up too much for my comfort and, you can't rotate it down as much when it's in this position. It does have an adjustment screw (use a penny to unscrew it) to adjust the rotation, but I haven't played with that yet. Because it's in my CD player, I can easily reach it if I have to but, I find with Vlingo and my a2dp BT headset, I don't have to touch it.

It takes, literally, 10 seconds to install it and it's secure. The phone doesn't shake, vibrate or move at all. It's solidly installed and just absolutely perfect. It's easy to take off and take with me when I change cars. It's made well and appears to be quite sturdy. It adjusts to fit any phone. I keep my Galaxy S2 off center a little to keep the volume and power buttons free. I plug it into the sound port and power port in my dash and it works fine. The wires are a little much, so I'll wrap those.

I wish I had stock in this company. Do yourself a favor. Get the best car mount for your cell phone you'll ever find. It's wonderful to buy something that actually works out of the gate and have it work so perfectly.
review image review image review image review image review image
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15 of 15 people found the following review helpful
on May 13, 2013
It broke after a week and is unusable. The mount kept coming loose on my 15 minute commute to work and I kept tightening the knob until there was no more threads to turn. I looked at it to see if I could have done anything different, but its cheap plastic and it was either have it loose, rattle, and shake, or try to tighten it. I loved it while it worked, but will be sending it back.
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13 of 13 people found the following review helpful
on December 5, 2012
Mounting a Garmin GPS is problematic. You want it in a convenient location but dashboards are carefully designed not to have anywhere to hang anything. This mount uses what is today almost unused dashboard real estate: the CD slot. Four thin fingers slip into the slot. A tightening screw then pushes the center two fingers upward to wedge the mount into the slot.

The phone holder itself attaches to the mount via a ball mount that allows left/right/up/down adjustment as well a 360 degree rotation. This lets it hold a phone vertically or a Garmin horizontally. The jaws open to a maximum of 3-3/4 inches. The jaws are removable if you want to mount something else to the basic mount, like a Garmin ball. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it held my Garmin 2595 horizontally with ease. No need to adapt it at all. See attached pictures.
review image review image review image review image review image review image
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16 of 17 people found the following review helpful
on December 25, 2012
[See 4 month update at end.]

Love the product, but before I could use with my iPhone 5, had to make several adjustments, hence the 4 stars.

First there are the 2 foam inserts, which presumably were left out to avoid the side brackets from pushing side controls on some devices. Since iPhone 5 doesn't have side controls in the bottom, I stuck the inserts back in.

Now the big surgery. See pictures for what this looks like afterwards. The bottom bracket would block my stubby headphone cable, which I use to connect the phone to my car's auxiliary jack (I don't have USB on my 2008 car). A popular solution is to detach the bottom bracket, but I didn't like that because then you are relying only the side brackets. Sometimes if you're in a hurry then you might not squeeze the sides all the way tight, and the phone might drop out.

Thanks to another reviewer's tip, I was able to adjust this to fit perfectly, so I wanted to share how to do this:

1. Remove 4 screws from back. Carefully open case. Small parts may come flying out because of the springloaded mechanism inside, so work on a nice cleared surface.
2. Adjust side brackets so that left one extends out more, i.e., the whole thing is shifted to the left.
3. Carefully reassemble, making sure the spring fits into its recessed groove, the 3 sprockets are rotating properly, the catch lever clicks into the right sprocket, and the top button sits on top. This is the trickiest part, as the whole thing is springloaded and wants to pop apart in every direction. WIth some patience, I was able to tuck it all back together.

When you're done, the side brackets will appear displaced to the left a little, which is perfect for allowing any size headphone cable to fit. The small Lightning connector will still fit through the middle hole in the bottom bracket as before.

Again, you can see the "after" pictures in the customer pictures area.

UPDATE: 4 months later, this is still working great. The whole mount got really loose and would roll sideways, but then I realized I just had to tighten the nut on the back. I use the mount every day and I'm still very happy with it.
review image review image
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13 of 13 people found the following review helpful
on July 30, 2013
I think most cd players these days have a slight curve to the entrance of the CD slot (at least mine does)....this means that the devices just slowly slips out and falls off over and over. I opened it as wide as I could without being concerned about cracking my car but it still slipped out every time. I think the idea is a good one, just needs better constrution or a longer insert part into the CD slot.
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