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on September 9, 2013
Love it. Works exactly as expected. Lasts longer than my old 4.6 volt Dustbuster. Conveniently stands on it's end, so you can store it upright. The suction is fantastic. Since the exhaust is in the rear, there is very little blowing forward, which can sometimes blow your dust around before you can suck it up.

I use mine as a "dustpan", to thoroughly eliminate dust & crud. Also use in bathrooms for quick hair pick up during the week, as well as the pet food areas & litter box. Works great in my car to clean up grass & gravel that the kids drag in.

Some folks mentioned that the vacuum didn't last long, or have much suction. I suspect the reason is that they took it out of the box, half charged & used it. Then, after it runs out of juice, plugging it in for a charge. Using it for a FEW MINUTES ONLY and then plugging back in to charge - herein lies the problem.

These are nickel-cadmium batteries. Unlike other batteries, they have a built-in "memory". The way these batteries "learn" how much charge to hold is by: fully charging for 24 hours. Then completely DISCHARGE the battery: ie: turn it on & leave it on until it completely dies. Then simply recharge for 24 hours and the battery now knows how much charge to accept.

If you don't do this, your battery will remember that it only take 1/2 a charge, or something less than a full charge. Some folks, who just want it to work straight out of the box and not following the charging instructions will be disappointed - to their own demise.

Highly recommend this to my friends & family.
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I really can't believe the "mixed" reviews here. I think a lot of people have unrealistic expectations of what a battery powered hand-vac can do.

Power is great for a 9.6 volt tool. Suction is great for 9 volts (yes there are lots of units with stronger batteries thus stronger suction, but also more money). Battery life is great. Capacity is great, holds a lot of debris. Rinsable filter. Easy to operate, not too loud.

Sure there are a few minor problems with it. The exhaust fan points at your hand, which is strange (why not point it out the side?). And the nozzle is rounded not pointed, so it has a difficult time in tight corners. (It does come with a water attachment, which is squarish, and can be used in dry corners like carpeted areas, but not tight corners).

When I first got it, I tried it around the house - it picks up small nuts & bolts, kids blocks & action figures (accidentally got a couple of those), paper clips, even an eraser. No complaints about suction (on a full charge, that is).

When the battery gets about 75-80% low, the fan runs but the suction is pretty much gone. For the first few charge cycles, I ran it until it was completely dead (took almost 10 minutes to discharge), then charged it overnight. Be careful about overcharging (do not leave it plugged in 24/7). Following these tips will ensure your hand vac will charge up like new for a long time, and, you can leave it unplugged for about a month and it will keep it's charge.

Overall, this is an exceptional deal for $25 (that's what I paid at least). In the process of shopping around, we tried about a half dozen different brands at Lowes & Home Depot (some upwards of $100), and this performed just as well as any of them. And my 3-year-old daughter loves this, and she can operate it herself, pick up crumbs she's dropped (it's fun!).

If you want more power & battery life, Black & Decker also offers 14.4 volt models, 15.6 volt models, etc (for about twice the price). That might be worth it if you plan to use it daily. And please remember, cordless are *never* as powerful as a corded version. But if you need cordless, and you're realistic about it's uses, this is fine.
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Decent bug-sucker! Works better than the suction tubes actually made for sucking bugs.

I purchased this vac because I wanted to use it outside to suck up the insects that pester our tomato plants: Mostly leaffooted bugs and assassin bugs. Hey, it works! We're very happy it works! It sure beats spraying with insecticide, which is expensive, messy and not healthy. And the "swump" sound that sucking bugs makes is truly very satisfying. I arrive home after a tough day at work and a frenzied hour commute on the highway; I change clothes and head outside, happily suck bugs, and find peace.

Not knowing if our idea would work--that of getting rid of insects by vacuuming them--we opted to purchase a hand vac whose power was not too low or not too high. Too low and we were afraid it wouldn't suck 'em up. Too high and we were afraid we'd be wasting money if it didn't work.

Another reason we chose this model is the dirt cup: The dirt cup is that transparent gray section. It detaches from the motor section. It is closed off on the wide end by a sturdy filter section and the hole/sucking end is narrow enough to target a single insect. So, after a session of sucking bugs, I very simply plug the narrow end with a tissue. Then I detach the cup and stick it in the frig. Cooling the bugs down makes them lethargic and reluctant to fly. Then I pull off the filter end and dump the bugs into a ziplock and stick it in the freezer. Just for kicks, when the season is over I'm going to do a head count, then send them to insect heaven via the toilet bowl. Don't you dare tell me I'm being insensitive to the bugs' well-being....

A tip to aid you suck 'em up: Insects react in different ways to the sound and the vac coming at them. If you are observant, you will quickly learn if they fly up or fly down or run to hide under the leaf. Then you can hold the vac in one hand--it is light-weight enough to do that--then position your other hand to kind of catch them against the hole. To help with that, I utilize the tissue that I going plug the end with and then I really don't get my hands dirty with bug juice.

We've just about come to the end of our tomato season here in South Texas and with just a little attention to wiping the white plastic every once in a while, the vac still looks and acts like new.

I took it down to four stars because I'm judging it for our specific purpose: It would have been perfect with a little longer and narrower "snout" and it could have a bit more sucking power (but not too much more or it would be sucking leaves and cherry tomatoes too).
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on May 4, 2011
For $25, this isn't too bad. What I mainly don't like is that it doesn't have very much power. The other reviewers claim it has enough power and maybe I got a bad unit but as a wet vac this one is completely doesn't pick up water. Not only that but the squeegee attachment is worthless as well as it doesn't stay in. The other issue I have is that trying to get the canister back on to the vac after emptying is a serious challenge. Its going back and I'll spend the money on a better unit.
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on September 12, 2011
I have a hardwood floor house and I thought it would not be essential a regular vaccum. I bought this one for minor uses as cleaning after my kids mess, cleaning the sofa, my car, etc. I normally use it for dry litter. It's very light, I wish the battery last longer but it's ok and the cordless feature was a plus for me. In general it is a good product for minor household use.
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on February 17, 2011
I picked this up at Wal-Mart last week to use in our car and to clean up my 1-year-old's mealtime messes. For those purposes, it's been a lifesaver! I've browsed several more expensive cordless vacuums so I was worried a cheaper one wouldn't be powerful enough, but it has definitely done the trick. It picks up everything she's thrown at it including fruit, ravioli, noodles, sauce, and juice. My only complaint would be that the one I got didn't come with the mounting plate; also, I've only used it for a few minutes at a time so I don't know how long the battery charge lasts.
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on January 24, 2012
This hand vac is OK, I guess. but it's not nearly as good as the Dustbuster of 20 years ago. If you're picking up fine stuff like powder or sanding dust, it plugs up too quick compared to the older models. My biggest gripe though, is the shape.. It's round & the slightest bump makes it roll. Have to be very careful not to lay it near the edge of a table or bench so it won't fall & break.
When it's popped apart for cleaning, it seems like no matter how you lay the power section down, it wants to roll somewhere. I give the design an "F" for lack of thought about how & where these things are used.
It has a pretty fine piece of sponge for the particle trap. The old ones had a very coarse filter. Maybe this sponge stops the water from going through in wet use. But it sure cuts down on it's suction & plugs up too fast.
I'll keep using this one until it rolls off the bench & breaks some day. Then, I'll try to find one that has flats in the shape so it'll stay put.
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on November 15, 2015
Disappointing. I bought this item June, 2013 and have just now gotten around to writing a review. I think during 2013 and 2014 I used it a total of 30 times. I ran the rechargeable battery down about 10 times during these two years, and charged it up fully. I kept it clean and emptied it regularly. Slowly, after a recharge in late 2014, the battery would hold less and less of a charge until during the first quarter of 2015 the item would not work without being plugged in. In other words, the first quarter of 2015, the item got to the condition that the battery wouldn't hold a charge.

When it worked and the battery was functional, this item was good. It was powerful and convenient. But the battery chosen by B&D was a huge mistake, only matched by the fact that I bought it.
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on December 25, 2015
I was a little put off by other reviews- this dustbuster does the job for me....just as described. I have not plugged it back in yet- as a couple other reviews recommend, let it discharge fully the first couple of times before recharging to maintain battery life.
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on April 14, 2016
Does a nice job but fills and clogs really quickly. You need to not only empty the pick-up container but you need to clean the filter very often. When clean, has a good amount of suction and the battery hold a good charge for a number of small uses.
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