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on December 29, 2012
In general, Plants vs. Zombies is a great game. Read all the other reviews to see how engaging, challenging, fun/cute, addictive, etc. it is.

I want to bring your attention to a particular difference between this PC/Mac version and the Android phone version, which took me by surprise. The PC/Mac version has nothing analogous to Android's "Quick Play" mode. Let me explain:

Both PC/Mac and Android have the standard game, called Adventure Mode. This is a series of battles between your plants vs. the zombies, that takes place in progressively more difficult levels (day time, night time, pool, fog, roof) with progressively more dangerous zombies. Before each battle you choose a small number of offensive and defensive plants from a larger list of "seed packets", then during game play you try to grow enough plants and place them in the right locations to defeat the zombies. After each level there is a special game such as bowling, whack-a-zombie, or a variation of the preceding level but instead of growing your own plants they give you random plants via a conveyor belt.

Unfortunately the PC/Mac version does NOT have any way of practicing an individual level. On Android they call this "Quick Play" mode. For example, you can choose to do just the last battle of the day time level, and play that one battle over and over without having to re-play the *entire* Adventure mode. You can't do that on the PC/Mac version.

The PC/Mac version does have plenty of other things: Mini Games, Puzzles, and Survival mode. These are fun variations on the standard rules. For example in some of them you are on the side of the zombies. It is surprising, given that there are several dozen of these alternative versions of play, that none of them lets you practice an individual Adventure Mode level.

This deficiency means I wasted my money, since that was the main thing I wanted out of this version. If you don't think the lack of Quick Play mode will matter to you, which might be the case, you can give this version five stars.
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on January 1, 2013
I don't play too many computer games but the few I do play I tend to play a lot. "Plants vs Zombies" is one of those games. I love this game to no end. The case the game came in states that "Plants vs Zombies" has won over 25 awards. I can see why and would give it an award myself if I had one to give. It formost is challenging. The game as you get further into it keeps you on your toes and has your eyes constantly swirling all over the screen looking where the next zombie will pop up. At the same time this is a game that will challenge your ability to plan strategy. To win at this game you have to more then react to what is happening on the screen, you also have to work out what kind of defense you want to set up to protect your brains from being eaten by the zombies. To me that is what makes this game so fun and addictive to play. There are 26 kind of zombies who you have to fend off. Some of them walk on the ground. Some swin on the water. Some use pogo sticks. Others try to pole vault over you and then there are the ones who float across on ballons. You ever at times have to ward off zombies driving zambonis! And lets not get into the ones on the bobsleds!

Fear not though. With all those zombies aiming for you there is help on the way. With a total of 49 plants and fungi available to you, all with different kinds of power to help stop the invading hoard, you just have to come up with the right kind of line of defense to keep those zany zombies at bay. The further you get into the game the more of the plants you unlock and make available for battle. With each round of play you first see what kind of zombies are waiting to attack. From there you get to choose what kind of plant you think is best suited to take on whatever kind of zombies are waiting to eat your brains. Some of the plants shoot peas at the zombies. Others explode upon contact with a walking dead. Still others stomp on zombies. There are even plants that can stop those zamboni driving zombies. You just have to decide which plants can do the job you needed done. The backround music and sound effects are a hoot that just make the game all the more fun to play. The graphics are first rate as well. There is just not enough good things you can say about this game. Play it and find out for yourself. I bet it will be one of those computer games that you play a lot too!
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on October 17, 2011
My 10-year-old son really enjoys this game and its crazy variety of different playing character features and capabilities. The idea of growing zany plants in a Zen garden and then selling them to be able to change defense stragegy gives players the opportunity to look at things from a variety of perspectives. Numerous combinations provides hours of amusement. I would advise setting a reasonable time limit before starting.
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on March 9, 2013
And if you have 2 know, it would b some veggie cravin zombies! The title makes u think this is going 2 b very silly and pointless adventure or puzzle game, but its actually neither of which. Plants vs Zombies is a Tower Defense based strategy game! And its also excellent! You are hangin out on your porch, and then all of a sudden, ZOMBIES!!!!!!! Are invading your front lawn, your pool, your rooftop. Day, and night their constant siege on your home of undead miscreants seem unstoppable, but you happen 2 have a very handy weapon at taking them out, your GARDEN! You have a vast variety of plants you can grow on your property to wage off the flesh (and veggie and shroom) craving zombies!!! Some plants and fungi explode, some fire projectiles of some kind, or they act as a defensive wall against the horde of the undead! There are a lot of different modes of play, so this game has cardio and replayability! There is adventure mode which is a lot of fun and will actually take some patience but its the first mode you must play 2 unlock the others. The other modes are Puzzle where you play a bunch of rounds against the zombies with specific objectives, then there are the mini games, which are special rounds that u actually play during the regular game just taken out. Then there is my personal favorite, SURVIVAL! You start with a lawn, pool, or rooftop and you gotta defend it until your down 2 the last sprout! Anyways this is a really good game, and while its graphics aren't up there with the usual PC, PS3, or XBOX360 graphics, the gameplay is excellent and a lot of fun.
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on October 2, 2012
I liked this game, and my two girls (age 8 and 3 love watching me play). I played part of it first (the free trial) before I purchased it. I highly recommend you try it first, "game of the year" or not. It is nice that all of the things I accomplished playing the free trial were NOT lost when I installed this game "out of the box" over the free trial. That being said, the free trial isn't really difficult, and it's kinda fun ...and funny (in a strange, twisted, weird sort of way).
However, I play games ONLY to relax. That being said, as you progress through the levels, things get much more difficult (naturally) but there are several things that I wish I had known before I purchased this game.

The first thing is that there is no "novice to expert" difficulty settings for the user in the purchased version (as I had hoped) ...just as there are none in the trial. Everyone is simply forced to play at the same difficulty. In my opinion, that's very bad.
Also, it is good to note here that there are not very many levels. I'd say that the free trial has about half of them, which is nice. However, most of the game is left "incomplete" after you play through. I find that odd. A "cheep cheat" if you will. How about defending another neighbor, a store, a boat, or an RV park? There are endless possibilities here that (I'm sad to say) were not used. Let the player earn a zombie-proof fence for the house and move on...
Another thing is, that after you play through all of the levels (and decide to play them again), Crazy Dave "picks" plants for you. This is frustrating because he often picks things that you either don't want, or they are simply useless (like pea-shooters on the roof). This essentially makes you feel like you have wasted a lot of your time (which equals a whole lot of [fake game] money). Purchasing extra slots for plants is very VERY expensive... simply to have them arbitrarily taken away. In my opinion, this is simply a bad idea they used to make the game more difficult.
Another issue to note is that unlike most games I have played, there is no way to save your game for replay if you really like a level. You must loose the level (let the zombies eat your brains) if you wish to replay a level. That doesn't make sense. You are also not allowed to replay/load levels at your leisure. You are simply forced to have to replay the few levels there are in order. I really DON'T like that! I suppose their reasoning is, "If you want to make "money" and build your garden (or whatever), you suck it up."

Would I purchase this game if I had known? Yes. The "end" credit video is kinda cute.

I have now played through the entire game 15 times. I used no cheats at any time. It has gone from being "hard" to being "challenging" to being "easy." Trivia below.
You can only earn 9990 sun energy points in any level. You can only earn $999,990 to purchase things from Dave. No matter how many levels you play, Dave still continues to pick 3 plants for you, like it or not. The best "Mini-game" to earn money is "Last Stand." All of the "Survival Hard" levels are good for earning money too. The best plants to do this with are Gloom-shrooms (on the third row from the right) with Magnet-shrooms right behind them. Put them all in Pumpkins and then add a couple of Gold Magnets. Plant Marigolds as you can. Keep Garlic on standby. You should make at least $3500 and up too $27500 a level (if you get a couple of Zen Garden plants at $8,000 to $10,000 each!)
My "Tree of Wisdom" is at 1111 feet and still growing. I suspect the limit may be 9999 feet tall...
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on December 12, 2014
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on December 10, 2012
For those who already know the game: It's nice to have a CD-ROM so I can gift Plants vs. Zombies to skeptical friends who can't be bothered to download it. I have purchased gift credits on gaming sites for friends and wasted the money when they never claimed their downloads, so I wish I'd just gone with the CD-ROM from the get. I know I'll have the last laugh when they're all trying to beat me on survival endless...

For those who don't know it already and are thinking of purchasing this for themselves, there are cheaper ways to get this game (i.e. by downloading it from one of the gazillions of sites that offer it at a discount). It's also available on iPhone and iPad, and though it's a lot nicer to play on a touch screen the PC version is by far the best, with the most features, and can be cheaper anyway depending on where you get it.
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on January 15, 2012
this is by far the BEST game i have ever played.
So many different levels and challenges and lots of variety.
I play it almost everyday now for over a month.

Keep in mind, the first few levels, you build your armys so to speak, but after that it is very addictive.
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VINE VOICEon November 29, 2011
"Plants" is a lot of fun, although the roof levels are evil. When you finish the game once, it becomes a lot easier to get money, but there comes a time when there's very little to buy. This seems to me to be the biggest flaw of the game, and it diminished play-replay an awful lot. Still, it has more play-replay value than many games.
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on December 27, 2012
I am so happy to find this game on a CD. I discovered Plants vs. Zombies on the POGO game site. I don't usually purchase games not found on my POGO site. But I enjoyed this game so much that I decided to go ahead and purchase it. It was worth it. I'm going to battle Zombies until I master the game.
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