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on July 24, 2011
I just bought the KX-TG7624. The manual that comes with it covers both the KX-TG762x and KX-TG764x series. Seeing the differences detailed in the manual, I've decided to return this one and buy the Panasonic KX-TG7645M DECT 6.0 Link-to-Cell via Bluetooth Cordless Phone with Anwering System, Metallic Gray, 5 Handsets. I'm giving it five stars because I believe it is a good product, but it doesn't fit my needs as well as the upgraded model.

In my mind, the dream feature of these Link-to-Cell phones is being able to answer your cell phone from any phone in the house. That is wonderful. Our house has spotty cell reception in some areas, so being able to position the base in a good reception area and answer the phone in the garage or basement is pretty nice.

I looked at the Panasonic website and even tried the "compare" function there before I purchased. The phones have so many similar features that I overlooked some of the key differences between the KX-TG762x and the KX-TG764x models. That last digit just tells you the number of handsets, so the KX-TG7622 has two handsets and the KX-TG7624 is the same phone with four handsets. The next to last digit is important because it tells you whether some important features are included.

The KX-TG764x is a bit more expensive than the KX-TG762x and has at least six upgraded features as follows:

(1) The 764x allows the handset to power the base unit during a power failure. The 762x does not support this so a power outage renders the set useless. [As of this writing, this difference is not mentioned on the Panasonic comparison tool on the Panasonic website.]
(2) The 764x base unit is a phone also, so you can make or answer a call using just the base unit. The 762x base unit is not a phone on its own.
(3) The 764x base unit has a better display that shows date, time, phonebook entries, caller information, and messages recorded on the answering system. The 762x doesn't have this display.
(4) The 764x allows you to make intercom calls from the base unit to/from the handsets. The 762x supports intercom function between the handsets but you cannot use the base station as an intercom.
(5) The 764x has a headset jack on each handset.
(6) The 764x has belt clips included with each handset.

Of these differences, there are just two that stick out to me as important.

The power outage operation is a fairly big difference to me. My area experiences somewhat frequent power outages, although usually short duration. I'd really like to be able to receive phone calls or at least not be immediately knocked off the phone. I'm not sure yet how well that would work since the power outage mode apparently has a significantly reduced range. The cell phones would still work in an outage, so there is a backup but I might not have the cell immediately at hand.

The headset jack on the handsets is a nice feature. I plan to use the phones as part of my home office setup. I have conference calls that can last a couple of hours at a time. While Bluetooth headsets are an option, the simplicity of a wired headset can be a nice, reliable alternative.

All in all, I think this unit delivers a great package for basic usage. We have been using Panasonic cordless phones for about 15 years. If this phone lasts like our previous Panasonic phones, I definitely expect a good 5+ years out of it. I'd rather go ahead and get the higher featured one now.

Dec. 2011 update:

I've been using the Panasonic KX-TG7645M phone set for about five months and thought I'd add some comments.

The phones themselves work great with our home phone line. No sound quality issues. The base is located in the kitchen on our main level. I added the Panasonic KX-TGA405B Range Extender for Cordless Phone Systems in my home office on the second floor. I highly recommend the range extender if you have any range issues at all. For the price, it really boosts the signal so that we can talk anywhere in our house, including the basement/garage. Well worth the money spent on that.

The Link-to-Cell feature is not quite as seamless and consistent as I'd envisioned. The automatic pairing with the cell phone doesn't seem to work all the time with our Samsung Fascinate phone, but it seems pretty consistent with a BlackBerry. I suspect that this may have a lot to do with the particular phone you are using, so I'm afraid that will be a "your mileage may vary" kind of thing.

I use the headset jack a lot for conference calls. I knew it was an important feature to have and experience has proven that to be true.

We have begun to use the intercom feature a bit more. I actually labeled the phone that is in my office so that I can return it there when it wanders. Keeping the phones in the same location is key to using the intercom. Otherwise you never know where in the house you are calling!
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon June 23, 2011
Size: 2 Handsets|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I've got another Panasonic phone I'm happy with, but I got this one for the Link-to-Cell technology. Not only am I very happy with this phone, but I've registered my old handsets and range extender to this base. If this is something you're considering keep reading to find out about the quirks involved. First, this phone.

Handset battery life is excellent. I've had a handset off the base and in use for three days, and it's got two out of three bars left. Sound quality is excellent. Whether I've got a handset propped on my shoulder or I'm using speakerphone, the other party is nice and clear. Range is fantastic. I got all the way out to my mailbox (and that's quite a long distance,) and the person on the line didn't realize I'd walked away from the base. No other phone I've had, including another Panasonic Dect 6.0 Plus phone, could do that.

Call Block is better than sliced bread. I'm on the Do Not Call list, but you'd never know it. When I get a call from someone who thinks I really need a timeshare, I save the number to the call block list. The next time they call the phone will ring, less than half a ring, then the caller goes to a busy signal. Lately I can actually get through dinner without the phone ringing.

Linking to a Bluetooth cell phone was fairly easy. The instructions are pretty clear, and (unlike the Bluetooth headset I use while driving) registering and connecting the phone and cell phone was a smooth process. You can use the phone handset to place a cell phone call or answer incoming cell calls, if the cell phone is near the base, or you can come home in the middle of a cell call and connect to the base, and switch to a phone handset. So far the procedure for doing that was slightly more complicated than telling your caller "Hey, I'm home, I'll call you back," but it does work smoothly. Sound quality on cell calls is excellent--better than my cell phone.

You can link to two different cell phones. You can also copy your cell phone's contacts to this phone's contact list. I haven't figured that out yet. And if you have no landline, you can configure the phone to only use the cell link.

The answering system works. Not much to say about that. It's easily controlled from the handset.

The 100 page manual is densely packed with information. The instructions are pretty clear, and give quick shortcuts like "Press MENU #632" instead of making you scroll through menus until you find the entry you need. The index actually has everything I've looked up so far. They've put some effort into making the manual useful as something more than a coaster.

So far I have absolutely no complaints with this phone. (I'm kind of disappointed, actually--I love to complain!) If I run into problems I'll update, but so far, five stars.

IF YOU HAVE ANOTHER PANASONIC DECT 6.0 *PLUS* (see below) PHONE and you'd like to use those handsets with this base, you can do that. I had no problems following the instructions to register the handsets and a range extender to this base. (I tested the range before connecting the range extender.) I only have two problems: the other handsets do not have link-to-cell capability, so if I want to use the phone for a cell call I have to find one of the handsets that came with this phone. And Panasonic makes different phones with slightly different form factors, so while all the handsets look alike at a glance, the old phones don't fit in the new charging base.

UPDATE: From the comments on this review, it looks like you must have another Panasonic DECT 6.0 *PLUS* phone to use those handsets with this phone. I can't find anything in the manual about this, but it makes sense. Check your Panasonic phone if you want to register those handsets with this phone. Thank you, s0low.
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on June 1, 2011
I use this system only for linking to a cell phone (no land line) via blue tooth. It works perfectly and was easy to set-up (connects to an iPhone). It was exactly what I had been looking for....a why to have multiple wireless handsets in the house that use the cell phone instead of a land line. I was pleased that it even recognizes the contact directory that is on the iPhone.
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on July 14, 2011
I bought this phone because of the link to cell. As a phone it works great. Good volume very clear. Like the fact that I can use my two cell phones and that the phone books of the cell phones can be transferred to the phone. My only con is the link to cell is slow the information take at least two rings before it comes to the phone which means your cell would have rung four times so many missed calls.
Still all and all a good buy............
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on June 2, 2011
I'm using this system with an OBI 110 Voip system, a Motorola Droid and a Motorola V9m, and have been very impressed with how well it's pulled together these components into one extremely usable system.

First thing that struck me is how well the bluetooth profile works. Normally when using a bluetooth device it is either on or off. For example, if you leave your bluetooth headset on in your car, and then try to handle a call on the phone itself, you will quickly find yourself talking to (and listening to) nobody. With this system, your phone works fine by itself even when connected to the unit. This was the thing that i was most worried about, and it turns out it functions perfectly. I'm pretty aware of bluetooth profiles, and really didn't know that one existed that could be implemented as cleanly as this is.

The range on the phones is great. Battery life seems great, and also uses standard batteries that are easily replaceable for a couple years from now when it's not so great anymore. The size of the phones are substantial, and comfortable to hold. Unlike other reviewers, I have found the speakerphone volume to be more than adequate. I can't complain about the price, especially not as i picked it up as a gold box purchase.

The base unit came with a wall mount for your typical kitchen wall outlet, which I was not expecting, but very happy to get, as it was my preferred location for the base. I thought it would look bad, but it actually looks really clean hanging up on the wall.

I had no trouble importing contacts from both the dumb and smartphones. In both cases, additional action was required on the phones themselves to allow the transfer. I'm not sure I'm happy with all the information that was stripped out of the numbers (home/business/cell1/cell2) but I'm aware that there is, in general, a lower tolerance for complexity on a home phone, and feel they might just as well have made the right decision. I will have to go through and prune the address book on the system, as i didn't keep the tidiest ship on my cell phones.

One thing I thought was great, was that I was able to use one handset to call a person using my cell phone while using another to call another using my landline(voip). I don't read manuals (I find life more full of surprises that way), so i don't know for sure this would work, but I would presume you could probably call another person using the other cell phone. Unlikely this would be useful that often, but its nice to know that it can be done, and also sets up 3 as the magic number for handsets for a unit with features like this.

As stated, I didn't read the manual, and was able to set this up in just a few minutes in one of the more complex of its potential arrangements. Kudos to you, Panasonic.

If I have any complaints, they're pretty nit-picky: I wish the "Answering Device" option could be completely removed from the phone's menus, since i'm never going to use it. I wish the V.M. access was a little more front and center, rather than being a couple clicks down. It would seem a little disingenuous to pick on it not having a battery backup on the base unit since i know they included it in the successor, but there is that. Another reviewer pointed out that the address book is a little laggy, and I'd have to agree. It takes a little under 1/2 second to pull up a new record from the base station (I'm assuming the address book isn't kept locally on the handsets). I havent found it to be a dealbreaker, but it certainly makes me want to keep my address book as small as possible. Caching an address book copy on the handsets would have been a good idea.

All in all, I'm very happy. It made me pack up my old DECT system with no regrets. I might have even have burnt it in some celebratory fashion were the action not so universally frowned upon. Also, with the World Health Organazation now deeming cell phones to be carcinogenic, I'm delighted to keep those brain tumor incubators far, far away from the noggins that belong to me and mine.
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on July 18, 2011
Have always been a pro-panasonic guy and this order was no exception. I placed a blind order on Amazon since I needed to set this up with my Vonage connection. After getting it in less than 2 days (thanks Amazon prime) and setting this up in around 10-15 mins and contacts transfer in another 10-15 mins (have over a 1000 contacts in my Blackberry) the phone was good to go. Also linked my Blackberry through bluetooth to the Panasonic and sent and received a few calls - not that I would be using this feature much since Sprint network is pretty decent. But may be good for my wife's AT&T cell inside the house. Voicemail feature on the phone is good - set up the greeting in less than a couple of mins.

Voice quality is spot on - I use the phone more for teleconference on speaker phone mode and the voice is loud and clear and the party on the other end never complained of poor/faint voice quality. And yes the battery life is awesome - spend 2 hours non-stop on the phone and the battery bar came down one notch after that. Ringtones are loud and clear but could have implemented a simple feature of downloadable ringtone (wishlist). Range is decent too - have experimented walking around the extended patio & swimming pool (which is around 25-30 ft away) without drop in voice quality.

A recommended buy...
1. Ease of use: 4 out of 5 (more features mean a complex menu system)
2. Voice Quality: 4.5 out of 5
3. Features: 4 out of 5
4. Range: 4 out of 5
5. Battery Life: 4.5 out of 5
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on April 25, 2011
The last Panasonic phone I purchased lasted me 7 years, and the only reason I replaced it was the desire for the new technology. This phone hasn't let me down at all. The DECT 6.0 Plus technology = crystal clear communication. The features on the phone are very comprehensive, and the link to cell is a must have for mobile users. I highly recommend this phone system.
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on June 10, 2011
This is a great cordless phone and answering machine that also has Bluetooth and can syn. with two cell phones, just like a Bluetooth headset.

I gave up my home phone last year and found it a pain to carry my cell around the house. This unit takes care of that by syncing with my and my wife's cell phones. When a call comes in on my cell or my wife's the three handsets ring and I can pick it up anywhere in the house. To make a call, I can choose which cell to call out on.

If you have poor reception you can leave your cell charging in an area of good reception and use the handsets to make/receive calls.

The phone book (contacts) import needs work. It will only import contacts with only a phone number (no email, address, or other data). So for my phone it only pulled in 2 contacts out of over 100. It does show the text of the number when someone calls in and reads the number out loud to you.

I would definitely buy this again.
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on February 15, 2012
The Panasonic KX-TG7622B DECT 6.0 Link-to-Cell via Bluetooth Cordless Phone, Black, 2 Handsets offers ingenuity at it's finest.

I purchased this phone because of it's relatively low price and the link2cell feature. I recently added a home phone, but still primarily use my cell phone as a contact number, so I wanted a solution that would allow me to stick to one phone when at home. The Link2Cell feature provides that.

The set-up for this phone is easy and painless. When you open the box it lists the few commands you need to get the phone setup and ready to go, from setting the time to linking a cell phone. Linking the cell phone is truly a simple procedure, it's probably one of the simpler blue-tooth devices I've ever linked to a phone. If you can link a bluetooth headset to your phone, then you should have no trouble with the Panasonic Link2Cell setup.

I have to hand it to the product development team at Panasonic, they obviously had the consumer in mind when they made this phone. From the easy to use menus to the simple, intuitive nature of the functions, this phone is simple to use. You only need to press one extra button to make or receive phone calls via your cell phone, not a hodgepodge of commands. And if you are on a cell phone call via the handset and need to leave the house, you can simply transfer the call back to your cell phone and be on yor way.

Probably the most ingenious part of this phone system, in my opinion, is with the power source. Each handset is powerd by two AAA Ni-MH batteries, and yes batteries are included. There is no proprietory battery being used, so in 2 years when the battery life fades, and Panasonic has a new product out, you aren't stuck paying as much for a battery as a new phone (or worse yet, unable to get a replacement battery). You simply buy 2 new AAA Ni-MH batteries and replace them. I can't believe more manufacturers don't think to do such a simple thing. And if you need a phone that can be used for hours on end, simply buy some extra batteries and keep them charged, you can rotate through batteries as you need.

A couple things to note, while not negatives in my opinion, they are something one should know and consider when buying this phone. First, to use the Link2Cell, your cell phone must be in bluetooth distance (10ft) of the base, it does not link to the handsets. Easy enough, just charge your phone near your base. Since the calls are linked to the phone, you don't need to take your cell phone to your bedroom in case of an emergency, simply have a handset in there. But if want to walk around your house with your cell phone in your pocket and still get calls through the handset (kinda redundant if you ask me), it won't work. Second, there is not a keypad on the base unit, so you can't use it as a seperate speaker phone. This is pointed out rather clearly in the product detail. Third, the base unit will not work in a power outage, it does not have a batter back up. I keep a $5 corded phone in my closet in case the power goes out, but if you have constant outages you may want to upgrade to the next level Panasonic, Panasonic KX-TG7642M DECT 6.0 Link-to-Cell via Bluetooth Cordless Phone with Answering System, Metallic Gray, 2 Handsets, which does offer battery backup and a keypad on the base.

As for the range and sound quality of the phone, they seem more than adequate. With DECT 6.0 you get plenty of range. If you live in a large house or want to use the phone at long distances, they offer a range extender at an affordable price, but the phone seems to have as much range as any other cordless phone.
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on September 6, 2011
This phone is terrific, even if you don't utilize the bluetooth/cell phone function. It's a REALLY good, solid telephone.

The base and the handset are attractive.

The sound quality is AMAZING even when using speaker. And I mean AMAZING! According to the people on the other end, my voice is clear as well. I have a hearing loss in my left ear. The ONLY thing that bothers me about this phone is that the volume does not go as high as I need it to, in order to listen with my bad ear. (There's no problem with my good ear.)

RANGE: The range of this phone is simply OUTSTANDING. I actually walked across the street and INTO my neighbors house (we're close friends, don't worry lol,) without skipping a BEAT. NO STATIC, NO NOTHING! The sound was still CRYSTAL clear. A W E S O M E!!

*This phone is EXTREMELY user friendly. The book is great but it was SO easy to figure out even without reading it. The menu functions, phone lists etc are SO easy to access and to use.
*The audio caller ID is terrific! You do not have to walk over to the phone to see who is calling.
*In addition, the numbers and letters are all easily visible (not too small.)

*The intercom feature comes in VERY handy when my husband is out in the yard! I "call him" using the intercom.
*The answering machine is also very simple to use and it works well.

I am very, very pleased with my purchase of this phone and I highly recommend it - especially at this price. Enjoy and God bless! :)
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