Customer Reviews: LG 42LK520 42-Inch 1080p 120 Hz LCD HDTV (2011 Model)
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on May 16, 2011
I previously bought an LG 42LD550, used it for a few months and was quite happy with its quality, but the 42" screen size was a little too small for my living room, so I decided to get a bigger TV instead. The LD550 has better features than the LK520 -- its internet application was one thing that attracted me, but it requires an adapter which doesn't come with the TV, so I never got to test it. I guess I don't need this feature anyway, so I returned it and bought the 47" LK520, at the same price --- it was on sale on Amazon for about 7 hundred.

The shipping:

This model came out in March 2011, and I placed the order in April. I guess because it is relatively new, so I had to wait 4-6 weeks for the product to be shipped.

So after waiting patiently for over one month, my TV finally came. I was expecting the guys from the shipping company to open the box and let me check the TV, just like what they did when I bought the other LG model. I was surprised when they told me they couldn't open the box, and that I should open it on my own, and keep the box for a year in case I need to return it. This sounds a little weird, but I signed the delivery sheet anyway.

The assembling:

It only took a few minutes to assemble this TV. My brother and I laid the panel on my sofa bed with the screen facing down, and secured the base/stand with a few screws. It looks like the stand was made of some cheap plastic. I hope it's more sturdy than it looks.

The look:

This TV has a simple, sophisticate design. I like the matt screen and the glossy black frame. There's a small blue light on the lower right corner when the TV is on. Althought the remote control is easy to use, the design looks boring and cheap, some buttons/features seem like a duplicate to me. But I guess it's not a big deal, as long as it works.

Sound quality:

There are several sound modes you can choose from. It was set to "standard" by default, and the volume was low, but it was much better once I switched it to "music" or "cimema". I also turned on the "surround sound" feature. Over all I am happy with the sound quality.

Picture quality:

I've had this TV for about two weeks now, at first I was impressed with the picture quality -- it's crisp and clear, and the color looks very nice, just like the LD550 model. I set the picture mode to "Cinema" --the "standard" mode is a bit too bright for my sensitive eyes. Of course you can create and save your own picture mode by adjusting the brightness, color, and contrast, etc. But one day I noticed the brightness on the TV screen changed suddenly --- it went darker, then after a while it went bright again (looks similar to when there are rolling clouds in the sky on a sunny day). I didn't turn on the "inteligent sensor" and I think the lighting in my room didn't change. I did not have this problem with the LD550 model. I am not sure if I got a defective item or what. Right now I give this TV a 4 star, and hoping there's an easy fix for the brightness problem. I'll test it for a few more days and decide whether I should call LG, or return it....

*** UPDATE: I found out the reason that my TV would suddenly go darker is because I had the "Engergy Saver" on (it was set to "Auto"). So whenever the sensor in the TV detects a change of lighting in the room, it'll adjust the screen brightness automatically. Sometimes the screen goes so dark I can hardly see. I am not sure how much energy it can save by doing this, but I find it annoying to me, so I turned the feature off, and the problem solved! I am glad I don't have to return this TV. I am happy with my purchase so far.
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on April 18, 2011
I have had this TV for only a few days, but it appears to be exactly what I wanted. The LK520 LG model is very similar to the earlier model LD520 (highly rated), except that the dynamic contrast is apparently a bit better for the LK520(150K to 1 vs 100K), but I suspect that may not be that significant.

It has sufficient inputs (HDMI, component, etc), and outputs, although I still wish these new HDTVs had a regular stereo output (ie., 2 RF outputs) so I could use them with my old amplifier. The LK520 only has 1 optical digital audio output. However, the sound from the LK520 speakers is surprisingly robust, although most will probably want more to complete the home theater experience. The LK520 also has a USB port, but I have not used this yet. The specs say you can connect your external USB devices for JPEG photos or MP3 files. (Note, this model does NOT have any internet connection capabilities--however you could hook this up to a BluRay DVD player that has this capability, if you want it).

I hooked up my cable box via an HDMI cord, and the LK520 provides a clear HD picture and does well with regular SD channels also. I hooked up the TV with component inputs from my oldish DVD player, and it looked very good. (Some day I will get a BluRay, so I can see more pores, I guess, on close ups...).

The LK520 has 120 Hz, so if you watch a lot of sports, this might be important (I don't). So maybe the 60 Hz LG LK450 might be OK for you, and save you 60-80$. However, note that the LK520 has a slightly higher dynamic contrast compared to the 60 Hz 42 inch LG LK450 (150K vs 100K).

The weight is only about 35 lbs, so it is relatively easy (if a bit awkward) to carry around. Also, the screen does not seem to have any serious reflection problems in stronger lighting situations.

The TV picture can be adjusted to your preferences, but I found the default settings good enough for me. It is Energy Star rated, which is good, but I found the "intelligent sensor" adjustments a bit too dark for me. However, you can adjust this as your wish.

SUMMARY: I don't think you can go wrong with this excellent LG HDTV. I would rate it at 4.5 stars. Some minor limitations on audio output and the somewhat high price that I paid at a big box store (BB) made me give it a 4 instead of 5.

I may update this if I find any problems later....
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on May 6, 2011
skip intro and specs because you guys can find those anywhere online

i read through all the reviews before i bought this TV and it helped a lot. Hopefully this would help as well.

Some features are tested and here is the quick review:

-120HZ TruMotion works perfectly, way better than 60HZ and other 120HZ TVs, PS3 (black-ops and Top Spin 4) and 3 1080P videos (scene,sports and concert) tested.2.4ms response time makes everything so smooth.

-REALLY Stunning picture, color depth-good, brightness-good, high contrast 150,000:1 (12 HD pictures tested, each of them was at least 15 MB)

-SOUND quality is better than i thought. APE format music tested (classical, rock concert, heavy metal, R&B and Pop) I thought it was gonna be the only weakness for this TV because 80% LCD TVs having bad sound quality. But it turned out that the Invisible Speakers worked pretty well, extra speakers are not needed for bedroom use unless you want to get extremely HD sound

-Easy to set up. UI friendly.

-HDMI works. PC-INPUT works. USB works. BTW, that USB UI is great!

-Price: $659 on amazon was even cheaper than $669+tax at WalMart. two days shipping as guaranteed as always.

GREAT deal over all. Couldnt be happier so far. Would recommend this product for friends. Will update if any problems pop up

this is my first product review..Thanks for reading.
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on June 22, 2011
I'm not the review type and I don't have much time, so here goes my short review:
This is an awesome TV and I spent MUCH time researching and comparing TV's in stores.

I wanted a SAMSUNG as research showed them to be (arguably) the best brand.
Every SAMSUNG looked better in the stores I went to, in most price ranges. The exception were some of the PANASONIC plasmas, but they were out of my budget anyway.

My budget was about $600-$800 and I decided on LCD over Plasma. Didn't consider LED for it's higher price range.
I wanted it to be 120hz and have the best possible picture quality.
I was set to get the Samsung LN46C630, then this LG grabbed my attention. Bear in mind I was limiting myself to the lower end models that don't have all the extra features I would not care to have.

LUCKLY, one fo the stores I went to have these 2 TV's side-by-side!
And it was a VERY close call, sometime I found the LG to have better picture, sometimes the SAMSUNG. I was impressed that LG as a brand would stand up to Samsung.
Please do understand comparing in stores is a great way to do this, but not completely reliable as TV's would have different calibration settings (or lack of) and generally they have a store-demo mode which makes the picture look bright and stuff to draw attention to itself.
Then I found a smoking deal on the LG, which made it very easy to decide.
I could have gone either way and been happy.
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on May 26, 2011
This LG 42LK520 is replacing my well-loved Toshiba CRT tv (which, to my dismay, refused to age or give any sign it was ready to quit and justify my purchase), so I can't claim great sophistication when it comes to comparing modern, flat-panel TVs.

Having said that, I couldn't be happier with this LG. The image is crisp and true. The color saturation on the default setting is perhaps a touch brighter than life - which I'm sure can be manipulated easily, but I rather like seeing the world with bright green grass and impossibly blue sky, so I haven't bothered. The trumotion works well and so far I have seen no after-image or blur. The sound quality is good, but not great, but it matters little to me as I run it through my fairly old home theatre system which makes the whole experience quite wonderful. I even like the subtle light that glows on the lower right corner and turns from red to blue when you turn the tv on - totally unrelated to the tv's performance, but it's just cool and makes the tv look expensive. I am enjoying this TV tremendously, and sometimes will turn it on just to look at how nice the picture is.

For about $650 with free shipping, how could I not be happy? Shipping was impressively quick. Set up was relatively easy, though the installation manual is so simple as to be relatively useless. Incidentally, if you're hooking it up to your satellite receiver, you have to press "input" on your remote and then select "HDMI" - the instruction manual doesn't tell you this.

None of the minor weaknesses (like the sound - which isn't bad, it just didn't blow me away) are signficant enough to drop it out of five-star range. At this price point this TV provides incredible value. I really could not be happier with this purchase.
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on September 12, 2011
The average review on Amazon for this TV model (LK520) is in the upper 4 star range... and that is absolutely insane. I'd like to provide a different perspective.

The screens suffer from the dirty screen effect where white backgrounds show visible gradients that are not part of the intended visual experience but rather a side effect of a cheap panel. Unsuitable for gaming, especially on XBOX. There is a significant amount of motion blurring in fast-paced games like BLACK OPS and DEUS EX whenever the field of view is shifted (impossible to read text on walls when turning your character, for example). PS3 games ran better, but the motion blur was still present regardless of setting combinations for the TV's display configurations. Static, unmoving images during movies look great--but when the characters start moving, or especially when the camera pans, you will notice quite a bit of judder and blur even with the anti-judder and anti-blur settings cranked all the way up to 10.

About what you'd expect for a budget-priced LCD TV. In other words, inferior to most built-in speakers in CRT/Tube TVs. CINEMA mode significantly increased the quality of the sound, however, making it so-so in quality.

Please note that the TV's stand is absolutely terrible. The TV is anything but stable, and I can't recommend this TV to anyone if you don't plan on mounting it on a wall as the stand wobbles quite a bit (see youtube videos for demonstrations). The menu/interface for the TV was actually very well done--I hope that whatever TV I end up with permanently handles the features and settings so fluidly.

With LCD TVs, you always get what you pay for. The BRAVIA line, for example, is vastly superior--I set this LG model up next to my brother's Bravia and the difference in image quality was staggering (which makes sense, considering that model runs for about 200-300 more than this LG model). Gaming especially was worlds apart. Additionally, these models are subject to the panel lottery--where you will get one of three LCD panels of varying quality. In other words, you may just end up with a version of this model that's comparatively inferior to other LK520s.

UPS broke the first TV, but Amazon's customer service was excellent--they had a second TV on my doorstep two days later. I recently returned the second one after extensive tuning/testing/comparisons with other TVs and Amazon did a great job with paying for shipping back out to them. Amazon gets five stars, UPS gets one star, this TV gets three stars.

I can't recommend this TV. Listen--even in its price range, this LCD is about average. If you don't really care about movie quality and you just want a big-ish TV that you can watch standard cable TV on, go for it. But for anyone who plays games, cares about image/picture quality on DVDs/Blu-Rays, you will want to jump up a price range or two.
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on July 6, 2011
While I didn't get this TV at Amazon, I still got it for about the same price (give or take a hundred bucks).

I was looking for a new TV watching experience, coming from an old Sony Trinitron 34" CRT, I was very excited about going to a 55" LCD. I spent a good amount of time looking online for the best bargain and probably set my expectations quite high. I decided to go with a brand that I've always known and trusted. LG did not let me down.

The giant viewing area of the screen provides a beautiful, sharp picture. I notice no lag or ghosting at all watching through Verizon FIOS, a standard DVD player, or an XBox 360. I've yet to hook a blu-ray player up, but completely look forward to doing so. The sound quality is outstanding, I typically leave it at about 20% of it's max, and it's plenty loud enough to hear across the room. Even cranked up, there's no hum or static from the speakers and the sound quality is good.

As for features, I decided on price over some of the cooler potential features. This TV is NOT 3D compatible. It doesn't have Netflix or any of that. Keeping that stuff off, however, keeps the price very reasonable. In addition, the USB port accepts a USB device and seems to play most movie formats, image formats, and music formats that I've been able to plug into it.

I would have no qualms recommending this product to a friend, and have no regrets for buying it. For what I was expecting, and for what I paid, I've been blown away.
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on April 30, 2011
I had spent about 6 weeks researching the various LCD TVs on the market. Granted there are several high end units out there with high end prices. Having purchased the LG 37LD450 about 7 months ago, I wanted another LG. It was coincidence that the LG 42LK520 was a brand new model, just released in March/11. With no previous reviews, I took a chance that this unit would be equal to, or surpass the previous model. I am pleased to state that this LG model has surpassed all my expectations. Well done LG
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on June 15, 2011
It's just fancy enough and no fancier. Everything works as advertised and the picture is awesome. The picture adjustment wizard is brilliant. This is also the first 120Hz TV I've owned and I'll never go back. The base is not as solid as I would have expected but it's solid enough and the swivel feature is really nice, specially since it's in an enclosed cabinet it swivels just enough that I can get to the side inputs. The remote is also pretty well designed with buttons for everything I want to get to with one touch. The built-in speakers are not bad for being built-in and the voice amplification feature is a nice touch. I highly recommend.
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on July 6, 2011
I bought this tv at frys. They had a sale so I paid about the same as I would have on amazon.

Before this i owned a 50" DLP. I have owned an HD set since before I could get an HD signal.

The picture on this set is amazing. This set was made for HD. The level of detail is amazing. I was worried that viewing the set from a distance of about 6 feet would be a problem. Absolutely no problem. Cable can sometimes pixelate but i think that is the result of compression because blue ray does not have the same problem.

Anyone who has seen this set seems to make the same comment. They all say "It looks so real it's spooky." Watching Avatar you can easily tell what is CG and what is real. I'm watching Alien as I type. Never got to see the movie in a theatre. All I can say is WOW! Watched it on VHS then on DVD many times over the years. With blu ray on this set it is literally like seeing it again for the first time. Wait until you see the alien pop out of cane's chest!

Are there sets as good or better. Maybe but when I saw this one I stopped looking.
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