Customer Reviews: Oreck ProShield® Air Purifier
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on March 15, 2012
While I believe the Oreck ProShield is working well, it is, in my opinion, very noisey. It uses electrically charged plates, when the particles flow through, they are drawn to the plates. When this happens, sometimes (or quite often as I have found) it makes a electrical snap type noise. Imagine a really bad static eletricity pop. That's about what it sounds like. The owner's manual states that when this happens frequently, the "truman cell" needs to be cleaned. I have owned this now for 3 days and have cleaned it twice. There was a thin layer of dust that I assumed was making all the noise, after cleaning, the noise was gone for the most part...until about 4-6 hours later. (Note: It takes several hours to dry after cleaning.) I have this placed in my living room and have to turn it off to watch TV due to the amount of popping noises it makes (about 15-20 pops per minute) I can't imagine using it in my bedroom at night.

Now on to the positive side, like I said, it seems to be working well, the dust collected is easy to see and the cabinet it is placed on is collecting dust as well. Like I said, it IS working, just very noisey. If you plan to use it only when you are not in the area/room/house, then you will have no problem at all. If, however, you plan on using it all day, every day (as I planned) and it is in an occupied room, then this is not the air purifier to get.

***UPDATE:*** I returned the purifier that was making all that noise and talked myself into trying a different one (same exact model)...the new one is SOOO much quieter and is what I expected from Oreck. I have heard the snapping noise once in 4 days of constant use (this is completely acceptable) Now the only noise I hear is the rush of air from the fan, which has 3 speeds so you can adjust it to your liking. The lowest speed is barely audible from a few feet away. I will update again after a couple months of use as the allergy season is approaching (I have fairly bad allergies during the spring and fall)
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on November 28, 2011
I bought my unit two years ago directly from Oreck and I've never had any problems with it. I live in a city that has smog problems in the winter. And some days the air is so bad I couldn't even find relief at home. This product solved the problem. I stopped coughing at night. I stopped sneezing. I stopped waking up with a sore throat.

I don't know that the unit removes 99.9% of dust particles from the air as claimed. But if it removes even 75% then that's a major improvement in air quality. I definitely notice the difference.

My only problem is that the old man in the commercial said that it would cut down on dust and that I would see less dust in the room. I think the reality is that the unit emits an electrostatic charge to dust particles throughout the room. Some of that dust is captured by the unit and the rest of it sticks to surfaces around the room. The electrostatic charge causes the dust to stick to surfaces rather than float in the air; which means that those particles are no longer in the air--and that's what matters. My observation is that I still see the same amount of dust on surfaces; but the air is cleaner, my breathing is easier.

In this case it should be understood that the electrostatic charge is the alternative to buying expensive filters. With this product you don't have to buy filters, you just have to wash the Truman Cell once a month. The trade-off is that you will see dust on your furniture. But again, in my observation it is no worse than before I bought the unit. I save money on filters.

To conclude, I have no regrets about my purchase. It does the basic job that it is supposed to do. And when this unit finally does break I plan to buy another one--unless something better comes along.
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on October 26, 2012
Oreck ProShield is not recommended, not rated by Consumer Reports magazine.

The removable assembly of metal plates and wires is called "Truman Cell". The cell has wires to ionize the air particles which are then captured by electrically charged metal plates.

Problems with the Truman Cell :
(1) Cell produces ozone, which is converted to oxygen by the non-removable zeolite panel after it. This panel gets clogged with dust after 6 months and stops converting. Vacuuming does little good.
Ozone increases in concentration inside your house, damages your lungs and can cause lung cancer. Ozone is an air pollutant and health hazard reported daily by the weather service.

Search on the internet about ozone generators. The instructions will tell you to "close off and vacate" the area to be treated. "Make sure the unit has been turned off for about an hour" before reoccupying the space. That is, people or pets should not be in areas with much ozone.

(2) Cell "must" be washed with cleaner and water every 2 to 3 weeks or whenever the red light comes on or when "annoying" sparking occurs. A dirty cell lets the dirty air pass through it with little filtration.

(3) Cell must be "completely dried" after cleaning, for 6 to 24 hours, depending on humidity, otherwise the air purifier will not start.

(4) Cell captures a higher percentage of particles at lowest fan speed than at high speed.

(5) Percentage of particles captured by Cell varies from 0% to 80% depending on how clean the Truman cell is. A "true" HEPA filter captures 99.97% of particles 0.3 micron or bigger, even when dirty.

Get you a "true" HEPA air purifier made by IQair, Whirlpool, Honeywell etc. No cleaning every few weeks. No drying for 6 to 24-hours. No downtime. No lung-damaging ozone.

Please click "Yes" if this review is helpful to you. It takes time to research these information.
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on April 10, 2014
We purchased one of these a few years ago, so when it decided to quit working, I went online and found these two. They are quiet and extremely efficient, clearing a 12 X 12 room of any odor in 5 minutes. I am in hospitality and there are times that guests do not abide by all the rules and these machines can clear pet or smoke odors completely in a few hours.
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on December 31, 2012
Product does a great job of keeping my kitchen smelling fresh and clean. Fans on the higher settings are noisy. I love the signal light that comes on when its time to clean the air purifier.This will help the purifier to last longer with regular maintainance. I hope this product will give me a few years of good service
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on June 26, 2013
**UPDATE** Same day 2013 - I powered off just to test and it wouldn't turn back on. To make it work, I unplugged, pressed yellow button then red (both on plug), hit power, it worked. I might just have a "lemon".

**UPDATE** July 2013 **4 stars** I thought the unit died (as detailed below) but after reading the manual's troubleshooting section, it's now working. The manual said to make sure everything is firmly in place and the door is securely closed (my door doesn't seem flushed shut on one end), plug in, press red button on plug, power on. It worked. 4 stars, not 5 because I hate cleaning the filter every month.

2 stars because it died so soon & I always had to clean it but it is the BEST at cleaning dusty air.

The Bad:
1. Unit burnt out after 1.5 years (paid $130-160? at Costco). I used it on LOW, 24/7. [No longer runs, lights are barely visible, you can hear something going on inside when it's plugged in. I press the test and reset buttons many times in different combos and nothing.]
2. Needed to clean filter 1-2 times/month. [Non-smoker, medium dusty room, no pets. Red light tells you to clean filter = immerse filter in warm water, dry out then reinstall. Takes about 2 hrs from start to dry.
3. (This doesn't bother me but FYI) When "larger" dust particles pass through it makes a zap/crackle/electric sound that's loud enough to startle and audible from adjacent room. When it's time to clean the filter, the sound "zaps" on average 10x/hr.), when it's cleaned, it zaps maybe once an hour or less.

The REALLY Good:
1. BEST RESULTS at cleaning the dust in my room. [I sneeze everyday without it. I sneeze almost never with it. I have a replacement Honeywell (small desktop, white) and I sneeze 20-25% of the time vs 0% with Oreck.

Conclusion: If the unit didn't die so soon after purchase, I would have "sworn by it"/highly recommended it.
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on February 2, 2014
Pros: When I have severe reactions (i.e. face swells, nose turns red, can't breathe, coughing, burning eyes, etc.) to outdoor allergens, I go inside, turn my Oreck ProShield on High, and within minutes my symptoms are completely resolved WITHOUT taking medication. I can function again as a human being.

Cons: They need to be cleaned like every other appliance. The Truman cell can be brushed (brush incl. w/unit), vacuumed or washed. Cleaning frequency depends upon the season and how many allergens are in the area/room to collect.

I own four and will likely buy a few more for additional coverage on days when the pollen/mold counts are high. Because the Oreck ProShield is portable, I can usually get by with the ones that I have (every few hours I can move them to another room to clean the air). I take one with me when I travel & stay at a hotel. No matter how clean the hotel, rooms always have a lot of dust and mold that make me sick if spend eight hours sleeping & breathing in it. The Oreck ProShield allows me to actually sleep well and awake refreshed. AND I can clean the unit with the brush provided if staying more that one night. Easy & convenient.

I hope that this review is helpful for anyone considering this unit or another similar model. I was truly a skeptic...but am now a believer in this great little machine. Thanks Oreck! You have improved my life.
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on June 23, 2012
We purchased the Oreck ProShield to help my wife with her allergies. A good friend suggested it to us, and it does a great job. It also helps with cooking odors and pollen. We only purchased one to see if it would help, and we are going to buy another one payday. The price was good, and with this unit I won't go broke buying replacement filters, just wash, dry and your back in business.
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on May 6, 2014
I originally had two units for 7 years and they worked great even when I renovated my home they were one all the time. I was surprised how long the units lasted. My apt. with carpet I always got smelly after frying anything in the kitchen for at least three days. I tested the unit by frying two steaks and having the unit on full speed the whole day and night when I woke up the smell was gone. I thought maybe I got used to the smell so I went out for a bit came back and I had fresh air. The odor eater does work. Like all units you need to maintain them clean. YES it does pick up dust just keep in mind if you have a clean home you have less dust. I put my unit in front of the glass doors and allowed the outside air come in and it collected more than inside. My wife was very impressed with the unit on who it cleans the air. She never herd of Oreck or used any air purifiers she was so impressed on what it does.
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on April 15, 2013
I bought one of these at Costco about a year ago for $175. I live in the valley and have terrible allergies and suffer from Asthma. I have slept without coughing since I bought this and love the smell of the clean air. I clean it about once a week with the Oreck cleanser and have not a single complaint. I would recommend this to anybody who suffers from allergies or has breathing problems. Also, there is a lot less dust in the house and I love hearing the popping noise that it makes! It is very reassuring to know that it is still working like it did when I bought it over a year ago.
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