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on July 21, 2012
My toddler and I both have severe allergies and asthma. To the point that over the past month we have both been having major issues with the pollen and smog in the air, even with being home most of the time! I ordered this one after doing A LOT of research, and I decided this was the best for the money. With a true HEPA filter that you replace once a year (opposed to once a month) it would save money in the long run. I chose this one for the den in our house and over the coming weeks we will be getting smaller ones for the bed rooms.

This review for right now is 24 hours in to having it on in the house, and later I will come back and add to it.
Set up was easy straight out of the box, and I put it out of traffic areas in the house. I was worried with where I put it there would be trouble for good air circulation, but it is doing great! In fact with it on high I noticed a tag on the other side of the room (directly across) was moving on one of the toys yesterday as I was cleaning. Then I cooked fish last night (our den has an open doorway to the kitchen), and I couldnt even smell it cooking!! I decided to test it this morning, and sat on the couch painting my nails. Even using nail polish remover I couldnt smell it!!! (which astounds me b/c I hate doing my nails simple b/c of the toxic fumes!!) As far as noise, its not that bad. On high, with the tv and with kids running around it is a little white noise and thats it. I sleep with the bed room doors open, and having a tower computer on in the den annoyed me, however on medium I couldn't even hear it in the den! It also moves a lot of air b/c even when the ac isnt blowing air, it feels like it is b/c of this tower! I am super excited at the thought of having better air quality in the house so we dont have as many issues, and I know it will take probably a good month for me to be able to judge that (and trust me I keep up with our flair ups b/c my son sees a specialist so I can tell you if it will make a difference or not). I also liked the UV light, since we have kids over to play all the time it makes perfect sense to have it to.

Also anyone that has lung issues, make sure to avoid any purifier that has the ion part (where you turn it on for a fresh smell) it actually causes lung problems (if you have underlying problems). Oh and check out the reviews on walmart . com for this purifier, it has hundreds of reviews and most are five star (which is one of the reasons I went with this model even though not everyone loved it on here).

Check back in August and I will add an update =)

****************************UPDATE****************************** 12/2/2012
Hi ALL! Sorry took me so long to come back and update =) Fortunately if you see below I did give a heads up three weeks in we still loved it. This unit is holding up well, and really does a good job! Since buying it (I guess going on six months ago now --WOW THAT WENT FAST!!) it helped with our asthma and allergies. Within the first month I stopped waking up with a stuffy nose, and it was taking particles out of the air so I wasn't seeing as much dust. I still would love to have them in each room, but that is on the back burner. Make sure you have enough for the sq footage of your room. We have since moved to a larger place, that has more sq footage in the den, and also two open doorways leading to other rooms. As such, this unit is doing really well for how much air it has availability to; when I should honestly probably should have one more in here. It isn't too loud, and I love the uv light. Within the first month of us having it we were exposed to someone (a visitor) that wound up having pneumonia. With the fact we have a higher risk of catching lung illnesses, I was really nervous. I think a big contributor to not catching it is because we had this unit running on high with the uv light. I highly recommend this unit, and I hope it helps! =)

***********************************Update 6/26/13
We just about hit the year mark! Still working great and going strong! Make sure you wipe down (inside and out) once a month (as the book says). Still going strong, and working well! =) Buy this one, and you wont regret it!

***********************************Update 11/13/13
Unit is still working great! We added a second one earlier this year, and pleased with both! =)

***********************************Update 06/29/14
Both units are still going strong with no issues. Still helping with our asthma and allergies.
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on November 23, 2015
So I do love the GermGuardian it works extremely well, and as a long time allergy sufferer it has been a godsend. Honestly though the Filters are extortion which led me to find a very inexpensive alternative to their insanely priced filters. You simply purchase a 14 x 24 X 1 allergen grade home air filter (pictured), and cut it down to fit the unit. This makes about 3 to 4 filters that work just as well and possibly better if you get really high quality filters. I attached a couple pictures, one shows the type of filter and the other is a cut down filter after three months of use (it used to be pure white). The home filter cost me $20, and after cutting it up into 3 pieces each filter for the guardian really only cost me around $7. I attached a link to the Filtrete brand filter which is $32 for a 2 pack which is even cheaper than the Honeywell one I got from Home Depot. Anyway don't be fooled and don't over pay. Filtrete Healthy Living Ultra Allergen Reduction Filter, MPR 1500, 12 x 24 x 1-Inches, 2-Pack
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on December 30, 2013
I purchased this about 4 months ago, and I have to say, it has changed my life! I have two large dogs and allergies. Though my dogs don't shed much, they still have dander and they used to send me into middle of the night asthmatic fits. I wasn't sleeping a full night through without a double dose of allergy medicine and an inhaler (and even then it was iffy)...Until I got the GermGuardian. Upon first use there was a little of that "new plastic smell," but it went away after about 36 hours of continuously running it. The first night I used it, I took my allergy medicine, but did not have to use the inhaler. Did not wake up once! The second week after using it, I noticed that there was less dust in our bedroom, and I had been able to take my allergy medicine less and less (now maybe once a week if that). In fact, I haven't touched my inhaler in over two months!

I am going to buy a second (larger unit) for our upstairs living area. I take the smaller one upstairs while I'm cooking if I am making something that is really smelly (like fried fish or bacon) and run it while I cook. It really helps to minimize the amount of lingering odors. It would be nice to not have to move it around all the time!

The best part though...In this yucky cold and flu season, I am pretty sure the GermGuardian kept me from getting full-blown sick! I started to feel a sore throat and stuffy, but it never broke out into a full cold.

I have recommended this item to four people who ordered it, and all of them said that they are noticing a huge difference in the air quality in their home.

***ONE THING TO NOTE*** You have to rinse the thinner filter off about every two weeks (and be careful, it can tear easily). I don't recommend vacuuming it (I tore it up, and it didn't seem to get all the crud out). I usually just rinse it out in the tub with cool water and let it air dry for about 5-10 minutes. It will help prolong the Hepa filter in it.
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on December 14, 2013
I have been running my air purifier 24/7 for almost a month now. Got this right before Christmas. I haven't had any problems with this unit.

1) Really cleans the air- after just a WEEK of use, the outer (carbon) filter was covered in dust! Disgusting, but I'm satisfied to know that wasn't in my lungs. I vacuum the filter once a week.

2) HEPA filter. Although I can't actually "see" what it is catching, I know it is helping my air quality! I live in Utah where the inversion pollutes the air on a regular basis during the winter. This air purifier gives me peace of mind, knowing that when I come home I am in a clean air environment. Not only that, but it catches dust mite allergens, pollen, plant spores, bacteria, fungi, mold, smoke, dust..... We are definitely sleeping better at night, not waking up with the usual "stuff" that you have to clear out of your throat in the morning... catch my drift?

3) UV light- peace of mind that the germs that are caught by this thing are killed.

4) Catches SMELL (carbon filter)- I am used to smelling leftovers when I let my pots/pans soak in the sink overnight. Not anymore! I know this works because one time we went out of town overnight and turned the unit off. When we came back, our apartment smelled like soaking dishes/leftovers. A smell I'm glad to be rid of using this unit!


1) When I first got this unit, the lowest setting was pretty quiet. It is noticeably louder now. However, at this setting me and my husband are still able to sleep with the unit in our bedroom at night. AKA not too loud for sleeping (and I used to sleep strictly with earplugs for 2 years straight, so that should tell you something!). Because the fan got louder, I rate this product 4/5 stars. I hope it doesn't continue to get louder. I will update if it does.

2) When we first used it, it did have a "new" or plastic/carbon smell to it. I imagine this was the carbon filter. The smell was gone by the second or third day.

I recommend this product. It is the best Air purifier/HEPA filter you can get for this price range. Obviously if you spend more money, you can get a much better product that will cover more square footage.

**IMPORTANT- the 22" model can be used up to 155 sq. ft. The 28" model can be used up to 193 sq. ft.
Buy according to your needs. AKA, measure the living space you want to use this unit in. In bigger rooms you will need MORE THAN ONE UNIT if you want this product to work effectively. Just an FYI.

******UPDATE 1/17/14 *******

I contacted customer service about this air purifier becoming louder, and this is what I was told:

"We are sorry to hear of the issue with your AC4825. If you have checked inside of the unit to make sure there is no buildup of dust/debris, and if the filter is still good(the white part is not brown or black), then you can send the unit in for warranty service. Since your product is in need of repair please open the attachment named, "In-Warranty Repair Form". After printing the form, follow the instructions on the form in order to have your product repaired.

4 Simple Steps To Returning Your Product For Repair:

1. Print and fill out the applicable Repair Form attached (In-Warranty Repair Form)

2. Pack your complete product (including all parts) in a 16x16x16 box or a smaller sized box for lower cost shipping rates.

3. Send us the applicable Repair Form inside your product package along with the following:

a. Provide a copy of your sales receipt or rewards history (REQUIRED)

4. Mail your package to us via UPS, FedEx, or USPS. We recommend you have your package insured.

Mailing Address:
Guardian Technologies
Repair Department
7700 St. Clair Ave.
Mentor, OH 44060

Once received, your product unit will be inspected and repaired and our technician will contact you with information on your repair. Normal turnaround time is 10-14 business days."

So basically if I wanted it to be fixed, I would have to mail it in myself (and pay for shipping). Not the best customer service in the world. I've dealt with several companies who would just send a new unit out (so long as I provided proof my unit would be disposed of, AKA cutting the power cord and sending a picture of that + unit/serial number).

I'm NOT going to send it in because I know shipping will cost 1/3 what I paid for this product. No thanks- I'd rather buy a replacement filter for that cost.

******UPDATE 2/22/14 *******

Replaced the filter and the sound is back to normal- quiet on the lowest setting! I guess our place is pretty dusty so it got dirty faster than usual. I recommend anyone with noise problems to replace the filters more frequently! This will make a noticable hole in my wallet seeing as I have to replace the filter every 2 months when I was expecting 6 months at least.

I still recommend this product highly! Thanks GermGuardian!
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on January 25, 2012
I just purchased this device and put it into service yesterday to combat the terrible mold issue in our old apartment, and also because we have dust and cat dander no matter how often I dust and vacuum. Where there is a mold flare up, my daughter coughs all night long (and ends up getting sick), which happened two nights ago and prompted me to make this purchase. Last night however, there was zero coughing. The air actually smells and feels fresh and we both slept incredibly well. Its very quiet, sleek looking, and Energy Star rated so I don't have to worry too much about using it 24-7.

The previous review said that it emits a strong plastic odor. That odor is present the minute you take it out of the box, like all new things made of plastic. After running it for about 18 hours, the smell is barely noticeable and I'm sure will continue to fade away. In fact, food odors get trapped in the bedroom every time I cook, but not last night! Its the only room in the house that doesn't smell like the garlicky beef I made for dinner. :)
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on October 1, 2015
I am giving this unit 3 stars, because it technically works very good as an air purifier if you receive one without faults. However, I , as with many other reviewers, received a unit that emitted a very strong plastic outgassing smell that did not abate with time. I did a sniff test, and noticed that the smell was coming from the top of the unit. I disassembled the unit (I don't particularly care about warranty, if i cared that much it would already be in a box back to amazon), and could directly point out that the smell was coming from the small box that the UV bulb was in. I removed the box and balance unit (they are attached), and reassembled the unit. The smell is now gone, and the unit functions perfectly fine, just without the UV capability, which I never cared about to begin with.

The unit is very easy and fairly straightforward to disassemble (you only need a phillips head screwdriver), and I recommend that you try this fix if your unit continues to smell and you are past the warranty period, or you just don't care to return it. I will stress that it is not the UV action itself that is causing the smell, its something about the plastic used in the UV box itself that is extremely smelly. Even though it is a very acceptable air purifier with this fault remedied, I would recommend that you do not buy this unit as having to disassemble a product that is normally worth $100 USD or more to fix it directly after purchase is simply not acceptable.
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on June 27, 2013
UPDATE: 3 Months later Bought this filter 3 months ago. My sons breathing is excellent. The filter was filthy. Look at the photos I uploaded to amazon. Before and after. in his small room running 24-7/

Bought this for my 6 yr old sons room. He was coughing at night . He would wake up in the morning with bad breathing issues allergies/congestion. It got so bad we had to take him to the doctors and they gave him an inhaler to help him breath. Now he sleeps good at night and wakes up without these issues. Has not needed the inhaler since. His room always smells clean when i go into it now. I feel like it was a good purchase.
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on January 6, 2016
One piece of information I like to know before purchasing a product I will be running nearly constantly is power consumption. I hooked mine up to a Kill A Watt for each speed setting and with UV turned on and off, here are the results:

Low Speed UV Off: 1.133 kWh Per 24 Hours Running
Low Speed UV On: 1.289 kWh Per 24 Hours Running
Medium Speed UV Off: 1.394 kWh Per 24 Hours Running
Medium Speed UV On: 1.505 kWh Per 24 Hours Running
High Speed UV Off: 1.717 kWh Per 24 Hours Running
High Speed UV On: 1.843 kWh Per 24 Hours Running

This should allow you to roughly figure in how much this product will cost you to run on a monthly basis, depending on your local electric rates.

I also used a decibel meter to determine how loud each setting is (when the product is new):

Low Speed: 55 dB
Medium Speed: 63 dB
High Speed: 70 dB

Hopefully some other people that like numbers will find this helpful.
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on August 29, 2015
I am a film and lighting technician, meaning i deal with fog machines a lot. I set this up and in seconds it cleared the room and I was ready for our next set of shots. Im glad I got this for my house and will be happier to see how long it lasts dealing with the daily beating of cigar smoke, cigarette smoke, stage fog, and dry ice fog I will put it through. I will comment further if it has any troubles.

Update: (30 days since purchase) I could not be happier. I have added pictures of the old and new filter. Gross was all I could say. Im glad Im not breathing that in.
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on January 22, 2015
I liked everything about the AC4825, but unfortunately I received a unit that emits a toxic odor, as some reviewers have noted. I think burned plastic probably describes it best. It is more than a "new plastic" smell. And not a pleasant odor like a new car smell. It smells toxic, and for me, the odor never dissipated. Looks like this is called plastic off-gassing. Some reviewers have said that the smell goes away after a few days, but it never did with mine. I ran the unit for five days with uninterrupted operation and the odor did not improve. Maybe it would have disappeared if I had run it longer, but after five days, I just didn't feel good about it.

If anyone is interested, I returned this unit and purchased a Honeywell HA200, which is $164 on Amazon. Costs more, but it is far superior to the AC4825. Much better quality build, covers twice the area (still one room), much quieter, and the air out of the unit smelled very fresh from the first minute I turned it on. It uses two HEPA filters side by side to cover the larger area, which I think together are around $40, so I little more than the one $34 filter for the AC4825.
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