Customer Reviews: Logitech Wireless Speaker Adapter for Bluetooth Audio Devices
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on April 29, 2012
I would rate this product a three or maybe even a two out of the box because of it's range issues. This device connects well and reconnects well but my range was at 10 ft tops and then it skips and stutters.So i took the box apart(Voiding the Warranty) by removing the four screws under the padded feet. Inside is a steel plate on the bottom of the device to make the product feel heavier( No Function). I removed this steel plate that blocks the bluetooth signal, and put the device back together it took less than five minutes. This gained me about 8 feet of range. Last I flipped the device upside-down on my shelf and could get close to thirty feet away from the receiver before I was out of range. I feel the device should have been built right. Adding something to give a device a heavy quality feel is kind of cheesy but when it reduces function its plain stupid. Also the device board should have been installed facing the opposite way to allow for better range. Regardless after making this simply modification the device works well.Hope this might help someone else increase the range of this product. Also I read a review about a Belkin Bluetooth receiver that also adds a weight plate (that limits range) and that's why I decided to take apart the Logitech so thanks to reviewer R. Moore for the idea.
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on October 18, 2013
I don't know if it is my cell phone or the Logitech adapter but I cannot get more than 10 feet of effective range before the adapter quits. The range does somewhat depend on whether I am holding my phone vertically or horizontally. Nonetheless I am somewhat disappointed. Now I have to put my phone pretty close to the box. Not much freedom of movement...
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon September 7, 2011
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This adapter pairs fine with my iPhone, Droid, iPad, and HP Touchpad. (Edit 1 year later: I have also used it with a Galaxy Nexus phone and a computer with a USB bluetooth adapter). I have it connected to my Sony STRDH520 7.1 Channel 3D AV Receiver with my Energy 5.1 Take Classic Home Theater Speakers and the sound is good. Some devices sound better than others but it is not the fault of this product. The range is good too, but keep in mind that the ranges are half determined by the device on the other end of the bluetooth connection.

After you pair each of your devices that first time (using the button on the adapter), then all you need to do is connect to it from whichever device you want to play audio from (it does not require you to have to go press the button on the adapter again, at least not with my devices). You cannot play from more than one device at the same time... you just have to make sure the previous device is "disconnected" before you try to connect a new one. So, for example, here's a typical switch device routine:
1. I hit "connect (to logitech adapter)" in bluetooth settings on my android phone and I play music from the phone.
2. If I want to start playing from another device instead, I hit "disconnect (from logitech adapter)" on my phone.
3. Then I go to "connect (to logitech adapter)" on my Touchpad and start playing music.
The previous device will not auto-disconnect itself when you go to try and connect a new one... it will simply not connect. But the good part is that you don't have to go press the button on the adapter manually. Everything as far as connecting and reconnecting is done from your devices.

Overall, this is a great adapter, especially at a price under $40.
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on September 19, 2011
It was between this and the Belkin one. Reading the Belkin reviews about range, I opted for this one even though it cost $6 more at the time. First impression was that it is so easy to setup, at least with the iPhone 4, but I can't imagine it being more difficult with other Bluetooth A2DP audio players. You don't need to enter any codes, just press the connect button on the device (LED will start flashing green), go into the Bluetooth menu on the iPhone and select the Logitech adapter. After it connects the LED becomes solid green, that's it! However, the iPhone will not automatically connect to it next time, you have to go to the Bluetooth menu on the iPhone and connect to it again manually. That's probably a good thing in my case because my wife connects with her iPhone too sometimes so we don't want it to automatically connect to mine or hers. This might be a little cumbersome to some, but at least you don't have to go through the initial connection process again, i.e. pressing the connect button, the 2nd time you connect, even if you have paired multiple devices to it, like both my and my wife's iPhone... not sure if there is a limit on how many you can pair at once though. The only hassle I found is disconnecting, you either have to turn off the Logitech adapter (i.e. unplug it) or turn off the Bluetooth radio on the iPhone (or go out of range I suppose). Perhaps I missed something about how to disconnect, please let me know if I did! Also, if nothing is connected to the adapter, the led will be red.

The range is very good, good enough for my needs. I can get about 25 feet away from the device before it even hints at dropping the signal, and that include one wall between the adapter and my iPhone AND if I stand directly between the two. I'd imagine line of sight without obstructions could get at least 30-40ft, but I'm sure it would also depend on the Bluetooth radio in the audio player you use.

Sound quality is darn good, this was my biggest worry because I am connecting it to an Onkyo receiver, albeit a slightly older model TX-SR502. I can't say I have the best speakers (Polk RM6005 and PSW10), but they are good enough to tell the difference between, for example, a 128kbps encoded MP3 and a 192kbps one. Furthermore, all the MP3s I play from my iPhone are at most 192kbps so it's not like I have the cleanest source material to begin with. That being said though, I have no complaints at all about the audio quality. For all intents and purposes, I cannot tell the difference between the Bluetooth A2DP and a direct wired connection out of the dock port. A cool thing I have on my receiver (and probably a lot of other ones too) is that there is a switched A/C outlet on the back of it that turns on and off with the receiver power. I just plug the A/C adapter of the Logitech into this outlet so it automatically turns on and off with my receiver, it's as if I had a built in Bluetooth radio on my receiver :)

A few things about interfacing with the iPhone 4.

1) When connected to the iPhone 4, you can still control the volume via the iPhone. This is something I didn't expect because when I think line-out, I see this device as a wireless line-out, I only expect to be able to control the volume via the receiver it is connected to. I suspect this added volume control might degrade the sound quality a little bit. Regardless I can see how it might come in handy even if I will almost never use it. Good thing is, by default the Bluetooth A2DP volume control is at max, which makes it a decently loud input signal to your receiver.

2) When the Logitech Adapter is powered off when still connected to the iPhone 4, the iPhone is smart enough to stop playing music automatically, kind of like unplugging headphones while playing music.

3) Sound effects from games and YouTube videos, etc... are directed over the A2DP wireless signal too. (PvZ on surround speakers anyone?!)

Overall, I'm very satisfied with the product, but I don't think it's worth $40 though, maybe $30 tops, it's such a simple device. But I was in a hurry to get one so I didn't wait.
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on April 24, 2012
Imagine, fellow gadget geeks, you're having a house party. You're mingling with guests in the living room, the kitchen, at the front door. Someone mentions the music ... "What band is this?" You check your phone ... "It's The Killers," you say. Your spouse asks you to turn down the tunes. You whip out the phone and -- click-click -- done. Someone asks if you have any jazz instead. You walk right up to them and show them your play list. "Pick anything you want," you say. They look at you like you're pulling their leg and ask, "The music's coming from your smartphone?"

Maybe it is. Maybe it's a streaming service, like Pandora. Or maybe you're like me and you say, "Technically, the music is stored on my PC down the hall -- I'm using an app that can sync my Android with my computer. The music is being fed wirelessly to my phone over my home network, and then broadcast via Bluetooth to the Logitech Wireless Speaker Adapter connected to my 10-year-old Sony stereo."

Geekdom rarely provides such pleasure. The adapter worked right out of the package. The included audio cable connected to the stereo's AUX input, I tapped the pairing button, activated my phone's Bluetooth, it discovered the Logitech, and I was streaming music to my stereo seconds later. My son came into the room and asked if he could sync his iPod Touch to the Logitech. He had it paired in under a minute.

The range is fine for my relatively small home (don't wish for miracles, this is Bluetooth we're talking about -- a technology that doesn't like obstacles like walls getting in the way). Still, I was able to go into three different rooms and also up a flight of stairs -- all within 30 feet of the unit -- with no loss of signal.

The Android phone I am using is a Motorola Atrix 2 in case you're wondering. Now read some more reviews if you must, but you know you're gonna buy one of these babies!
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on February 4, 2012
Setup time from unpacking the box to listing to the music on my iPhone was about five minutes. The Bluetooth connection has proven to be robust and clear.

I have discovered (the hard way) one problem: the output voltage from this adapter is 12dB lower than my other peripherals. That means that I have to turn my surround-sound receiver's volume control up quite high to reach a listening level comparable to, say, my CD player or my docked iPhone. This creates a trap: after listing to my iPhone via the Bluetooth adapter I have to remember to turn down the volume on my surround-sound receiver before switching to another input. Failure to do so risks blowing a speaker, especially if you like to listen you music LOUD.

The nominal output level is not given on the spec sheet, so I intend to all Logitech to make certain I don't have a defective unit.

I've given the unit 3 stars; if I simply have a defective unit, I'll up it to 5 stars and I'll post back here.

Note 8July2012: Logitech wasn't interested in helping.

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on May 9, 2013
My overall score is really 3.5 stars as the product works as intended. Unfortunately, it is limited by the technology from which it is based on.

The main caveat is that this adapter utilizes the old Bluetooth audio standard (non-Apt-X) that compresses dynamic range resulting in music that lacks the lower bass and higher treble frequencies. Those with very high fidelity equipment will definitely notice the lower audio quality. Music that is driven by the extremes of bass (hip-hop/R&B) or treble (classical/symphony) sound very muted and off-balanced.

Another caveat is a lower audio level - you will have to turn up the volume on your receiver/powered speakers higher than normal. There are a ton of other variables but doing this may or may not introduce some distortion. Essentially, YMMV. As a warning, be sure to lower the volume before you switch to another device/function or you may blow your speakers (or your ear drums).

With regards to connectivity, I was able to connect various BT-enabled devices without any issues. My family's iPhone 4s/5, Nokia Lumia 920, Samsung S3 phones all connected without a hitch. Although pairing was simple and straight forward, be sure to have the bluetooth disabled for any secondary devices. Conflicts abound when all 4 of my family phones were BT-enabled - The adapter may not connect to the proper device and you are left scratching your head wondering why you cannot play any music.

Range is advertised at 30 feet and that is more or less what I can confirm as long as there are no obstacles between the adapter and the Bluetooth device. I did not experience any sound or connection issues through a few walls as long as I was within 10-15 feet. Something worth noting, multiple people standing between the adapter and the device (like in a party situation) can introduce some connectivity issues especially when the device in your pocket.

Overall, I am ok with this adapter. It does have some audio limitations (but i knew going in what those limitations were). However, the convenience and dependability of the product is well above average.
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on August 29, 2012
If you connect this device with OS X, note that OS X by default has poor settings for the AD2P audio protocol. More info on this blog: [...]
In short, you can improve the quality A LOT by going to Terminal and enter:

defaults write "Apple Bitpool Min (editable)" 51


I just bought this product after I tried the Sitecom WL-061, which operates on 2.4 GHz and thereby interferes badly with my WiFi reception. Connecting it and testing it with headphones, i was shocked about the audio quality - not that is was that poor, but it was noticeably worse than directly connecting the headphones. Disappointed, I tried to connect it with my iPhone 3GS and found out the quality was actually really good! Turns out the problem lies with OS X. Read the above. Too bad I see many 1 star reviews complaining about the audio quality on the mac.
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on February 6, 2012
I used this Logitech Bluetooth adapter to wire into my car to be able to have bluetooth music connectivity. I didn't like having to use the old tape adapter with my iPhone and iPad because the the audio quality and the cable being visible in the car. This installed behind my stereo and wired directly to the 5V power line in my car. Works better than I had hoped!
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on March 1, 2012
Audio quality and distance where great. My only issue is that if you power it down (i.e. to save electricity or save iphone battery from bluetooth connection) you need to walk over, press its button, go through settings, and re pair. Many other competitors like miccus remember the last paired device. If logitech added this tiny but critical feature, I would give it 5 stars.

Update to 4 stars: Looks like my description wasn't fully accurate. Now that I have switched to android from iphone, I have found it much easier to connect via my phone and I don't have to push the physical button on the device. Seems like there is a procedure to autoconnect via iPhone and iPad, but it is a bit more cumbersome.

I would like to request a second hard button that would attempt to re-initiate a pair with the last device. Otherwise, this is the best device I have found on the market
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