Customer Reviews: Bejeweled 3 - Nintendo DS
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VINE VOICEon November 17, 2011
Bejeweled is the game that all Match 3 games aspire to be like, so you have to expect that when this arrived on DS that is has to be the BEST, right? Well it absolutely IS. I own probably 20 or more match 3 games, and they all pale in comparison to Bejeweled 3. This would have been a fine game just to have basic Bejeweled and nothing more but they added SO much more to it to round out what is an absolutely perfect and hugely entertaining game!!
Here is a breakdown of all of it's awesome aspects!

Classic mode: This is the best of Bejeweled. Just straight gem matching, as you have always known, but a few colossal power-ups to jazz up the game, such as the Flame Gem for matching 4 in a row (and this gem busts several in a small area when activated). Then there's the Star Gem which you get for matching a series of 5 gems in a T or L shape, and when this gem is activated it's awesome, it makes a giant T shape (horizontal & vertical rows) explosion of gem clearing. And then there are the Hypercubes which are given for matching 5 gems in a line. These gems when activated will clear all like gems on the board (i.e. if you swap it with an orange gem, it clears all orange gems). And lastly, the Supernova Gem that you get for clearing 6 in a row. This one clears a TON of gems on your board when activated! It's a gem exploding frenzy!
Classic mode plays until there are no more moves left on the board, just like on the PC version. It's awesome.

Zen mode is very much like Classic but a bit more relaxed. It claims to be endless and I am inclined to believe that because I have never yet finished a game of this. Fortunately it saves where you leave off so you can go play for as little or as long as you want and not lose your progress! :)

Lightning mode is crazy fun. It's a frantic 60 seconds (to start) of gem swapping that you have to do fast in order to keep going. You can add more time by swapping time gems or other special gems and also get a Blazing Speed bonus too. It's chaotic but fun, especially if you think Bejeweled is just too relaxing! :) This lightning mode really gets crazy!

Quest mode is another unique Bejeweled mode that has you complete 40 different single-game tasks such as clearing a specific number of gems, or balancing clearing 15 red and 15 blue gems, or matching 15 butterfly gems, or many other unusual tasks. It's a very nice change of pace from the usual Bejeweled game that still plays similar but changes it up a bit.

Ice Storm mode is one of my favorites. This has columns of ice, rapidly rising up from the bottom as you swap gems, and if you are not super-fast in your gem matching, these ice columns will jam, freeze, then crack your board and end the game! It's another frantic mode that is a lot of fun, and is hard to beat but exciting to master.

There are 3 more modes that I unlocked but have not played yet: Butterfly, Poker, and Diamond Mine. According to my manual, Butterfly mode has you match butterflies with same color gems to keep them out of a spider web. Poker has you use 5 matches to create gem-studded playing cards and build hands like Full House, Flush, 2 pair, etc. Diamond Mine has you dig into dirt and rocks to collect gold, diamonds, and artifacts by matching gems near the bottom of the board. You get 90 seconds to clear the first line and each time you clear a line, you add more time.

Rounding out this game are several more awesome details to track just how good you are at Bejeweled! At the end of every game, it tells you how long you played, what your experience level is, how many special gems you got, what your best scoring move was, etc.
There are 65 badges you can earn for special achievements in the game (many of these are counted as bronze, silver, gold, and platinum of certain challenges).
And on your Records page, it tells your high scores for all game modes, shows all your badges, and tells why/how you achieved them, and on the stats page it tells your game experience level, how many gems (total) you have matched, how many of the power up gems you have acquired (each), what your "favorite" (or most matched) gem color is, how much of the quest mode you have completed, your all time highest score for any move, and your total time played.

Bejeweled 3 is the best match 3 game in existence, in my personal opinion. It has it ALL, and is fun for anyone and everyone who likes to play any kind of video game! Even if you are not so much into playing a game with the stylus, this can also be controlled easily and entirely with the buttons instead if you prefer! But with the stylus, it is precise and easy to use and just feels right to me. Also the graphics are vividly colorful, crisp and beautiful. This game has not one single flaw, and I don't think I have ever been able to say that about a video game before! This is the very best there is! I give it my 100% recommendation!
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on November 16, 2011
This game is much better than bejeweled twist. The graphics are better & brighter. The size of the gems are about the same(large)which means no eye strain. The game itself has many different levels. Lighting mode (you have to collect timed gems such as 5 sec, 10 sec etc. for bonus rounds), quest mode, zen mode which is endless, & of course the untimed original PC version which is want I wanted. The game does save where you left off when go back to main menu. It doesn't ask you it just automatically saves. There are badges that you can earn based on reaching a certain number of points or using special gems. There is space for 3 profiles on the game. Overall bejeweled is the original match 3 game & proves itself with the inclusion of so many different modes & badges to earn. This is a pick up & play game. No long instructions & not difficult to play. If you like bejeweled 3 I recommend: Cradle of Rome,Quest Trio,7 Wonders of the Ancient World,Picross 3D

EDITED TO ADD: For all of you Zuma fans - its now available for the DS! Zuma's Revenge! This game is so fun. Its also a match 3 game for those of you not familiar with the game. This game is also out 7 Wonders: Treasure Of Seven.
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When it has came down to the Nintendo DS, it has been one of the most iconic handheld game systems on the market. With all the hype now going on with the Nintendo 3DS, it seems to be a forgone conclusion that the DS and the DSi have delivered so well, yet they are set to be a faded memory. Still, there are a lot of great titles available for the regular Nintendo DS, that will work for the 3DS. One of them was Bejewled Twist, the classic take on the addictive puzzle game where you have to swap jewels to connect from 3 to 5 of the same jewel in a row and try to clear the level. Now, there is a new tale from the classic puzzle game, and yes it is worth the money.

Bejeweled 3 for the Nintendo DS is the latest in the classic puzzler that remains as addictive today, as it was when Bejewled came out. The gameplay is very simple as you try and clear levels by simply making the same jewels horizontally and vertically, without blocking yourself out from making moves on the puzzle board. The game features 4 different modes from the classic mode, lightning mode where you're trying to score as fast as you can and earn extra time, before the hourglass runs out, a soothing zen mode where you just are competing against the board, where it is a unlimited number of levels, and the addictive quest mode, where you can unlock certain events, and earn special power-ups while you connect your jewels. Graphically, the game looks alright, and doesn't really change from the way Bejeweled Twist showed on. But the sound and the control are very strong, and it is the addictive gameplay that still stands just like it did when Bejeweled came out over a decade ago. It still stands up to all of the classic puzzlers like Tetris has all this time and doesn't get old.

I alwayd found puzzle games to be the most addictive video games in the whole world, and Bejeweled 3 is definitely worth it. It definitely shows that no matter what time has passed by, there are some puzzlers that still remain as addictive and fun to play now, as they have back when the first edition came alive. I definitely recommend this game for the Nintendo DS from start to finish. If you have the P.C. and a Nintendo DS, I say get this game you jewel-head and start to master your way to the top. It really is worth the money.

Graphics: B+

Sound: B+

Control: A

Fun & Enjoyment: A

Overall: A-
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on November 22, 2011
Bejeweled 3 has certainly outdone itself this time. It's come along way from just being a fun standard jewel game. This time around you have more then one mode to play as, you will have to unlock the 4 bonus games, but they are not hard to unlock at all, it's just a matter of playing the 4 open games and not getting too low of a score.

There is "standard mode", which is Bejeweled as you know it. It includes the bonus icons as usual, the bomb to destroy surrounding jewels, the lightning to electrify a shot in each direction to destroy jewels, and the one that allows you to select a color and have all those colors destroyed.

"Poker" is an addictive new edition. You are playing poker via the jewels. You match up the 3 colors to use that as one color, and keep going to see if you can get a pair, spectrum (one of each suit), 3 of a kind, 2 pairs, 4 of a kind, full house and flush.

"Lightning" which is a faster paced race against the clock.
"Mines" which you have to get matches of jewels at the bottom of the screen to dig up dirt and mine for artifacts.

"Quest" which a selection of 4 areas with I think 6 or 8 different challenges in them.

"Ice something" which you have to be quick as you can in certain isles, in order to keep the columns from rising with water and turning to ice.

And there is a couple of other modes too.

This game became more and more addicting the more I played it. That was, until I found out what else this game came with. It is programed with the Girlfriend.Stealer.500 unit. Which turned someone who always told me the DS was no fun and had no good games, into a "I'M BUSY PLAYING, LEAVE ME A ALONE"
Curse you Bejeweled 3, we will meet again.
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on April 24, 2012
I have this game at home on my personal computer. I am really glad I got this so I can play it away from the house when I have a long wait ahead of me. It is just as much fun on the ds as it is at home.
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on September 21, 2012
When I recently purchased a Nintendo DS Lite, I figured I would try this game because it's a puzzler and only cost me $15. I sure loved the graphics and the gameplay! There are a few differences here compared to Bejeweled Twist -- you have to swap gems, rather than turn them clockwise, to match 3 same-colored gems to clear it. Also, you can't swap the gems unless it matches at least 2 of the same color.

In Classic mode, if you find yourself unable to match ANY gems at all, you will get the voice message, "No More Moves"! You will have to start the game over, but any status that you obtained along the way won't get erased. My other favorite part of the game is once you clear a level, you can watch the gems get sucked up into the vortex (on the touch screen), ready for you to try another level! It's simply amazing animation at its best!!

Zen mode is a.k.a. Endless Mode, so you don't really gain anything unless you are just looking to practice mastering the game much better.

Lightning Mode is more intense. You have to clear as many gems as possible in under one minute! You can obtain and use "time gems" to help you get more time.

Butterfly Mode is one of my favorites. On the touch screen, as you clear gems, butterflies will appear. But watch out -- there's a spider on the top screen just waiting to grab 'em! Clear as many gems/butterflies as possible to rack up an awesome score and even more badges!

Poker Mode is much more advanced. If you clear a certain gem color, it will appear on one of 5 cards. If you get another of the same gem color or more, then you rack up a really big score. But if the skull icon appears, watch out! You have to fill up the "skull meter" to make the skulls disappear! It's also very difficult to get a flush, but it's doable!

Ice Storm is possibly the most difficult mode, so unless you've mastered the other modes, don't do this one yet. 4 columns of ice water will fill up the touch screen, and it is your job to clear as many gems as possible to make the columns go back down. If it SHOULD fill the screen, a skull icon will appear on the top screen. However, you still have 10 seconds to save yourself! Try to clear the gems as fast as possible. If you don't, the gems will explode and it's game over!

The Diamond Mode is the only one that I haven't tried yet. I will update my comments about that as soon as I've tried it out.

Overall, this is one of those addictive puzzle series, much like Tetris. The designers obviously came up with a very original concept. And I warn you people, once you start, you may not want to stop. You might even stay up all hours of the night just unlocking each of the modes included here. Either way, the Bejeweled series will NEVER bore you!!
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VINE VOICEon December 7, 2012
As a fan of Bejeweled type games, I own Bejeweled Twist and Jewel Quest Solitaire I wonder if this new game would live up to the hype..WELL it is good but not great/

It has four different playing levels (classic, zen, lightning and quest)with theirt bonus levels, but it does NOT have the inverted jewel game that was on the computer version of BEJEWELED 2. It would have been nice, sadly that was not to be.

As a game, it is mindless fun. it is simple and will keep someone playing for hours.If you are a fan of Bejeweled, this DS platform captures rhe classic game and more

It is worth getting to pass the cold winter nights with

Bennet Pomerantz
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on August 18, 2012
Bejeweled 3 is a terrific game for the following reasons:

* The DS stylus is the perfect input method for matching gems.

* You can match gems asynchronously. That is, you (mostly) don't
have to wait for an ongoing match to completely settle before
starting another.

* Combo matches are extremely visually satisfying. The voiceover
that says "Excellent!" is creepy, however.

* There are gameplay modes to fit your mood. For instance, the Poker
mode requires careful planning, while Ice Storm mode is more about

Some other features are nice--such as the player statistics--but were
not as important to me personally.
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on October 9, 2013
After Plants vs. Zombies - this PopCap game is addictive. Lots of different challenges - most definitely one of my favs. I actually prefer playing this game on a hand-held Nintendo verses playing it on my PC - your eye doesn't have to travel so far to find those matches. The Zen mode is my favorite. You never run out of moves so you're not starting over all the time. It's very relaxing. One I can play before I go to sleep. It's a great game.
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on March 31, 2014
Most puzzle gamers are probably familiar with Bejeweled, the gem matching puzzle game. This version was pretty awesome as it has 8 different modes of play: Classic, Endless, Lightening, Quest, Poker, Butterflies, Diamond Mine and Ice Storm. The three modes I am totally addicted to are Poker (where you match gems to build poker hands like 2 pairs, full house, flush etc.), Butterflies (where you try to prevent different color butterflies from reaching the top of the column) and Diamond Mine (where you have to dig to the bottom of the board to continue to the next round). However, I have one complaint about the game that prevents me from rating it 5 stars - the High Scores cannot be reset. Your are allowed 3 profiles and can delete and create new profiles, but for some reason all high scores with previous user profile names are retained. Therefore, if you buy a Used version of the game, you will not be able to clear the previous user's high scores. This may take away a lot of the fun factor if you enjoy setting and beating your own high scores. Even for myself, who purchased the game new, I would like to start from scratch and clear the high scores, but alas, it's doesn't seem possible ( I've searched the internet for a solution but have come up empty).
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