Customer Reviews: Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 11 Production Suite [Old Version]
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on July 11, 2011
I have been a Vegas Movie Studio user for three versions now. Each one just gets better and better.
"Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 11 Production Suite" comes with three separate programs and some very cool extras thrown in.
You get Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 11 to do all your editing and video making,
DVD Architect Studio to make your DVD's and BluRay Discs,
and Sound Forge Audio Studio which is a stand alone audio recording and editing studio - great for Podcasters and anyone making voice overs for talking books or tutorials.
With this production suite version comes a new bonus 3D Text Generator and extra 3D Transitions and Effects from NewBlueFx. The biggest addition to Version 11 is a new "Title and Text" tool that gives you the ability to create animated text titles. Also you can now edit true 3D Video and import more types of video from DSLR cameras -which is becoming very popular now with videographers.
I have been using Version 11 of the program continuously, and have NOT experienced any major problems so far. I am using a newly built computer with the new i7-2600k CPU and Windows 7 64bit OS and also use an older laptop running Vista OS. I have made plenty of 1080p HD projects 60-90 minutes in length, and the program has been working just fine. Sometimes I experience small glitches, but what program is perfect 100% of the time?
Please don't be scared off by the negative reviews that have started to come in, and I am sure will continue to pile up over time.
Some of the reasons why people may experience problems and crashes with this program is because:
-Their computer is not fast enough to process HD video
-Lack of memory (RAM) and too many junk programs and basic crap clogging up the computer and causing software conflicts
-Trying to process a far too complex project in one sitting (Movie Studio is only a 32bit program)
One gripe I do have with Sony Creative Software is that the minimum computer requirements stated for Vegas to work properly are a gross understatement. Their minimum requirements are only useful for people who work with Standard Definition video, which is going the way of the dinosaurs. If you own a HD Video Camera that produces AVCHD video, and you want to edit that video smoothly with no computer crashes, then you need to have a fast and modern computer. Your CPU needs to be a FOUR Core processor running at 3.0GHz minimum. You may be on a three year old computer right now - that's probably not going to be good enough. Intel and AMD now have new CPU's which are built to handle the huge processing power that HD Video requires, so if you are serious about video editing using Vegas MS11, upgrade your computer to that latest specs.
Vegas Movie Studio is not for the faint hearted - there is a steep learning curve to climb. Most problems in Vegas have easy solutions and there are some great resources out there (Forums & YouTube) now that can teach you how to use this program without too many headaches - all you have to do is ask for help from the many experienced users who post online. If you are hopeless with computers and have no patience with problem solving, then this program is not for you - stick with Windows Movie Maker. Why I love this program so much, is because it contains many features from Pro level video editing software that would cost up to six times more than this great value package.
All the best.
I don't work for Sony, I just really love this program because it has taught me so much and allowed me to be very creative without spending thousands of dollars.
If you have any concerns as to whether this program is going to work with your computer and do what you want, then do the smart thing first and download the FREE 30 day trial direct from Sony Creative Software - then you will know whether to buy it from Amazon or not - how easy is that?

***UPDATE as of August 2012***
New Version of this Suite has now been released.
The suite which I just reviewed has been given a slight name change and is now called "Movie Studio Platinum 12 Suite".
This newer version is now a 64 bit program!!!
So if you have a 64bit Windows Operating System, I would encourage you to have a serious look at the newer Version 12.
It can now use ALL available RAM installed on your computer, whereas V11 was capped at only 4GBs.
Also has GPU Acceleration, which means V12 can now utilize the power of your Graphics Card to Speed Up rendering times and improve playback quality in the Preview Window.
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on November 14, 2011
This review is for brand new beginners like me. I've never used any of the many software programs for video capture or editing. A friend told me that Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum was the easiest and least buggy. BTW, I don't know what the word Platinum refers to or, for that matter, if there is a silver or gold version. Everyone but this one friend told me to shut up and buy a mac in order to use Imovie. I ended up going with Vegas rather than buying a new computer just to edit video.

Here's what I've noticed in the first week of use: I was overwhelmed reading the instruction manual but then I stumbled onto the incredible sony training website. Sony provides a website dedicated to training for an earlier version of this program-- [...]

This training website had a minor problem: I couldn't figure out the "plug in" update stuff, which I think does something to your browser to enable you to watch these training videos. However, it is easy to download each training video to your computer to play whenever you want, without dealing with those plug ins. Click on the word "download" toward the bottom left of your browser if the "plug in" stuff doesn't work on your computer. There are 12 training videos, each of which is about 3-5 minutes long. Even though the training videos were for Movie Studio 9 rather than 11, they provided everything I needed to make a ten minute short video project that includes Hi Def video and older clips that are not Hi Def. My project also included photos and had background music.

Using Movie Studio Platinum seems pretty easy for this novice--ONCE I found those training videos from that website. The program in its original box also came with an extra DVD loaded with training videos. These were good but should be viewed AFTER the ones on that website. Finally, the program itself has a "show me how" button, which literally walks beginners through editing their own video. Arrows pop up and point you to the exact spots you need to click when working with your video and audio. This was a great addition to the training videos.

Another note about that training website--If you happen to scroll around the various sonycreativesoftware websites, don't make the mistake I did: Vegas is a word used in at least two completely separate software programs that have almost the same name. One is this "movie studio" program, which is in the hundred dollar range. The other is called Vegas Pro, which I think is a much more expensive and advanced version of Movie Studio.

If you watch the website training videos and the accompanying DVD videos, you're out about 90 minutes. But that's all I needed to use the program the way most people will probably use it--to make cool vacation or family event videos that are 15 or 20 minutes long. Again, I'm a beginner and don't envision myself using this more than a few times a year.

Nothing has been buggy and my computer has not frozen or crashed. Maybe it's important to know that my computer is a 2011 PC running windows 7. You should also know that I am not using the Vegas Movie Studio 11 version that was in the box--Vegas prompted me to upload the latest version, which probably included fixes to the original that came in the box.

SIX MONTH UPDATE: I have now used the program for six months. Not one crash. My favorite use for it involves archiving old mini-DV video. I captured these clips into a hard drive but they are unreadable for most players that attach to TV sets. For this reason, I import them into Vegas and render them as "mpeg 2 NTSC Widescreen" files, which are readable by various players. Another render option is "Sony AVC/Memory stick SD NTSC widescreen 6256 KB" but some players won't play this file type.

The Vegas program renders the video very fast, about 20 minutes for a 25 minute video using the computer I mentioned above. These old clips look great on modern TV's. I play them on my TV using a WD NET TV player, which has a USB input where I attach a one TB Hard Drive. No more DVD's, which don't play as clearly as these files. Instead, I have at least a hundred family videos on that 1 TB hard drive. My newer videos are in the AVCHD format, which is a Sony Hi Def format. The program is much slower rendering these HI Def videos, about 40 minutes for a 10 minute clip. I try to limit the final clips to not much more than a gigabyte so that the video player attached to my TV doesn't get overwhelmed.

After seeing the difference and ease comparing .mpeg 2 files in a modern player/hard drive combo to a traditional DVD player, I think most of us will be tossing our DVD's in 5 years. It's like comparing an Ipod to a CD player. The newer AVCHD videos look ridiculously good and are far superior to DVD's. I think they even look better than blue ray. Because this Vegas program is so good, I've decided to use Sony cameras to take video because the file interchange is seamless. My camera is called a Sony HX9, which creates amazing Hi Def clips.

Addendum: Below is the link to training website for the earlier version of Vegas that I described in my review. As I mentioned above, you can download each video if you can't play them the usual way by clicking on each one. When you click on a video and see something about "plug in's not working", there is an option on the bottom left to "download". These downloaded versions play fine in Windows Media Player.

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on September 24, 2011
Brief and to the point: Reviewed Corel pro/Pinnacle, Adobe and Sony. I did the trials.

Sony was the most easy to manipulate and had the most bells and whistles. It did not crash when I rendered to DVD or to Youtube or to IMDB (IMDB's got some upload rules).

Yes, there's a lot of information, but I went to Sony and found "support" under there is "training" and under that was webinars. I watched three webinars and all the training videos.

I am a novice and did have to figure out the windows.

For the money: their features, their interface and they way things work ESPECIALLY: "SHOW ME HOW!" are brilliant.

NO, I do not work for them. I have nothing to do with Sony, but I do read all the post to see what people say and that adds to my buying decision. Given the choices and support, I take Sony. I bought the suite and saved nearly $40 ($124.95 on Sony--why, no idea, because I printed both spec sheets and compared notes: they were the same). So, if you're looking for video editing software and you're just starting...this software works. If you, like me, are looking to grow and not to get to a point where the software is no long viable, then buy Sony.

Adobe was out of my price range and didn't have the features.
Pinnacle had too many consumer complaints about bad service.
Corel kept crashing when I imported video (yes, contacted corel support, went to the website, did an update and it crashed again---sent it back)

I wish you well and recommend: do the downloads--trials. Then you get a real taste. I'm lovin the Sony Vegas Pro 11.

Good luck!
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on November 18, 2011
UPDATE: February 9, 2016.
Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 11 works on Windows 10. I have installed this software on multiple Win 10 systems and all are running perfectly fine.

My day-to-day usage isn't very heavy until usually over the holidays when I'm nailed down on producing the annual company video, so I can't speak as to 40 hour production levels, but I can say that I consistently launch, import video and other collateral, edit, and render consistently fast. In fact, if I'm not rendering I can sometimes launch, import, edit and quit in the same amount of time it takes Premiere Pro CC 2015 just to launch.

See my long-winded review below for how much I trust this software. If you've got an old copy laying around, try installing it on Windows 10 to see if you get the same awesome results. Just an fyi: the newer version of this software pales in comparison and just feels clunky and misdirected. Man, was I relieved when I discovered I could install Sony Vegas Movie Studio 11 on Windows 10. Now THAT's a gift that keeps on giving.

Seriously, whatever you have to do to get a copy of this software, give it a try on Windows 10 -- you will be glad you did.
I switched from Power Director Ultra 64 (v 9) to Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 11 because Power Director was having issues (more about this in a bit).

I've been using Sony HD 11 for 1 week solid. I still have just over 2 weeks left to go before i "complete" ("perfect" can be interjected here) the 10 minute Christmas video for my company. Anyways, today i was running through the playback doing tweaking for at least the hundredth time when the software locked up -- it just kept playing. Windows threw the "not responding" alert so i waited then finally killed it.

One crash in 1 week of straight usage. I had been using Sony Vegas 8 hours a day, Monday - Friday, and even some weekend hours. That kind of performance is miraculous and worthy of an LED on a blimp flying across America. I'd even swear to it and publish my name, but then I'd get pummeled with phone calls, etc. and regret the whole thing and never write a positive review ever again. Next thing you know I'd be hiding from the public and eating out of garbage cans. Ok, I digest...

Anyways, i'm real impressed with Sony. As I said, I'm also the proud owner of power director ultra 64 (v 9) and was thinking about spending $59 on the power director v10 upgrade but decided to buy the sony vegas hd 11 because i've used earlier Sony versions for the past 2 years for my company's Christmas video projects. Besides, I was HAVING PROBLEMS with power director crashing several times a day (consistently, during various types of video editing tasks, over the past several months, both before and after its most recent update).

My laptop (an HP Pavilion dv7-4051 nr, AMD Phenom II P920 Quad Core 1.60 Ghz) has 4 GB ram and runs Win 7 64-bit home, and I even shut down all other running programs to make sure I had enough RAM. That wasn't the issue.
I guess it wasn't THAT big of a deal, it's just that this Christmas video project takes everything I've got and I'm not getting any younger.

Anyhow, here's some background on the video project: Dimensions: 1920 x 1080; I'm bringing in corel motionstudio 3d quicktime movies, misc. jpegs, mp3s and wavs for sound, avis and some mp4. Right now there are at least 4 song tracks/excerpts, video fx, transition fx, text fx (which is a mixed story).

I was using Photoshop for a lot of the opening jpegs instead of the sony text events, because of control issues and branded backgrounds and lack of familiarity with some of the sony fx, but now i've settled on corel photopaint for jpeg and png production, which entirely rocks.

Since my fonts on Photopaint boom all the way up to 150px tall i'm loving it on this 1920 x 1080 video project. Corel Photopaint takes a little getting used to, but it's already paid for itself (I knew I bought for a reason last year). Boy, that makes me happy.
So far I've got about 7 minutes of video. It took about 55 minutes last night to render the latest version of the 7 minute video (highest WMV setting, 1920 x 1080, etc.). It's beautiful but still needs tweaking and more content.

On my work desk, beside my puny HP laptop, is an iMac 24-inch (with a 24" external screen) and I actually tried producing the Christmas video on Final cut express last year (I felt guilty about spending nearly $200 of the company's money), but gave up after 5 minutes because it just didn't offer the control of SONY Vegas. Probably just a familiarity issue [hold the emails].

But after numerous returns to video editing on the imac, there are all these windows video files that just plain work on a pc. Nothing against macs or the late Steve (i bought an ipad2 and the kids love it), it's just this time it didn't work. I do use the mac for email and avoiding microsoft, though, with some adobe work for web dev. [kids use kubuntu and ipad2, but that's another story for another review].

I bought Power Director because it was "optimized" for 64-bit. I was wary when I bought the Sony hd 11, thinking it might not have the zip of Power Director. But I can tell you I haven't been disappointed at all with sony hd 11. It's rock-solid software and it just works great at getting the work done. It is just as fast as power director ultra 64 v9. Five stars easily for Sony Vegas.

UPDATE: I finished my Christmas video for the company I work for and truly, truly love Sony HD. I used it for about 3 weeks solid, 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. In that time-span, it locked up all of 2 times. Both happened during renders of a 200MB movie file. I remedied both circumstances by closing all virtual windows (i use virtuawin) and especially firefox and chrome applications.

The finished video contained 3d animations imported from AVIs generated in Google Sketchup, mov files, mp3s, text transitions, pngs and jpegs. It was about 9 minutes long.

I'm keeping my vote of 5 stars! Great job, SONY!
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on April 25, 2012
I still have some kinks to work out, but it does just about everything I need a video editor to do.
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on September 2, 2011
Sony Movie Studio HD Platinum Suite 11 V. 11 is great. It comes with so much stuff besides the actual software, like 1,001 sound effects, 23 borders, 31 illustrations, 414 songs, and 42 title cards that can be used for anything. What more can you ask for? The video editing software is hard to use at first, but the "Show Me How" built-in tutorials help out with that, and once you get the hang of the software it really is amazing. You have plenty of effects and transitions to really make your videos pop and look amazing. This program has not lagged or crashed on me at all, which is great! I advise this product to anyone looking for an affordable, professional grade movie editor. If you want something simple to use, then I advise something else, just because its not that easy to use for those looking for a program to do it all for them. If you're a striving videographer or movie maker/editor and want to make your videos professional looking, this is definitely a good choice.

TIP: If you do buy this product, the sound effects, songs, ect. are not automatically put onto your computer. You need to browse the disc and under the "Content" folder you'll find all the stuff. Just highlight all the folders within the "Content" folder, and copy them to a folder on your computer that you wish to have the files at.
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on September 29, 2011
I had been a Pinnacle studio user since version 9. 8 months ago I got Avid Studio - it was a program not ready for "prime time".

My system is a AMD 945 quad core, a ATI 5570 1 Gig video care, 4 Gig's memory and about 3 t'bytes of storage free. I could not get Avid studio to render a file longer than 15 minutes in ACHD 1920 x 1080. Sony Vegas does it without a problems (so far up to an hour of content). The price on Vegas 11 HD suite is amazing ($81 here on amazon prime).

I'm having to learn the system, but Vegas and its supporting products (soundforge, and the DVD/BR program) work well together.

One of the things I like about Vegas is now with 10 video and AUD. TRACK I use Vegas for a mix and finish in soundforge.

It's a powerful program and perhaps hard to use if you haven't use a NLE before, but I got up and running within a week. I won't be going back to Avid Studio - great concept, poorly implemented.

I do some web video's for clients and so far Vegas has performed flawlessly.

The slide show function is very easy to use as it the pan/zoom facility. Lots of good additional content like music, title editor, and effects.

I use a CanonVixia H100 and a Nikon D7000 for video and the rendered files are amazing at 1920, 30 frames. Just ask my cat who attacked a YellowLeg shore bird from a wildlife video I¡¦m going. Caught him before he clawed the screen, same thing with a Blue Heron eating a fish. No flicker, no problems with the fades and a score I did with ACID loops sounded great.

The help forum on SonyCreativeSoftware are friendly and lots of knowledgeable folks ready to help you with questions. Also free email support.

If you out grow this software then Sony Vegas Pro looks like it is similar enough to make a seamless transition. I think I should have changed software a while agoº
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on June 13, 2011
So far I love it. I have a slide show that was created in Adobe Element 8. I am use to using that and so I am using that for that part. But when It comes time to add music, etc... I use this. WOW OMG it is freaking fantastic. I am new to video editing so I will have to update this as time goes on.
So far I really like. I have a bit of a problem with the learning curve. But I'm figuring it out as time goes on. I'm not impressed with the tutorial so far.
I am about to burn my first DVD I plan on using architect to do the actual burning. That appears to be the best way but I'm brand new so.
For what its worth I'll keep updating my review.
I am really liking this. I'm finding is to be a whole lot easier to use than I first thought. The trial version did not have a video tutorial as the purchased product. I got it on Amazon as it was cheaper plus I trust their return policy.
I'm even figuring how to edit audio. Before now all I ever edited was still photos in Adobe Photoshop element version 8. I had problems on complex graphics and it would sometimes crash. So far that has not happened with Vegas. I strain the crap out of it with high quality stills and graphics. I didn't want to go through the trouble of downgrading the quality.
Occasionally it will bog down but no crash and considering what media I put in it I can live with that. I probably need more memory.
The last thing I like is that it is Windows 7 64 bit compatible. Better memory usage.
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on August 9, 2011
Sony Vegas has always been easy to use for a video suite. I use two different audio workstations, neither of them Sony, and this works very similarly as far as the interface goes. You can drag stuff around, cut and paste, add tracks, and all that. The big problem is that 64-bit OS is not fully supported yet. I can build a project on my 64-bit machine but I cannot render there. I got the software before I got the new machine. I have to finish the project, then take the entire folder of files to a 32-bit machine to render it into an avi, or mpg, or anything. When I try to render in 64-bit it just locks up around 7 or 8% and quits working. I have even left it for 3 hours to no avail.

Maybe version 12 will do 64-bit but so far you will need a large, portable hard drive to move projects back and forth.
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VINE VOICEon March 16, 2012
Years ago I'd switched over from Vegas Movie Studio to Vegas Pro because I wanted to have more video/audio tracks available, motion titling, and secondary color correction (for the famou "Sin City" effect). Unfortunately Vegas Pro is a daunting program to learn with a lot of features a lot of average home users wouldn't ordinarily use in their video productions like extensive sound remixing controls, special video format support, and multi-camera editing. It also lacks the built in wizards that Movie Studio have to aid a non-professional to the proper workflow for say out putting to DVD or to YouTube. Sony has now added all the things I had switch to Pro for in the Movie Studio Platinum line as well as music, more effects, 3D movie editing, Blue Ray Disk authoring, and even slide show creation. The interface now has more flexibility with the editing Window at the top right of the screen where one more intuitively expects to see the effects ones edits. Vegas Movie Studio is still not a terribly intuitive program to learn, but this version has a quick start tutorial DVD. I think for the advanced amatauer who doesn't have the huge amount of money to clunk down for Sony Vegas Pro or the even more bank account draining Adobe Premier that they couldn't go wrong than to buy this program. Vegas is also gentle on system resources and is less likely to run out of memory or have choppy previews for high definition video editing than other editors I've used.

When compared to Abdobe Premier Elements and Pinnacle Studio, Vegas Movie Studio has much more to offer. I had tried Premier Elements before and disliked many of it's intrusive automation features--I do not want the software to determine whether or not my clip is good enough to use and I loathe it's media organizer. It also requires an expensive annual membership to access all the available filters that come with the program and access to many online tutorials. Pinnacle Studio lacks true multi-track video editing as you are limited to your video track, a title track and one secondary track. Sony Vegas Movie Studio is really a powerful program with something for someone of every level. The Platinum Version too complicated? Start off the the "beginner" version and you can eventually work your way up to the more complex, more full featured version. I will say this, however, if you just want to throw some clips at a program and have it slice it, dice it, apply themes, and random effects this isn't the application for you--if you want those features go with Premier Elements of Pinnacle Studio instead.

The only Cons I have for the Vegas line is that it lacks any type of integrated music generation program and 64 Bit support. Vegas had Cinescore at one time, but due to a lawsuite from Smart Sound had to shelf it and have failed to come up with any alternative royalty free music geneation system. The provided music is essentially loops that can be woven together in a very complicated fashion to create a longer score but is not a viable option for many home users. The lack of any integrated music support is the only things I really don't like and hope they are able to rectify in the future. Of course you can use any music you want for your home productions for yourself and family as long as you don't post it on YouTube or other websites where copyright issues flourish. Royalty free music is available that can be used for the web but is very expensive generally speaking. If you have a copy of Cinescore from a previous version of Vegas it will still work with this version. The only other thing is that it lacks 64 bit support and runs under 32 bit (regardless of your computers OS). Only Vegas Pro currently offeres 64 bit support--but if you went with that you'd have to have the 32 bit version installed to use many of the plug-ins.
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