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on June 10, 2013
RECAP: The series follows Ted, an architect telling his children the story if how he met their mother. Each season shows Ted and his friends experiencing all of the moments and antics that will eventually/hopefully lead to Ted meeting and falling in love with his future wife. In general, it's probably necessary to have watched the previous seasons before jumping in at Season 6, since there are references to the past and previous character development plays a role. This is a well-written and family appropriate show that keeps fans begging for more.

Season 7 kicked off in the fall of 2011 with main characters: Josh Radnor as Ted Mosby, Neil Patrick Harris as Barney Stinson, Cobie Smulders as Robin Scherbatsky, Alyson Hannigan as Lily Aldrin, and Jason Segel as Marshall Eriksen. As the series progresses it is also picking up more and more celebrity cameos [ehem, did you know that the voice of "future Ted" in the precaps is actually Bob Saget?]; Season 7 features guest appearances from Marshall Manesh as Ranjit, Chris Romano as Punchy, Nazanin Boniadi as Nora, Wayne Brady as James Stinson, Frances Conroy as Loretta Stinson, Alexis Denisof as Sandy Rivers, Kal Penn as Kevin, Becki Newton as Quinn Garvey, Chris Elliott as Mickey Aldrin, Vicki Lewis as Dr. Sonya, Martin Short as Garrison Cootes, Bill Fagerbakke as Marvin Eriksen, Cristine Rose as Virginia Mosby, Ray Wise as Robin Scherbatsky, Sr., Suzie Plakson as Judy Eriksen, Ellen D. Williams as Patrice, Ashley Williams as Victoria, Brendan Robinson as Ned, Conan O’Brien as extra, Katie Holmes as Naomi, “Weird Al” Yankovic as himself, and Ernie Hudson as himself.

SEASON 7: Season 6 came to a close with the news that Marshall and Lily are expecting a baby. Ted has broken things off with Zoey, but the return of Victoria this season could mark a change in the way Ted pursues finding the mother of his future children. Robin and Barney seemed to mature (a little) in the previous season, possibly making Season 7 the prime time for them to find lasting love.

Episode 1: “The Best Man”—Marshall and Lily try to conceal the news of their pregnancy as the gang attends Punchy’s wedding in Cleveland. Just when Robin admits her lingering feelings for Barney, he makes another attempt with Nora; we get a glimpse of Barney’s future wedding as well as the idea that he may have had to pick between two eligible brides.

Episode 2: “The Naked Truth”—Barney stays up all night trying to prove to Nora that he’s worth another shot; Ted is torn between two women; Beercules emerges online, threatening Marshall’s potential to be hired with an environmental law firm.

Episode 3: “The Ducky Tie”—Barney moves into the reaping phase of a long-term con against Marshall and Lily; after reuniting with Victoria, Ted begins to reevaluate why he hasn’t been able to make headway in relationships.

Episode 4: “The Stinson Missile Crisis”—Barney decides to focus on his ‘A-story’ with Nora, but has to abort all side-missions. Robin reveals how she ended up in mandatory therapy for an assault charge.

Episode 5: “Field Trip”—A field trip for Ted’s architecture class takes a detour. Marshall begins to think he put his new boss on a pedestal, but refuses complacency; Robin enters a relationship with Kevin.

Episode 6: “Mystery vs. History”—In the age of social media, Ted goes on a new sort of ‘blind’ date. Barney and Robin can’t help but expose the gender of Marshall and Lily’s baby; Kevin comes to terms with the mental state of his new group of friends.

Episode 7: “Noretta”—James, Barney’s brother, pays a visit and shatters the glass on similarities between Nora and Loretta; Kevin evaluates the relationship between Ted and Robin.

Episode 8: “The Slutty Pumpkin Returns”—Ted gets another shot (and closure) at the romance that never was. Lily’s grandparents leave their house in Long Island to the young couple.

Episode 9: “Disaster Averted”—Barney, nervous about meeting Nora’s parents, barters three slaps to Marshall in exchange for retiring the Ducky Tie. Ted tells Kevin the story of how the gang survived Hurricane Irene, and, despite their respective relationships, stirs up old feelings between Barney and Robin.

Episode 10: “Tick Tick Tick”—Ted and Marshall take a trip at a concert. Barney and Robin realize they need to try again, but only one of them follows through.

Episode 11: “The Rebound Girl”—Lily and Marshall decide to move to Long Island, causing Robin to feel alone and confused; Ted and Barney make a rash decision to adopt a baby together.

Episode 12: “Symphony of Illumination”—Marshall falls victim to suburban antics. Robin contemplates her ‘almost pregnant’ situation only to be depressed about knowing she’ll never have that crisis again.

Episode 13: “Tailgate”—Marshall narrates the episode at his dad’s grave, but the audience is greater than expected. Robin gets another shot at live TV; Ted and Barney embark on a business venture which turns Ted’s apartment into a bar.

Episode 14: “46 Minutes”—With Lily and Marshall 46 minutes away, the rest of the gang runs wild… but makes it home just after curfew.

Episode 15: “The Burning Beekeeper”—Lily’s dad has overstayed his welcome, but manages to ruin one last important function.

Episode 16: “The Drunk Train”—Barney and Ted discover that “the drunk train” is a prime spot for picking up desperate women, though Barney ultimately sets his sights a little higher. Robin accepts Kevin’s proposal, but later recants due to her infertility.

Episode 17: “No Pressure”—Now that Ted has bursted the friendship bubble with Robin, Victoria’s warning becomes more clear. Barney uncovers a secret box of bets at Lily and Marshall’s house.

Episode 18: “Karma”—When Robin moves out, Ted is overwhelmed with separation anxiety. Quinn, aka Karma, manages to turn Barney’s tricks around, showing him how it feels to be swindled.

Episode 19: “The Broath”—Barney and Quinn craft an elaborate ploy to offset the gang’s meddling; Robin and Ted struggle to repair their friendship.

Episode 20: “Trilogy Time”—The tri-annual Star Wars marathon leads Marshall, Barney, and Ted to review the progress (or lack of progress) each has made in the past three years; the revelations lead to revolutions, including Barney’s desire to settle down with Quinn.

Episode 21: “Now We’re Even”—Barney wears Ted out with ‘legendary’ outings, but we learn that Barney needs the distraction to keep him from thinking about Quinn; Robin becomes an on-air hero; Lily confesses her dream about Ranjit to Marshall.

Episode 22: “Good Crazy”—Marshall’s stress about the baby causes Lily to trick him into an Atlantic City trip with Barney, who also needs a break from worrying about Quinn. Ted struggles to get over Robin; Lily goes into labor.

Episodes 23-24: “The Magician’s Code”—Ted and Robin are forced to interact at the hospital as an effort to distract Lily from being angry about Marshall’s momentary absence (he’s stuck in Atlantic City with Barney). Barney and Quinn are held up at the airport due to the failure of Barney’s magic trick to pass security; Barney and Quinn end up engaged, but Quinn is not the bride shown in the episode’s ending flash-forward scene. Ted reunites with Victoria, inciting her to ride off into the sunset with Ted instead of getting married.
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I love this show and the simple friendship between the group. The streaming via Amazon's Prime and the Fire TV Stick is smooth and stutter free. I had no trouble streaming via WiFi to my tablet during a long hospital stay with a family member as well - certainly an improvement over the limited choices on television.
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on August 2, 2015
Just keep getting swept along in the journey to meet "The Mother". The quality is always dependent on your internet connection, but nothing wrong with even the SD version of this show. Just lose yourself in the journey and share the laughter and the tears.
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on January 25, 2013
This season is where a lot of the stories left open-ended finally came together and it's clear the writers are starting to tie up some loose ends with regards to the storylines.

First, the Slutty Pumpkin storyline is finally reconciled when Ted meets her, albeit nearly a decade later (played by Katie Holmes). The last five minutes of the episode are awesome, and almost made me a Katie Holmes fan (when she explains their short relationship from her point of view).

Also, Marshall and Lily finally have their baby, a long-awaited moment--and Lily's father finally comes back into the picture. This is further expanded on in season 8, where he finally redeems himself (as much as possible) after not being there during her childhood.

There are a lot of moments in this season that made me cry! The episode "Tailgate" and towards the end of the season, the awkward exchange between Ted and Robin as he finally lets her go ("No Pressure"). Overall, this was an excellent season and viewers see the show start to mature.
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on September 29, 2015
I have been following this show since 2009 and this was by far the worst season. It was not only off topic (how Ted meets his wife), but old repeating concepts of Barney, Ted, Robin and all that. Worst of all, it was not even funny. It is poorly written. The main stars don't even seem to have a real joke except an instance or two per episode where Barney is actually funny. The story line not only digresses to Marshall and Lilly and Kevin and Robin, but it also seems to be missing the whole concept of getting the story together.
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HALL OF FAMEVINE VOICEon October 9, 2012
The seventh season of How I Met Your Mother finds some major changes going on with the five friends. Marshall (Jason Segal) and Lily (Alyson Hannigan) are expecting a baby, Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) enters in a "committed" relationship, Robin (Colbie Smulders) goes to court mandated therapy and then starts to date her therapist (Kal Penn) and only Ted (Josh Radnor) remains essentially the same, still on the hunt for the elusive wife. Season seven is called the duckie tie edition because of a bet between Barney & Lily in which they bet that if Barney can recreate the meal at a Benihana style restaurant Lily will let him see and feel her pregnancy boobs and if not he has to wear a duckie tie of Marshall's for one year. You can guess who wins the bet. The season also features the return of the Slutty Pumpkin with Katie Holmes as Naomi the Halloween girl of Ted's dreams (who doesn't quite live up to the ten year wait in either people's minds) & Ashley Williams as Victoria. The season is still funny, but not up to par with past seasons.
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on March 23, 2015
Great show! This is an instant classic that is great to collect the whole series and watch numerous times over and over!
The cast each has their own personalities and quirks that make them all independently interesting.
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on April 19, 2015
HIMYM delivers another great season. Ted continues the seemingly endless saga of telling his future kids about how he met their mother, but don't expect any major revelations in that regard. Lots of laughs, craziness and strange traditions keep things fun. True fans of the series will not be disappointed.
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on February 18, 2016
I was slightly disappointed with Season 7. As being an avid fan of this series (I own all of the seasons), I was very excited to see how it all ended and how Ted met their mother. However, the season seemed very slow and drawn out in the beginning (the wedding that eventually ends in a divorce goes on for half of the season) and then everything wraps up in two episodes; there's a meet cute, a snapshot of a happy life, a sad death, and a final reunion (oh & don't forget a random baby momma). I wasn't upset just because their was a major death, I was upset with the abruptness of a beauty story. They pushed it a season too long.
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on April 24, 2014
I love the characters in this show. The earlier seasons were better but I followed through until the end because it's easy to fall in love with each and every one of these guys throughout the show. It's very realistic and equatable to live with a bit of humor thrown in. I'll always be a fan.
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