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237 of 247 people found the following review helpful
on October 19, 2011
Ok, I admit, deep down I was kind of excited about this expansion pack coming out. I love The Sims but lately I have refused to dish out any more money to them until EA started to make some quality content. To-date, I still don't own "Generations." I mean, come on, a mid-life crisis ep?! Their entire creative team banged their heads on their desks and that's what came out?! I play The Sims to escape real life not recreate it!

After much trepidation, I'm pleased to inform you that "Pets" definitely did not disappoint. I've been playing it for about six hours straight and this expansion has managed to rekindle my passion for Sims. It's refreshing and puts a completely new spin on how you can play the game.

What really makes this particular version of pets stand out from the others is your ability to control the animals. Finally! I know in Sims 2 there was a cheat but you could never cancel actions, only queue them up. This led to annoying little situations where your sim couldn't possible step OVER the sleeping cat to get into the shower. But this is no longer an issue. You are in complete control of your pets and, even better, the pets are almost completely self-sustaining if you turn on free will. So you get all of the pros and very few of the cons found in previous pets expansions.

The dogs and cats are very similar to that found in Sims 2. They're cute, they're fun. Aside from the fact that you can tell the dog to NOT destroy the furniture, there's not much to report. Which brings us to the horses. At long last, EA has heard our pleas! The horses are fantastic and really make the game feel "different." I really appreciated the fact that you can see the sim mounting and dismounting. A nice touch compared to the way they just suddenly appear in cars. The horses are a form of transportation so you can pretty much toodle around the entire town on one and never get a car.

There is a new town in this ep. I found Appaloosa Plains to be rather charming. It very much feels like a laid back country town. It has a dive bar to hang out along with all of the buildings from "Ambitions." Many of the houses are sprawling ranches instead of suburbia feeling.

I highly recommend Pets. It's definitely one of the best expansions so far for the Sims 3. It actually feels like EA put effort into making it. Like it's really something new rather than just a glorified stuff pack. Shocking, I know.
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59 of 65 people found the following review helpful
on October 18, 2011
I've been waiting for Sims 3 pets since I first heard about it and I must say, it was worth the wait! I had trouble with the code (EA gave me the wrong code) but other than that, no problems so far. The detail in the pets is amazing, and there are so many more interactions you can do with your pet than you could have had in Sims 2. Sims 3 Pets is worth the money because you get so much with this expansion. A new town is included, as well as new furniture, clothes, hairstyles, patterns, and there's an Ice Cream truck that rides around the city! You won't get bored of this game anytime soon, that's for sure.
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87 of 100 people found the following review helpful
on October 19, 2011
Well, if you're a fan of previous 'Pet Expansion Packs' then this is something you'll definitely like. Instead of going through what I do like (since I know most people here have already done that), I'll tell you the things I don't like.

1) Warnings --> You get 1 warning if your pet is getting neglected. After that they take ALL of your pets away. Getting caught up in the story of your sim or having a baby like I did made me not socialize with my cat as much. In the end all 5 of my animals were taken away because my cat got too needy to socialize (see #3). That's a big turn off. Then when I try and adopt my pets back they say that I can't adopt for a while. So all of my animals get adopted by others and I can't see them anymore.

2) Buying Objects --> Buying your pet objects is located where the baby section is. However, it doesn't have ALL of the pet supplies in it. So I had to filter and scroll and scroll and scroll to just find a ball for my dog and horse. Why wouldn't that be where all the pet stuff is? Why is this stuff hidden? It's a inconvenience.

3) Socialize Moodlet --> This moodlet is the one I find the most annoying. I feel like I have to talk to them forever for it to increase. And for a family with a great number of pets it gets annoying. You have to go from one to the other and when you finally finish the first pet needs to be talked to again. It leaves no time for 'sim' time.

That's about it. I think it's a well done game overall. It's a lot harder the more pets/sims you have. So I suggest starting out slow would be the best.
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32 of 35 people found the following review helpful
on October 24, 2011
Praises for Pets! Compared to the previous four Sims 3 expansion packs, this one is a 5-Star winner! I had no troubles with the install once I removed my mod files. Afterwards, I returned all mods but the one needing an update and had no problems with the game. (Remember to apply the DEP fix for Window 7.)

I want to rave about the in-game animations. The graphic artists at EA paid close attention to details and captured tons of lifelike movements of our furry friends. Dogs and cats frisk and pounce, eat, sleep, hunt, beg, scratch, roll over and play dead, just like living dogs and cats. I don't have a pet anymore and sorely miss her but watching the little sim cats and dogs play on my monitor brings me both pleasure and melancholic delight. If you don't appreciate the artistry that went into animating these little sims animals then you have missed the joy of Sims 3 Pets.

Want a custom pet? Enter Create A Sim for Pets. Peruse the prebuilt breeds. There are dozens of them. Or build your own mutt or stray cat (or horse). CAS for the animals has lots of "sliders" and customizations, perhaps even more than CAS for sim people. After getting the hang of the advanced options, I created the perfect Schnauzer and Siberian Husky. My cat is a Manx-Scottish Fold with cheetah-like markings. Assign your pets their own personality traits and unleash them into a new household.

High free-will sims will care for their pets. Don't need to worry about filling the food dish or getting the animals' attention. My household of four handles their cat and two dogs easily.

I was bored with Sims 3 and all the expansion packs until now. I watch the pets more than the household sims. I'm having a blast and appreciating all the hard, hard work EA artists and programmers put into this game. I highly recommend Sims 3 Pets over all the other expansion packs. Now if EA would just come out with a fabulous Seasons. Diehard sims fans can only hope.
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11 of 11 people found the following review helpful
VINE VOICEon November 26, 2011
I've played the Sims since they first came out and I've enjoyed most of the expansions with the exceptions of a few (especially Bon Voyage which had bugs galore). For me so far this is the best expansion. The horses are the best! I love being able to make any kind of horse with all the custom possibilities of body shapes, sizes and colors. I agree with the reviewer who said the horses alone make this one worthwhile. The cats are especially realistic in the way they play and scratch. I was able to make a cat that had the exact personality of one of my real pets.

Also, it seems to me that the pets in this one, as opposed to Sims 2 pets have greater free will. It was annoying in Sims 2 Pets having to make your pets do the simplest things. I also love that we can have more control over the animals actions in the skill department. It's so much nicer being able to make your horses train on the jumps and racing by themselves, so your sim can actually have a life as well. The other pets can hunt and train too with your order.

Also, I love that you now can be a self-employed sim which earns promotions ie a Horsewoman/Horseman. That is so much more enjoyable than going to out to work everyday. Heck, I do that enough in my life, I don't want to play it!

I bought this expansion along with Generations and I've been playing the features of this one 99% of the time. Though Generations does add alot of neat things for families.

The only bummer to me is that as in the other buildings you cannot see your horse actually competing in the competitions. That would've been great, though it would've probably taken a whole lot more memory. Additionally, my first family had 2 pets die fairly quickly (before I changed to Epic lifespans & had life rewards). It seems like my sim family went a bit insane after the pets died, I could never get their needs meters to stay up for very long and that was annoying, so I ended up making a whole new family. I'm not one who likes my sims or their pets to die, so if you're the same be sure to change the game settings, cause they seemed to age so fast.

Overall, this is a fun game and hasn't bored me as fast as my other Sims games. I'm hoping with the success of the horses, EA will come out with a farmer Sim game which combines these pets and other pets like cows, sheep, pigs, etc, with some of the features like Seasons. I've been wishing for that for quite awhile. If you enjoyed Sims 2 Pets you will probably love this one!
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40 of 49 people found the following review helpful
on October 19, 2011
I've been waiting for this a long time. I have waited for EA to finally make something worth while, not some boring stuff packs. Look at what they made for sims 2? You'd think they'd remake all those expansions for sims 3. I really enjoyed university, I don't understand why they didn't incorperate that into generations. Aside from all that, I believe this expansion was made with some thought. I love how the pets actually act like pets! They dream, they run around, they roll over, and the interactions that the sims have with them is great. I think it's a little stupid not to have them for sale in a "shop" like sims 2. And I think it's a little unrealistic to not have a pet shop other than the one you get with limited edition. Adopt a pet is a neat idea. I love the horses, I believe EA put a lot of thought into the horses. To be honest, it almost seems like the game should be about horses instead of "pets". They center around the horses alot. Where are the shows that you can do for dogs or cats? Where are those things? I believe there was still alot more they could have done for the pets instead of just putting it out like they did. I'm a dog person myself, training and showing a dog is all part of it.

The new town is nice, but I feel that they could have put more suburbs into the town, around the middle. I know it's supposed to be "country" but you can do that out around the area. I'm tried of playing lands where there is mostly land and not enough houses. Yes, I have made my own lands.

All in all, what I feel is missing:

More houses. I'd like to see a land where all the expansions are combined so I don't have to build my own.
Dogs need competitions, horses have them why not?
Another store dedicated to pets besides the one you HAVE to get if you get limited edition. If I had no gotten limited edition, I'd have been MORE upset.
Have a petstore where you can buy breeds instead of "mixed". The idea of the adoption is nice... but it leaves little to actually getting a specific pet like in sims 2.

With how old the sims has become, I expect something more to come out of their expansions. We pay lots of money for them to come up with "stuff" and half way done "expansion" packs. And I bought an expansion that I feel is not complete, there for I give it 3 stars.
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9 of 9 people found the following review helpful
on December 18, 2011
I was so excited to play this game because all the other Sims games have been great. Unfortunately, this game has soooo many problems if you try to play it on a mac! Like everyone else has said, it freezes every half hour or less, is very slow, and you can't do anything involving horses on the game. I thought there would be a patch out to fix it by now since this has been a known problem since the game came out. I called EA technical support the first time and waited half hour on hold and when i finally got someone on the line they told me to uninstall and then reinstall it which doesn't work. Then they put me on hold again, and of course I got disconnected. I have no currently been on hold for an hour and twenty minutes, and I'm about to give up and just return the game. I can't believe how dissapointing this game and EA's customer service is. DO NOT BUY THIS GAME IF YOU HAVE A MAC COMPUTER!!!!
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14 of 16 people found the following review helpful
on November 7, 2011
Pro: the pets in Sims 3 Pets expansion pack are adorable. They move and interact like the real thing. I love them. I commend the developers, because they had to redesign the game from top to bottom to allow the pet interactions. Bravo.

Cons: the way the game installs custom content (features and enhancements made by other gamers, available for download into the game from the EA official Sims 3 site, plus several other sites) has changed completely. This change basically renders your current cc unusable until a fix is applied. I have a lot of cc, because (at least until this EP) it is one of the things that makes Sims 3 fun and exciting to play. If you play Sims, you know what I mean. The developers are working to create fixes for the custom stuff, including a mass conversion put out by TSR, the leading clearinghouse website for custom content.

Unfortunately, since I play on a Mac, my options to apply fixes are fewer than PC users have. That brings up a whole other problem - although EA makes games that are supposedly for PC and Mac, they offer little to no technical support to Mac users. But that's a different issue. Don't even get me started on that.

The game lags and crashes with alarming regularity. This didn't start with Pets. I clear my caches, and remove the cc, but still the game lags. I'm not running it on a clunker, either. I play on a 17" MacBook Pro with i7 processor. I shouldn't have to worry much about crashes.

I wish I could give Sims 3 Pets more stars, because the animals are truly precious, and I love playing Sims 3 overall. However, the glitches and lack of Mac tech support from EA make it a challenge to play the game at times. I'm still working on updating my custom content, and thinking about just scrapping the game and reinstalling. That will take hours, and - as any Simmer knows - may not even fix the problems.

Still, I recommend the game...just be prepared for some weirdness.
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23 of 28 people found the following review helpful
on December 21, 2011
I love Sims and I've been playing it since the first games, but this is the first Sims game that I've preordered. Sims 2 was always extremely buggy for me, but Sims 3 actually worked better on my computer... until Pets.

As usual, only play Sims if you don't mind long load times. I actually rather like the excessively long loading screens because then I get some reading done or do some pilates or whatever, and I become surprisingly productive. Obviously, this isn't for everyone because not everyone is that weird.

The pets themselves look great. I love that the horses have an "exercise" status bar and the dogs have a "destructive" status bar (I haven't made a cat yet). It's funny and accurate.

Unfortunately, that's about as far as I got. Initially, the game was completely unplayable because it would crash every time I started it and on the rare occasions it didn't, the graphics for the pets would get creepily wonky and my Sims would be unable to interact with the pets. I didn't even play the game until EA came out with another patch this month, and then I thought everything was fixed. It loaded and didn't crash nearly as much and the graphics were stable. I seemed to be able to have my Sims interact with my pets.

Then I couldn't save my game. I kept getting "error code 12." I looked up a fix online that required going into "Command Prompt" and allowing the Sims 3 to use more RAM. This fixed the save issue. I'm not sure if this was responsible for what happened next or if it was unrelated, but after that I could play normally for a little while, and then my Sims couldn't interact with my pets again. Sometimes they would try to interact on their own, but it either might not happen or they would stand next to each other forever and not do anything. I looked up more fixes online. I deleted my caches, deleted my mods, turned off custom content... No dice. The next step would be to start from scratch, but I already spent 3 days building a town (more due to loading issues, save issues, and crashing than to actual work involved) and I am loathe to toss that out the window because EA can't build a game that works.

This would be such a wonderful game if EA would have released it WITHOUT tons of bugs that make it impossible to even play the game. I've spent more money than I care to think about on this series and spent hours just trying to make it so that I could play the thing. This is ridiculous. After spending good money on a brand new game, no one should have to spend hours and days trying to fix it. That's not my job. That's EA's job and they're not doing it.
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9 of 10 people found the following review helpful
on December 15, 2011
I've bought all of the other Sims games, and they have worked just fine. I install this one, and all of a sudden everything freezes, and the game is crashing. I was hoping the new patch would fix it, but now it's acting worse! I tried contacting EA games support, and they haven't responded. My problem is not unique, there are tons of other people out there who have the same problem... and so far there isn't a solution :(
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