Customer Reviews: Envion Therapure TPP240 Permanent HEPA Type Air Purifier
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TOP 500 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon January 24, 2013
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Lemmie say, I have a lot of experience with air purifiers. I have respiratory issues, and literally have 3 -- er... now 4 -- different ones going right now; Hoover Air Purifier with TiO2 Technology - WH10600,Oreck AirInstinct HEPA Large Room Air Purifier and the Rabbit Air BioGS which no longer seems to be available on Amazon. I'm not surprised, because the Rabbit Air was the least refined of the lot and most expensive in filter replacements. So now I add Therapure to my Boy in the Plastic Bubble lineup. Ok, its not really like that Travolta movie, it just seems that way with all the HEPA filtration we got going on!

Therapure - The New Kid on the Block ...and it Shows

This air purifier has promise. But its also shot itself in the foot in a lot of instances. Here's why:

Arbitration Agreement - Really?!?

The first thing I notice upon opening the box, is a green leaflet with legal jargon on it, telling me if I decide to keep this unit past 30 days, then I've entered into a binding contract assuring that I won't participate in any class action lawsuits or litigation. Really? Am I a customer or your future ex-husband? I shouldn't have to agree to a pre-nup just to use your product. Big turnoff and silly beyond belief.

Timer Function

Not sure where this one's coming from. Set a timer to have the air purifier turn on anywhere from 1-24 hours in the future. Again... Really?! As if I'm planning on expecting pollutants in the air at a specific time? Life doesn't work that way, and timers on HEPA filters suggest a blatant misunderstanding of how pollutants and allergens work. This filter needs a SENSOR not a timer.

No Sensor

Any air purifier worth its salt has a sensor on it that increases efficiency and flow based on the ever changing environment in which it exists. Big flaw IMO.

No Auto Feature

This purifier has 3 fan settings. That's it. Since it has no sensor, there's no way for it to make its own adjustments, so you have to decide up front how polluted your environment is. In one respect, it makes logical sense to put this on High and leave it there, so it continually cleans the air with maximum efficiency. However, there are certainly times when one needs varying degrees of filtration. It's not a question of electricity, but rather how much continual air flow you want in the room. An auto feature is just essential in my opinion. If not, then just put this thing on High and forget about it. Because running it on lower speeds is the same as buying a less expensive purifier with less capacity. Make no mistake, unless you're in a plastic bubble, there's always something in the air that needs to be filtered. So for me, it's High, Auto, or what's the point?

Not Bedroom Friendly

... at least not without duct tape. There's far too many glowing lights for this to be usable in a sleep environment. This is literally brighter than a nightlight, and definitely glares in a darkened room. And there's no way to turn any of that glowing annoyance off. It was the same problem with my Rabbit Air, and like that one, all these nifty little lights are utterly useless if you have to cover them up and tape them off, just to go to sleep. You either have to constantly remove that stuff and put it back on at night, or ruin the entire look by permanently leaving it on. And at that point, why bother with any of the lights in the first place? This one is better suited for a den or living room, or possibly a bedroom, if you don't mind bright lights or use a sleep mask.

Now For The Good Parts:

> Permanent Filter - Just pop off the back vent and vacuum it clean. Do NOT Wash it! If it does get damaged, or stained over time, replacements are inexpensive.

> UV Bulb - Disinfects and cleans the air. This is a proven technique used by hospitals and is highly efficient, and by far, the best feature of this purifier. Replacement bulbs are also inexpensive, so Bonus points on that one.

> Sleek Design - Looks chic and cool, and I actually like the illumination, just not for the bedroom.

> Nice Controls - Everything is nicely laid out and easy to read on the top of the unit. Just plug it in, and turn it on, and you're good to go. However, it remembers none of your settings. So if you turn it off and back on, or have a power failure, you have to remember to turn the UV light and ionizer separately. Other purifiers remember your settings.

> Included Ionizer - Helps clean the air more efficiently, but does cause particles and dust to accumulate near the unit. But keep in mind, if not for this purifier, that crud would be in the air you're breathing, so it's just doing it's job by attracting it to the purifier.

Bottom Line -- Compared to the rest, this air purifier is just ok. It does a perfectly good job of air filtration, it's just lacking in refinement. Remember, I'm a veritable boy in the plastic bubble, living in an atmospheric controlled environment. I know a thing or two about air filtration. This Therapure shows promise, but is in no way ready to compete with the real contenders out there. And the Arbitration Agreement is just plain baffling. Trust your customers at least as much as you expect them/us to trust your product.
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VINE VOICEon January 27, 2013
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The Therapure TPP240 Air Purifier comes with a few nice features which serve well for those who want cleaner air and ease of maintenance.

What I like about this product :

- Permanent HEPA air filter with ease of maintenance. The HEPA filter can be cleaned by using a vacuum cleaner. The unit also comes with an indicator light to signal when the filter needs to be cleaned.
- UV light for eliminating airborne gems. The UV lamp is replaceable with a bulb life of 18 months of continuous use.
- ION generator for cleaning the air of dust, molds, bateria, soot, pollen and household odors.
- quiet operation at low fan speed.
- adjustable fan speed and timer (in one-hour increments for upto 24 hours).
- energy efficient. It consumes about 55W of power at the high fan speed

What could be better for this product :

- lack of remote control
- the fan is pretty loud at the highest speed setting
- the fan unit does not have an automatic oscillating feature
- the LEDs are very bright which would not be ideal for sleeping time

Overall, I would recommend this product for those who want a well-round air purifier with ease of maintanence.

P.S. I have also included a picture of the control panel on the product image page
review image
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on April 25, 2013
This is just what I was looking for. A room air filter that doesn't require replaceable filters. I don't have serious allergy problems
so I can't speak for people that need a super high efficient purifier. Just something to pull ambient dust and pollen out of the air. Its light enough to be lifted to different locations as needed. It can be set to run constantly or to shut off after a specified number of hours. It has 3 speeds and makes the sound of air blowing through a vent (duh!). On low its quiet, on high its louder. Just out of the box it has the strong smell of new plastic (not ozone). This disappears after a couple of days. The only negative so far is the lights on the control panel. If you appreciate a darkened room, they have the effect of a mega night light. And when you opt to turn on the UV function, it lights up like a UFO from "close encounters". This is easily remedied by placing a small dark cloth on top of the unit which blocks the lights. I'll have a better idea of the filter's effectiveness when pollen season goes into full bloom.

two observations since I have used it awhile.
1. the clean filter warning light seems to work off some elapsed usage
formula. I cleaned it without a warning alert and few days later
the warning light came on. The next time I cleaned it, after waiting
until the light came on, I didn't notice any significant dust on
the filter.

2. the filter cover can be difficult to open. There is an inadequate
grip allowed to overcome the latch at the top. I had to carefully apply
leverage with a screw driver (though not every time).
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on October 17, 2013
I used to suffer with sinus infections at least twice per year and since my husband bought this wonderful item from Costco, I have not suffered with sinus for over 2 years. I have recommended this wonderful product to several of my family members. I'll give it a 5 star because of what it has done for me and my husband.
The thing that I love more with this product is, you do not have to buy or change filters. It has a built-in filter and when it gets full you just need to use your vacuum and clean the filter. You save money with this product.
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on April 15, 2014
We have had this a few months and the unit has developed a "squeal" that is very unsettling. Now to see if it can be returned (Nope - returns only good for 30days - what a shame for me - stuck with an worthless noisy machine). In addition to the squeal, I am not noticing how it is effectively cleaning the air. My old Ionic cleaner used to clean up cooking odors quickly, this unit does not seem to do anything. So disappointed.
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on June 24, 2014
So, First Therapure product was the smaller one from walmart - failed after 13 months.

Well, I'm a nice guy, i'll give them another shot, so I buy the 240 from Bed Bath and Beyond. I get it home and i'm really amazed, great airflow, so quiet, awesome, my only concern was it lit up the bedroom like 4th of July.

WELLLLL my amazement was short lived, and went to "holy cow, the bearing failed this fast?" And sure enough, the unmistakable grinding of metal on metal on metal from failed bearings (the new replacement unit BBB sent me confirmed this).

So, I get my new united, excited, box up the old one, turn it on, and about ever 15 seconds there is a CLICK, similar to a relay or a servo. SO, needless to say, I called BBB and i'm getting rid of this thing asap.

Please stay away from these unites, in all honesty I have given this company 3 chances, and all of which were complete failures.
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on September 22, 2013
The air purifier worked as expected from prior reviews.
It took about 10 days, but then the improvement in air quality was noticeable.
I leave it running on low continuously, and it continues to keep the room smelling good (that is, not smelling bad.
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on August 3, 2015
Worked for about a month then began to rattle incessantly, even on the lowest setting. Settings 2 and 3 will literally cause it to shake so violently it almost falls over. So very loud and obnoxious.

When trying to get it corrected, Envion customer service was terrible! I had to double check that I called the right number because the agent was so unprofessional on the phone. I had originally tried to use their customer service email, but was told they couldn't assist me, then I was told over the phone that they only correspond via fax and couldn't accept documents (like proof of purchase) via email. Unreal. What a terrible waste of money, I'm so furious.
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on September 30, 2013
I am not expert on Air Purifiers but, this seems to do the job, I have cleaned the filter a few times and there's a good layer of dust on there. It's hard for me to measure if it works but, I haven't had a major allergy hit for a while now so it must be doing something.
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on July 26, 2013
5/30/14 - I'm now giving it 5 stars again. I was able to return the first one (defective)to Price Smart and I got another one. It has worked perfectly. The red "clean filter" light has come on once, and I took the filter outside and cleaned it with canned air. I found that works better than trying to vacuum it. (But forget Therapure's customer service if you ever need it.)

See below for my original review. At first I gave it 5 stars; now I'm changing it to one star because of their horrible customer service, obviously outsourced to some obscure country. After about 6 weeks, the "clean filter" light came on. On 9/9/13 I sent them the following email:

I live in Panama and bought a Thera-pure TPP240 air purifier in July. I use it in my bedroom at night but not during the day. So far I've been really pleased with the unit. But just this morning the "clean filter" light was on. I thoroughly cleaned the filter (but it didn't even look dirty) and replaced it and the inlet grill. Now after holding the power and timer button for 3 seconds as directed, the "clean filter" light is still illuminated. Suggestions, please. Thank you.

After two days they had not responded to my email, so I called "customer service." The young woman didn't have a clue as far as suggestions, except to send it back to them for a replacement - but I'd have to pay shipping, etc. I explained that I live in Panama and shipping costs would be prohibitive. "It's company policy," she said. ("Company policy" is a catch phrase for companies that don't want to give you any service.)

Then on 9/13, three days after I emailed, I received the following email:

"We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused and we will be glad to assist you. In regards to your concern, we would like to inform you that please call at our customer service number mentioned below for trouble shooting steps. In case the issue persists then the best resolution would be to replace the unit as per the warranty replacement procedure.

"The warranty replacement request should be processed with our customer service representatives and you will only be charge for the shipping and processing fee."
Well, the person at the "customer service number" did not give me any "trouble shooting steps." The email does say in order to replace it, I'd be charged the shipping plus a "processing fee" (amount not specified).

Fortunately I had bought this at Price Smart (Costco), had kept my receipt, and was able to return it for a refund. I'd advise anyone who buys one of these to make sure they can return it without paying shipping and a "processing fee." I did like the unit, and if the customer service (a euphemism) person had actually given me any trouble shooting tips, I might have continued to like it.

Here's my original review:

I live in the country of Panama and about two weeks ago I bought one at a local PriceSmart (Costco) for around $110, less than the price advertised on Amazon...but with 7% sales tax here, about the same price. I have a lot of dogs, 10 of which sleep inside at night and several of those sleep in my bedroom - and at least two on my bed - so therefore there's a lot of dog dander in my house. For a long time I had had continuous throat congestion - I had to keep clearing my throat but it never did any good.

A few months ago I paid $700-plus to a local person in Panama who imports and sells Air Oasis machines. I bought the Air Oasis 3000XGS (supposedly the most potent one) and a smaller one to use for my home office. Neither of them accomplished anything except that the big one emitted a "pleasant" smell from near it. But still no help with my throat congestion. My opinion is that the Air Oasis machines are a huge waste of money.

But since I've bought and started using the TheraPure TPP240, I don't have those problems. I have it in my very large bedroom (about 20x20) and run it only at night on high speed and I love the white noise it creates. With so many dogs sleeping in my bedroom - scratching, whining from bad dreams, etc., I had to wear ear plugs in order to get a good sleep. Now I don't.

Other reviewers have complained about the blue light emitted at night but I don't have a problem with that either. I don't have blackout drapes and I have a dusk-to-dawn security light outside my bedroom so my bedroom was never totally dark even before using the TPP240. I like to have a completely dark sleep environment, so I wear a sleep mask when I'm ready to doze off. Having some light in my bedroom is actually a benefit...when I need to get up to pee or when I need to let my dogs out during the night, I can remove my sleep mask and have enough light to move around safely.

The ONLY complaint I have about the TPP240 is that is doesn't have an auto-restart after a power failure. Here in Panama - and especially at night - we may have numerous power failures. Even if that power failure lasts for only a couple of seconds, the TheraPure does not restart. I always wake up when the "white noise" stops. I also run a dehumidifier in my house which does restart after a power failure. I do wish the manufacturers of the TheraPure would include that feature. Regardless, I LOVE wonderful this TheraPure air purifier!
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