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Jabra SPORT Bluetooth Stereo Headset - Black/Yellow
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437 of 454 people found the following review helpful
TOP 500 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon October 31, 2011
Package Type: Standard PackagingVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I've been switching back and forth between Plantronics BackBeat and Motorola S9 for a couple years now. But lately, I find that my BackBeats don't fit as well as they used to, so I've been reaching for my S9 more and more. Only problem is, I'm really not all that fond of the wraparound band on the S9 since it makes it impossible to rest your head back and listen to music. Also, that band often hits the back of my wheelchair headrest and often pops off my head. So it's been on my mind that I may be in the market for a new stereo headset.

Enter Jabra Sport

The first thing I noticed about these headphones is the wire connecting the left and right earbuds -- it's very pliable and flexible. By contrast, the wire on my BackBeats is much thicker and stiffer, and does not bend as freely as the wire on this Jabra. The wire on this Jabra Sport is thin, pliable and much more comfortable to wear, be it during activity, or kicking back just to enjoy some tunes.

Easier Controls

Another plus for these Jabras over the BackBeats and S9, is that all the controls are located on the right earbud only. This is a huge improvement. To this day, I still find myself fumbling to remember which ear does what with my other 2 headsets; is left for volume and right for track skip? Or is it the other way around? It gets especially confusing the more I switch between the BackBeats and the S9. But thanks to the streamlined button layout on the Jabra Sport, that won't be an issue.

No Huge Glowing LEDs -- Yay!

It's a pet peeve of mine -- I hate huge glowing LEDs that scream "look at me, I'm wearing a bluetooth headset!" Thankfully, Jabra had the smarts to just put a small, understated LED on this one; about the size of a pinhole, which is plenty big for a glowing LED. I know this may not be a big plus to most people, but it is to me.

Sound Quality

These sound really great to me; on par with my BackBeats and S9. In fact, these Jabras seem a bit richer in sound. They go pretty loud, but I always find myself wishing all my headsets could go 2 or 3 decibels louder than they do. Either I'm going deaf, or I just like my music loud. But that seems to be an issue across the board for all the headsets I've tried, so I often boost my MP3s manually a few notches to hit the volume I like.

Good Fit

I did have to play around with the 3 different sized ear gels to get the fit I want, but it didn't take long and these Jabras actually fit me best over my other 2 headsets.

Short Charging Cord

This seems to be a Jabra thing, because I have a regular bluetooth headset of theirs too just for calls, and the cord on that charger is literally 3 inches! They've upped the ante on this one and given us a whopping 7 or 8 inches of cord, but still much too short. Not sure why they're doing this, but it's definitely a running theme with Jabra. The good news is, these use a standard micro USB charger, so I'll be using one of my better, long corded chargers with these.

Built In FM Radio

I don't listen to the radio much anymore, but I really thought this was a neat feature and like knowing it's there. Just don't expect tuning to be very easy because there's no display or preset channels. But it's still a nice touch.

Simple Paring -- 30 seconds tops

Great User Manual -- brief and to the point, with an excellent layout that enables you to read descriptions and turn pages while still having a numbered diagram of the headset visible. Perfect!

Bluetooth Signal

I'm convinced that environmental variables, and device capability play a huge factor in different user's experiences with bluetooth connection; some cell phones are better than others, and some environments more problematic than others. For me, the bluetooth connection on these Jabras is on par with all my other headsets. Yes, I get the occasional dropout, but no better or worse than any other headset I own. IMO, there's nothing more reliable, or rock-solid, than an actual wired connection, no matter if it's bluetooth headsets, wireless speakers, wireless HDMI, or cordless phones; just my opinion.

Terrible Packaging -- be prepared to burn some calories just getting this headset unboxed! Terrible! Definitely NOT frustration free.

Call quality -- is decent; no better or worse than any of my other headsets.

Connect to 2 Devices at the same time -- huge bonus! Mine is paired to my cell phone and my Toshiba Thrive tablet. Yay!

Bottom Line -- I really like this Jabra Sport and fully expect to use them as my new go-to headset over my BackBeats and S9. But I gotta dock 1 star for the terrible packaging and the ridiculously short charging cord; yes, it's that inconvenient. Otherwise, these are pretty great and I like the look and feel.
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125 of 138 people found the following review helpful
on September 19, 2011
So far, I am enjoying these. I primarily use them to listen to music when I go out for a run and at night in bed when watching Netflix on my iPad. Once I purchased a cheap arm band to hold my phone, the issue of music cutting out while running went away.

The sound quality is surprisingly good - I went in with fairly low expectations, but I must say, I'm very impressed. The bass is respectable and I've listened to music, movies, and even audio books without any issues.

These come with two sets of interchangeable silicon ear bud tips and once I found the right set, everything fit perfectly. I have relatively large ears and they are still comfortable. I was hoping to use these as a headset for Skype calling on my iPad and iMac, but they didn't play nice with my iMac and the Skype app on the iPad currently doesn't support Bluetooth. This really isn't Jabra's fault, but that's really my only complaint.

* Works great indoors - even when in another room
* Easily connected to my iMac, Palm Pre, and iPad
* Good call quality when used as a phone headset

* Cuts out when running outside (this can be remedied by using an arm band - I'm tall, so it would cut out when my phone was in my pocket)
* Very choppy when connected to my iMac for Skype calling - this is most likely an issue with my computer as apparently iMacs don't play nice with bluetooth headsets on Skype
* Could use additional warning for when the battery is low - I had about 15 minutes from the first warning before it died.
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166 of 191 people found the following review helpful
on September 16, 2011
Just got these a couple of days ago.

Fit - Fit is fine on the ears, with the caveat that the yellow flat rubber cable holding them together tugs on your neck when you sweat, so moving your head dislodges the earpiece right out of your ear. Not good.

Bluetooth - Works great indoors. When going outdoors, the only way to get them to work is by wearing an armband for your phone/ipod.
I have an iPhone 3GS, and the first couple of runs I had to hold it in my hand or else they would not work. Once I got the armband all is good, but I don't like armbands that much. It restricts movement at the gym and makes you look like a tool.
Also, while I had to pair them once initially, now that I just finished charging them the second time, it wants to pair every time I turn them on. It's 2011 people, not 2001 anymore...

Battery - Nowhere near the advertised four hours. I used it for two three-mile runs and a four-miler today, and it died on me half way through. So basically two hours is the realistic limit (used them for a 30 min workout before my run this morning).

So, as much as I wanted to like these, they will be going back. Hopefully there will be a redesign soon and beef up the BT signal to make them a five-star product.
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on September 11, 2011
As the title implies, I own all of these headsets. I wanted something primarily for bluetooth music streaming for various situations like excercising, simple morning walks, streaming while at my kids afterschool activities, etc...

I had the moto s9 non hd years ago but didnt get much use, it was flawed in a lot of ways so I moved on to the s10hd a few months back, it was a definite improvement but i wanted more thus began the collection. The Jabra Sport bluetooth is something I really desired, it answered alot of my wishes from the spec sheet, i pursued finiding it in stock asap, what a collasal letdown it was though.

I'll go by categories, first being the Fit.
I felt the Jabra won fairly easily here. The s10-HD are bulky in the back, not the easiest or quickest to put on right and frankly hurt my ear canals after a bit of use. I experimented with the different ear piece fits and settled on one that gave me the best sound but in turn, it did hurt after a bit. I also wear glasses and out of the three this was the one that I had to fiddle with to put it on over my glasses. I also hated how bending my neck even slightly back would cause my back to hit up against the massise back battery houseing.
The Jaybirds ended up fitting pretty good, again it took a bit of trial and error to get the right ear peice fits but I did end up settling on something that was fairly easy to put on but gave a secure fit. I'm not a fan of the over the ear fits so on a 'being partial to something' level, it was my favorite style of fit. it's one major drawback is however once you sweat and turn your head, the back wire grabs on your neck which is annoying in itself but even more, it tugs on the earpieces. Depending on the earpieces you pick, i could see this tugging them out. Jaybird has since released a new type of fitting set along with now, over the ear add on clips that were available on their website. I ended up with a newer version of the set and box that included all these new fittings in it. Mine never tugged out on the treadmill, but it did get increasingly more of a nuisance. the back wire is longer then the one on the jabra and comes with a shortening clip, adjusting it to various lengths never brought any relief with this issue.
Even though not a fan over the over the ear fit on the jabra and s10, the jabra's fit like a dream i must admit. They are the easiest to put on, the ear piece offerings are on the paltry side but i did find a good fit amongst them. This also has the tugging/sweating issue of the jaybirds but with the over the ear fit, it felt much more stable and the tugging wasn't as noticeable to the level of the jaybirds.

I felt the jaybirds won this one easily, they are more of a in-ear fit where as the others aren't quite there. the s10's i guess can be somewhat in-ear but they are so massive so you don't get that seal you get with the jaybirds while the jabra's have no in ear fit option. The in ear fit and sealing makes all the difference, they also get louder then the other two, again probably due to the in ear factor. between the s10 and jabra it could be a virtual tossup i guess, I would probably put the s10's marginally ahead of the jabras mainly because it's ear pieces can create a partial seal. the jaybirds had a fuller, richer sound. I have read somewhere that early revisions on these sets may have had lesser quality sound, never confirmed that. Mine were new and great.

The jabras have multipoint and fm radio allthough the fm radio experience was garbage for me. I live in scottsdale, arizona and from in my house, i could tune two hispanic radio stations. Not hispanic, don't understand it so pointless for me. Outdoors, it got slightly better, I got one additional station, a english one but beyond that, i missed out on most of the fm offerings here. I have never really needed multipoint so its a non issue for me. The jaybirds come with quite a few fitting options so they win there allthough their use of a propietary usb charging cable is a dumb choice, you'll be carrying this wire around with you. the jabra did not come with a carrying case as was reported on some sites, it has a ac charger but no detachable micro usb wire. the moto s10 also doesn't come with a case, i used the one i had from the s9. the jaybirds come with a very sleek looking case allthough its not easily closable when putting the usb cable inside with the earphones.

call quality
all of these stink here, but for me it wasn't a killer negative. these devices are designed to be worn for stereo music when you are working out. In a pinch, they can perform a call or more likely, recieve one. these are not everyday, make all your calls thru it sets so for me it's hard to negatively rate how bad they are at calls.

Does it work?
here comes the hammer, you would figure this section is not needed but wow was the jabra a letdown here. My jaw was on the ground at how bad it is. All headsets have that pic in the manual that shows use a armband for optimal use but in the case of the jabra, its essentially the only way it will work. I went for a quick walk this morning and put the iphone4 in the pocket and it was dropout city. I have had every jawbone ever made, multiple bt sets before that, the jaybird, the moto, nothing ever gave me a dropout with the phone in the pocket. after some experimenting, the issue is basically it needs a clear, front facing line of sight to the iphone or whatever is transmitting the signal. while walking, i had to hold the phone in front of me at belly level, anything below the waist would cut out. i couldnt even hold it in my hand out of pocket, arm down to the side. anything on the left side of me cut out. if i put the phone behind me, it would cut out. but if i laid it below the waist on the ground but still kept a front facing line of sight with it, it would work. in a hypothetical situation on a treadmill, if i set it on the treadmill in front of me, it will work. but once it goes beneath the waist, left side or behind me it would cutout and eventually disconnect. even if it was on the right side of me, right of the headset, it would still cutout. putting the phone stationary and turning my head to the side so my right was facing it, it would cut out. it has to be in front. even on a armband and a swing my arm a certain way or position the phone to the back of the arm, it will cutout so even the armband has to be positioned a certain way and obviously the armband cant be on the left side. I have never seen anything this pathetic. essentially the only way to assure it doesn't cutout is to go to Joby's website, by the biggest gorillapod, wrap it around your belly and mount your phone. Jabra shoulda bsolutely be humiliated, ashamed of themselves for letting this thru qt inspection.

Jaybirds win handsdown, not as good of a fit and no fm but better sound and the fact that it works trump it easily.
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Package Type: Standard PackagingVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
***** Update to the Original Review: February 8th 2011 ****

I have been successful in contacting the customer service and they had sent me another unit. This one has worked fine over the past two months, so now I am increasing my rating to three stars. If it works fine for at least a year I'll bump it up to four stars again.

***** Update to the Original Review: November 7th 2011 ****

After just two weeks of use this headset started acting up. The indicator light turned purple, and for a while I was unable to completely turn it on. (For some reason the FM radio still worked fine). Eventually I get it to work and pair up with my iPhone again, but all controls seem to be out of whack and there is no consistent performance at all. I will try to contact the customer service about this, but for the time being I cannot recommend anyone to buy this headset and have lowered the rating to two stars.

***** Original Review *****

I have been a big fan of Bluetooth stereo headsets ever since the first ones appeared several years ago. At the time I had been pairing them with cell phones with mp3 players, which seem to be light years away from today's smartphones. The Bluetooth headsets are ideal for workouts: compact, unobtrusive, and very functional. I have gone through at least five MOTOROKR S9 and MotoROKR S9-HD headsets all of which shared one common major shortcoming: they were not sweat-proof and inevitably stopped working after less than a year of use. Because of this I have been considering completely swearing off Bluetooth headsets in the gym, but I decided to give these Jabra headphones a chance. My first impression is fairly positive, but for me the true acid test will be how well they deal with sweat over an extended period of time.

I also already own Jabra SPORT corded Stereo Sports Headset, so I am able to compare the corded vs. cordless version of this product. Overall they are fairly similar, with the corded ones having a slightly better sound quality and the Bluetooth one having a better fit.

**** Sound Quality ****

Unfortunately the sound quality is one of the weaker aspects of this headset. The sound is very tinny and hissy, especially with the high notes. I am not exactly an audiophile, but I was extremely disappointed with the sound quality of this headset. It is passable (barely) for the workout use, but I would definitely not use these headphones to listen to the music on other occasions.

**** Design ****

Unlike the sound quality, I was very impressed with the design of this headset. It is fairly minimalistic with the "functional" area of the headset confined to the immediate vicinity of the ears, and with a very thin and unobtrusive cord that connects the two halves. I do wish that the cord had a different color (yellow is not exactly the epitome of coolness), but this is not a major issue. Thanks to the kind of design that these headphones utilize it is possible to fold them and put them in almost any pocket or a bag. I just wish that the headset came with a carrying case like its corded cousin.

**** Fit ****

Fit is another feature that left me pleasantly surprised. Most cordless mono headsets are fairly loose on your ear, so I was expecting something akin to that experience with what are essentially two mono headsets connected with a cable. The actual experience couldn't have been further from my expectation. These headphones accomplish an almost impossible task: they fit very snuggly without either pinching your ears or putting too much pressure on your head. It could be that the size and shape of my ears makes them particularly suitable for this headset, but my guess is that most people would find them a fairly good fit.

**** Wireless Range ****

This is one of the weakest characteristics of all Bluetooth sport stereo headsets. The range is fairly good - if you are indoors and/or have a direct line of sight with the headset. I've been able to use them under such conditions across a decent sized room. However, if you are outdoors and put your mp3 player in pants pocket opposite to the side of your antenna (that would be the right hand side), then your reception will be intermittent at best. I usually use this headset in the gym, so this is not so much of an issue for me, but when I go out I try to put the mp3 player in a shirt or jacket pocket. That usually works just fine.

**** Telephony ****

I've used them to make several phone calls, across the regular phone lines and via VOIP, and in all situations this headset performed quite well. If you are listening to music when you receive a phone call it will automatically switch to the phone.

**** FM Radio ****

This is a really neat and unique feature of these headphones, and I have gotten to use it quite a bit. The reception is fairly good, especially if you are outdoors. If you want to go for a run or a walk and don't necessarily want to bring your mp3 player/smartphone along, then this feature will allow you to still enjoy some music. However, you will be unable to manually choose your radio station without the headset going through all of the available ones first.

**** Audio Prompts ****

Unlike the other Bluetooth headsets that I've used, this headset gives you voice prompts when you do all major function changes, such as turning it on/off, or switching between phone and mp3 player. This is very useful because you will be able to clearly know when any one of these events takes place.

**** Battery Life ****

I've been able to use these headphones for well over three hours, mostly listening to music but also making a brief phone call. This again is on par with other wireless headphones that I've used. Before the battery runs out you will hear repeated warnings of "low battery". At first I appreciated being told what is going on better than if I had to deal with an annoying beeping sounds, but after a while the incessant repetition (that only got more frequent as the battery kept losing its charge) really got to me. In a way this might be a good thing if you are procrastinating about charging the headphones, but if you just want to use them for as long as possible before you have to recharge then you'll definitely feel annoyed. On my iPhone I also get a small headphones power level icon next to the Bluetooth icon, and this helps you gauge how much battery power you have left. If you go to the gym three times a week for an hour or so, then you can get away with charging these headphones once a week. For a more frequent gym attendee, or for someone who uses these headphones for some other daily routine, then I would recommend charging them more or less each day.

**** The Charger ****

This is one of the most frustrating and disappointing features of these headphones. The headphones are charged using a micro-USB cord, but the charger's cord is extremely short (about five inches). This means that unless you have a power strip on your desk you will need to charge the headphones by essentially putting them on the ground. Fortunately I've discovered that Kindle's charger also works with these headphones, so I've been using that one instead.

**** The Packaging ****

These headphones come in a cool and sophisticated looking oval package. The package resembles a can more than a box, and conveys a very modern and dynamic look. However, the packaging is was not very intuitive to open, but once I figured it out it was extremely easy to do.

**** For iPhone 4S Users ****

I've managed to launch Siri directly from this headset by pressing and holding the play button slightly longer than fro the play function, but not as long as for the on/off function. This is a neat feature that will let you use Siri even when your iPhone is slightly out of reach.

**** Conclusion ****

Overall, I am fairly pleased with this headset despite its few serious shortcomings. I hope that the headset is truly sweat-proof, and that the future versions will address some of the above issues.
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78 of 96 people found the following review helpful
on September 12, 2011
These headphones have a very strange behavior. Like the first reviewer stated, they do cut in and out when you are walking or jogging outside. I have the Iphone 4 and had to put my phone at a 45 degree angle on my belt clip in order for the sound to stay connected. It would drop off every so often but connect back immediately. But In my house while I walked around or jogged on my treadmill they stay connected perfect. I can even walk into the next room and they would still stay connected. Weird to say the least. Besides the weird behavior, comfort is awesome. You forget you have them on. Sound wise they are pretty good. A balanced sound not being too loud or too low. The also do not block out sound which is good when you are riding a bike or jogging outside. You should still be able to hear your surroundings for safety. Overall, I am happy with them. If I can figure out the outside problem, they would be perfect. Will take them out again tomorrow. This was my first day with them.
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on January 13, 2012
I was down to this product (Jabra Sport) or the Jaybird Freedom Bluetooth headphones to wear in the gym. I was sick of the corded headphones. I ended up with the Jaybirds, but I decided to get my wife a set of these Jabra headphones for the same purpose. I tried them out, wore them once, and returned them immediately. Glad I chose the Jaybirds in the first place.

Reasons these aren't good:

1. Uncomfortable. In an effort to be simple, they chose a standard piece that when inserted in the ear just hurts. I am a nearly 6-foot tall man and they hurt my ears. For a woman, it would have to hurt badly.

2. Range. I can take my Jaybirds 30 feet from my cell phone which acts as my MP3 player in the gym. I couldn't get 3 feet with these. If you aren't wearing the device on an armband, it wouldn't work at all. I am not sure even an MP3 player laying on a treadmill rack would have uninterrupted reception. Terrible.

3. Buttons. Not easy to press at all. You kind of have to push through your ear to get to the buttons since they sit on the headphone arm which sits on your ear. Very annoying.

I will say I like the design and cord in the back aren't cumbersome. Given they are similar price, the Jaybirds are far far superior. The range is bad enough on these to stop me from owning them at all, even if there weren't a worthy competitor.
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on September 19, 2011
I purchased the Jabra SPORT Bluetooth Stereo Headset (Black/Yellow) through Amazon and I am very happy with my purchase, even though the $99 price tag was a little steep; I can happily say it was worth every dollar, these are really good for listening to music while working out or out and about doing whatever activity you like to do.

I tested these in the rain on a bike and they were champions in the weather, there was no water damage; 16 mile bike trek on a trail.
They do not feel cheap, they are very versatile and they are comfortable to wear, you may want to use one of the different variants of ear gels packaged in the box, I did because the default ones were not for my ear. Sweat is not a problem for the headset and hearing callers is not a problem, the only problem is making sure they hear you clearly; but that is a given, as I am active outdoors a lot in a city with a population of over 200,000 it is normal to me; I didn't buy these for the calls, I bought these for the wireless music streaming.

They work as advertised and battery life is great, 5+ hours. I also wanted to mention, the voice of the headset is a female voice, isn't that great? Now you have your own personal maid telling you when power is full, the battery is low and all that great stuff!

Thanks Jabra!

Make the purchase, you won't regret it!
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9 of 10 people found the following review helpful
on January 28, 2012
The video promoting this headphones got me really interested in the product. I thought it would finally be a wireless solution for listening to music during a workout. The sound quality is decent and I tried pairing it with my iphone and it worked fine. The reason I give it a poor rating is its fit. It just does not stay on your ears and as a result you'll need to keep fidgeting with the thing to keep it in place. This is a complete disadvantage for me as I dont like fidgeting with headphones during a workout. The reception for calls is not great and the person on the other line kept making me repeat stuff as the voice kept getting muffled on the link. The battery life of this device is around 2 hrs and it needs to be charged for 2 hrs. The charger has a super small cable (though this is not as big a problem as the others Ive mentioned). I personally think, the design looks sleek but definitely needs more work in terms of usability. I think its definitely not worth the price. Returning it right away.
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VINE VOICEon February 13, 2012
Package Type: Standard PackagingVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
After three months of faithful usage, I have come to the conclusion that the Jabra SPORT Bluetooth Stereo Headset is a type of Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde product. The Jabra performs smoothly and effortlessly when I use it INSIDE my apartment, the clubhouse, automobile, etc.; however, when I take it OUTSIDE, my walking and jogging excursions become frustrating, nerve-wracking, stressful experiences that make me want to destroy the Jabra.

The Jabra is definitely worth having if you plan on wearing it INDOORS on a regular basis. For example, I've worn it while operating the exercise equipment at my apartment's clubhouse. (My favorite is the elliptical trainer because it produces less strain on my arthritic knees than the treadmill or stationary bicycle.) Without cumbersome wires, I feel so much freer to move. However, you must be careful not to walk away from a machine and forget your iPod/iPhone. Someone coming up from behind you to use a machine could steal it.

I enjoy wearing the Jabra INSIDE my apartment while cleaning, cooking, dancing and kickboxing. It's like having a portable docking station that I can simply move from room to room. I can walk approximately twenty to thirty feet away from my Apple iPhone 4 and still have great reception. However, when I move to a different room, the walls interfere with signal transmission, thus producing static. My solution is to simply move my iPhone to the next room where I will be cleaning, exercising, etc.

I've worn my Jabra and listened to music while driving my Saturn to and from work at the shipyard in downtown Portsmouth. The music sounds superb (better than a wired headset) inside the confines of my compact automobile. However, you must know the laws where you live. In some places, wearing headsets while driving is illegal.

One day, I sat my iPhone on the kitchen's microwave and listened/watched Final Destination 5 while preparing a large meal. My Jabra made it easy to move around the kitchen while enjoying the movie I had downloaded to my Flixster app. It would've been impossible to accomplish this with a wired headset.

The Jabra is horrible for OUTSIDE use. I've tried wearing it and listening to music from my iPhone while walking or jogging with little success. First of all, I can't wear the Jabra comfortably when I'm also wearing sunglasses. When I turn my neck, the headset falls away from either my left or right ear. The music stutters, stalls, hesitates, falters or ceases altogether and the Jabra's computerized female voice will announce, "Disconnected." I've tried wearing the iPhone on my arm as depicted in the illustrated Quick Start Manual but this didn't help. Strapping your iPhone to your arm is nearly impossible during the cold months when one has to wear a jacket or coat.

Speaking of illustrated instructions, the Quick Start Manual has a few illustrations that one must interpret followed by a few lines of abbreviated instructions. These are presented in three other languages besides English. The other manual isn't much better. At first, it seems thick and comprehensive until one realizes that this manual contains instructions that are also provided in three other languages.

However, there is a toll free 1-800 number that you can call for technical support. (It is found on the back of the Quick Start Manual.) I called this number when I came home from Christmas and had difficulty, for some unknown reason, pairing my Jabra with my iPhone. The gentleman at Jabra was very patient, understanding and helpful.

Initially, it was difficult for me to wear the Jabra and to turn the power on and off. Here are some simple tips I learned after wearing this headset for two months. The yellow strap goes behind your neck and the controls are on the right ear in order to allow easy operation with the right hand. Always pair the iPhone with the Jabra by picking up the iPhone and selecting Settings/General/Bluetooth On. Begin wearing the Jabra headset, press its On/Off button and hold it until the computerized female voice says "Power On" and "Connected."

The Jabra's computerized voice will always provide the wearer with helpful announcements such as "Power On," "Power Off," "Connected," "Disconnected" and "Low Battery." When you are finished wearing the Jabra, go to iPhone and select Bluetooth Off and the computer will announce "Disconnected." Then press the Jabra's On/Off button until the computer announces "Power Off." In this way, one doesn't have to worry about the Jabra's rechargeable battery being needlessly drained while it is not being worn.

Speaking of the battery, the computer will begin announcing "Low Battery" when the battery needs recharging. She will continue announcing "Low Battery" with increasing frequency until the battery is completely drained. She will finally announce "Power Off" and the Jabra will become dead. It takes two hours to fully recharge. The flashing green light will turn a steady green when the process has been completed. The manual warns not to overcharge the battery or it will decrease its lifespan. In other words, don't let it recharge overnight like some people do when they are recharging other electronic items. Ensuring that the battery isn't recharged for more than two hours can be cumbersome.

Also, the Jabra doesn't seem to stay charged for as long as the packaging informs you. Seldom do I use it for making/receiving telephone calls; mostly I use it for listening to music while cleaning, exercising and cooking. The battery has to be recharged after approximately ninety minutes of usage. I could never wear it the entire ten hours I am driving home to visit my parents. A gym rat who works out a lot would have to keep it charged on a regular basis.

The Jabra has three sets of interchangeable "Ultimate Comfort Eargels." From my personal experience with wearing numerous headsets, I found that the replaceable ear cushions, whether they are manufactured of foam, gel, etc., have a tendency to come off and get lost after a few months of constant usage. I prefer headsets with permanent, one-size-fits-all ear buds such as the wired headset that came with my Apple iPhone 4.

The only good thing about using the Jabra outdoors is that the FM radio works well. Press the FM button and use the volume control to move up and down along the FM stations. Stop when you find a station you enjoy. Also, there is a free endomondo app that can be easily downloaded to the iPhone, which I did. It keeps track of how many miles you jog or run. This is awesome to use when running on an indoor track at a health club.

I only recommend the Jabra SPORT Bluetooth Stereo Headset for someone who plans to use it INDOORS on a regular basis such at a health club or in a personal home gym. It is too much of a hassle to wear outdoors. Also, the more often you use it, the more often the battery is going to need recharging. I recommend that you determine what activity or activities for which you need a headset and list the pros and cons of wearing the cordless headset versus wearing the wired headset. Do the advantages of wearing a wireless headset outweigh its hassles?

Joseph B. Hoyos
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