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on October 23, 2011
If you dont have the original release or the undead pack, you have to be crazy not to get the GOTY Edition. I was never a big fan of wild west movies or games, this game changed that. The story is superb, gameplay is great & responsive, multiplayer its lots of fun with infinite replay value. You will not regret buying this game, its worth paying the asking price.
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on October 27, 2011
I saw people were giving game a bad rating for the wrong reasons, now I feel like I have to try help offset the error. I left a comment under the first bad review to explain myself.

This game a great game. I've enjoyed the bit of time I've played. If you want to get a good feeling of what people think of this game, click on over to the regular Red Dead Redemption game where over 400 [of 488 currently] have given this game 4 & 5 stars.

Red Dead Redemption


You probably already know this product already comes with the regular RED DEAD REDEMPTION and the add-on packs Undead Nightmare, Legends and Killers, Liars and Cheats Pack, Hunting and Trading Outfits Pack, Outlaws To The End Co-Op Mission Pack, Solomon's Folly, and Myths and Mavericks. There shouldn't be anything new for anyone who already bought the original game, so it's probably not worth buying the game all over again. Their combining them to save us some spare change, which I'm always down for.

If you buy this game at full retail ($49 on release day) you will probably on save $10 give or take by buying this over regular RED DEAD and UNDEAD NIGHTMARE. Please be aware prices always fluctuate, If your a little patient and wait a week or so you can probably buy this game for at least $39. If your reading this post a year from now I hope this game still isn't $49 haha.
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on January 11, 2012
Storyline: You're John Marston, bandit-turned bounty hunter-turned family man. Your wife and son have been kidnapped by government agents who are ransoming them for the capture of the leaders of your former gang. In Undead Nightmare, you're back at the ranch when the Zombie Apocalypse happens. Fight off hordes of the walking dead to find a cure for your wife and son.

Game play: Travel the waning days of the Wild West, gun slinging to your heart's content. Yes, the storyline is relatively short. About 20 hours I'm told. But those who are complaining about that aren't doing the side missions which is a large part of the fun. I'll spend a week just doing side missions (which I usually hate) before I realize that there's a story to progress. Undead Nightmare is a little more straightforward, without the side quests to distract. It's also a shorter story.

Sound: Amazing, every gun sounds a little different, the gallop of your horse is mesmerizing as it changes when you cross a bridge or hid a cobblestone street. Listen to the rain on the roof as a thunderstorm rolls through the area. Yes, music. I'm the type who always turns the in-game music way down or completely off. Not here. It's subtle enough to add atmosphere without getting noticed.

Graphics: This game is beautiful. It feels very open, unlike the GTA series. The sunrises and sunsets are very well done. There are subtle differences that you don't notice at first. NPCs, chop wood, use the bathroom, play fetch with dogs. There are glitches in the game, most are graphic in nature. I've experienced horses that seem to hover about 8 inches off the ground, trains that vanish, leaving the crates hovering where they should be. I've literally ridden into the countryside, the horse I was on didn't follow the hill, and I sank into the earth. I've played poker with people who didn't have faces. None of these were lasting effects and everything was put right by either leaving the area and coming back (the train) or in the more extreme case, resetting my save file (riding into the ground). GOTY edition has all the online downloads, like the golden guns and warhorse. I know people don't like the guns code and turn it back off (in the options menu) but I like it. I use the golden guns with the assassin outfit and warhorse to capture bounties.

Replay value: I come back to this game every few weeks. There is just so much to do. Capture bounties, hunt, gather herbs, play horseshoes, even cheat at poker, or play blackjack, Liar's Dice is also a lot of fun. For the adventurous, there's horse breaking, for the bloodthirsty, there are gang hideouts to clear. If you feel like being a malcontent, rob a bank. About the only Wild West cliché not included is train/stagecoach robbing, which is a shame.

Overall: The well-written storyline, and side games make this an excellent game that will remain in my collection for the duration of my PS3. Yes, you will occasionally find the... let's say 'donkey' online who acts like a buffoon for no good reason. But that's any game. I'd recommend it to anybody who loves action/adventure. It's not exactly 'GTA, western edition' but it's close. If you're a fan of either, you will enjoy this.
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on June 8, 2014
I bought this PS 3 version based on the excellent reviews. First I want to thank you all for giving the pluses and minuses. Now first let me say that although I have played PC games since Adventure (those that know will tell you it was first or certainly one of very few that started PC gaming). That said I'm not a young player, probably one of the oldest. I went into this game because I love Westerns, especially the old Spaghetti Westerns. I wasn't disappointed. The fantastic graphics, sound effects, and music make this worth the money alone if you just want to see and hear the old West. I have only played this for a couple days so far (so many hours the first day I paid for it in my joints) and here are my pros and cons so far.


Great value for the money

Exceptionally gorgeous scenery, graphics of people, animals, and environment are amazingly realistic

Realism and variety of all weather conditions is phenomenal

Sound effects for weather, animals, and other environmental sounds make you feel you're there

Numerous voices in dialogue, monologues, and background chatter

Incredible depth of possible exploration and open game play

Most controls you will use to interact aren't difficult to master (walking, riding, shooting, etc.)

You can play this the way you want to play it and survive most the time (one example is you get by okay by just picking plants, hunting, and skinning and then selling what you hunt and gather)

Great fun majority of the time


Some of the quests are difficult, at least for people with any physical restrictions (Not everyone has played with gaming controllers since they were three with proficiency), and sometimes it has grated my nerves completing them

You must complete certain quests or it will impact your overall honor, abilities, reputation, monetary gain, and store prices

It is difficult to avoid fights and animal attacks (most won't want to but some may like to play the game without that being in it)

Blood spatter on most of the animal skinning is overdone (Splatters all over the screen)

Dialogue isn't for youngsters and annoyingly repetitious sometimes (Play Blackjack at Thieves Landing and you will see what I mean)

GRIZZLIES DON"T RUN IN PACKS (Can't tell you the times I got hit by 3 plus at the same time.)!!!!!!


Overall I absolutely love it, but once in awhile I hate it. That won't stop me from playing but there are times I wish I could switch off certain aspects of the critical quests that force me to chew gum, rotate a hula hoop on my hips, balance a plate on a stick on my nose, swallow a sword, and recite the Gettysburg Address at the same time. In other words unless you are a ambidextrous game controller God you're in a world of hurt some of the time.

CA Luster
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on July 31, 2014
This game will keep you on end with it's engrossing story for hours and multiplayer will take even more time away from your day as take over gang hideouts, roam the land with your friends and/or posse that you can make. You can also play competitive gamemodes as well, which is a blast! This game is amazing even by today's standards. The graphics, story, multiplayer, and add-on content was amazing! This game deserves GOTY,10/10!

STORYLINE: (Original Red Dead) John Marston was a former gang member who reappraised his life and resolved to put his past behind him to settle down with his young famiy. As Marston changed, so did the landscape. The Federal Government set it's sights on bringing their law to the whole country by any means necessary. When ruthless government agents kidnaps Marston's wife and chld, and threatens to kill them unless he brings his former gang to justice, John is forced to hut down the very men he used to run with to save his family...

STORYLINE #2 (Red Dead Undead Nightmare)The world of Red Dead has been swept by an apocalyptic plague. The dead are rising and wondering the Earth in search of fresh life to infect as great storms sweep across the the land under a veil of darkness. Plants rot where they sit and hordes of undead roam the land. There are stories that something else is out there (Mythical Beasts). Marston's wife and child were infected and he must find a cure or die trying...
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on November 11, 2011

This game is another great entry for Rockstar. They make memorable characters, a thriving virtual world, and still got a bit of humor going for them (mostly from side conversations). The arsenal wheel is fast and intuitive compared to Grand Theft Auto's cycling. I can't get over how wonderful the weather system is in this game. Once again, the side additions are just as if not more interesting than the core game.

The main storyline doesn't have too many crazy plot twist, but it is definitely polished much like a Hollywood movie. Missions vary enough to not be boring.

The zombie expansion is a welcome addition. Getting rid of the money system is genius!


The main character is deathly afraid of any water and instantly drowns.
Trodding through the wilderness without music, though realistic, can be boring.
In the zombie expansion: Recapturing cities can be annoying and tedious.
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on December 4, 2012
It's a lot like Oblivion, but set in the old west. The sheer amount of things there are to do is staggering. The key is to play the way YOU want to, and enjoy. Many people choose to rush through the story, then complain how lame the game is. These are the same people who eat a slice of cake in 2 bites. This is one of those games where, the more you savor all it has to offer, the more enjoyment there is to be had!
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on November 5, 2011
A man is forced by the government to accept a difficult task . A powerful man, who was formerly a popular leader but is now considered a criminal, must be eliminated. Getting close to the target will require a long, arduous expedition to a highly fortified compound. The government must not be connected in any way to the mission. Sound familiar?

No, the target's name is not Kurtz in Red Dead Redemption. But it might as well be. Rockstar has once again taken inspiration from a masterpiece of cinema. In the same way that the Grand Theft Auto series is strongly linked to works by Singleton, Scorsese, De Palma, and Kurosawa, Red Dead Redemption pays homage to Francis Ford Coppola's Apocalypse Now.

On the surface, RDR appears to be based on classic Westerns. The game is set in the American frontier at the beginning of the 20th century. There are plenty of references to films directed by John Ford, Sergio Leone, Clint Eastwood, and Sam Peckinpah. The driving forces behind the game's narrative, however, are questions about duty versus honor, confrontations with enemies who may not truly be opposed to what your character represents, and most importantly, the achievement of spiritual redemption by completing a psychologically harrowing journey. Western films often address these themes as well, of course, but without any ambiguity or ambivalence. It's always crystal clear who is good, who is evil, and what is right and what is wrong in these films. In contrast, RDR and AN deliberately obscure their moral viewpoint on the actions of their characters.

Anybody familiar with Apocalypse Now will recognize that many aspects of RDR's story are directly analogous to events in AN. While the characters and motivations of John Marston and Final Boss (no spoilers here) are never as fully developed as those of Captain Willard and Colonel Kurtz--due to both Rockstar's avoidance of Metal Gear Solid-length cutscenes and the limitations of the videogame medium--all of AN's key plot points are present in the game. There's even a minor reference to the sniper execution scene in Full Metal Jacket that helps reinforce RDR's connections to AN. All of this adds up to a rich and compelling story arc, especially considering RDR is a videogame.

Story and influences aside, the bigger question is whether or not Red Dead Redemption is fun to play. The answer is YES. The graphics, especially the environmental effects, are outstanding. There's a good chance you will find yourself just sitting on a horse admiring a spectacular sunset or taking in the dramatic view from a mesa or hilltop and not doing anything else. The controls are easy to learn and quickly become intuitive. Finally, as is the norm with Rockstar, the game's world is gigantic and full of missions, mini-games, and random encounters. A few minor things feel a bit unfinished, such as some missions that involve long journeys without characters saying anything, or unrefined (it's left to the player to figure out how the inventory management system works while playing) but there aren't any glaring flaws overall.

The highlight of the DLC in the Game of the Year Edition is Undead Nightmare. Imagine Resident Evil set in the RDR universe...but with the trademark Rockstar mix of violence, gore, and humor. Make sure you play the main game first; many of the characters make, er, *interesting* reappearances.

Well worth picking up, especially with all the DLC now included on disc.
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on April 21, 2014
biggest map I've seen of any game I've played.(might not be big in overall dimensions. but overall reachable areas) Am few hours into it. missions are interesting. all DLC is included in GOTY. and whats the best thing about it. so many side missions that are actually fun to do. what is the last time you were excited about doing side missions?. you can try to capture or kill WANTED outlaws and many other things. just the map itself is huge to explore. its around the size of GTA IV map. maybe a little bigger. but unlike GTA IV. its all explorable fields. not giant buldings that just take space. and you don't have super fast cars. but you have horses. but they're very quick. faster than some cars.

Just Finished this game.

One of the best Video games I've ever played. so well made. it has quite some minor glitches. but nothing game-breaking. its fun. its just one of a few games I wasn't bored of at the whole time I was playing. full on content. and Yet I still have the Undead Nightmare expansion to do. It took me about 16 hours to do the story mode. you might be able to finish it faster. I did some side missions. they were fun. unlike other game's side missions which are basically fillers. this game is worth playing and everybody should get it. its even Better than GTA IV, i have to give this game that. if your reading this review and you haven't bought this game. stop reading. and go buy it. its that good. definitely one of the top 5 games I've played this gen.
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on January 21, 2016
Great game - now my Gamers want to watch Westerns with me!!! Great graphics, engaging game play, not a 1 hour conquer ( that so irritates me when they beat the Game so fast!!)
Nice interaction, this game is fun for me to watch ( I won't embarrass myself by playing in front of my 'sperts!!)
Well worth the price, they're anxious for the next one..
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