Customer Reviews: Asus Dual Band (2.4GHz 300Mbps/5GHz 300Mbps) Wireless-N USB Adapter with Graphical Easy Interface (USB-N53)
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on March 6, 2012
First, I love the Asus brand for a lot of my computer gear--I've built several custom PCs and their motherboards are some of the best, so of course I wanted to try their wireless adapter too. But, this network adapter shows poor range and frequently disconnects (even with a good signal strength) and that is enough for me to go out and replace it. What I am using now is the Linksys AE2500 Dual-Band Wireless-N USB Adapter, and although I've read the reviews for it and know of the overheating issues, I have two of them (now) and have not had problems even after 12 hours of continuous gaming use. Next step is to pony up for the dual-band router.

Please note, I am not reviewing the performance speed, which is only slightly slower, perhaps, than the linksys AE2500 (based on purely subjective observation). My problem is with the frequent disconnect issues (or not connecting in the first place). The amount of time I've wasted trying to constantly reconnect means this stick has cost me more money than it's worth.

Also, I've had this stick for a couple months now, so this isn't an overnight review. I've simultaneously used the Linksys AE2500, and swapped them between two computers, and the Linksys has always performed without issues and with better signal strength. I am not ruling out the possibility that I have a defective product from Asus, but I cannot recommend this product based on my own experience.

Bottom line: if you need a wireless adapter, don't waste your money (or precious time) on this one.
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The manufacturer commented on this review (What's this?)
Dear Valued Customer,

I am sorry you are unsatisfied with your USB-N13. Yes, if you have had numerous disconnects the hardware may be defective. If you have not yet tried to get it fixed, please contact Asus at 1-812-282-2787 or me personally at (ref#1043-845). If you have any other questions or concerns fell free to let me know.

ASUS Customer Loyalty
on January 25, 2012
I usually get PCI/PCI-e wireless adapters, media bridges, or play around with DD-WRT. I also still use an old, but reliable PCI WMP300N (for 20 dollars plus free 3 antenna booster that I can stick on my wall above my desk, can't beat that, but this was 3 years ago).

Well, I needed a quick solution to get my cousin's computer on my wireless without having to worry about buying another router and load up DD-WRT. I did some comparing between USB vs PCI/PCI-e network cards and since USB 2.0 runs at 480Mbps, having a USB wifi adapter that runs at 300Mbps (8Mbit = 1MByte for those that don't know, so 480Mbps = 60MBps). Also being dual band, even more reason I wanted to get it.

My cousin's system and mine both run Windows 7 Pro 64-bit. Set up was easy. Plugged in the USB extension cable (which is only like 4-5inches long, but it was a flex cable so I could point the USB dongle upward, instead of having it just sit horizontal out of the back of the system. After that, plugged in the USB dongle, ran the set up disc, and was able to navigate easily through the utility. You can also use the Windows 7 default Wireless settings to use the adapter. Once you get on, go to the ASUS website and download the latest utility and drivers. The utility was easy, and I actually like it better.

Set up the computer for the 5GHz band and it was set, got full 300Mbps, sometimes drops down to 243Mbps minimal. Also that computer was the only one in the area that had the 5GHz set up, so no congestion.

This was an easy and quick set up, also being USB it's great for when family or friends visit and want to set them up with something quickly and easily. Also great as a spare in case your own wireless goes out in the computer.

I highly recommend this product.
- CCNA, Security +, and A + certified.

UPDATE 2/7/2012: Just ordered another one for my computer. Went from 130Mbps on the 2.4GHz band from my PCI wifi card to 240-300Mbps on the 5GHz band with just plugged the USB adapter into the back of my computer. Not even using the cable that came with it. Also picked up the N56 Diamond Router from ASUS, will update after setting it up. Changing out my e3000 for the N56.

UPDATE 8/12/2012: My Cisco e3000 finally starting getting buggy and the wireless was becoming more unstable. Switched it for the ASUS N56 Diamond Router and it works a LOT better. No drops in speed or connection. Had it set up and upgraded to the latest firmware. After about a month of fiddling and letting it run since the initial set up, it works a lot better than the e3000. ASUS finally has a firmware that works with no issues. It pairs nicely with the USB-N53 wireless adapter.
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on May 31, 2012
Some other reviews described this product running well under Linux. I simply wanted to reinforce that claim, and to note that I'm running Ubuntu 12.04 LTS on my ancient $200 Dell Optiplex with no wireless card. (This is one reason I love Linux - it's fast, smooth, and stable on old computers. If you're new to the OS, Ubuntu is super easy to set up and learn. Plus it's free. And comes bundled with a complete office suite compatible with MS Office as well as other office suites. That's also free. And yes, I'm cheap.)

But enough about the wonders of Linux: I opened the wireless adapter's box, plugged it into the USB slot on the front of the mini-tower, and was instantly greeted with the familiar "wireless networks are available...." notification in the upper right corner of the monitor. I clicked on the wireless signal icon, found my network, entered the password, and was immediately online with a complete absence of drama. I'm in the basement, the wireless router is a floor above me and across the room, and it works very well. So all in all, I heartily recommend this product if you're running Linux and your computer has no wireless capabilities.
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on February 18, 2011
I purchased this device to use on my Samsung NC10-14GB Netbook with my new Buffalo WZR-HP-G300NH Wireless N Router and AP. Obviously the Netbook does not have a CD-ROM, and the drivers do not come by default in Windows 7. So, I had to download the drivers with the built-in "Wireless G" before I could use this. It worked well, and I was able to get more then 4 times the speed I was getting with the built-in card. I attribute this to both the router and this device. I would like to note due to the older CPU in my netbook, I don't expect to experience the full capabilities of this adapter since USB devices do use the CPU when moving data. So those of you with newer netbooks, and other devices with faster CPUs, you will be able to get great performance out of this adapter if your wireless router/AP is also up to snuff.

During my testing, I was two walls and 25 feet away from the router in my apartment. There were also many other wireless routers in the area, even two other "Wireless N" that I could see on a quick scan. I was actually surprised to see the consistently high speed with all the wireless activity in the area. Anyone that has been in a large apartment complex knows they are the worst for keeping a good stable connection between your devices and your router in another room. Again I would say this is a combination of my router's quality and this adapter.

I would also like to note that with some simple edits to two configuration files, I was able to get this adapter working just fine in Linux (Ubuntu Lucid). I didn't need to compile or install anything extra, so even people with less experience but an interest in Linux should be able to do the same.

Overall, I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a "Wireless N" (802.11n) adapter which will run at the 300mbps rate giving at least 4 times the actual transfer speeds over "Wireless G" (802.11g). The only caveot is that the adapter is not as small as some of the others out there. However, those smaller ones currently only run at the 150mbps rate, and have less overall range. This will likely cut the speed in half, or worse. This adapter is about the size of the average USB thumb drive (excluding the mini ones, which are becoming more popular). It also comes with a short USB extension that is designed to be somewhat rigid but still flexible enough to use it for positioning the device so it isn't just plugged directly in to a port. I did not use the USB extension during my performance testing.
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on November 7, 2011
I recently got this wireless adapter to go with my new ASUS wireless router (also awesome). This adapter is replacing a top of the line Netgear adapter. Performance difference is staggering! Lower latency, higher bandwidth at the same distance. The software AP feature is neat I guess. There are free programs to accomplish the same, but I think this is the first time it has been integrated into the adapter software by the manufacturer. I imagine that the improved antenna design in this adapter would make it a solid candidate for being used as a software AP. The adapter software itself...I'm not a big fan. It is very pretty and functional and all. I'm just a bit more minimalistic. Personal preference, nothing wrong with the software. All in all, I'm very happy and ASUS is regaining my trust (a bout of bad motherboards turned me off a while back). The company's recent moves in sound cards (DX2) and wireless (this adapter and the N56U router) are making me consider trying more of their hardware again.
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on May 10, 2010
This is a great dongle, and has great range. It is in my PC in my office, when my router is on the completely other side of my house. It goes through 3 walls, at a distance of approx 50 feet. I don't get perfect signal with it, but I get signal listed as "GOOD" at 108 Mbps, which is perfect for movie streaming, and playing online games (And I play ALOT of World of Warcraft!). This dongle should fit most peoples needs. The only downside is the software that comes with it. The software sucks, but you can use the default setup in Windows anyways, so don't even install the software. Besides that, it a great dongle.
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on November 30, 2011
I was reluctant on buying this at first because USB devices usually fall short when compared to PCIe cards, but not this one.

I bought mine today to use with an ASUS RT-N56U router and I have had continous signals without any dropouts.

I'm presently using this on a desktop housed inside an enclosure cabinet, dedicated solely on the 5 GHz band, and I have had a constant signal of 216 thru 246 mbps at a distance of 40 feet/and four walls.

I have tinkered with this on my laptop too and received a constant signal of 300 mbps on the 2.4 GHz band. However, I already have a wireless card for it, and my desktop was the top priority. I noticed that I'm receiving a stronger signal using the USB extention cable, which is an added benefit.

I also noticed that if the desktop PC is taken out of the cabinet and the USB stick is exposed to the room, the signal tops out at a consistent 300 mbps.
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on January 23, 2010
Easy to install and set up on an older Mac Mini running OSX 10.5.8. Had the wifi connection working within minutes of opening the box.
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on June 9, 2012
Purchased this after having issues with two different USB wireless adapters. Why did I purchase this when I had others you ask. Both a Linksys AE2500 and Netgear WNDA3100 provided me with frustrations. Both of these adapters use the same chipset and drivers from Broadcom with their own OEM twist. Had bluescreens with one driver version and issues of reconnects when system is rebooted or wake from sleep with both of these adapters. These issues had me looking for adapter that does not use a broadcom chipset.
That lead me to this one. The ASUS USB-N53 uses a Ralink chipset. I have had good experiences with the Ralink line before so decided to give it a try. Instead of going to the ASUS site for the latest drivers you can go to the Ralink site and get the very latest there which was April of this year. The drivers for the two previous adapters was 2011. I downloaded the latest from Ralink. This includes a utility to control the adapter as well as the drivers. The install software gives you the option to just install the drivers which is what I did as I have used the utility in the past with other adapters and see no advantage over using the native Windows 7 support for wireless access. With the latest drivers installed the USB-N53 has performed flawlessly. No bluescreens, no issues on reboot/shutdown/power on, no issues on wake from sleep. Just works as expected. Through put same as the others which is very good. Another thing of note, the install of the drivers for the Netgear required me to remove Kaspersky virus software before would successfully install. With the Ralink drivers that was not required. I suspect that would be the same for the "official" drivers from the ASUS site.
So far very pleased with this adapter. Performs well and no downsides such as bluescreens or failures to reconnect. Not only performs well but the look is outstanding.
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on March 5, 2013
The adapter is awesome, let's me connect to either a 2.5GHz or 5.0GHz network. The included software can be useful but I've had some slight bugs with it (have yet to attempt to resolve them). Using the included software, you can easily force the adapter to use only 2.5 or 5.0 bands, or both. I have not had any signal drops or slow-downs since I started using this. The short USB extender included comes in very handy, as the adapter itself is too bulky to fit in beside other USB devices plugged into neighboring ports. It is also partly rigid to allow the adapter to be pointed in whatever direction you might need.

When I purchased this, the adapter was offered with a mail in rebate. I've never had an issue in the past with mail in rebates with other companies, but Asus has been a different story. In order to receive a rebate, you need a signed rebate form (provided by them), a copy of receipt/invoice or Packing List, and the original UPC. I sent the signed rebate form, the email receipt/order confirmation from Amazon, and the original UPC. But apparently the email from Amazon isn't good enough for them, which is not clear at all from the rebate form. So if you want to get the rebate, make sure you go back onto your account on Amazon, go your orders and click the Invoice button and print that off or else your rebate will be denied and you'll have to go through this whole process again to re-submit. I spoke with a rep on the phone who said the email I provided is just an order confirmation and does not qualify as a receipt. Seems a lot like they're just mincing words, and definitely has not left a great impression with me. Hopefully if I have to deal with customer service again, in the event any issues arise with my adapter, they won't be this difficult to deal with.
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