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on June 26, 2012
I was very skeptical about getting another Spiderman game until I took the time to learn more about Beenox's newest effort, which was 2 years in the making, so it's not a rush job.

That good news aside, this is without a doubt one of the best super hero games I've played. This game borrows heavily from Batman from Rocksteady, but to great effect. This has many moments where you feel like you're playing Spiderman with a Batman: Arkham City Template underneath. In an early mission, it even has a Correctional Prison Facility with crazy Asylum inmates. Rather than write a bunch of paragraphs to filter through, I'll save you some time reading and just mention some key highlights below:

-Controls are buttery smooth and responsive with plenty of freedom to swing, sprint up walls, evade, leap, freefall and more. Incredible job. No twitchy on foot as in Spiderman 2.
-The behind the shoulder camera view is excellent and for the first time in an open city Spiderman game, makes you feel like Spiderman, seeing things from a close but comfortable 3PV, increasing the intensity and the sense of "Being there", in the game compared to previous efforts where Spiderman was a tiny character onscreen. Think of the views from Batman Arkham City/Asylum.
-Fights are modeled directly after Rocksteady's Batman Games and are a blast because of it. Spidy is no push over with some amazing martial arts acrobatic fighting skills. Fast and action packed.
-The swinging skills are fast and fluid. Spidy's a pro from the start.
-Plenty of Batman-like upgrades for Spidy's skills to upgrade.
-Crackdown like leaping/jumping fun, collecting comics instead of orbs.
-Plenty of major villains with clever boss battles.
-Reasonable representation of NYC's Manhattan.
-interiors look good along with the main characters.
-Plenty of traffic, but needs Driver:SF dense pedestrians to feel like NYC streets.
-Manhattan is a very large playground with streets, parks, and plenty of skyscrapers to leap from and climb.
-3 difficulty levels. Casual, Medium, Hardcore. Decent options.
-Nice city sound FX for ambience.
-Very responsive and helpful look camera from all angles.
-Spiderman's trademark moves captured to near perfection with comic book style.
-Assassin's Creed like platforming/vaulting.
-Sight see easily on helicopters.
-Awesome sense of freefalling.
-Solid voice acting and interesting story.
-Plenty to see, do and explore with freedom and side missions.
-Home base is your apartment, and you can replay interiors.
-Great draw distance for the city as far as the eyes can see.
CONTROLS: Left analog move, right analog look, X is jump, square is punch/attack, triangle is interact with objects, circle is web shoot, Right shoulder is web target travel (very cool and intuitive), right bumper is web swinging, select is map/upgrades, start is pause menu.

-Here's a big one for Spiderman Geeks who must have everything absolutely realistic and within reason: Remember in Spiderman 2, how you can earn the ability to sling a web ahead of you into the air, and then pull jump forward to it quickly? Just pretend you had the same skill here, to explain the fact that Spidy can fling webs into the air and swing from them, provided you're within distance of a building. Just pretend he's flicking up a web parachute and it's more believable. Once I got over this misrepresentation of believability, the swinging became a blast. I still say they should have Spidy hit the buildings and not the air above to swing on.
-Arkham City rules in terms of graphical power. This game is larger, but the city graphics, although with some nice, gritty details, garbage cans, litter and so on, could've been better. Think Driver: San Francisco city graphics for an idea. Decent at best. Interiors look the best. Characters look good, Spidy mostly.
-No day night cycle. Missions determine when daytime changes.

To say this is a drastic improvement over Spiderman 2 and 3 would be an understatement, as groundbreaking as Spiderman 2 on the PS2/XBox was.

If you ever wanted to feel like Spiderman exploring an open city at will, this is the closest you're going to get on current systems until the next game. Highly recommended and surprisingly a great licensed Movie Tie In game that feels like it's own game because it is. BUY IT if you want a great Spiderman Game, despite any ill will you might have towards Activision.
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on June 27, 2012
Story Mode - The best story in a Spider-Man game. It flows and actually makes sense. Spider-Man suit even messes up as you take damage. You will fight robots, infected people, cross-species, and thugs. The story is about the different cross-species getting lose and Spider-Man has to stop it after he kinda caused the problem to begin with. Spider-Man has to save the people of New York, find a cure for the infected and save Gwen, his love. Spider-Man can do what he can with the help of Dr. Connors who was also the lizard. The story for this takes place after the movie, which releases July 3rd in the United States. Overall, the story is fantastic and Spider-Man fans won't be disapointed. 100/100(A+)

Graphics - Not spectacular. The framerate is fine. The environments look good. Spider-Man looks real. Some character details look bad, but not to the point where you can't stand it. At least they don't look cartoonish. 90/100(A-)

Gameplay - The game plays well. It's an open world game. The combat is better than ever and the web swinging and camera makes me feel like I'm Spider-Man. You get to use special moves and upgrade Spider-Man. Web crawling is good. Throughout the city you'll see petty crimes going on that where you can choose to take action. There's this feature called Web Rush, where you can just swing fast to different areas by pressing the R1 button or holding it to slow down time and do attacks. There's also web retreat so you can get out the way when you're in trouble by pressing the L1 button. You can also take photos by pressing L2. You'll feel a lot of vibration through your controller in this game. You'll encounter a lot of action. You also get to play as Stan Lee with the Stan Lee Adventure Pack. 100/100(A+)

Multiplayer - No multiplayer.

Playing Time/Content: This game should take you at least 20 hours to get 100 percent. Probably 30 hours. It's definitely worth $60. There's enough content in this single-player open world game to keep you satisfied. 100/100(A+)

Overall score: 97.5(A+)

+ Lengthy story
+ Side missions
+ Different costumes
+ Combat systems
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on July 8, 2012
Disclaimer: I am a spiderman fan, fav. spidey games were Spiderman 2 and web of shadows and overall, Beenox has disappointed me with their spidey games. That being said, i must say, i am enjoying this game. I've been playing it for a week and am now ready to review it;

There have been a lot of reviews that are extremely good and those that are extremely bad; I feel that this game is above average. This is no skyrim or arkham asylum. However, as a spidey fan, im finding many enjoyable elements of the game.


*Web swinging is amazing! As you swing, the environment has a
cool, motion blur effect that adds an organic feel to the swinging.

*Climbing/perch - As you're web climbing, you can press your back against
the climbing surface, which is useful for taking pics, stealth take downs, etc.

*Web-Rush - Stylized version of "zip-lining" (for those who are familiar with
the previous games.) Difference is: you have the option of choosing where u
would like to zip-line as time freezes, then slowly begins to move again.

--Production value (Style)
*Story -- Takes place after the events that occured in the movie. Story is well done (by comic book
standards) again, I wouldnt compare it to the story in games like Metal Gear,
but that doesnt mean its a horrible story. Spider-man faces many ethical
challenges (within the script) that makes the story very interesting. There are some parts where i
expected the story (or scene) to be predictable, then something unexpected
would happen. Theres even an official OSCORP commercial with footage of real people that slowly transitions to computer animation.
--Story reminds me a lot of the spider-slayer episodes in the 90's cartoon.
If you enjoyed that story arch, you'll enjoy this story.

--Secret costumes - There are different website that will tell you how to unlock most of the costumes. The suits are the best i've seen in the spiderman series.

*Camera Angles -- In addition to the blur effect of the environment while
swinging, the "camera" placement is very tasteful. When you're high up, the
city looks beautiful. There are also a bunch of times where you'll see over the
shoulder camera shots (ala arkham city/asylum). Really makes you feel like
you're seeing everything thru spideys perspective.
--There are brief POV/FPS moments when web-rushing that also looks cool.
Very reminiscant of the metroid prime series.

*Combat system/boss battles/level design -- For the sake of describing the production value, i put all of these in the same category. The free roaming aspect of spiderman 3 and web of shadows was a little under-whelming. I like it a lot better here. People have commented on the lack of population. In the story, a majority of the population is sick, and there are HUGE boss battles that take place in the city; it would make sense for the streets not to be heavily populated. Speaking of which....the boss battles...are epic! I was NOT expecting boss battles like this! I honestly felt like it was gonna be the usually, button mashing, pattern-fighting mechanic BS that the other games have suffered from. Fighting spiderslayers in the streets of manhattan is SO much fun. It feels slightly similar to certain God of War boss battles. The standard combat is very stylized. When ur fighting a group of villains, and build up the combo meter and correctly use your spidersense to dodge and counter certain attacks, its visually pleasing.

--CONS!(thnx for reading this far! :-)
--Difficulty - Game is way too easy. I had to up the difficulty to the highest setting. Sometimes its still too easy, other times its way too hard. [To give u a sense of my gaming capability, i play most games in normal. I've played devil may cry and arkham asylum in hard; and Ninja Gaiden in easy. (could never play it on normal -_-)]
--Combat - even though the combat is very stylish, its no web of shadows. Before you up the combo meter, its very sluggish. Think of street fighter and constantly button mashing on the Hard Punch button.

--Mechanics - Sometimes you can swing with no buildings around, sometimes you cant. For instance, I can be on top of the highest building and zip-line (or web rush) towards the air!? Vs. jumping off a building, pressing the web swing button and nothing happens until im closer to the ground. Might be for aesthetic purposes (motion blur effect of cars and static objects in the environment passing by you as u swing)
-spider-sense - the spider-sense in Web of shadows and Spiderman 2 while not perfect, were in the right direction. This game took a few steps back from it. In the past games, you can use the spider-sense to scan for bad guys, dodge projectiles and look for items. All of that is gone here. U can only use it to dodge PHYSICAL attacks and as a WARNING for PROJECTILE attacks. You cannot dodge the projectiles. Also,there are certain times during boss battles where the spider-sense wont even activate??

-Lack of Control - The controls for moving spiderman are for the most part fluid; however, there are certain moments where u just loose control. For instance, with arkham city, when going through the vents, you grapple the vent gate, then the controller vibrates. Then u must mash on the button to pull off the gate, while the controller vibrates harder. Here, its similar, but way too automatic. U just press a button, and he quickly shoots his web to the vent gate (or vent screen), zip lines to the gate, pulls it off and enters. ALL that happens after the push of one button. That automatic feeling is very random and also happens with the combat and swinging. ALSO, you have to press the buttons ALL THE WAY DOWN in order for it to register. And its not my controller, this happens with both controllers AND the PS move controllers i have. (Has anyone else experienced this?)

-Dialogue - The acting is great, the story is great, the dialogue however, can get annoying. I wont get into it, it just sounds like bad, melodramatic TV at times.

Condensed Review- This game does feel like the developers started the production of this game while thinking "hey, lets make a spiderman game thats like arkham asylum" I dont think beenox are the best people to make a spiderman game. While the game has its flaws, its still a beautiful game thats loads of fun. I like having the option of continuing the story arch whenever I want or taking a break from the story (if im tired from work) and i might want to swing around, and do quick side missions (taking pics is fun in this game)

Furthermore - Everyone has different tastes. I know people who have hated blockbuster titles like grand theft auto, call of duty and metal gear series. However, i do feel that the popular titles appeal to a much broader audience. This is not one of those games. Even though this game is for a specific crowd, it has enough charm to please most. Its a great game in general, (the best since spiderman 2). So if playing dress-up as spiderman, swinging around a well developed city and having epic boss battles sounds like a good time to you, then this is worth buying.
Thnx for reading
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on October 19, 2012
It's been a while since we got a Spider-Man game set in the free-roaming environment of New York City, but now we finally got another one that follows in the footsteps of the classic Spider-Man 2 while melding in some new elements which were obviously inspired by the critically acclaimed Batman games. The Amazing Spider-Man is a game that certainly delivers on providing a web-swinging experience worthy of the titular superhero, but also needs a little fine tuning in some of its execution. While tied to the recent movie of the same name, this videogame is actually set several months after the events of the movie (I'll make sure not to include spoilers for those who have not yet seen the movie). Peter Parker and his little love-bunny, Gwen Stacy, are giving themselves a secret tour of Oscorp where they witness several cross-species creatures (similar to the Lizard) being prepared for extermination. Being a different sort of cross-species himself, Peter Parker's presence riles up some of the other cross-species and they soon break out of their containment units, spreading havoc throughout the Oscorp facility and even infecting a large number of the company's staff, including Gwen Stacy. Many of the cross-species manage to escape into the city and start infecting other citizens, so it's up to Spider-Man to find a way to prevent the whole city from becoming a new kind of animal kingdom. I'll just come right out and say that those who have played any of the previous Spider-Man games such as Spider-Man 2, Spider-Man 3, or Spider-Man: Web of Shadows won't find anything they haven't seen before in one form or another in The Amazing Spider-Man. Having said that, I must mention the new ability known as web rush. Basically, holding down the web rush button puts you into first-person view and slows everything down to a slow crawl for a limited time, during which the player can easily choose a spot for Spider-Man to web-zip himself to with pinpoint accuracy, whether he's high above the skyscrapers or crawling through a dank, underground tunnel. You can also do a quick web rush simply by pointing the cursor/crosshairs at any wall or perch and tapping the web rush button. Although this is basically a different version of the web-zipping abilities seen in Beenox's previous games, Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions and Spider-Man: Edge of Time, I liked the way they pulled off the web rush in this game and hope to see more of it in future installments.

Aside from this particular gameplay element, this game doesn't feature anything revolutionary. As you would expect, Spider-Man can web-swing (which is as fun as ever) all around New York City and keep himself busy with all sorts of side missions. He can stop random crimes such as muggings, car chases, shootouts, and the occasional bank robbery; there are also sick people he can take to quarantine centers and escaped mental patients he can drop off at police stations. Spidey can also take part in side missions that have him taking pictures of specific occurrences (in a similar manner to Spider-Man 3) and he can even take pictures of his enemies to unlock character bios. There are even special collectibles to pick up in the game's main missions like magazines, audio logs, and tech pieces that provide Spidey with XP, although the special comic book pages you can find while free-roaming the city are way more fun to collect. Gathering enough of them allows you to read the actual comics in the extras menu, which was a nice touch for Spidey purists, however there are a lot of pages to collect before you can read all of the comics available. Even though all these things can be done while free-roaming the city, the main missions and some specialized side missions take place in more linear indoor areas, mainly secret facilities and sewers. Not sure if this is a pro or a con, but it's worth mentioning that these indoor areas cannot be revisited once the missions they're set in have been completed, at least not while in free-roam. Fortunately, you can go to Peter's apartment while in free-roam, which serves as an in-game hub, and replay earlier missions if you're one of those gamers who simply must find every collectible in every mission. These more linear indoor missions are just part of the gameplay elements influenced by the Batman games: the rest of them are tied to the game's camera and combat. When simply web-swinging or running around, the camera remains at a close right side angle behind Spider-Man and then pulls back when he's fighting bad guys. The camera works well for the most part, but can be disorienting when web-swinging up tall buildings and such.

When in combat, Spidey can punch, dodge/counter-attack (physical attacks only), shoot webs, and vault over his enemies. Similarly to the Batman games, if you keep up an uninterrupted combo by attacking or dodging, Spidey will be able to stun his enemies, which allows him to take them out more quickly with specialized web attacks. He can use his web rush ability to interact with environmental objects such as dumpster bins and lockers and then toss them at his enemies to stun a large group in one fell swoop, or he can use web rush to target an enemy and hit them with a web strike. After gaining enough experience points, Spidey can purchase upgrades like increased resistance to physical and projectile attacks, impact web shots that can affect stronger enemies, and use a line of webbing to swing enemies around and throw them into other enemies. Spidey will also encounter enemies in situations that are better dealt with through stealth, normally when facing human enemies armed with guns or large groups of stronger infected enemies who can spit acid. After acquiring enough upgrades, Spidey will soon be able to web up two enemies at once and stick them to ceilings before other surrounding enemies even notice. Whether he's fighting enemies or sneaking up on them, Spidey can zip himself away from danger using web retreat if he needs a breather to recover some health, or avoid attacks that can't normally be dodged. As for the enemies themselves, most of them offer decent enough challenges. Just like in the Batman games, Spider-Man can't last long against armed enemies, but even against a large group of melee-type enemies, including guys with knives, guys with shields and batons, guys wearing body armor, infected enemies, and spider-legged robots, Spidey can easily be overwhelmed if he's not careful. However, a larger variety of enemies, especially more infected enemies, would have been a plus.

The bosses are somewhat of a mixed bag. Spider-Man fights against several of his classic enemies, including Rhino, Scorpion, Vermin, Iguana, Black Cat, and a couple of other newer enemies. For the most part, fighting these guys consists mainly of dodging their attacks and then smacking them around a bit, making the fights rather straightforward, although a couple of the battles do require a small amount of strategy and timing. On the flip side, the boss battles where Spidey faces off against some Spider Slayer robots in the city are much more exciting and visually impressive. He'll fight against a couple of building-sized robots, one with multiple legs and another that can burrow itself underground and even through buildings, and he'll also fight smaller, jet-type of robots that fly around the air at blinding speeds, requiring Spidey to move just as quickly if he wants to survive. As fun as this all may sound, there's plenty of room for improvement. For one thing, the combat could have been executed more smoothly. Beating up large groups of enemies was fun in this game, but it felt rather stiff compared to the much more flowing combat in Spider-Man 2 and the Batman games, and I was also hoping for a wider array of stronger attacks that affect more enemies at once. The different number of side missions was rather paltry compared to what I've seen in the earlier free-roaming Spidey games, but thankfully they're still enjoyable. Finally, for those of you who are interested, the story keeps your attention, but doesn't provide quite enough memorable moments and can be somewhat predictable, not to mention it's a bit on the short side. Plus, I felt they could have added more characterization to some of the villains, like Rhino and Scorpion, but they've been degraded to simple, snarling beasts to fall in line with the whole "cross-species" plot tied to the movie. To sum up, this is a good game and Beenox is on the right track, but I feel they can make a truly great Spider-Man game if they incorporate a deeper and smoother combat system, and also add more variety to the missions in future installments. Since this game doesn't do anything new enough to justify a full price purchase, I recommend renting it first or waiting until a price drop of around $40 before purchasing it. But, if you're like me and you enjoy all things Spider-Man, then you can certainly do worse than this game.
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For starters its free roam unlike the previous 2 spiderman games.
The controls are much more fluent as well
Manhattan looks so great in this game
Combat is much similar to the Batman games (Spiderman is much much easier thou *even on hard)
They mixed all the spider(men) combat style, i especially like the stealth combat you can now do much like noire
Web Rush mechanics are ok, it gets kind of annoying that you have to do it so often but it works and executes what you want to do
This is game is great and really fun the only reason why i have given it a 4 is because it seems like it doesnt have much replay value once its been beaten.
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on July 5, 2012
I've played almost every Spider-Man game since the Sega Genesis. Beenox has managed to do what no one else has done... What Treyark came close to accomplishing, but still weren't quite right.... For the first time, you actually FEEL like you are Spider-Man in a video game. Most games take a particular engine and try to stick Spider-Man into it (be it a skateboarding game engine, or a Diablo-clone with Ultimate Alliance). While Spidey always LOOKS and often SOUNDS great, he's never done justice where powers and the feel was concerned. This game hits the mark.

With Great Powers comes great gameplay:

Webslinging: Other games had openworld webslinging, but this game perfected it. There is wind resistance, motion blur, and it just feels exhilarating. Also, instead of webzipping, they introduced a brilliant concept of "webdash" where you see the infinite possibilities of quick travel, and Spidey will get there in an acrobatic, cinematic way. It's addicting. Also, in previous games, webslinging wasn't effective indoors, turning those games into just another third-person brawler... not here! Artful maneuvering via web WILL mean the difference between a successful mission or a very well fed Spider-Hunter.

Spider-sense: A wonderful plot device for a comic, but the bane of game programmers for decades. While not the BEST implementation of the Spider-sense (that goes to Shattered Dimension's "auto dodge" - looked and worked GREAT), this is easily a well implemented feature. There are two types of "Spider-Sense"... counter-attack and "Get outta Dodge!" If you can counter, Spidey will do a cinematic evade followed by a web or punch attack, keeping the action flowing. If it's a red spider-sense, a simple tap of "L1" will whisk Spidey into the safest place away from the baddies.

Webbing: Not as well implemented as the other powers, but still useful. Unlike previous games where webbing was the primary attack, in this game, webbing is the equivalent of spitwads and a slingshot. It is used mostly to annoy and slow enemies, and after a combo, to subdue them. Spidey also uses webbing in "stealth attacks" - cocooning enemies and sticking them to the ceiling to avoid getting swarmed.

Now... a quick rundown of other things about this game. Great selection of baddies. No top tier baddies, but a solid collection of lesser villains that FINALLY get their debut. Most look good (Scorpion looks vaguely like Topher Grace) some look kind of dorky (Rhino - who AGAIN runs the exact same pattern he has for the last decade). Alternate costumes range from good - Scarlet Spider 2012 & Raimi black suit - to questionable choices such as Negative Zone and Big Time. If you complete the game at 100%, you get the new Amazing Spider-Man version of the Black costume. Hopefully future DLC will provide the classic comics version of Spider-Man both red/blue and black, as well as missions featuring more characters (similar to the Stan Lee and Rhino missions). Would be awesome to play as Venom in an open world (like Ultimate Spider-Man game).

Well, that's about it. Voice acting is decent, animation is excellent, and LOTS of replay value (600+ comicbook pages must be collected!). For those of you who love Spider-Man, and played Arkham Asylum with the thought "Gee, if only it was Spider-Man instead of Mr. Grouchy-Pants", this game is for you. Once they have the classic costume as a downloadable, you won't ever have to see the atrocious new costume again!
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on November 9, 2012
If you've played previous Spider-Man games you doubt have high expectations for this game. From the great sprawling open city games of last generation to Beenox's well recieved Shattered Dimensions and Edge of Time. While I never played any of the previous generations iteration of Spdier-man, and was not a fan of either of Beenox's linear time-shattering games, I was hoping this game would be amazing (since it is Spider-man after all).

This game looks good from a far and in Motion. Even if you stop up high you'll enjoy the graphics, but if you get close to textures and overly-reused objects or other in game pedestrians you'll see that this game was not meant for you to be crawling around on the ground. Which is sad cause many of the game's main missions take place in confined boring-looking sewers and bland labs. But when you're free roaming throughout the city, this game really shines and actually makes you feel like Spider-man.

Many of the gameplay elements have been borrowed (combat especially) from Rocksteady's Batman games, yes, but it's still a lot of fun. However, if you weren't a fan of Arkham Asylum or Arkham City that might dampen how you feel about this game's control mechanics. There's also this element called web-rush in which you slow down time to super slow and you can target an area or enemy in slow-motion release this button to shoot at there/him at top speed. It's a neat element that in some ways overpowers Spider-man but at the same time can really give you a "rush" (see what I did there?). It will probably get old until you can upgrade the abilities of what you do when you hit the enemy after rushing him, such as web-hurricane or slowed-down take out moves which look pretty cool. All-in-all this element capitalizes on the fact that while Spider-man isn't the Hulk and can't just absorb bullets, he can move so fast that enemies quickly loose track of him. Sadly, as I mentioned earlier, you will be forced to go into "dungeon" areas like bland sewers and labs, not only are they graphically boring but gameplay wise they force you to be stealthy (just like Batman) but aren't nearly as fun as the Dark Knight. This is where the pace of this game really slows to a crawl (did you catch it that time?) and collectibles will be your only joy in these dark places. But as long as Peter Parker is out in the sunshine chasing robots and make'n jokes and slinging around the city it'll feel like the best game in the world even if it's elements are used to a repetitive bore.

This game takes place in the universe of the recently rebooted Amazing Spider-Man movie. The game takes place following the events of the movie, so I recommend watching the movie first. However, I feel that this limited what Beebox could do with the Spider-man character, they've already shown us they have some creativity with their earlier time-traveling editions of the character and in the use of the jokes and quwips in this game, they clearly understand Spider-man's light hearted nature (no, Sony, Spidey doesn't need to be dark like Batman to sell well).

While this game is good it is in no ways great. The gameplay elements that shine among some drabby design choices and limited-repetitive-over-used gameplay mechanics really make you wonder what they could have done with a more open book on the Spider-Man universe or some help from the folks at Rocksteady. Who should pick up this game? If you're a fan of sandbox games and spider-man then you should pick this up (I am a fan of both so that certainly colored my feelings on the game), others might want to give it a rent first.
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on July 5, 2012
I was a bit apprehensive about this game when it was first announced, but the more that was revealed the more intrigued I became. After finally playing this game for myself I must say that it did not disappoint. The graphic detail and gameplay are both great. The combat is vastly improved and takes a page from Rocksteady's Batman: Arkham Asylum, but what Spidey's style and flair.

The Stan Lee Adventure Pack is quite a treat as Stan Lee does all of his own voice overs. The entire plot is you have to search for his missing script that is mysteriously blown out of the window. Silly plot, but it makes for a some interesting fun and games. I still have yet to play it and see what you get for finding all the pages to his script.

So far there are a few unlockables to look forward such as different costumes and such. So far I really look forward to seeing what other spoils there are while playing the game. As much as I enjoyed watching the film I'm getting the same vibe from playing the game

Over all this is a very solid game. Many have poked and prodded about the web slinging mechanics not sticking to the buildings, but it works. The webs may not literally stick, but one thing I have noticed is that you do have to be near buildings in order to actually swing anyhow. The game does have its setbacks with glitches here and there especially when wall crawling in odd corners. Other than this the game is really fun. I do have to add that if you DO NOT want to spoil the events the movie, play the game after you see it. It is plot heavy and refers to the movie quite a bit. The Amazing Spider-Man is amazing in it's own right.

Update - 7/10/12

The game continues to be just as fun as I hoped. Being able to search for the comic books rather than emblems is a step up. Adding icing on the cake, the comics you collect are full issues of different Spider-Man comics. It has various comics that you can collect and read ranging from the original Amazing Fantasy Spider-Man comic up to more recent comics.

I played the car chase missions and photography missions which are pretty cool. It keeps you on your toes in between story missions.

I also have found another con in this game which isn't really a big deal, but kind of disappointing. The free roam area isn't as large as the previous games. The game itself is limited only to Manhattan where in others you could go to other metropolitan areas and there's no access to subway tunnels and sewers either. That was the one thing about Spider-Man 3 that was an awesome addition. This game should've had underground access, but I guess beggars can't be choosers.
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on May 1, 2013
Ever since I was a little boy, Batman and Spider-man have always been my favorite super heroes and part of what came with that favoritism was playing the games based on said heroes. But as I grew older and my `tastes' improved, I realized that the majority of licensed games were mediocre at best, and downright poorly made trash at worst .
Well, that all changed for Batman back in 2009 when `Batman: Arkham Asylum' (Developed by Rocksteady studios), was released. Both it and its sequel,Arkham City(2011) are considered not only some of the best licensed games ever made, but two of the best games ever made that truly do justice to the dark knights legacy.

Well, unfortunately for Spider-man, the web slinger hasn't had such luck with his entries in the world of video games. But Benox studios attempts to change that with, `The Amazing Spider-man' (This being the third game the studio has developed for the Spider-man franchise; both of their previous installments received lukewarm reception.) But after playing the game to completion, my findings are far from amazing. (See what I did there?)

It should be noted that the game takes place about 6 months after the movie it is based upon. The premise is very simple and the basics are that the cross-species virus that infected Doctor Connors in the film is still being studied in secret and when a freak accident occurs, it is spread across the city. And the new head of Oscorp science division, Alistair Smythe, believes that the only way to cure the infection is to exterminate it by using his advanced nanobots/ robotics defense technology. (I.E. Give Spider-man an excuse to beat up lizard people and robots)

And the combat system with which you will provide said beat down is incredibly similar to `Arkham's' system in that it operates on a counter and strike system. When an incoming hit is about to strike Spider-man, a small indicator appears over Spider-man's head and you are given a window of time to dodge out of the way and return the favor. And just like in the Arkham games a little combo meter builds up as you deliver punishment which allows the player to unleash flashier moves to help finish the job. But Beenox's take on the combat that Rocksteady made perfect, is relatively sloppy. For one the indicator above Spider-man's is incredibly small and often hard to see when things get chaotic. It also doesn't help that the games camera focuses far too much on spider-man during combat and not enough on the whole environment. (The frustration on what you can and can't see increases when Spider-man takes too much of a licking, and the screen goes a hazy red.) This lead to me getting sucker punched by enemies I couldn't see or couldn't react to until it was too late. The small indicator, coupled with the bad camera, gives even the lowest of thugs the chance to make Spider-man look like a total chump.

Other than the combat, there is another mechanic in place that allows Spider-man to explore the closed levels or the open-world Manhattan with more ease other than his normal web swinging, know as the `Web Rush'. This ability allows the player to slowdown time and command Spider-man to go to a highlighted destination. When this works, it works well and looks impressive from a cinematic perspective since Spider-man leaps and bounces off of walls and buildings with the agility you would expect from the hero. But even in this aspect I ran into some hiccups. Like I said, when this works, it works great. But there are moments when it causes great frustration. Sometimes the ability is very finicky and will often either stop short of where you told Spider-Man to go and he will (On the very rare occasions that I saw. ) be stuck floating hilariously in mid-air, or end up in a different spot altogether. As you can imagine this is incredibly bothersome. Especially if you have to get to a specific area within a certain amount of time, or retrieve a certain item in a specific spot.

As you complete combat scenario's, explore the world, and finish certain story objectives, this net's the wall crawler experience points which can be used to purchase upgrades to improve his attack strength, resistance to gunfire, rate at which he fires his webs, etc. But besides the ones I just mentioned and a few others, I found that either certain upgrades they gave me were given to me too late in the game to be useful, or just weren't useful to begin with. This may just be my tastes coming into play but the game never gave me a reason to try another tactic or a new ability out when the best and easiest option was just to rush in and beat people up the same way I was during the games opening moments, all the way to its climax.

This brings me to the game's final and worst fault: Its repetitive nature. When you boil the game down it has three main pillars to the way it's structured: Go to a certain area, defeat the enemies that spawn there, and bring down some sort of technological obstacle through a button prompt. Rinse and repeat. Even its side-missions are many of the exact same side- missions I have done in almost every single Spider-man in the past (Stop a mugging, disable a car chase by covering the suspects windshield in web fluid, and get an injured civilian to a hospital by web swinging them there.) What made the Rocksteady Batman games great is that they utilized the full facet of the hero's personality and abilities. Batman is a warrior who knows 127 different self-defense styles, a master detective, and a stealthy predator who strikes fear into the hearts of his foes. They mixed all three together into a near flawless experience and made sure to pace the game in a proper way to make sure the player was never sick of what they were doing. By the time they were finished doing one thing, they were off to do something different. Here it's just, "Like to beat people up using a combat system that isn't as good as the game that it's originally from? No? Well get ready to do it anyway." Now, I'm not a huge comic book guy but I'm pretty sure there are other things you can draw from in order to define Spider-man other than to beat people up.

I feel like I'm beating the game down a little too much but there isn't anything super noteworthy. I admit there are a couple cool set piece moments, exploring the city by web swinging is pretty cool, and Spider-man does have some cool animations (He's the height of the games visuals. The environments textures are a little `muddy' and the other character models are the epitome of the `video game person stereotype' from weird, twitchy, and robotic animations to zombie like, empty eyes) Heck, I'll admit I even had fun for the first couple of hours. But when you do the SAME things for 7 and half hours straight, it just stops being fun....
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on August 16, 2012
This has been a really fun game to play. I have enjoyed it and also my grandchildren. The controls are really easy to use -- swing action is really great.
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