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48 of 52 people found the following review helpful
on January 2, 2012
The Edge is a cool looking radio and the sound quality is great. I purchased it because I needed to replace my Delphi Skifi2. I was surprised this radio does not have the following things that I am used to seeing on all of my previous radios:

1. This radio only has 10 presets, not 30.
2. There is not a sports/stocks ticker.
3. TuneSelect(name?) is not on this radio. It will not alert you when your favorite songs/artists come on.

These features have become a staple to me, and I am not really sure why they were not included. Also, the screen is a color screen and has background images behind each station. Why? The images are generic(not album covers or station images) and really serve no purpose other than to distract from the text. The channel labels are the logos, not the text name of the channels which in some cases makes it difficult to tell what station you are on.

A new feature, which I like, is the category select feature which allows you to scroll through the categories instead of just scrolling through all of the channels.

I kind of regret this purchase and I am surprised that Audiovox would create a radio which lacks so many features that made other radios easy to use. However, there are not many choices out there and if sound quality is all you care about, this is not a bad choice.
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on January 1, 2012
This is a basic, no-frills radio that can receive the new XM 2.0 channels. There is very little functionality included with this radio besides that needed to listen to a single XM radio channel at a time.

If you are used to XM Radios such as the XpressRC/RCi which support alerting you when your favorite artist or sports team comes on, watching sports/stock tickers, recording a song, or showing a clock, this radio cannot do any of these. No remote control is included, although universal XM remotes can be purchased separately. The 30-minute replay buffer is limited to a single channel; swap radio channels by accident and you lose your entire back buffer.

I cannot help but feel this radio could be much more polished for the price given what past XM radios had and a bit more work.

On the positive side, the XM 2.0 radio channel support is a nice touch, with all XM Radio channels except those only on the Internet available given the appropriate subscription. This radio is also compatible with older Dock and Play equipment like those used for the XpressRC series (although the newer included dock may change the power jack size & FM Transmitter jack location compared to older docks).

But if you intend to use this radio at home or where you will be more than a few feet away from the display, I highly recommend that you look at this radio in person prior to purchasing it. The font sizes used on this radio are smaller than on other XM Radios I have used (especially for the song titles), and there is no ability to adjust the font size used to make the display more readable from a distance.
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on April 20, 2012
I had a Skyfi2 previous to this. Although that product wasn't awesome either, it did have a few important features on top of the Edge.

- More channels
- Buttons are reasonably feel on the display without looking at the unit
- Black and a little smaller than my previous unit. Hopefully less of a target for thieves.

- No display auto-off. When driving at night you have to go into the menu and turn down the brightness, or just turn off the radio altogether
- No remote. Often is is easier to hold a remote than reach for the radio.
- No Tune Select. Sorry Kathy Madigan, I won't hear you as much anymore.
- Color display with static graphics. Distracting in the car.
- Less programmable stations. Only 10.
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VINE VOICEon July 17, 2013
Edition: EdgeVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The SiriusXM SX1EV1 Edge Dock-and-Play Satellite Radio is a very good device, delivering what it's meant to do quite well. It comes with an installation card to have it professionally installed by a licensed dealer, but I strongly recommend against doing this. For one thing, even with the card it'll cost $70 to have it done, and for that price all they do is run the wire to the cigarette lighter rather than coupling it to the fuse box. Anyone can do this basic installation for free, so the "free" installation card is essentially useless. The installation was easy, I just recommend using lots of zip or velcro ties and hiding it behind the car's weather stripping/insulation where possible. For best reception, install the antenna on the roof. It's metallic and very strong so it won't fall off your car. Run the wire along the side of the window, and the wire's quite thin so it's easy to conceal.

I can't complain too much about the reception, it works in 98% of areas, the only times you'll run into reception problems is if you're in a garage or in any area with large buildings or tall trees, but this is random, generally speaking I have no issues with listening to any station, and the signal is flawless when it's audible since it's satellite, no distortions.

You can use the number buttons to set 10 different favorites, 0-9. To make a favorite, simply find your station, then press and hold the number button you want for 2-3 seconds and it'll automatically store it.

The only downside I've found with this unit's design is the channel tuner which is the large round button on the bottom right; it's too sensitive when channel surfing, so you have to just barely tune it to get the next channel. Other than that, the playback buttons are easy to use and the display has the name of the artist, the album and sometimes the year it came out, which is nice when you don't know the name of the artist singing.

Beyond that, it's easy to set up. Plug it into your car's mp3 audio output by using the male to male 3.5 mm cable, set your stereo to the aux input, plug the power and antenna in, then connect the unit to your dashboard either via the stand with a strong sticker on the bottom, or use the air vent connector. I recommend using the stand with the sticker on the bottom since anything that's connected to an air vent will be heavily affected by the temperature of the air coming out, whether it's cold or hot, and over time that will have a detrimental effect on the electronics of the radio (electronics don't fare well with extreme temperature changes in the long run). If you don't have a newer car with the mp3 3.5 mm audio output, you'll have to buy a separate adapter not included with this.

This unit can be detached and used inside provided that you have the docking station, which is also sold separately. Personally I don't see the need for this since it's meant for my car and I have plenty of methods for playing music inside, but it's a neat feature nonetheless for those that don't have a PC, stereo or other audio playback at home.

Another bonus with this unit is an included $50 gift card for the SiriusXM satellite radio subscription. I opted for the $10/month music subscription which has plenty of options including news stations, so this card provides for a few months of free subscription (activation fee eats up about $15), which was a nice surprise.

If they improve the reception and the channel tuner, this would be a perfect 5/5, but as it stands it's still a worthy contender in the satellite radio market.
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on December 28, 2011
I selected this unit because of the excellent reviews from another store's web site and that it had an FM transmitter which is a good option if your car radio does not have am audio AUX jack. Note the brand name of the unit I bought was SiriusXM, but the model number matches this Amazon listing.

The installation guide insists that the magnetic antenna as to be installed outside. The guide talks the reader through a process of temporarily removing weather stripping on the vehicle door and putting the antenna wire under the weather stripping. I decided that destroying by two year old pickup truck was not for me, so before going to far, I verified that I could put the antenna on the dash by the windshield and get reception. I then drove for a couple miles on a cloudy day and had no interruptions in service.

Satisfied, I then used the included vent clip to mount the unit to a vent. Again, I have no interest in destroying my new truck, so the vent option versus screwing into dash was the only acceptable approach.

The only challenging part was to get the FM transmitter to work with my truck's radio. Per the instructions I tune the truck radio and XM radio to an unused frequency with no joy. I was convinced that the XM radio was defective, and came close considering a plan B which would have been to buy a separate amplifier and speakers. However I decided to keep trying, and managed to find three FM frequencies that would pickup the XM transmission. My only concern is that if use the XM on an extended road trip, I do not want to be fumbling every 100 miles or so to find unused frequencies. I will add an AUX jack if faced with that.

My goal is to be able to take my XM radio with me when I fly to other cities and rent a car. To do that I plan to mount the XM radio to a friction pad such as that used for a GPS. The XM radio came with a dash mount fitting with a ball socket that attaches to the XM radio. Unfortunately the ball joint is a different size then that used for my GPS and the base of the dash mount fitting is too big for my GPS friction pad. What I plan to do is cut a plastic disk that fits my GPS friction pad and then screw it to the XM dash mount fitting using the existing holes.

Update: the plastic disk option did not pan out for my GPS friction pad. Instead I bought an inexpensive friction pad that was on clearance for $5. I then bought a pair of chrome drawer knobs and then drilled two holes of slightly smaller diameter than the screws for the knobs into the newly purchased friction pad to fit the holes of the dash mount fitting. Then drove the screws into the bottom of the pad. Slipped the dash mount onto the protruding screws and screwed the knobs on. Result looks neat and sharp. Now I have a truly portable satellite radio.
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on May 16, 2013
Edition: EdgeVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I was beyond excited that I could have satellite radio in my ancient car so I snapped this one up quick. Let me get quickly to sound quality and content: excellent. The range of what Sirius has available is tremendous and quick to call up. I really love listening to classical music one minute and hip hop the next. Because I don't have an AUX outlet in the car, I was able to buy a cassette tape player/appliance that plugged in to the SX1EV1. I found (and read in the good manual) that this was the next-best.
Also according to the manual there are other ways to connect this to your vehicle's sound system, but none as good (transmitting through a chosen FM radio station sounds abhorrent). Set up of the account is easy and straightforward on Sirius' site and the included $50 gift card was great in helping reduce the sticker shock of how expensive the service is. The cheapest package I could find was still about $15 a month or so.
That said, the biggest issue I had was designing how to install the appliance: while there are clear instructions in the manual for installation, it is a bear to actually perform. Wires need to be run from outside the car, from the antenna which will be attached via a stickered/glued surface, tucked into--in my case the trunk area--and run under various upholstery and fittings to the front where the appliance may be fitted into an air vent on on the dash. The vent option was out as it was too shaky and the dash was permanently glued. In all, not a fan of this process. To be frank, I'd rather buy a car which already came with a SiriusXM radio rather than this.
The other surprise, if you will, is that while it's true that this is a dock-and-play radio and that you are supposed to be able to move it from the house dock into the car, the house dock/apparatus is not included & must be purchased separately. To me, this is all too much work.
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on September 3, 2012
Bought this to replace my trusty Sirius Replay radio and to get the extra XM stations.

Boy was I hoodwinked!

First has fewer features--only 30 minutes play back and no favorite band/song alerts.

Next it has a smaller antenna and so craps out often on tree lined streets and is especially weak when driving north. I live in the 'burbs so building "congestion" is not the issue and my other radio had no problems in the same areas. Kind of brings back memories of when I was a kid and the AM radio would die off when driving under an overpass. I tried many antenna positions and the result was the same everytime.

The real fun with this radio was when it failed after 3 months and Sirius/XM could have not given a damn. I was bounced around from support rep. to support rep.--I was hung up on twice, once before even speaking to a rep. and twice "dead" transferred as well.

Everyone I did speak with wanted to help, but it unfortunately wasn't them that could. They also seemed to not add notes to the my account, as each time I called I had to reinvent the wheel. I finally got someone to offer me a replacement radio but that would take 10 business days or more--two weeks plus. TWO WEEKS of terrestrial radio?!!! No way! So I replaced it at my expense.

The real kicker was when Sirius/XM tried to charge me an "activation" fee for the replacement radio. That took 15 minutes of "please hold" to get rectified.

And one more thing, if you are an old Sirius customer, they will create a new account for a new radio--because it is XM as well. They transferred my pre-paid balance to the new account and then promptly created a $30 owed balance on my old account. They still send me nasty notes on that one. Go figure?!

So beware of this radio unless you are nostalgic for the old AM radio days.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on September 18, 2013
This satellite radio is simple to use, beautiful, and relatively inexpensive.
I have it plugged in through the auxiliary port in my vehicle's current radio and sound quality is perfect. I'm not sure what it would sound like hooking it up one of the other ways, but it seemed like this was the easiest solution at the best quality. I'm sure it would be more difficult one of the other ways, with FM radio channels and more complications, but it works extremely well for me through the Aux input.
I do wish the antenna cable was a little longer. It will probably work with most vehicles; however, I have a GMC Acadia with third row seating. Running from the rear of the roof through the interior along the edges just tucked under the carpet, the tension of the cable is tight when I plug it in. An extra 6" would have been enough to not stretch it. An extra 1' would have really helped.
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9 of 13 people found the following review helpful
on May 14, 2012
If I could give it zero stars, I would. Everything that you loved about the Xpress R, RC, and RCi - except the fact that the backlight would almost certainly die - is missing from this radio. It is bigger and less attractive (if that's possible) than the Xpress series and has fewer features. I am not sure how SiriusXM intends to keep/expand thier base with the crap that their manufacturers are putting out. I knew that this radio would be a disappointment before I bought it, but there were not many options out there. If you have never had a portable satellite radio, you might not be too upset, but if you expect anything other than simply tuning in, do not buy this radio.

* EDIT * 12/21/12 - It gets worse. I knew it would. Now, there is something wrong with the dock part of the radio. Not the dock itself, but the radio. I have 3 docks - one for my bike, one for my car and one for work and I get the same results in each one. If you just stick the radio in the dock, after about 60 seconds or so, you get a little message telling you that the antenna is either damaged or unplugged. After careful investigation, I discoverd that if you fold a 4x6 sheet of paper into a 1" square and jam it between the back of the radio and the dock, you can get the antenna to make connection. For a while. Then your bars will go to zero and the readio will cut out. Then, magically, all on thier own, they come back to 4 full bars and your tunes are back. Then gone. Then back. I bought a 4th dock in hopes that by some unbeliveably miserable stroke of bad luck I had 3 bad docks. Now I have an XM branded paperwieght. And an extra dock.

Run, run, run away. Go with the Spress series. They are pretty rock solid - except for the backlite thing. My old Xpress Rc still works, you just can't see the screen and it is almost 6 years old - been rained on a little while on the bike, dropped on the floor, had bug guts sprayed all over it, and the screen replaced 3 times. When I get sick of the in-and-out-and-back-in of this one, I'm going back to the Rc or the Rci.

Shame on you SiriusXM. Your hardware stinks.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on May 16, 2013
Edition: EdgeVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I have no experience with any other satellite radios and therefore had no expectations going into this except superior fidelity.

I rigged it up to a T-amp and was very happy with the sound. The station choices were amazing to me. It felt like I had stepped out of the stone-age.

The unit is pretty handsome and easy to use with intuitive button placement.

The only thing I disliked is the plastic feels a bit cheap. It looked to be much higher quality in the photos, but it doesn't appear to affect function (yet).
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