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on November 28, 2011
I'd been looking for a low profile Radeon HD 6670 card ever since this GPU was released. This is the first one available. There is also a Sapphire low profile HD 6670 available. Both cards have 1 GB GDDR5 RAM and will have identical performance. I chose this model because the twin fans are likely to run slightly quieter, and because it is a couple of cm shorter than the Sapphire model. It is also a tiny bit wider, so if you're really pushed for space width-wise in your case the Sapphire might be a better choice.

The card came bundled with the low profile brackets for my small form factor case (Dell Inspiron 580s), and these were easy to fit. The card itself is good looking and well-engineered. It fit very easily into my case, and connected to my monitor via DVI immediately. I downloaded the latest drivers from the internet, and after a restart, I was up and running less than 10 minutes after opening the box.

Windows Experience graphics rating jumped to 7.1. Skyrim detected the card and set "High" detail levels. At native 1920x1080 resolution it runs very smoothly and looks great. I reckon I could up the detail levels and still get playable frame rates.

Most importantly, I have not experienced any problems running this card from the 250W Dell Power Supply which came with my machine. I have a low power draw elsewhere (the core i3 is very efficient), but really, you don't need the suggested 400W PSU to run this card. I also haven't had any cooling issues despite my case being crammed under a shelf with two of the vents covered!

All in all, a great price:power:fps ratio, and an absolute no-brainer choice for anyone with a low-profile case who wants to play the latest games at very respectable settings.
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on May 3, 2012
Normally I am not an AMD fan, typically stick with Nvidia chipsets. This particular card had the specs that at least made me want to try it out and it has not disappointed. A minor point that has been mentioned in other reviews where the bracket that comes attached to the card is for a full form factor case, but it does have the low profile brackets. You just need a small (really small) screwdriver. One other fault is that it did not come bundled with a DVI to VGA adapter. A normally pretty cheap accessory to insure ease of connectivity. Unfortuanely my KVM switch is still VGA based and I needed the adapter (my old one would not fit it). For now my KVM is offline until I can find an adapter. Not a problem with the card, just an inconvenience.

The card itself is fast for a low profile, low power consumption card. Please don't think you will be able to run the latest and greatest game at full out specs. But you will be able to play many of them on moderate settings. My slimline case only has a 220 Watt power supply and I was worried I was going to have to upgrade to at least a 300 Watt model - no need.

I recommend you skip the drivers that came with the card and download them directly from HIS or even AMD/ATI for that matter. You will get the latest driver and fine tune it for your language/country etc. The Catalyst Driver interface can be a bit much, but it does give you a nice interface to overclock the card (somewhat) as well as increase the fan speed. You decide how loud you want your PC to humm.

Final thought, overall a very good deal for the card. Comes in under $85 after rebate (free shipping) and is probably one of the fastest cards you will find that can run on a small power supply and fit in really small cases.

Update - 01/09/13
Had to return the card for warranty support after a few months (9), fan began to grind. Card continued to function properly, but the noise was just too much. Warranty service was fair, they turned it around in a month. They just sent me a replacement card in the end. Good thing I still had the original Nvidia Card still hanging around or I would have been without a machine for 32 days. Result is a one star drop - less than a year before the fan failed is not good. Warranty is good for two years, hope I don't need to use them again.
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on October 9, 2012
Was somewhat concerned when I read that a 400W power supply was recommended for this video card, since my system only has a 220 W supply. However, when I read another review that reported good performance with a 200 W supply, I decided to go for it.

I had been running a GeForce 210 in my HP S5280, but it was causing my system to lock up more and more frequently. I have a kill-a-watt power meter installed on my system. With the GeForce 210, the system was running ~ 90 W at idle, and ~ 100-110 W when playing games. Obviously, with such a low-performance GPU, the resolutions I could run were fairly low.

When I installed the HIS 6670 card, the first thing I noticed was that it was much quieter than my old GeForce 210 card. When I checked system power consumption at idle, it had dropped from 90 W to 75 W. When playing games, at higher resolutions than with the 210 card, total power consumption of my system was still in the 100-110 W range. So far, the GPU has been rock solid. GPU temp at idle is about 45 C, and about 55 C when playing games.

Overall, very satisfied.
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on April 26, 2012
After doing a lot of searching for a nice working low profile card, I finally decided on this one. I have a Dell Studio Slim 540s and occasionally do some gaming on it. I was mostly looking for a card that would allow me to play diablo 3 on a higher setting. Like the other reviewer with the 540s, I had to replace the regular bracket with the low profile bracket that came with it. Unlike him, I had no problems whatsoever with the small screw in the middle because my wife has a set of small screwdrivers. I had this card in place in less then 5 mins and this is coming from someone who had never taken off the backing of my computer before. Needless to say, it was straightforward and there was plenty of space for this in there w/o making any mods.

Gameplay with this card has been fantastic. I originally was able to run starcraft 2 on medium settings. It wasn't terrible, but would lag w/ gameplay when alot was happening on screen. With this new card installed I'm able to run it fine on the highest setting with no problem (granted I do have a pretty good processor and extra ram). My windows experience ratings for graphics jumped from 3.8 to 7.1 (right at the level of my processor and ram). It is a little noisier but it's not bothersome. I'd take that tradeoff anytime.

Hope this review was helpful for you. It seems to be a great card for smaller cases.
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on February 27, 2012
Might be the best performing card for a slim case (I never would have bought a slim case if I knew how limiting they are). Replaced the (ugh) on board 6150SE nForce 430 in my Dell 531s and drastically improved my gaming fps. I play WoW and can peg everything to ultra (if I want) and get 25-35 fps. If I throttle it to good for a raid I am maxed on fps with completely clean game play. Although it's only been in the case for 3-4 weeks I monitor the temperature and see no issues with overheating and the fan noise is very tolerable. If most gamers play with headsets (as I do) then fan noise is not really a factor anyway IMO. Bottom line...great price, fits, and drastic performance upgrade.

UPDATE as of April 2014 still going strong!
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on May 27, 2012
Installed this on my HP m9426f, 300W, PCIe 1.1a motherboard.
I was worried that my almost 5 year old computer was outdated for this card, but I gave it a shot based on other reviews.

This card works wonders. Small, fairly powerful, and low power consumption. Window experience went from 3.9 to 7.1. Can run current games on medium to high setting, and older games like Dragon Age on max. I definitely recommend if you're trying to avoid getting a new computer and trying to squeeze extra juice out of it. Rebate process though, is a big hassle but the card still well worth 100 bucks.

EDIT (6/6/12):
From the manufactor

"Your Rebate was not approved for the following reason(s)

- No proof of purchase date in documentation

Our decision to not approve your rebate claim was based upon examination of the documents that we received from you. "

I guess a copy of the receipt is not good enough for them?
It's whatever considering how happy I am with the card, but it makes me like the company less when they rip people off
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on April 16, 2012
I bought this card to upgrade a Sapphire Radeon HD 5570. The card works fine, and it does what it's supposed to do, but I took away a star because it just barely was able to deliver better performance than my year-old 5570. Not to mention it costs almost twice what that card cost when I first bought it.

I used the HDMI port on this card to hook my PC up to my HDTV and it plays Skyrim on High settings. It does a good job, just not a good enough job to justify the price.

If you are buying this to put in a small form factor case, be careful to measure well to ensure this card fits in your case. It is longer than most low-profile cards, and the dual fans, while neat, are pretty thick. I put this in a Dell Optiplex SFF box and I actually had to remove the hard drive shroud to make it fit. It keeps cool very well, the dual fans are very quiet, and it sips power, all good qualities in a low profile card.


Plays games with good FPS and resolution
Very quiet and low power consumption


Larger than most low profile cards
Much cheaper cards perform almost as well.
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on January 20, 2012
Great card for a great price. Used ATI Catalyst to overclock from 800/1000mhz to 900/1150mhz with no problems as the dual fans are very quiet and kept the gpu to 66c at max load. The video card also doesn't need it's own power so that makes it more ideal for older systems.

-Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 3.00ghz oc'ed to 3.60ghz
-HIS ATI Radeon HD 6670 1gb DDR5 oc'ed to 900/1150mhz
-MSI P43-51 mobo
-Kingston HyperX Blu 4gb (2x2gb) DDR3 (8-9-8-23)
-Samsung 830 64gb SSD & 2 1tb Seagate HD's for storage
-Coolmaster Hyper TX3
-Antec BP500U ATX 12V 500W PSU
-Rosewill Redbone ATX Mid Tower with 2 120mm fans
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on August 6, 2012
Size matters, and this little guy is the perfect size. I bought this because I wanted to do a bit more gaming than my on chip 6550 would do for me. This things runs cool and is quiet, even when overclocked as high as AMD Overdrive will let me. Dual graphics with my 6550 lets me play skyrim in ultra high graphics mode, very nice.

I must warn people who plan on using this with an AMD A series APU.. If you run this in dual graphics mode you will not be able to take advantage of the DDR5 Ram this comes with, this is because your motherboard (if it's like mine) will default it to DDR3 to be able to run in combination with your on chip GPU(using the DDR3 RAM in your motherboard). Because of this windows WEI will give you a higher score with dual graphics disabled. I assure you though, when you play a game made in the 21st century the dual graphics will give you a much better gaming experience.

Would purchase again 100 times over.
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on March 27, 2012
First off, Amazon's shipping is incredible so + for that. Well now on to the review.
The card was able to fit nicely into my Dell Studio Slim 540's Model. There was one problem I have to mention. It doesn't have anything to do with the installation but more replacing the bracket. When you receive the card it has a Normal Sized Bracket already on it. You will have to replace that bracket with 1 of the 2 Low Profile Brackets in order to fit it into a slim model. No Biggy right? Well it's kind of a biggy. You have to remove the 4 screws that hold in the VGA and DVI-D. No problem. I used a wrench for that came of easily. The problem is there's a microscopic screw that's in the middle you have to unscrew in order to take off the bracket. I used 17 types of screw tips and not any of them could unscrew it. It was very annoying. In the end I used the wrench to unscrew it and well il be damned it worked. I took off the bracket replaced it with one of the Low Profile's tightened it and we are a go.
Easily installed it closed up the computer. Inserted the driver disc and within five minutes everything was all good to go. This card is night and day difference compared to the integrated chip that originally came with the PC.
Q.U.B.E, Highest settings, 1680 by 1050 resolution but no AA,60 frames and above.
Trine 2, High settings, 1680 by 1050 resolution,50 frames and above.
Minecraft, everything maxed except, render distance medium,50 frames and above.
One very important note, I'm running this card on 250watt Power Supply and haven't experienced any problems yet. Temp is normal. However my processor might be helping me out since I have a quad-core. What I can tell you is that you don't need 400watt PSU. Don't waste your money. I'm pretty sure If you got your PC in 2009 and above you should be fine.
Overall this card is no brainer,must buy for slim cases. I had to dock it one star due to the issue with the screw.
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