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on January 7, 2012
One of my my gripes with other Battleship games (video, different consoles) is when you hit an enemy, they always find you shortly thereafter. In the Kindle Battleship, it is a real delight to have irregular patterns of "revenge" by the computer. In other words, just because you hit the enemy ship, doesn't mean it will zap your ships right back. They also do a very nice job of scattering their shots and don't persistently hit the same areas (unless they find you, then they logically search for you in that area. And YES, they do miss while they're searching, just like you do.) The best I've done? The enemy only sank ONE of my 3 square boats! Yippee! The worst? He nailed my PT boat right away, and two others within seven shots. OUCH. So the computer will keep you on your toes.

I love the Salvo- you get the same number of hits as you have ships. As your ships get sunk, the number of shots you have is reduced. I do agree with the reviewer that says it is a big change having the ships outlined to the side and you KNOW which one you hit- but I LIKE that. You don't have to look at it, and can put an index card over that area if you don't want to see it. It's a nice option to have, if you want it, it's there.

Another thing I like- the placement of ships. If you use the five way button and click Automatic, the ships will rearrange themselves. Keep clicking until you get a setup you somewhat like, then move the cursor to MANUAL and scoot the ships to where you want them. It's much faster :)

One con I do see is that the enemy often has a tendency to cluster the ships too close together. Not always, but fairly often. So you get in the habit of checking for clustering. It still doesn't help finding that pesky little PT boat though! Even with clustering fairly often, it's often a tight race to win- you will NOT regret buying this game. I own almost ALL the Kindle games and this one is hands down my favorite. (Other goodies-If you like word games, Panda Poet (don't laugh) and Shuffled Row are also fun. Panda Poet isn't timed, whereas Shuffled Row makes you hustle and is NOT relaxing- good for a change of pace. Ken-Ken will appeal to numbers folks, my hubby can't put that series down once he starts! Frankly, I started getting addicted to it too- just as an "adviser" though.)

The Pass And Play is really nice too- once you take your shot and the results are shown, the screen will come on and say to pass it (and your location is already hidden, and so is the opponents.) They have to push a button to activate the screen for their use. Very nice feature!

I'm the Fleet Admiral (top rank) after sinking 350 ships, and it says a lot that I found it enjoyable to keep changing my strategies and see how I fared. I'm hooked! You can't go wrong getting this game in my opinion. Would recommend too getting the Versa light for the Kindle DX (around $20) as you can then play in darkened conditions too. Happy gaming!
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I loved to play the old board game version of Battleship when I was a kid many years ago. Since then I've played it in a number of electronic versions, but the Kindle is a perfect platform for this game. The 5-way controller is all you need to choose where to attack the enemy ships, and the monochrome graphics are excellent for displaying the ship locations.

You can play the Classic or the Salvo version. I prefer the Classic version, where you have one attack per turn. There are nine superweapons you can use, but only three are available at the start of the game - the others you can earn by sinking ships. Be careful how you use superweapons, since they take several turns to recharge after using one.

There is also a Pass n' Play version for two players, but I've had fun playing the solitaire version with the game's AI providing a tough adversary.

If you think Battleship is old hat, just wait until both you and the enemy are down to one ship, and you're both probing, desperately trying to find the enemy before they find you.
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on December 24, 2011
this the best battleship game ive ever played!!! best part is: classic mode, salvo (for every one of your ships left you have that number of missles in one turn) , super weapons (multi-area hits) and pass and play (play against another person) 99 cents is a steal for this game... good work EA games!!!
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on August 21, 2013
This was a fun updated take on a small travel game with plastic pegs that I used to play with my sister. Best of all, not only does this game feature a pass and play mode where you may trade your kindle off with another player (NO PEEKING!) but you can also play three types of solitaire games.

The traditional version features each player taking 1 shot at another. You do this on the kindle by choosing the tile you want to bombard. There's also a salvo version that allows you to fire one shot per ship in your fleet. Each time you lose a ship, you lose one shot so if you're really unlucky, the opposing player can have a definite statistical advantage over you.

The version I've really enjoyed are the super weapons. In the solitaire mode, the super weapons are unlocked as you advance through the ranks. (You need to have sunk 300 ships to become a Fleet Admiral!) Each time you unlock a new weapon, you get different abilities. There's a homing missile that will automatically target a ship if you choose a point that's within a certain distance from the hidden target. There's a diamond shaped area burst that covers a fairly large area of the game board. There's a strafing shot that will take out anything within a 5 box line. It's all quite fun.

The only minor criticism I have is that the ship silhouettes (as seen from the side) don't match the view of the vessels when looking down on the digital game board.

The traditional version of Battleship features two opposing fleets, each with an aircraft carrier (5 spaces long), a cruiser (4 spaces long), a destroyer (3 spaces long), a submarine (3 spaces long), and a patrol boat (2 spaces long). The ships just described are clearly seen as silhouettes that are filled with black as each hit is scored.

For reasons unknown, when looking down at the digital game board to set up the position of your fleet, instead of a destroyer and a submarine, there are two destroyers.

It's a minor concern really and doesn't detract from the overall enjoyment of the game.

Be aware that if you want to play this game while traveling, extensive use will drain the Kindle's battery far more quickly than if you were simply reading.
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on December 23, 2011
To be honest there is not much to a game of battleship as its basically a grid with dots. However EA did a great job of putting in some good artwork and an overall cool theme to this app. I think they did a great job and well worth the money. I have one problem with it however. Take a look at the gameplay pics, you will notice that you can see the enemy fleet. What? Yes I know, when you hit an enemy ship they actually show you what ship and where you hit it. This takes away a huge aspect of the game in my opinion. Not knowing where the ship ends and wasting a turn shooting to far, or getting a hit and starting a line and hoping you are going to sink a battleship. I wish they would have held off of showing you the fleet until you sunk a particular ship. Oh well I'll have to avert my eyes and enjoy this game for what it is.
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on January 29, 2013
I got this game for my kindle touch a few months ago. It is by far the best game I have. Pretty much the only mode I play is super weapons. In just a few days I was almost up to Admiral. I suggest getting this game if you are good at Battleship or not. I guarantee that after awhile of playing his game you will be a master at it. I wis i could have given this game six or seven stars. If you get this game you will never regret it.
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on January 5, 2012
Nice little change of pace game for when you get a little tired of reading. They make one for the iPad that is a little better, call it that it is in color (I have a Kindle touch and a Kindle Keyboard). But either way, I like Battleship and it brings me back to my childhood!
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on November 27, 2014
Would not work on my Kindle, even though the site said it would. I tried several different ways to install and open it without success. I should have been able to return it for refund but no provision is made for that.. While it's only 4 bucks, I still feel ripped off and will not try buying anything from this vendor again.
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on January 10, 2012
This is an ok game but can be hard to see and I kind of wish it had sound. A good thing to play to just let you brain go blank for a while to chill since it does not require much thinking on your part.
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on January 9, 2012
This game is SO much fun on the Kindle. I bought it thinking it might keep my daughter entertained--and well, I am addicted to it myself! Well worth the money. AI doesn't win every time, so it's more exciting to play. Definitely a keeper!
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