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on April 30, 2012
I purchased this product after enjoying the Haan SI-35 steam floor mop. The SH-20 R, has been a great addition to to the floor mop. I purchased the red color only because the floor mop is red. There is no difference between the mango yellow model and this unit, except for color. The first job was to tackle the door track on the sliding glass door. It blew out the corner crud in a most exciting way. The unit does get HOT, so I'd suggest reading the book well before using it. The second job was to clean around the kitchen sink, stove, window tracks, and the intricate door pulls on our cabinets in the kitchen. It did a very fine job on all of those tasks. If you want perfection, then, this might not suite you. But, you will get a very useful tool and save a lot of extra scrubbing. It does 95% of the job, then, you wipe up the loosened unwanted dirt. It is nice and clean when you finish. Maybe, you could compare the cleaner to a microwave vs a regular oven in the type of tasking it does. When you finish, you feel you've cleaned well, sanitized, and made yourself happy for having done it. The knob where you put water into the unit fits tight and I'm guessing it's for safety reasons, you must push down to disengage the knob to turn it. Overall, the unit is a fine addition to help with cleaning. It might not get used everyday, but when you need a little extra boost and some hot steam to blast away unwanted dirt, this little steamer will do the job. You will want to have several micro cloths available to wipe up the extra water and dirt that is removed when steaming. I would recommend this unit and am very pleased with the results.
I might add that the water capacity in the unit is about 1 cup and will last about 15 - minutes. Some folks don't like the idea of refilling frequently, it is a bit annoying when you're on a roll, but the size factor is what makes that necessary. If the steamer was bigger, the weight & portability would be gone. You also have to wait about 3 minutes between heating sessions to get your full steam blast again. It wasn't a problem because during those heating periods you can use that time to wipe up the newly steamed areas. For me, it didn't seem a big deal, but if you'd like things to happen without refilling a few times, it might not work for you. The time saved and ease of cleaning far outweigh the heating and water capacity limitation. It also worked wonderfully on the stainless steel refrigerator and dishwasher. It seems to get sticky stuff off areas that you can't get off the usual cleaning way ,everything feels slick and smooth. I wouldn't want to clean without the little gadget.
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on December 13, 2012
So 1st I wrote a 2 star review because out of the box i put my hand to the steam and I felt no heat. I emptied it and immediately was going to send it back. But than I said well let me try again and make sure I put the EXACT AMOUNT in the container. I even backed off a little under the line. BOOM HOT AS HELL!!! IT WORKS! For me, I use it to freshen the dog beds so I don't have to wash them everyday. This way, I can kill the odor germs! Now as far as the heat...POW, I put it on my Range Chimney, which...I don't wipe down as often as I should and WIPED THE MELTED GREASE right off!!! I don't know why people are complaining about a bigger tank? Why so its bigger in weight? This way, The steam heats up in an instant and so you can fire the canons again and again. I think I will set up the container in the bathroom where I can ZAP all the faucets and toilets like all the time!!! Dont forget you can disinfect your toothbrush as well and pillows to freshen them up and kill bed bugs or whatever. I took a chance and bought the Warehouse deal and it was fine! I think this is the only model that actually says it heats up to 212 degrees to truly disinfect on contact. The other brands do not say that. Ok...thats my review and its for real!!!
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on July 26, 2013
I've only been using this item for 3 days but I am very impressed overall. I bought it to clean and sanitize my bathrooms and kitchen. I've found it makes easy work of cleaning the fixtures in the bathroom and my white base board moldings(wood) too. We'll see if it's as much help in the kitchen or on the car.

Two negatives I have found so far... when using the short concentrator spray hose, the handle gets very hot. I also find that changing hoses is difficult. I'll assume, for now, it's because a tight fit is necessary when using steam. I'm hoping that with some use, that becomes a little easier. I haven't used most of the attachments yet, but so far, I really like this item.

UPDATE 8-1-2013
After 1 week, I am returning this item because the handle gets too hot... heating element defective or lack of proper heat shielding inside the handle is my guess.
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on January 26, 2013
I went through 2 other models of steamers before finding this one. the shark all-pro lift away (good if you do not want powerful steam) and the haan SI75 (again, good if you dont want a powerful steam jet). this little hot-shot is exactly that! It really does blast away dirt, grease, grime, you can even dust with it. it came with every attachment needed to do a full days list of chores. there is only ONE downside, the cable is too short. everything else, great, great product. i even ordered one for my mom.
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on February 20, 2013
This is a great little steamer when used for its intended purpose. I used it to clean the grout lines of my tile floor. A quick burst of steam, followed by a swipe with a rag, made them look new again. It is important to understand that the device is handheld and doesn't provide long periods of continuous steaming.
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on April 12, 2013
My parents came for a visit and soon after started getting bites. I immediately thought bed bugs and even though I couldn't see any signs of infestation,freaked out, did some research and ordered this steamer and some DE right away. I chose this steamer because it was the only one that specified it heats up to 240F (bed bugs die at 120F).
I started steaming the bed and a couple of dead bugs fell from the bed frame. I steamed the bed and the mattress several times - I steamed everything in the room - floors, furniture, toys, closet.The steamer is light and comfortable to hold, the attachments made it easy to reach from any side. The next day I steamed everything in the other rooms as well.(did not find any more bugs besides he ones that fell from the bed the first day). Yes, you have to hold the steamer close to whatever you are steaming, but that is neither hard, nor annoying.And for what I need it I'd rather go really close to the surface anyway, just to be sure that I've killed the buggers. The cord is long enough to reach everywhere, and yes, you have to refill it every 15 minutes, but that is a welcome break.
I don't want to tempt fate, but after that massive steam and DE attack, no one had had any bites for a week. I will repeat steaming and dusting with DE every week until I am sure I am bug free.
For the price and for what I needed it, this steamer is just perfect.
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on June 23, 2012
Bought this same unit at a local store. It's about the size of a tea kettle, with a good long cord. Easy to use in one hand. The screw-in cap at the top is a solid brass fitting under the plastic cap, and designed so that at temperature and pressure it will not open. Pushing down on the knob locks it into the mechanism so that you can loosen it from the fully-closed position, or tighten it all the way down. Much easier to use than a medicine bottle, but same basic principle.

The nozzle is a brass tube inside the plastic -- this is a theme. Good metal interior with good plastic covering so you have to try to burn yourself on anything. The attachments are useful. The main one, the long nozzle, is an extension of the brass tube in plastic, and gives good pressure out the end. The extension hose is very useful, because with the fixed attachments you will spray water if you tip the unit sideways. The extension lets you get steam at angles you couldn't otherwise. But it also wastes some of the heat in the process, over the extra length. This isn't a total disadvantage -- not every surface takes well to full heat. And the flat surface attachment (which comes with a bonnet) is quite good for steaming soft surfaces. Five holes, a good spread of steam. My couch hasn't looked this good since we brought it home! And between the extension and the surface tool, sanitizing yoga mats is easy. I haven't used the brushes or the small angle tool yet.

As to how much steam you get per fill: I can go over my couch (3 seat and back cushions plus pillows) fairly thoroughly and have some left. The trick is to use short bursts. The longer you hold the trigger, the less steam pressure you get over time.

What it's not: a miracle tool. It's quite good on mostly-clean hard surfaces. It will help release long-term dinge with alternating scrubbing. Heavy or deep grunge requires help from a cleanser -- use the steam after letting the product have a go. And it's not much good against mildew on porous surfaces; bleach is still your best bet. But it gets glass cleaner than you've ever gotten it with a spray. It's a nice addition to the cleaning arsenal, and it's easy to pull out, use up a tank, and put away again.
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on May 21, 2012
OMG!!!!!! I love this HAAN it's more than amazing! It's a great steam machine and great color. The only thing that you have to be aware is that you'll have to fill up your tank often because it only holds 200ml of water and that steams fast so be prepared to refill a lot of times, but it does the jobs very well! Love it!!!
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on April 29, 2013
I was able to steam my floors, clothes, bedding and tuck it away in the closet when finished. Thus item is also great for dry clean only clothes our clothes that cannot be dried or ironed.
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on April 6, 2014
I have needed to clean tile grout for some time and have pondered about what to get. All these type o products get mixed reviews. After using it on three tile floors, I believe most of the negatively relates to over reaching expectations for a the product.

First this appears to be a very sturdy product and was actually simple to use. However. this is a cleaning product, not a" restoration to brand new" product. It comes with some handy tools and a bag to hold them.

Secondly, this in not a good choice if you have to clean 1,000 tiles. The water capacity is 200ml which is about two cups of water. There is a handy cup with spout for easy filling. According to literature it will last about 15 minutes. This will depend up how you use it. If it is on continuous steam, it won't last that long. I found that I could clean about 25 12 inch tiles on each filling. Since you are on your hands and knees, a respite is nice. The red light flashes when you are empty, but you will also know you aren't getting and steam. Reheating does not take long, but first remember to let it cool before refilling, as the remaining steam can burn.

Thirdly, there is no on/off switch. Plugging and unplugging is required. It takes several minutes to get hot. The cap requires you to push down to engage when either opening or closing the water tank. I found that using both hands to hold down and to turn worked
best. If you aren't feeling resistance you haven't engaged the cap.

Fourth. when cleaning grout, use the included brush for bettter results. For dirtier areas, I sprayed the area with Simple Green before using the Haan. You will need to have some cloths to wipe up the dirt and moisture left from the steam. A bonus was how well it cleaned the shoe molding. Tile with a lot of surface dirt will generate a muddy film. I mop with a Swiffer Mop after I am finished.

Fifth, I used the extension with the brush. This means you don't have to hold the cleaner while using it and it gives you some freedom of movement to work around corners, toilets, etc..

Overall, this was a better experience than anticipated and the floors looked so much better. I would recommend this steam cleaner

My next project is to clean the stove burner trays in conjunction with some pumice.
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