Customer Reviews: Nuke Your Neighbor
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Game play:
You start the game by dealing out one card to each player and the high card deals and the next higher card sets the direction of play. On following rounds of the game the dealer is always the winner of the last round and the direction of play stays the same as it was when the round ended. Getting rid of all of your cards first makes you the winner of the round. The players who still have cards add up their points and add them to their match score. Once a person wins 3 games the game is over. The player with the least number of points is the winner. This is the classic style of playing the game. There is also an elimination game style.

A card in your hand is playable if it is wild or if it matches the suit or rank of the card at the top of the pile. Playable cards will appear white (highlighted) on your screen to help you during game play. The boarders around your cards will flash yellow when it is your turn to play. If you do not have a card to play you tap the deck and draw a card. If it is playable then play it.

You can drag your finger across the cards to spread them to more easily see them and view their value and actions. To play a card then touch it and while continuing to touch it drag it to the center pile. If you have the wrong card then just release it and it returns to your hand.

If you play a Joker you get to select the next suit. Strategically select a suit that you have a lot of to dispose of your cards or one that your neighbor doesn't have and thus forcing them to draw a card. When a player plays their second to the last card four colored buttons pop up and a color code. Be the first to successfully key in the five color code and you get to call last card.

Card powers:
* Bonus blocks can make your entire hand of cards wild.
* Jokers let you change the suit and the next player gets 5 penalty cards they have to draw.
* Aces reverse the direction of game play.
* Jacks are wild and can be played on any cards except an active 2.
* Sevens skip the next player's turn.
* Fours let you play another card and you can play as many fours in a row as you have in your hand if you would like to.
* A two forces the following player to play a Two also or have to draw two cards for every two on the pile and lose their turn to play a card.

Home screen:
* Start game
* Leaderboard shows you top scores but requires you to sign into their network.
* Help & options include how to play, credits, audio and back.
* Quit

What I like:
The description of the rules is very through and teaches you the game well. The game has three difficulties in easy, normal and hard. It makes it easy to learn the game without being frustrated. The game takes care of forcing you to take the extra cards and keep track of the scores and direction of play. It lets you concentrate on playing the game instead of trying to remember the extensive game rules.

Game play is fast and interesting and I liked playing the game.

What I don't like:
This game is pretty good and there is not much to not like but one is having to key in the color code on the last card. I don't quite understand that rule yet.

My least favorite issue is if you have to quit a game in the middle of the game, it doesn't save the game progress and you have to start a new game over. This is frustrating and you may have spent an hour or more playing a game and leading then only to lose your progress and score. This should be fixed.

I don't know why this game needs internet access except to share your score to the leader board which I could care less about. I wish this permission was removed from the game entirely.

This is a good card game and I enjoyed playing it and learning it. It has a lot of rules and I couldn't even go through them all above in my review. I found it best to play the game and learn by using the easy mode. It is not so easy though as your neighbors will nuke you to death!

While I don't like the network access I still gave this game four stars. It played well on the Kindle Fire and it did not have any failures. Game play was fun and it moved along quickly and was entertaining. This game will be a good time killer. I loved leaving my neighbor a parting gift card! I don't like not being able to leave the game and return later to finish the same game and this missing feature made me drop the score.

Size: the app is 472 KB in you app memory and 14.585 MB of memory in your storage area reserved for books and other entertainment items and data.

* Storage - modify/delete internal storage contents
* Network communication - full internet access
* Network communication - view network state
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on October 20, 2012
Basically it's like Uno where you battle three other opponents trying to get rid of all your cards. Also I am not sure why the game wants the permissions that it does. I don't see the reason for them.

Not sure what the deal is with all the fake reviews with a weird conversation between them.
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on February 14, 2014
I have played a card game called' Oh Hell', that is very similar to Nuke Your Neighbor. It's a blast ( no pun intended ), and very easy to learn. I was playing at eight years old.Of course good strategy skills are a definite bonus. I was definitely pleased to find this old favorite game of mine available for my kindle. I only wish it would let you play with another human,instead of the CPU.
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on October 20, 2012
when I was a kid before uno was popular we played a game called screw your neighbor that was played like this game so playing it again was fun!! I love uno and this has the same type of gameplay. the rules are long and confusing at times but the automated play of the game makes it easier to deal with it all. I could do without the leaderboard stuff and thus the permissions but overall I found this game fun and fast paced. it would be nice if game okay was saved as I get interrupted often when playing games and it is frustrating to keep restarting.
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on February 13, 2013
This was interesting to say the least. A very strange twist on an otherwise normal card game. It was definately not my style so it didnt last long. But if you like cards with a twist I would recommend it.
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on October 20, 2012
Good implementation of a wild card game where 7s skips the next player, 4s let you play again, Aces reverses the direction of play, and 2s and Jokers are wild cards that "nukes" the next player. And if that isn't enough, when someone plays their 2nd to last card a color board pops up and you have to enter in the correct pattern before the other players (i.e., the CPU) can do so. Fast paced and surprisingly fun.
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on October 20, 2012
I read the reviews first and guessed it wouldn't be so great bit I like to judge for myself when it comes to card games. It was boring. They highlight which cards you can play. If you hold your finger down on the card it will give you some idea of what the card does if you play it. It takes a long time to learn how to play this way. And the game just didn't hold my intrest long enough to want to go though the trouble. Nice clean game. No glitches on my kindle. I don't care about permissions. I don't keep personal info on my kindle anyways. Sorry, I just didn't like it very much.
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on October 26, 2012
Luckily i got this as the faotd, but let me say i would gladly pay a buck for it. The overall rating of 3 stars really doesn't do it justice.

I won't go into detail about the gameplay since a few others have covered that really well in their reviews.

What i will say, is that the replay value is fantastic on this one. I've been on this game constantly since i got it. Give it a shot guys!
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on October 25, 2012
Like others have said here...its very similar to Uno but has a few other card options to "nuke" your opponent and elimination gameplay which is cool. i had uno before this and its fun but has some issues that are resolved for me in this game. The cards are easier to drag and deal with and over all its just faster! It loses 1 star for me because it doesnt have multi-player over wifi, which uno does, but its extremely painful to use....other than that, its fun and a great time killer. Add wifi for 5 stars!
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on November 5, 2012
This game is a pleasant surprise, it is not as polished as most, very simple game play, very tough to beat in elimination mode (have to get lucky, as with most card games) I play this and Spades quite often, great time killers. I would like to see the selections for game type/difficulty (elimination or standard) as well as default player, be saved so that I don't have 3-4 clicks before the game can start, just seems needlessly redundant... Once in awhile the cards do get "stuck" showing only a heart, club etc. until a few cards go by to kick it into showing the underlying card. Took a few rounds of playing to figure out what the game wanted me to do, I was not familiar with it at all before this. I do like it alot!!! One complaint that could be due to my device (samsumg captivate, doubting it though, probably due to my eyesight) is that the color green and yellow are way too close in contrast/color to quickly see which color is showing on the "last card" "kill" sequence, it has cost me many rounds, not knowing what the color is, maybe orange,green, red and blue or pink, red, blue and yellow or the option to choose the colors from a palette.

Very fun
Not too easy

Some "hangs" with only card suit showing
Menu could be streamlined a bit (maybe check boxes for all options on one page instead of multiple pages, etc.)
Last Card yellow/green colors difficult to differentiate

Overall good game, not fancy, makes me think it was a "first" product or something put out by a team with limited production capability, but very fun and glad I have the pleasure of playing it!!!

Thank you devs!!!

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