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42 of 44 people found the following review helpful
on August 4, 2012
At this time there is very little information available for the NX702 since the unit is so new, so I thought I would take the time to share with those of you interested the unit my findings. I think there is only the one other review currently avaialable on the Internet.

I have studied Nav systems for over a month - I estimate about 45 hours and decided on the Clarion NX702 over the Pioneer Apps design based on a complicated point system. Problem was as I studied the units, the 702 still was not available in the US and I was only able to find a couple of somewhat useful videos and no reviews. So I based my decision on what appeared to me to be the best unit ever made. Unfortunately that assumption was unproven as no one had one in the US.

I have had the unit only 24 hours, but I have pretty much lived with it during that period. There some things I know I will find out a little further down the road, but here goes my review...

First of all the sound is outstanding - far better than the system I had, a factory installed Chrysler Aspen unit. Secondly the graphics are stunning. Next the Navigation this awesome. And lastly it does so many things it is almost mind blowing. Outside of the enormous learning curve and pile of crap horrendous owner's manual this thing will blow your socks off.

I'll break down this unit in two parts; The Navigation system and everything else.

The Nav system comes with its own User Manual (105 pages large) and it is pretty easy to follow, which is contrary to the owner's manual which is separate and covers everything else. The Nav option and setting sections on the unit are easy to use and fun to play with. I really can't find anything negative about the Nav, except maybe I spend too much time watching myself drive on the screen - it's like a video game.

Some of the Nav features are 3D buildings (which are so neat I wish there were more), traffic reporting (works great in city areas - details of what areas are covered are buried on the Clarion website), Speed limit info (I just love this - it displays your speed, the speed limit and third graphic changes colors whether you are within the speed limit, over it and finally if you are over your own setting for maximum speed) and unit even displays your altitude (who cares when you're driving in the Midwest). It does many other things too, but most of them are common with other systems.

The Nav takes about 40 seconds to come on once you start, a little too slow for me, and sometime my current location is just a hair off. Otherwise I would take this NAV system and compare with anyone. It even has a calculator and gives you cool graphic of where the sun is shining in the world.

The other part of the unit is equally enjoyable to use as the Navigation system once you learned it's quirks and there are a few of those. If you get this unit you will need to spend a considerable about of time getting it setup the way you want. At least it does have the flexibility to change a number of settings to way you want to do things. But don't plan on the manual to tell you how to do things like save your presets on the radio. You'll have to figure that out the hard way - by your own trial and error process. I suggest working with the unit awhile and then walking away when you get aggravated, before you put your fist through it. Something as easy as pairing you Bluetooth can be challenge.

In my mind the big thing missing on this unit is that there is no hands free (voice) calling. Or at least I haven't figured out a way to do it. WOW! The phone works find but get the optional external mic. Most other units in this category include it, but you'll have to order this one. The built in mic just doesn't handle it. THe 702 interfaces nicely with the iphone.

Some little annoyances are when scrolling left and right on the screen though the main menus; sometimes the you'll activate a window. The Map and power button are the same - the result depends how long you touch it. Not cool! Also to activate the Menu or to perform some onscreen commands are right next to each other. Big fingers will have problems.

In the end I am not sure if it is the best unit ever made, but it sure has to be close. Despite a few little issues (which can be found on all units), the large number of really nice sounding, looking and fun features the NX702 provides, it will definitely make your car much more enjoyable to travel in. Or like me, just sit in in the evening.

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13 of 14 people found the following review helpful
on December 4, 2012
I've had the NX702 installed for 10 days. I've used the navigation, radio, MP3 CD, Bluetooth phone and music streaming, but haven't used the DVD, backup camera, iPhone/iPod, Pandora, aux, or satellite radio. This is my 4th Nav I've owned, but the first that combines Nav and audio. My observations:

- The NX702 has a clean, attractive look and helped by the understated controls, in my car it has the appearance of an upscale OEM unit and does not at all look like an aftermarket add-on.
- The unit seems to be of quality construction and is packaged with separate, detachable wiring harnesses for the various interfaces.
- Mine arrived with 2 trim rings, which I was surprised to find I needed since the unit does not measure a full 7"x4"

Navigation Strengths:
- Easy to program routes
- Shows the next 2 turns on your route
- Auto-zooms in and out of the map based upon upcoming turns
- Clearly shows lanes to use for turns and exits, as well as route signs, speed limit, etc.
- The tracking to the street map is accurate.
- The Nav map has an attractive look, showing patches of green for woods and grey for populated areas. I prefer it greatly to the cartoonish look of most stand-alone Navs.
- There are multiple voice guidance options, some natural that do not announce street names, and more computer-esque voices that do, and do a surprisingly good job at the pronunciations.

Nav weak points:
- The guidance voice can hardly be heard above the music - it does not seem to dampen the audio volume, just kind of mixes in with it. Clarion released an update that they said addresses Nav volume issues but it didn't solve the issue for me.
- On my unit the Nav date/time is about 10.5 hrs ahead of itself - when switching away from the Nav the date/time is accurate. I tried with and without the GPS time sync to no avail. Clarion support wasn't able to determine a solution. So the est. arrival time is useless on my unit. I've not seen any other reports of this problem online.

Other Nav items:
- The traffic info is not consistent - this morning it showed a 30min delay on a 40min trip, but I checked my phone GPS which showed all green - no traffic. 10 or so minutes later the Nav showed a 0-min delay. My phone is always spot-on and shows delays along the route in colors, while the NX702 has a list of incidents instead - not nearly as effective.
- The voice recognition command is a joke - it either replies, "Sorry I didn't hear you", or ignores the request and searches for whatever it fancies. Even if it did work it isn't flexible and is just a gimmick.
- If the Nav has a breadcrumb feature, I've not been able to find it. I've found that feature quite useful on my other Navs when I want to return the way I came without having to program a route.
- Though Clarion touts 3D buildings, etc., I've not seen anything in 3D around Atlanta's perimeter. I've not driven through the heart of downtown Atlanta and I wonder if the 3D content is only defined within certain (very limited) areas.
- The boot-up time for the Nav is quicker than I expected though I've not measured it.

Non-Nav Items:
- Outside of the Nav app, I find the general interface to be clunky and not well thought out. Simply turning off the radio requires going through three or four menu choices to find and select the "Audio Off" option. And even after turning off the radio, it always comes back on after starting your car. (Technically the most recently selected input is attempted first, with Bluetooth streaming always reverting to the radio since BT isn't paired at power-up). The Clarion support rep admitted this part of the design should have been done better. Because the Nav volume is so soft, you may have the volume up loud in order to hear it, with the music off. Stop for gas, start your car and you're blasted with radio noise, requiring a few finger pokes on the screen to get it off again. That process gets old quickly.

- I could not find a good way to scan for radio stations - the option to scan is kind of like running an app to select a kind of station to search, then start the search - too cumbersome. There may be a shortcut, I've not found it. Scanning through presets is easy enough using my steering wheel control, which I mapped.

- I used the hands-free Bluetooth phone interface to place a couple of calls and the other party found my voice to be clear, even at highway speeds using the built-in mic.

- The Bluetooth audio streaming sounds great. I wish the unit would remember the BT audio selection between power-offs, but as is, I have to reselect it each time. I use BT streaming to receive Internet radio.

- There should be a way to streamline the menu options for features I won't use. I'm not a Pandora fan yet I have to navigate by it frequently to use the other features.

I'm impressed with the NX702's Nav capabilities, but its other shortcomings have me missing my OEM/Aux input radio. Clarion should continue to improve it through software updates, but I'm not going to be strung along waiting. Clarion does not offer end-user support and their reseller support seems pitiful - I was able to get an understanding rep on their reseller support line, but he didn't have any solutions and didn't even seem to know if my problems were "known" issues with the unit.

Two stars for an unsupported product that is not ready for prime-time.

I took some measurements before I packed it up:

- Trim ring inner dimensions - 3 7/8" x 6 3/4" - this is the all-important measurement of the space filled by the front of the unit in the dash.
- Display screen - 3 1/4" x 6 3/16"
- Depth from attached trim ring to back of unit: 6 3/8" - this is the amount of depth you'll need in your dash, but add an inch or so for the wiring connectors that fit in the back.
- Unit projects outward 5/8" from the trim at the top, 7/8" at the bottom
- Unit casing: 4" x 7"

** Update 1/3/2013: I've had no luck finding a better unit without paying hundreds more. If you can live with the flaws this unit is a decent value. For now I'm keeping my OEM unit and hope to get an android head unit once they mature a bit.

** Update 2/19/2013: Upped my rating from 2 to 3 stars relative to the rest of the market because I've not been able to find anything better for the price.
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22 of 26 people found the following review helpful
on January 2, 2013
If I could have given this 3.5 stars, I would have. 3 is a little low, but 4 is too high for me, so I shot low. For the most part, I agree with the previous posts. It is a beautiful device and looks incredible in my truck (check my pics). It does everything that I really wanted it to, so I am happy, but I do agree most of S. Roberts' weak points. As far as I can tell, the traffic is just not correct. When I compare my GoogleMaps navigation from my phone with the NX702, GoogleMaps is accurate within 3-5 minutes, whereas the NX702 is about 30 minutes off. I also live near Atlanta, so this may just be a location issue. The voice recognition is a complete waste of a feature. They shouldn't have even written it on the box. When I speak to someone using the Bluetooth from my phone and the built-on microphone (not an external), everyone says it sounds great. When I try to talk to the GPS, I literally want to rip it out and throw it on the side of the road. In order to prevent the "I'm sorry I didn't understand you - Please speak again" comments it kept making, I disabled all voice recognition. Since doing that, all functionality seemed to improve. The GPS responds to touch commands faster and more accurately. Although I drove all around Atlanta Monday night and was even at the GA Dome for the Chick-Fil-A bowl, I have yet to see a "3D Image" as advertised. Big deal, eyes on the road right? I did find how to customize the application menu, which let me get rid of "iPhone Connect", "Siriux XM", and other buttons that I will likely never push and place "Bluetooh Audio" and "DVD" at the front of the menu so I can get to them quickly. My main frustration is that I have to wait about 3 minutes after cranking my truck before it pairs with my phone. Since the NX702 does not yet see my phone, it defaults to the HD Radio feature. Since I NEVER listen to AM/FM radio and am almost always in a different state than I was the day before (making it impossible to have presets saved), I hear a loud burst of static when I crank up until I either mute the system or swap to a CD/DVD while I wait for my phone to pair up. I have learned to overcome this by muting right before I turn off the engine. PITA though and strange to have to sit for 3-4 minutes in silence until you can listen to music. As of the time of this review, I have done all of the Clarion recommended updates and the things that I don't love about this unit are not improved. I do hope to talk to Clarion Support soon about these and determine if they truly are "unfixable". Unfortunately, they have not yet returned my voicemails and their online request form is currently down... So who knows when I will actually get to speak to someone.

Overall, the next best unit with all the features I wanted was a Pioneer that was $400 more than this one. In that regard, I am very satisfied with the NX702.

**UPDATE** 1/4/2013 - I had a perfect example of the traffic miscalculation last night and wanted to share. I was on I20, a few miles from the 75/85 interchange (a nasty traffic spot in ATL). It was 7:20pm, and prior to reaching this point, the ETA to my destination was 8pm exactly. The NX702 warned me of congestion ahead and recalculated my ETA to be 8:57pm (a 57 minute traffic delay). I immediately pulled out my phone and hit up Google Maps, which said that with traffic, my ETA was 8:19pm. I reached my destination at 8:17. Why can't everything work as good as Google??? Also, while sitting in the traffic mess for 15 minutes, the NX702 CONSTANTLY recommended that I get off at every single exit that I passed to avoid the congestion. Some of the recommendations were insane. Had I taken it's advice, I might still be stuck in downtown Atlanta traffic right now. Luckily, I just ignored the NX702, which unfortunately, I will most likely be doing from now on.
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on April 9, 2013
The NX702 is a very pleasing radio. It comes with two SD slots (one micro and one regular), one of which holds the Navigation data, and the other is accessible from the panel for music or videos. The company provides an up to date map database, but finding how to do it was a problem. The data comes from, and there is some Windows software to download called Naviextras Toolbox. The trick to using this software to do the free update is to have a microSD reader, start the software, and then insert the MicroSD from the NX702 (and NO other card). The software will recognize the card as the NX702 and proceed to update the software after it strongly suggests a backup. The backups are in excess of 4.6 Gb, so make sure that you have room on your hard disk before you start backing up. Once the software is loaded, the program tells you to go put the card in the device and turn it on. It will load the new software in about the same time it took to load the old version. Then you turn off the radio, bring the card back and re-start Naviextras Toolbox.You will note that the Update button is highlighted, so click that and sit back for an hour and 15 minutes while the map data is updated onto the micro sd card. Go put the card back in the NX702 and go to settings, Help, then More, and you will see that the map data is all TomTom, and is updated to the current quarter.

That settles the map update. You can buy future updates for about half what NavteQ charges for an update, and you use the same Naviextras Toolbox to do that.

As for music, the NX702 performs admirably. It has a rear panel USB output complete with a meter long cable so you can put your iPod or other device in the glove box out of site. The software in the 702 nicely controls the iPod, and also will list and control music files on the SD card or a thumb drive plugged into the USB cable. Beware that the unit has to load and mount all the files from the SD or the Thumb drive, and if you have a lot of data, it can take a long time (15 minutes for 20 Gb). The good thing about using an iPod is that it has already mounted the music files, and they are ready to play as soon as you locate what you want.

I use the unit for hands free Bluetooth phone management, and was a bit taken aback when the setup asked whether I wanted to use the right or the left speaker channel for the phone. I opted for the left, and the volume seemed too low. To fix that you can use the front panel volume control and set the level where you want it and the unit will remember the setting.

The screen resolution is quite good. If you hook up the parking brake line, you can play single sided DVD's when the parking brake is set. I couldn't get a double sided movie DVD to play past the menu.

I also hooked up a rear view camera to the NX702 and if you leave your standard shift car in reverse when you shut it down, the image from behind you will appear before the splash for the radio runs. A nice feature.

After using this unit for a few weeks, I noted that when it was sitting out with the sun shining on the dash, the screen would open a little bit while it was in use, and then when shut down, would open all the way. The installation directions say to be sure not to obstruct the fan at the top back of the unit, and my installation gave it about 10 inches of free space behind the unit. To clarify the situation, I hooked up a remote thermometer probe and secured it just behind the fan openings on the back of the unit. I have been observing the temperatures and find that the air coming out of the fan is at 93 degrees F when there is no sun, and goes up as high as 112 degrees when the sun is shining on the dash. I left the car for about an hour the other day with the panel in its usual closed position. When I got back to the car, I noted that it was uncomfortably hot inside it, and the panel had opened completely even though the car was shut down. I checked the temperature and and it read 114 degrees F. When I drove the car, the unit cooled down to below 100 F. It appears that Clarion has installed a mechanism to keep the unit cool by opening up the panel.
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on April 3, 2013
UPDATE April 26th 2013

I got a replacement unit from Clarion and installed. I also bought an iPhone 3GS to sync with. Everything listed below now works except for the fact that even though the GPS clock is right, the predictions on when you will arrive somewhere and travel time are WAAYYYYY OFFFF. For a 1 hour 15 min trip the GPS says it will take me 1 hour 30 min...and it only gets worse from there. I went on a 3 1/2 hour trip the other day and it initially said it would take me 4 hours 45 min. I am used to using a GPS to plan a trip and know when I need to leave my house...Now I have to use Google maps to tell me an accurate time for the trip and then use this GPS while I'm in the car. I chose this headunit for the sole purpose of navigation and the fact that the map updates or more frequent and cheaper than any other major in dash navigation company. I'm thinking now that I would have paid more for the map updates for a more relaible overall GPS.

I raised my rating 1 stars with this update because all the other features work on the headunit...I would not recommend this product to anyone that is buying it for a GPS...I would pay hundreds less and get the same features from a lower Clarion model without navigation and just buy a Garmin or TOM TOM....

OK...First the advertised this unit will do EVERYTHING that I ever DVDs with dual zones for the kids in the back, play music and video from USB and SD cards, play music and video from Ipods, Sirius, HD radio, bluetooth, Navigation...that being said you only get to actually use about half of this.

First off, let me say that I immediately went to the Clarion website and downloaded all updates to install on the unit. To my surprise all my software was current out of the box but I did the install anyway just to be safe. well after messing around with this unit for a week here is what happened (and why I just processed a replacement request on Amazon...I will update this review if I just got a lemon this time around)...

The only way to set the time on the GPS is to choose (GPS sync) in the options menu. I have found that although I am always in good coverage for maps to be updated and everything, the clock randomly changes to like 12 hours off the actual time when I get in the car and start it up. This means that your shortcuts to let you know when you will arrive at your destination are USELESS. Plus if you have no other clock in your car besides the deck, you will have to keep it on the radio part to see the accurate time.

I have tried 2 different phones (neither one an Iphone) and neither will sync up correctly using bluetooth so hands free calling is now USELESS for me.

The SD card works like it should and I have been able to watch movies and listen to music from it as advertised...(HOWEVER, the SD slot is on the side of the unit so you will not be able to flush mount this using a schorche or whatever install kit. I have to leave it about a quarter of an inch out of the dash to be able to access the SD card slot.

Using the supplied USB cable, I have tried 10...thats right 10 different USB sticks all varying in brands and sizes and the deck just keeps saying "Loading" and won't. So now I have no access to USB media

I ordered the Clarion USB adapter for Ipod and it hasn't got to me in the mail yet so no info on that, however you can't plug in your Ipod to the USB port as stated by Clarion because again it won't load!

Sirius radio...This works but for whatever reason the volume is A LOT lower than any other feature. I think another viewer said that this was fixed in the latest software release but after upgrading it still happens to me.

CD/DVD player: Originally it took 40 seconds to a full minute to load a simple CD and music to start after 4 days of having installed, doesn't work at all.

Rear Zone: This is a nice concept and one of the reasons I chose this unit but it doesn't work as advertised...PERIOD

The main push button to get to the menus is located in the middle of the unit just below the addition the main touchscreen function to change to your shortcuts, as well as the options menu for EVERY single feature (HD radio, Sirius, CD playback) is located just above this button so you are constantly hitting things you don't mean to and bringing up multiple menus or the wrong menu.

The final straw is this...and I'm hoping some of you also have seen this problem and can comment...Whenever I turn the car off by the ignition the deck will open as if to put in a CD and turn off in that position. This doesn't happen when you just turn off the unit manually and it also doesn't happen when turning the car on...only off...

I thought this issue was because I initially wired this up myself so I took it to a stereo shop and paid them to rewire it and the result is the same...

OH and don't ever expect to get any help from Clarion AT ALL when it comes to tech support.

I can say this...Clarion the ball is in your court to make me a life long customer or someone that will never buy another product from you again. I like the "advertised" features of this deck so much that I am willing to have a new one installed in my car and have to pay the shipping to return the first one back to you...if this happens again and I am out the money for 2 installs and 2 shipping fees then I will never purchase anything from you again! I hope that I just got a lemon and everything will be fine with the next unit! Most of my issues, however, are not unique as I have read similar reviews even on Amazon.

Like I said, I will update with new info once I get the second unit installed!
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on July 19, 2014
Unit came poorly packaged without much protection from shock or impact. The unit did not come with mounting hardware, bezel or wiring harness. When I finally can locate what I need to install it we will see if it all works. This is the first time I have ever bought used on line and didn't get all the basic parts. May never buy used again.
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on April 3, 2014
This is the first advanced system I've attempted to install into any car. This car is a base model 2006 Honda Ridgeline. The installation was slow going, due to my insecurity in getting the wiring connected properly, then I had to wait for a proper fit kit to house the unit flush to the dashboard. The screen tilt function is perfect for adjusting my view. The GPS function was flawless, although the touch screen was very sensitive and the maps are very comprehensive. For example: I wanted to navigate to Milford, Pennsylvania. The GPS responded with three different Milfords; I picked the wrong one and ended up 100 miles away. To solve the problem, I located the global coordinates of my desired destination and was able to enter the numbers. I made the mistake of touching the screen when it was asking for a waypoint. I put myself on an undesired detour. I'll be careful about that in the future.

My Droid Razr paired and connected to the unit without a hitch. I've imported all of my music to a thumb drive and the USB system. Everything I've tried works. I have no doubt that the DVD and newly acquired backup camera will work when I make the connections. There's much more I have not even attempted to use. The bluetooth makes it possible to listen to my Audible books, as well. The telephone connection is perfect, but callers complain that my voice sounds faint. There is a connection for an external microphone. I think I'll get one.

Because I'm hard-headed, I set out to do the installation myself. In hindsight, perhaps I should have taken it to an installer. Then again, I have learned a lot and developed some courage to continue with replacing speakers, adding a sub-woofer.

So far, this unit is terrific. Now its up to me to get through the learning curve to optimize the features.
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5 of 7 people found the following review helpful
on February 16, 2013
I was a little skeptical of ordering this unit based on some of the reviews out there, but I ordered anyways because the interface, features, and value seemed to far surpass the Kenwood's, Pioneer's, and Alpine's. I figured there would be a few annoyances I would have to live with based on the other reviews, but after getting everything installed, updated, and tweaked, I really have no complaints. I am usually pretty critical of these things, but I am truly impressed with this unit.

I will run through a few of the items I installed and describe their performance.

ASWC: This steering wheel controller did not auto detect everything. It saw the NX702 as a Pioneer, so I had to manually program so it knew it was a Clarion. It was easy to do and I recommend doing this anyways so you get the buttons to do exactly what you want.

Samsung Galaxy S3: Speaker phone works great with all contacts, recent calls, etc available. Just make sure auto connect option is enabled if you want your phone to connect every time you get in the car. Bluetooth streaming worked perfect with song information and track switching from the unit.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus: Phone functions work just as above, but the Bluetooth streaming occasionally cuts out and song information is not displayed. This is a known issue with the Galaxy Nexus and is not the fault of the head unit. Supposedly Android 4.2.2 fixed the Bluetooth streaming, but I have not had the update roll out to me yet.

Ipod Nano, Ipod Classic, Iphone 3G: Simply used these to play music/playslists through USB and not the special Clarion/Apple cable. Displays album art and everything works great. Switch tracks from the steering wheel and everything.

USB drive: Music, pictures, and movies all worked. Nothing fancy like album art, but it is functional.

HD radio: Works perfect for me, but I would probably be frustrated if I did not have the steering wheel controls to change from preset to preset. Just using the deck, there is no physical button to change stations/presets.

Uploading Wallpaper: I could only do it from the SD card and not the micro SD or USB. Just a heads up.

DVD, CD, Navigation, Rear zone, and everything else all work great. I did talk to Clarion support a couple times during the process, and they were surprisingly good with a direct line to the software update process. I believe most of the issues others experienced have been addressed with updates, so you may want to give this unit a second look. There may be a few little things in the OS I would change, but overall I am very impressed with the unit and the amount of features you get for the money.
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on November 16, 2012
I purchased the unit in August for a 2010 Tacoma. I bought it from Crutchfield because of their awesome customer support, even though I paid $100-200 more than I could have paid elsewhere at the time. Did the install myself to save money. Everything was great minus the fact that the Push-To-Talk (PTT) button on my steering wheel is not able to be programmed (even though it is 2012 and many newer vehicles have this feature, Clarion does not have the foresight to add this capability to their products). I have the factory JBL system which is pretty good by itself, but the NX702 does make it sound better, or maybe the fact I shelled out a grand for it causes me to think it's better. Anyway, the iPod/iPhone function was good, Bluetooth audio worked, the NAV is effective and overall, I was happy.

Now for the cons. I installed the SiriusXM V200 tuner. I don't know if it's that module or the head unit, but the volume is significantly lower in this feature. I had to install an interface adapter for the HU to utilize the JBL, and I had to turn the gain on it up significantly to get the SAT radio volume to increase into acceptable levels. In doing so, it created more white noise when the sound is muted. HD Radio, CD, Ipod=good volume....Satellite radio=too quiet. Fast forward to October____(whenever iOS 6 was released), now the Bluetooth audio streaming no longer works. It's funny how the product says it's made for Apple stuff and then pulls this number. With the iPod playback function, the screen will sometimes lock on a particular song after tracking up or down, or it won't display at all. Using the steering wheel buttons won't change the volume sometimes even though the unit displays the change. Sometimes the unit will lock up completely, like a computer, requiring it to be turned off/on. Maybe these are iOS 6 issues or my unit is defective. I have been going to their website looking for a firmware update or something......nothing. Clarion's "Flagship" unit, and virtually zero support. I have been waiting to write a review hoping they would fix the issues but they haven't. I understand that fixes take time, but I feel that this is just neglect. My wife's Hyundai we bought 4 months ago can still stream audio with no updates. Google any problems with the unit, and you will find virtually no helpful information, at least in regards to the 702.

In summary:

-Better sound?
-Many features
-Clean appearance

-Can not program steering wheel controls for PTT
-Controls not always responsive
-As of this writing, can not stream audio
-Screen locks image, or unit locks up completely
-Virtually no technical support

Whether it is just the unit I have, or a fault with them in general, I do not recommend this product to anyone...unless you just need HD Radio, CD's, and Nav.

****EDIT**** of today (26 Nov, maybe posted before), Clarion released an update on their website. The update addresses the iOS 6 issues, namely the ability to stream audio. It now streams. Also, the XM radio now plays at the same volume as the rest of the media. I brought the score up to four stars from two before. Outside of not being able to program all the steering wheel functions, I see no real issues with the unit at this time.
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on February 14, 2015
Purchased three units off of Ebay, I should have waited and tested the first one. The unit is terrible, internal board went out in one of them, the second one stopped connecting to my phone and non of them would play DVD's. Worst unit I have ever owned I guess that's why Clarion Discontinued this unit after so much hype about it's release.
Stay away from Clarion.. stick with Alpine, kenwood, they are proven.

Buyer be ware.. clarion support is nonexistent and if you ever do get someone on the line, you are doing good.
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