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on March 15, 2012
Well I love the suction, and the power upholstery attachment, however there are a number of serious design flaws. The worst flaw is the hose, it is very cheap and stiff, although it can theoretically swivel on both ends, you will have to twist it with your hands for it to do so. The hose comes out of the canister at a nearly vertical angle so there is not enough sideways force to make it swivel even if they did have a half way decent swivel attachment. The result is that the hose is constantly kinking and every time you move a few feet the canister flips upside down. Adding to the flipability of the vacuum are the two large wheels on the sides that prevent the canister from turning easily. Rotating wheels would have been a big help here. I have a 1980's Hover canister that has never flipped. If I could buy an old Hover I would.

My next disappointment was the swiveling arm, which by the way swivels like a dream, so I know they can make a good swivel (try putting it on the hose). I thought I would like this feature however I have found that it makes turning the power head very difficult. When I push the arm to the side instead of moving the head to the side it just swivels the arm. To actually change the direction of the head I have to pick it up turn it and put it back down again (this can get very tiring). Additionally since the hose is kinked all the time, it puts sideways pressure on the arm as a result I am constantly fighting to keep the arm vertical.

On last flaw regards how attachments attach to the arm. The power attachments have a very loose connection and will come off with just a little pressure. When vacuuming under the couch I have pulled the arm back out and found that the power attachment was left behind.
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on July 22, 2012
We ordered this canister vacuum because we wanted a canister type vac for versatility, a bagged as opposed to bagless, and a pet hair attachment. The Jetmaxx seemed to have a lot of good features and the build quality is pretty good, but ultimately it fell too short of expectations to be a keeper.

After taking the Jetmaxx for a test drive against a Panasonic Optiflow, we noted the following positives and negatives:

-Jetmaxx has a long 5-year warranty.
-HEPA filtration and included filter is washable.
-21' retractable cord.
-Full bag indicator.
-Fairly quiet operation, especially with canister running only. Power nozzle definitely ups the decibels, but still not as loud as the Eureka Boss upright we were replacing.
-Good selection of included tools: wide, high quality bare floor brush, crevice tool, upholstery tool, and dusting brush.
-"Crush-proof" 7' hose.
-Quality filters.
-Convenient dust bag basket.
-Dust bags have a tab you can pull over the hole once the bag is full to seal the dust/dirt from blowing out when it's time to change to a new bag.
-Slots for accessories, such as the bare floor brush.
-Automatic height adjustment of power nozzle. Not totally sure how well this worked in terms of proper suction, but seemed kinda nice to not have to worry about what height you need to set the power nozzle to.
-Compatible with EL8BS2 Electrolux One Pet Hand Powerbrush Accessory.

-Dust bag is tiny @ 1.2 quarts. While the bag technically has a capacity of up to 2 quarts (the same bag is used on other models which have larger compartments), the basket this bag sits in constricts its full capacity to just the 1.2 quarts.
-Dust bag quality is questionable. This vacuum comes with two bags and when we attempted to remove the first one from the basket for initial inspection, the cardboard tab easily separated from the bag.
-While the hose may be crush-proof, it's also very stiff compared to a more traditional wire-reinforced hose. This means the hose gets in your way more and reduces the overall maneuverability of the vacuum when using the power nozzle.
-Poor handle design/placement. The handle on this vacuum is placed in-line with the hose and wand. We found that vacuums with the handle placed above the hose/wand connections provided more leverage and increased overall maneuverability of the vacuum, and ultimately a more pleasant vacuuming experience. Each time my wife and I tested this vacuum, we noticed the Jetmaxx was more grueling to "drive" and couldn't imagine wanting to put up with it for the next several years.
-Despite what is suggested by the photo here on Amazon, the EL8BS2 Electrolux One Pet Hand Powerbrush Accessory is *NOT* included when you buy this vacuum from Amazon. It is included on some other sites, but note the increase in price. Just be warned that if you buy it from Amazon, you'll have to buy this tool separately.
-I think there was a slot to store one tool on the outside of the canister, but overall, there's no dedicated compartment for tool storage as there is on most other canister vacuums. However, the crevice tool and dusting brush do snap into the underside of the handle area.
-Overall suction and amount of dirt and pet hair picked up by this vacuum seemed to just be so-so.

At the end of the day, it became clear that although this vac seemed to have solid build quality and a good warranty, it would not be a keeper mainly due to the small dust bag size and because over the overall poor maneuverability. We ended up going with the hard-to-find Electrolux Ultrasilencer Delux, which has sealed HEPA filtration and a better designed handle. Our second best choice was the Panasonic "OptiFlow" Canister Vacuum Cleaner, Twight Green, MC-CG917, which I highly recommend if you have a smaller budget.
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on March 19, 2012
i haven't had any problems with this vacuum. i bought it to replace a two year old sears kenmore, which was an expensive clunker that fell apart, so we decided to buy a cheap canister. bought this in sam's club for around 250.00. and fell in love with it from the first day. the suction is terrific, The hose is a bit stiff and does fight you and it could swivel better, but the canister stays put on the floor and follows you well. The attachments are easy to get to, easy to get on and off. The vac.just does the job like a good little elf. i've had this for about four months now and actually enjoy using it. far superior to the big, pricey kenmore. smaller but just as powerful. the brush head is great. very wide, so it covers a large area an easy to get under furniture. i am planning to get another one for upstairs to replace that kenmore. i highly recc. this item.

UH OH. problems. maybe I'm doing something wrong, but the two new vacuums I bought (one for upstairs, one for downstairs). it seems that the power heads shut off every time I use it on rugs, which - duh - that's what they are made for. red light comes on, and power head stops. both vacs, so it's a design issue. am going to call the company. vacs work fine if I lift them slightly up off the rug as I vacuum, but I shouldn't have to do that. will let you know further.
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on September 7, 2013
Background: Family of 5--three teenage girls with long hair, mom with long hair, hubby, and a collie dog. I've had 2 Kenmore canister vacuums in my 30-year marriage. Have had a 3 collie dogs within that 30-year period. Basically, lots of hair in my home, and I vacuum frequently. The Kenmore vacuums each lasted about 13 to 15 years each with frequent use.

My last Kenmore had seen the last of it's life slowly leave it. Time to replace. The Kenmores were VERY heavy. I have stairs, wood floors, carpet, tile. So, I needed to replace it quickly. After MUCH research, I came across this vacuum. Many people said it was okay for most jobs. After having used it for 2 months about every 3 to 4 days, I have to say the vacuum is on the same level as the Kenmore vacuums. It picks up everything! The on/off switch is not in a spot that you can "accidentally" turn it off. Maybe mine is newer than the old reviews...I don't know. The power head picks up the hair from the carpets without any trouble. The cord is a great length...think the package said 21 feet. Either way, if you have to unplug it to get somewhere else, it's not really a big deal. The canister is much lighter than my last two. I can carry it up my spiral stairs without any trouble.

The ONLY thing I'm not crazy about is the bags are about half the size of my Kenmore's. However, this is probably why the canister is light enough to carry up the stairs and still vacuum at the same time. So, I have to change the bags more than I did. Big deal! If that's the only drawback, that's fine with me. I ordered a 20 pack of bags at a lesser price than having to purchase 5 at a time. I saved money.
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on December 29, 2012
I love my vacuum!

I have four parrots, so the first test was running the carpet head over their "spills", it made a totally clean path trough it with no seeds, crumbs, pellets and what not coming back out and hitting my legs, nor spraying out the side. It's a first, and I have had many other vacuums. I tried it around the Christmas tree, and it just sucked up those pesky sticky pine needles, without clogging the brush or hose. Then I tried it on my hardwood floors, and it got every little piece of dirt from there too. What I have done before is to go over them with my regular vacuum, and then use my little Swiffer vacuum to get all the fine stuff that always was left behind... No more! :D

I saw that some people have problems with the hose kinking and the canister tipping. I can't say that I have experienced the same. The hose swivels like a dream, and the canister stays upright the whole time. Nor do I have problems with the power tool coming off, like I saw some customers comment upon.

The reason for me finally deciding upon an Electrolux was that I remember being a small child (some 45 years ago) and my mom had an old Electrolux canister vacuum. As it was getting up in age my brother got her a new non-Electolux pretty expensive vacuum. I think it was a Panasonic. Well, she tried it, got rid of it and went back to using her then already old Electrolux. I know she had hers for over 35 years. I don't know if mine will last as long, probably not, but that's not really the point. It's that I also remembered her saying that her new "fancy" vacuum, did not clean nearly as well as her old trusted Elecrolux.

I only wish that it came with a stair attachment.....
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After 16 months we still like this vac. No problems. (We have the nearly identical JetMaxx 4042A.)

They got a lot of things right. It's way better than the Electrolux Oxygen (EL6988E) and some ways better than my Kenmore. (I owned the Oxygen for 2 years and two Kenmores for about 5+5 years.)

I would consider the Kenmore (or the very similar Panasonic) for its rugged hose, larger bags, longer cord, better tool storage, and lower price. However, this JetMaxx has a 5-year warranty and some other very nice features.


* Excellent suction
* Quiet (see Note 1)
* 5-year warranty (vs 1-year for Kenmore / Panasonic)
- Power switch on handle
- Lightweight (main unit is roughly 13-1/4 lbs vs 16-1/4 lbs for Kenmore)
- Power head maneuvers nicely. Pivots in both directions.
- Wand length adjusts (34" to 47")
- 5 tools (crevice, dusting, upholstery, bare floor, and power nozzle)
- Upholstery tool provides very high suction
- LED headlights & height indicator (power nozzle)
- HEPA filter is washable


- 3rd party bags: 36 Oxygen Vacuum Bags are available at 50% savings (as with Kenmore)
- Floor Brush: Electrolux is 65 % wider than Panasonic \ Kenmore (14.0" vs 8.5") (but suction is less concentrated)
- Hose is a little flimsy (polyethelyne), but "strain relief cuffs" at each end seem to prevent kinking.
- Speed control slows the motor for reduced suction & power usage (see Note 2).
- Both my Kenmores died after 5.5 years. Will Electrolux last longer?


* Cord is only 20.7 ft long (Kenmore / Pana is 28-35% longer. 26.5 - 28 ft. Very handy.)
* Dust bag is 40% smaller than Kenmore (appx 180 vs 300 cu. in.) (More expense, more hassle)
- Floor brush and upholstery tools can't be stored on-board (Crevice tool & dusting brush store on the wand handle)
- Generic nozzles won't fit. Must buy Electrolux.

- - - Alternative - - -

Panasonic MC-CG917 (very similar to Kenmore)

- - - Pricing - - -

Price bounces around between $250 and $300. You can set email price alerts using CamelCamelCamel (Google it).

- - - Notes - - -

Note 1: I think it's quieter that my old Kenmore vacs. However, there is a very high-frequency tone that might bother you. Most noticeable when speed control in on Minimum. I got 71 dB at a 2-foot distance using a BAFX Products Decibel Meter. Exhaust ports were pointed away from sound meter.

Note 2: Speed Control: It reduces power consumption and suction by about 40% (from about 970 watts to 590 watts). Noise is slightly reduced.

~~~ Comments & questions welcome ~~~
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on November 6, 2013
hepa functions, bag change is easy and dust free thanks to great bag design though capacity is limited.

[good value though canister is bit unstable and unwieldy hangs up on corners and has the irksome tendency to roll over on its back like a turtle with inner ear problems.] THIS HAS BECOME A DEAL BREAKER AND NAIL IN THE COFFIN OF THIS BEING ANYTHING OTHER THAN A VERY BAD PRODUCT.


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on December 14, 2014
DON'T BUY THIS VACUUM! I have an Electrolux that I love. I needed a second one for a different part of the house. I have 100% hardwood floors and two rugs which are not plush or thick. Every time the vacuum is on carpet mode and I try to vacuum the rugs, it shuts off, over heats within seconds. I had it replaced and the same thing happens with the new machine. Also, the primary cleaning head is crazy and has no control. If you lift it up to clean stairs or reposition, it swings around and is unmanageable. I've never encountered anything like it. I'm lead to believe this model has some fatal design flaws.
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on January 17, 2014
I finally just had to write about this vacuum. I really tried to like it. The suction is good and it's nice and light and stores well. However, the hose pivot point on top of the machine is ridiculous. It doesn't swivel well and just causes the machine to flip over. Constantly. Just the slightest turn or pull as I'm vacuuming and it flips over. Additionally, it can't seem to easily cross over its own cord without a hefty tug. Disappointed with this Electrolux.
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on April 6, 2012
I purchased this vacuum a few months ago and can honestly say I really enjoy cleaning with this vacuum and I do not like vacuuming. It has powerful suction and cleans bare floors, wood floors and carpets very well. I did lots of research before purchasing this vacuum. I needed one that was not too heavy as my old kenmore was as I have to carry it upstairs and one that was good on carpets, as I have a dog. So far, it has been fine. The bare floor brush is wider than the one on my kenmore, which can create issues for manuevering around items at times, but it can also help get the job done quicker as well. The hose is a bit thin and can get twisted at times, but I really haven't had major issues with this and it has not caused the vacuum to tip. There is no on board storage for all the attachments, just a few of them. This may help to keep the weight down. I got this at my local BJ's for about $350. I am happy with my purchase.
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